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Maui Sails Forum

Finally found a way BACK into the Maui Sails Forum: which is gone since 2016 -
thanks Phil McGain #$%^&
I was actually a moderator and was not informed the forum was going DOWN !!

so much for my excitement #$%^&*()
this got me the forum page from 2016
but how do i get to the data ??

the trick to dig deeper is to know the topic number - like this:

okay - now HOW did I get there ??
just CANNOT go to all the topics @#$%^&*_
found the one I was looking for ...

mast extensions
2012-01-26 answered by Barry

the BIG questions is: how long will even this be available ??
loss of some good information


  1. Joe, you know that Barry Spanier is no longer with Maui sails, right?

    1. but of course
      posted that from my draft posts
      in case it helps someone looking for some good oldie information
      felt it was a good forum with lotsa good info :-)


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