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BIC Windsurf Boards

Don't know why it took so long for me to realize just how much of an impact BIC had on the windsurf world. Especially since my first board was a BIC Dufour Wing (red trim) with the original giant triangular sail and super long boom. Buddy had a BIC Techno 160 and I had a BIC Techno Formula. Even Franco had a BIC 293 ... BIC, BIC, BIC everywhere ...

So, I did a quick search in the brain and then on the internet and came up with quite a list:

BIC Dufour Wing (early 80's) - they sold tens of thousands in Europe
    it was the BIG BOOM of windsurfing
    wrote about it » my-bic-dufour-wing-and-how-i-started.html
    later a cheaper version called the 250 came out ...
    They were longboards where the dagger or centreboard did NOT fully retract.
    This is me in REALLY light wind learning...

Some people suggest this was a DIV I or division one board.
Here you can see the rounded hull, the protruding dagger-board and tiny fin:

they were a major part in the beginning of windsurfing

and i enjoyed it even with the newer sails 😊
was 378x68 cm - ~200 liters and a heavy 21 kilos

BIC Hervé Borde (around 1984) this was a D2, DIV2, division 2 that I was unaware of
     until I got a Reix D2 in 2018 and started writing about these boards
     these boards are having a revival since a few years
     nothing beat them in 8 knots winds before ... until now .... foiling ...

BIC SL200 (1984)  - is supposed to be the demise of the one class race boards.
    Now equipment became more important than skills...
    The board still has the two "holes" in the deck where the same proprietary
    mast base can go.
    Just got one in 2017 and am writing about it » bic-sl200-aka-bic-slalom-200.html

Now the dagger-board is fully retractable and the board has foot straps ...
Also, the bottom is flat and actually has the option for tr-fins:

The original centre fin is still tiny, but at least it seems to be US fin box !!
the beginning of slalom ??  310 x 66 cm - 200 liters and a heavy 17 kilos = 42.5 pounds !!

I imagine that board had an influence on the BIC 210SL which seems to have had something to do with Ken Winner ... It had a dagger, foot straps, flatter bottom AND a mast track ...
and Ken Winner was definitely into racing ... Was made around the same time 1984-1986
350x65 cm with 180 liters, but also still heavy at 18 kilos !!!
was probably also 210 liters and NOT 180 as found on a forum

Also, in 2017 someone near Montreal was selling something they called a BIC Dufour Course !!

BIC Rock n Roll (1986-1990) Seems to be the first of many BIC boards coming out in late 80's.

No longer are there "holes" in the deck and instead there is a sliding mast track.
Adjustable on the fly ??
Also, the bottom now has a VEE shape:

Board was getting shorter and less volume too. Previous ones were 200+ liters.
This one was about 135 liters and 305x62 cm weighing only 13 kilos ...
Previous boards were 17+ kilos !!

BIC Hard Rock (1987-1993) Now going down in liters - 110 ??
   Notice the pinched tail like the Mistral Equipe One.
   Ironically this one is 283 cm which is a length BIC used later in a longboard.
   Still have strange plastic straps for the feet/foot-straps...
   Less volume and less weight - down around 11 kilos ??
   Beat some speed records ??

BIC Allegro Speed Board (1987-1988 ?)  270 x 45 cm or 9'x18" as per Jimmy
    apparently shaped by the infamous Jimmy Lewis - windsurf board shaper

BIC Electric Rock (1988-1995) Now these boards look something from a magical
    mystery tour !! No wonder they were called electric !!

seem to have a decent VEE shape and nice fin too

Now approaching 100 litres !! and ONLY 8 kilos !! WOW & 265x58cm

BIC Bamba (1989-1993?) definitely a longboard
    240 liters and 370 x 65 cm

BIC Samba 320 (early 90's) Had a board once that I thought was a SAMBA, but it did
     not have the mast track. These all seem very colourful with track and dagger board.
     Seems some people used them as "learner boards"
     320x64 cm 170 liters

BIC Astro Rock (1990-1996) apparently this one was LEGENDARY !!
    sold more than any other board at the time ??
    still has the track up front and does NOT work with modern sails
    back to 125 liters, 285x61 cm and 11 kilos.

