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My First Visit to Hatteras

About three(3) years ago I suggested to my colleague, Helmut, that we go to Cape Hatteras in North Carolina. He has been about twice and this year will be my first !!! He always went with Bruno of 2-rad and so, I will try that also ...

When i asked about the deposit, the Canadian dollar was on par with the U.S. , but now we are down to $0.80US :-( If the trip costs about $1000 US, it will now be $1200 !!! That means NO equipment changes this year for me :-( Luckily I have more equipment than necessary.

Speaking about equipment ... Since I will be going down with Helmut and his Mazda 3, I will be limited to two(2) boards. For me there are four(4) boards I would consider, but I want to cover as much range as possible. I have a Mistral Equipe longboard, JP SLW92, AHD FF 160/79 and Fanatic BEE LTD 124/63. The JP SLW92 is quite large, meant more for light winds and also requires quite long fins. People have told me that they have used these FreeFormulas there, but for me that one is out of the question...

The Fanatic BEE LTD 124 is a no-brainer. It is long compared to "modern" 124 liter boards, but that impacts jibes/gybes more than anything. It also means quick tacks are a possibility - especially since I longboarded much more than short-boarded. The board will handle my 6.3 and 6.9 no problem and I would like to try it with my 8.x sails while there ...

So, the big question is: Mistral Equipe/MEQ longboard or AHD FF 160 short board ? So far, the vote is split. Two people suggested the longboard and then rent short boards as required. Ca ce n'est pas mauvais/ not bad since this board can go in light wind with an 8.x and also bigger winds with 6.9. Two other people suggested the AHD FF 160. This board can also go with 8.x and 6.9, but will NOT go in lighter winds - like 12 knots - unless I bring the 10-oh sail.

One of the main reasons for me to go to Hatteras - finally - is I MUST get in the foot straps !! Would this be better with my own AHD FF 160 or a rented short board. I would like to try a Tabou Rocket in any case - especially the 125. I have written about it and drooled about it for years...

So, perhaps I should look at this entirely differently ... Bring the Mistral Equipe and the AHD FF 160. Then I would rent whatever equipment was needed for the bigger winds.

People say bring everything, but logistically I cannot ...
If I can bring the 10-oh sail, 520 mast and long boom, I will probably go for the AHD and BEE option.
With sails from 6.3 to 10-oh I would be covered from 12 knots to about 24 knots.
If I cannot bring the 10-oh, I may bring the MEQ longboard and BEE short board.
With sails from 6.3 to 8.x, I would also be covered from 10 knots to about 24 knots.
This would carry a higher probability of renting short boards - around 110 liters for really big winds and around 135-145 for 8.x sails. Then again , I want to try the BEE with 8.x sails. So, the BEE and longboard are actually a viable option - with less BIG equipment to carry n setup...

The sails I will probably bring are HotSailsMaui Fire 6.3, NorthSails Duke 6.9, HotSailsMaui SpeedFreak 8.5 and Sailworks Retro 8-oh. Obvious questions are: NO MauiSails and why two 8.x sails ??
My MauiSails are TR race sails and I am unsure of whether that is needed in a place like Cape Hatteras where the wind is slated to be more steady than here in Montreal.
I am bringing two 8.x sails because that is my most used sail size and the HSM SPF has the range, while the Retro has the grunt.
Also, with those four(4) sails I only need bring two(2) masts - Powerex RDM 460 and NP SDM 490.

Addendum: Took a look at recent wind at Avon, North Carolina. and winds were either BIG (over 20 knots) or LITE (around 12 knots). That would mean BEE 124 and MEQ longboard. Will check for more history ... Wunderground was much more interesting - average wind around 20 kph and highest around 60 kph. ( a lot of 20-40 kph, 30-50 and 40-60 kph) This would mean BEE 124 and AHD 160 with current sails !!! Investigation continues - should I ask on iWindsurf ? Perhaps wait until a little closer to the voyage :-)

Here's the wind blob from wind alert:

and windfinder:

and wunderground: (this week)

Your suggestions on what to bring and your past experiences are welcome here :-)


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Winter Windsurfing 2014/2015

I was fortunate in that it got cold after the warm spell in December 2014.
That meant that there was ice up at the lake.
Pretty GOOD ice at that. People were skating the entire lake.

I had originally brought my snow sailboard, but went back home and got my ice sailboard - pictured below. After that I had three(3) great days on the ice.

Once back home, I was hoping to get out on the snow. When I tried it on the local river, I realized that i needed 20-40 kph winds for the SailWorks Retro 8-oh that I had purchased for winter sailing. Naturally the first time I did go out for a real session, I forgot my harness :-( and thus could NOT last more than 1 minute or two at a time - before i needed a break :-(

The next time out I obviously did NOT forget my harness and met Claude at OKA Parc. Claude is at about the 15 minute mark. (btw Claude is pronounced Clode !!)
Need to reduce the film length for the BEST parts and put some music:

After that session I removed the front snowboard and feel perhaps I will ONLY put it when needed. All I need to remember is bring that board plus some 7/16 wrench and socket... Feels like the extra "plough"/push is ONLY required when there is more snow ie deeper.

I was a little surprised when people always ask the same question first: "How fast were you going?" It is NOT about speed for me. It is about FUN, TOW/snow and being outside. Perhaps the question is meant more like, "MAN, how fast were you going ?? " :-)

Just found this video - fellow is riding on a "windski" fabricated by Langis Caron !! jibes and everything

And George of Rhode Island who has a Hiberna , real Windski AND a snowfer showed me this clip:

and here is my 58 minute cut back with some musak :-)

However, deep snow requires a whole new perspective. Believe i will remove the front snowboard because it does not do much in less snow and does NOT help in deep snow. Feodor of Finland suggested wide jumping skis. They are rare and expensive. Will try some other alternatives first :-)

This winter has been rough with extreme cold for extended periods, deep snow and now really bad cold/flu :-(

Well, I think I finally came up with the "right" ideal for deep snow windsurfing ... I was going to base it on our German sled:

Was thinking of putting the skis under the sled rails and the snow board on top without altering the sled. Then I came across this ... from instructables

The idea is to use my old parabolic skis, the PVC cross bars and then a snowboard on top :-) Could even put some straight pipe to make it higher :-)

And parts should be light and readily available :


Thought they were selling a DVD ??

Seems it is available here - for now !!
Use Google Chrome to be able to move about in the movie.
and does NOT seem to be functioning any more !!