BIC Veloces (1996-2000) is this the beginning of the freeride and fun boards ?
    some were 328x68 cm with 185 litres and others 310x64 cm with 151 litres
    seems they were known as Veloce 328 and Veloce 310
    and now back to the longboards - these ones DID have the dagger aka centre-board

Seems there were different versions where the later ones have mast track adjustable on the fly.
And perhaps even a version with NO centre-board ??
Apparently these boards were and are MUCH better for learning on ....
Remember the short board craze in the 80's almost killed the sport ...

BIC Vivaces 270, 282 and 290 (1994-1997) - 263 & 275 later ... 299 carbon version (277?)
    supposed to be very FAST - freerace ?? some marked "racetech"
    sounds like slalom boards to me
    may have had trimm fins

Vivace 290 - 120 litres 290x58 cm
Vivace 282 - 112 litres 282x55 cm
Vivace 270 -   96 litres 270x56 cm
Vivace 275 -   96 litres 275x54 cm
Vivace 263 -   81 litres 263x?? cm
Vivace 299 - 141 litres 299x56 cm

BIC Saxos (1995-1997) - some called them banana boards and I can see why
    they were all quite low in litres and can only imagine them in wave settings

Saxo 253 - 75 litres
Saxo 265 - 85 litres
Saxo 270 - 94 litres

BIC Melody (1998-2000) longboard - great starter board
     350x68cm and 220 liters

BIC Techno 283 (2000-2006?) Originally designed for freeride racing. One Design Junior.
    It is 152 liters and 283x69 cm with a dagger/centre-board and 9 kilos.
    Seems there were two versions and the carbon version is closer to 8 kilos.
    Thus it can be used as a starter board too - taking you to planing, straps, etc

BIC Techno E/Evolution - 112/M & 135/L (2001-2006 ??)
    trimm box and no dagger-board
112M - 263x63cm 8 kilos
135L - 263x69cm 10 kilos ??

BIC Techno Formula (2001/2009??) - wide @ 94 cm and using trimm fin at first
    and tuttle later
    Kevin Pritchard seemed to have something to do with this board !!
    wrote about it  » bic-techno-formula.html
    the board can take long fins and large sails - the beginning of Formula
    it is perhaps the foundation for the Novas as well

I managed to have some fun on mine - especially in light winds with a 10 m² sail

BIC Formula FV 1.2 (2001??)
160 liters 267x87.5 cm with 62 cm OFO
sailed by Kevin Pritchard ?? and designed by Mike's Lab ??
which came first BIC Techno Formula, the FV1.2 ??

Old Bic Formula Board Sesh in Bonita Springs, FL from James Douglass on Vimeo.

BIC Daytona (2005) Formula Board - called FW 1.5 
 (apparently there was also 1.3 & 1.4 - smaller versions - 1.3 140 liters ?)
260x100cm with 165 liters deep tuttle with 70 cm fin - first Formula board ?? Nah - SB 1999
    found this one MANY months after having started this post !!

BIC Techno 293 OD (2005 ? -2017) World's Largest Windsurfing Class !!
   with more volume at 205 litres, 293 cm length and 79 cm width = stability
   add to that a 60 cm daggerboard and no issues going upwind and back to start
   can take a newbie from learning to racing - sounds like a Kona One that came later ?

BIC Techno 2's  - 118, 133, 148, 160 & 160D - (2006-2017)
    "early planing , fast and good upwind"
    sounds like freeride of today  - "versatile and durable" = even better
    buddy paid less for a BIC Techno 160 and sold for more than me and my AHD FF 160
    the 160 I saw had a layer on the board with a strange edging - also felt odd floaty
    these ones definitely had the power box fins
BIC Techno 118L - 249x67cm - 8 kilos
BIC Techno 133L - 250x70cm - 9 kilos
BIC Techno 148L - 264x75cm - 10 kilos
BIC Techno 160L - 255x82cm - 12.5 kilos
BIC Techno 160D - same as 160, but with the dagger = NICE !! (and 11 kilos ??)
also saw something about a 185 and 205 ??
BIC Techno 185D - 293x79cm with Dagger = 12.5 kilos sounds like the Techno 293D!!
BIC Techno 205D - this one for sure is just another name for the 293 ...
BIC Techno 240D - 297x92cm with Dagger = 15.5 kilos = BIG

BIC Cores - (2010-2015??) are these just "cheaper" versions of the Techno ??
    Local shop has a brand new Core 112 for $600 !!
    112/133/148/160D/293D ...

BIC Nova 165/180/240D (2006-2017??) - soft EVA deck
    - often with Dagger & deep tuttle
    - excellent beginner boards - choose based on weight
    165L - 255x82cm
    170D/180L - 239x90cm
    240L - 297x92cm

BIC Hybrid 240 OD (2009??-2013??) - sounds like a bigger 293, non ?
    actually seems to be the OD progression board FROM the 293
    as sailors get older and heavier
    at that size and volume, it should be good for all sailors in many conditions
    308cmx82 with dagger board

BIC Beach 175D/225D (2010-2017) - wide, long boards with lotsa volume and NOT expensive
    great for schools and learning ...
    especially with daggers, handles, etc

175L - 285x78 cm they say it is for light weight - should work for all
225L - 297x92cm say it is for heavweights - should work for many more

BIC Jungle WindSUP (2010-2014 ??) - apparently has a saber dagger ...
    10'10" for some reason, the SUPs are measured the old way
    for me that's about 325 cm and a good longboard length
    it's about 175 liters and only 72 cm wide - narrow as a SUP ??


BIC WindSUP Ace-Tec - (2015-2017) back to imperial 10'6" and 11'6" models
    10'6" is 315 cm and width is 31.5" or ~78 cm with 185 liters and 29 pounds/13 kilos
    11'6" is 330 cm and width is 32.5" or ~81 cm with 215 liters and 33 pounds/15 kilos
    which for me means long AND wide ...
    Franco Ittiandro in MTL has one and seems to love it - had issue with skin peeling in heat
BIC Inflatable WindSUP Air - (2015-2017) 10'6" model, but 33" wide
    300 liters and 23.5 pounds

BIC Hydrofoil (2016-2017) - along with Kerfoils developed for the Techno 133 & 148
    on a 70 cm mast, which sounds long, but there are longer ones

definitely used some info from here:

pretty clear they had many boards and were an influence on the windsurf sport
great for beginners and youth races !!

to see what BIC has now :

you see - missed at least one already !! feels like a NEVER ending post !!!

BIC Calypso
     320x65 cm and 175 liters

and of course another one:
BIC Tribal

BIC Adiago

BIC Lambada - since there is some interest on this one .. will update it now
     (1991-1995) 200 liters 340x66 cm and 16 kilos with daggerboard
     comments found about the board ...
     "worst board ever"
      aimed at one design ??
      big brother of the Samba and great learner board - uphauling, tacking, etc
      also called all-round race

well, wouldn't you know it, there is NO limit to the number of boards that BIC has made ...
in other words, many moons later I have encountered yet another board -
this one seems to be 110 liters and 62 cm wide - yes, blast in higher winds ...

and this one seems to be 140 liters and 261x74cm from kijiji

BIC SL200 aka BIC Slalom 200

In July 2017 I purchased this board to become my chalet/lake board.

In the past there were BIC Dufours, Fanatic Ultra CAT, Mistral COMP SST, Mistral Equipes, etc... all tried on the lake.
This board is flatter on the bottom than some and some people are calling it slalom ...

There is an option of thrusters, but I did not receive them when I purchased the board.
Perhaps I will try that option one day ...

That picture was from seabreeze Auzzie forum:

On the web they are saying this is one of the boards that was the demise in the popularity of windsurfing.
Before this there were DIV ones and twos and everyone seemed to be on similar boards.
Now the equipment made all the difference.
In the last few years the KONA One has revisited the idea of one board for all.
In some areas of the world this is helping windsurfing gain popularity again ...

Before we get too sidetracked here ...
What are the specifications of the board:

Year:   1984
Volume: 200 liters
Length: 310 cm
Width:   66 cm
OFO:     39 cm - measured by me
dagger:  54 cm fully retractable - measured by me
fin:        24.5 cm - measured by me
weight:  17 kg/ 37 lbs = HEAVY

Some of the specifications were taken from here:

Clique to enlarge or go to url

Like the BIC Dufour there are two "holes" in the deck where the proprietary mast base can be placed.
There is no mast track and obviously no option to use modern single bolt or other mast base.
This is the mast base that came with the board:

I will use my converted mast base in order to use "modern" sails ...

Previous owner used smaller sails like 4.0 to 6.0 m².
As usual, I plan to use the HotSailsMaui SpeedFreak 8.5.
Previous owner also warned me that one could not really stand on the front of the board - like a modern sailboard. For this reason, I prefer putting the sail in the back "hole" at all times !!!
The rails are quite thick - something like a Mistral Prodigy. Am trying to remember what impact that has on sailing...
All this will be analyzed when I get the board on the water ...

Okay, managed to get the board out a couple of times in the country. mid-July 2017 ...
In very light wind it is NOT as steady as the MEQ2 and some skills are required.
As Gabriel said last week, on his FIRST outing EVER on a windsurfer, windsurfing is MUCH more work when there is NO wind !! He was on the MEQ2 with the GA Flow 3X...

In a little bit more wind, the board went better. As the board is flatter on the bottom than the Dufour, I tend to keep the dagger down. Am curious to see how the board handles a bit more wind or even a bigger sail - was out with the Gaastra Flow 3X cambered sail. Seemed like a good combo.
The board seemed to take on water, but I believe this is the dagger chamber ...

At 17 kg/37 lbs the board is quite heavy. Although it does not feel heavy on the water.
With the dagger the board goes upwind quite well !!!
So far , so good ... May make it as my lake board - not so sure about for others - like newbees.
Need to leave the MS 490 mast ?? Ideally need a boom to leave @ the chalet too ...
If I leave the mast, then I cannot use the TR-6 8.4 back home ...
Left the mast and qwertyjjj may have a cheap boom for me ...
Picked up the "cheap" old boom from qwertyjj and now just need to put it all together.
had no uphaul nor harness lines ... paid more for harness lines and uphaul than for the boom :-(
BUT the 2017 summer season is quickly drawing to a close ...
means i have about 2-3 months NO windsurfing - after that I go on the ice = woohoo
which was NOT a good season this time btw :-(

it seems Ken Winner was involved in the making , testing or trying to popularize the SL210
it was a little longer and wider - probably a little more stable ...

As mentioned earlier, this board at 37 pounds is HEAVY. Since it is marked as SL and wiped out some other boards from the market, I assumed it would be fast. As I am quite heavy at about 240 lbs/105 kilos ... this board does not glide like some of the other older boards I have had - BIC Dufour, REIX D2, Fanatic Ultra Cat and the Mistral Equipes and as such I am a little disappointed ...

As I was thinking of buying another board and replacing this one, I also came to the idea of bringing the Fanatic Shark 145 to the country. If I am planning on having something for me and not to worry about others ... the Shark would always be a good one to practice with !! 

The ideal lake boards so far were the larger longboards - Fanatic CAT and Mistral Equipes ...
The BIC Dufour was okay and fun, but I did beat them up ...

Jumping onto a Plane

Yesterday, in early July 2017, the wind was light - was supposed to be 20-40 kph, but ... As it was light, but hopefully better than 20 kph, I did NOT bring my Mistral Equipe 2 XR longboard. Instead I brought the JP SLW92, but with the HSM SpeedFreak 8.5 and not the TR-4 10-oh. There were times that I managed to plane, but only when there were decent gusts. There were three(3) people that stood out. I saw benwindy give three or four short pumps, jump onto a plane and fly towards me waving and with a smile. There was a fellow with a pony tail who seemed to be constantly planing. He planed past me when I felt I had no chance of planing. As Helmut said, " Once you get going, you can keep going!" I followed the pony tail to see what was his trick. He was not planing in the lighter stuff and when he saw the opportunity, he too pumped to try and plane.
On another occasion skiguy blasted past me when I was nowhere near planing - just waiting for that puff.
All this goes to show a few things. These folks were not all on light wind gear and yet doing fine - better than this old tanker. They also had to squeeze that extra flotation out by doing a few pumps. We are not talking about Olympic racing pumps either.
My whole kit did not feel spot on and I was wondering whether I have been spending too much time on the longboard.
Other issues were, the wind was onshore, water deeper than usual, windshadow closer to shore making beach starting difficult and the kiters took over an important section of the beach.
All in all , it still was a great day out and I chatted with many friends (old and new) !!

That day I pushed myself to NOT bring the longboard. Was a little disappointed in the JP, but still feel something was amiss.  I could have put a longer fin and I definitely felt the boom was not set high enough. Had moved the mast track forward at one point, but perhaps it needed to go back a bit ?? This is all part of the fun of windsurfing. Even those lightweights with 6.6 sails and a 71 cm wide RRD had fun :-)

There are videos and other discussions on the web, but i just wanted to start the subject for now.
and NON, no footstraps since the wind was - well - light n gusty - as usual :-)

Just Pump It ...

and this is what benwindy had to say ... vous parlez francais n'est-ce pas ?? :-)

"Ouais il m'arrive de pomper !
Quand c'est limite, cad, quand on planerait avec le vent réel, mais il en faut un peu plus pour nous faire décoller.
Pour un mĂȘme volume, une planche plus courte a plus besoin de ce coup de pompe.
MĂȘme pour une 160 litres!
J'ai 2 façons.
1- Décroché du harnais, les pieds devant les straps, je place la planche au largue, je rapproche les mains et tire légÚrement sur le wish tout en poussant sur la planche, j'augmente progressivement le mouvement.
Si ça part pas aprÚs 5 coups, je réfléchis à la beauté du sport et continue de schlogger!
Si ça part, je place le pied avant dans la strap et continue de larguer. 
Puis le pied arriĂšre, c'est lĂ  que je reprend du travers.

2- je fais aussi je pumping des freestyleux
Accroché au harnais, les pieds devant les straps, je zigone la voile entre main gauche et main droite.
Je fais cela pour espérer passer un trou de vent, quand je suis au planning.

Quand c'est rafaleux et que je ne plane pas, je remonte toujours le vent tout en schloggant,
Pour me mettre de l'argent en banque, argent que je vais dépenser quand une rafale arrive,
C'esr Ă  dire pouvoir pomper en largant !"

and here is an eight page discussion on iwindsurf (am sure there will be MORE pages coming)

On seabreeze forum FrenchToast mentions that he pumps to get going with his Falcon LightWind:

I sail in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. 1h north of Milwaukee; 2:30h north of Chicago. You might be right regarding how little wind there was. Maybe 9-10 knots? I cannot imagine getting this kit on a plane in less than that. I had similar session 2 days ago and it took me at least 8-10 pump to get the board up and going. Once it is on a plane tho, the kit is going through lulls fantastically well. I really tok the wind to die down for the board to come off. 

More impressions:
About a week ago, I went out in 13-14 knots it seemed. The V8 was set to release plenty at the top with medium+ outhaul. Even overpowered in gusts, the sail was balanced; it was tiring but manageable. The board was flying over the chop and swell. I think the Falcon can easily be rigged with a 8 or 8.5 in stronger wind and still provide a controlled ride. The boom length being this short, I even managed to waterstart after a failed jibe (the luff sleeve wasn't yet full of water though). I used a 57cm slalom fin (stock is 50cm). Doesn't seem to make a difference upwind and I haven't had enough TOW to see if it provides more early planing lift compared to the 50cm. I managed to spin out a couple of time upwind with the 57cm though. Maybe putting too much foot pressure... don't know. Fully powered, the Falcon Lightwind is fast but doesn't seem to be as fast as my 124L AtomIQ. I need a gps tracker to verify. Regardless, I've been on the water planing with a smile in conditions I wouldn't have bothered heading out to the beach. The kit is doing exactly what I was hopping for. The 9.4 V8 is delivering substantially more power than my 8.5 Lion3 obviously. 

Next winter, I have to try foiling on rental gear and if conclusive, I might put a foil on the falcon for new lightwind experiments! If anyone has done this on a JP, Fanatic or RRD lightwind, let me know how it went.