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Summary of 2014 Summer Windsurfing

Since the season is almost over ...
Definitely over for those who will not wear full wet suit material...
(Had my last session with no gloves Friday...)

This summer, as usual, it was mostly light wind and thus longboards with 8.x sails. Last year I busted the nose of my FUC/Fanatic Ultra CAT board, butt was repaired this year. Actually the nose and butt were repaired :-)
That board stayed up at the lake and am considering using it around Montreal next summer.

This summer I used the MEQ/Mistral Equipe I (purchased last year) with the 8.x sails - mostly the HSM/HotSailsMaui SPF/SpeedFreak 8.5 that was purchased this year.

The BTF/BIC Techno Formula was sold in two(2) days and I purchased a 2012 JP SLW92 PRO with Select Race 66 cm fin. Also purchased a Curtis Slalom 57 cm fin to try with an 8.x sail on this board. Now looking for used True Ames SB/Santa Barbara 23in/58cm fin. Only got to take this board out once so far. Wind was a bit too light, but when this board planed - man, it was FUN. That was with the TR-4 10-oh in about 10 to 12 knots. I may need to learn to pump when missing a knot or two.

Sails 7-oh and down were barely used - if at all. The Fanatic BEE LTD 124 was NOT used at all. Helmut got out twice this year with his Hawk 135. Unless one has a VERY flexible schedule or time off, it is VERY difficult to sail with the smaller stuff.

My boss Roni, used to windsurf on Lake Garda in Italy. Since his son was born five(5) years ago, he has NOT windsurfed ! I got him to go out on my MEQ and his Tushingham 8.0 sail. He was so excited that he purchased a used Fanatic Hawk 150 LTD at an excellent price. If I had not purchased the JP SLW92, I would have sold my AHD 160 and purchased that board - NICE !!!

In general this was NOT a good year for windsurfing. In 2013 I had about 70 outings and in 2014 had about 40. That's 57% as many sessions as the year before. My wife will say I was out a lot - more than twice a week. Forty sessions over six months is 40/6 = 6 2/3 sessions per month. With about four weeks per month, that's 6.67/4 = 1 2/3 sessions per week. That's less than 2 sessions per week, but i will NOT argue that point with my wife. She is VERY understanding until I go out for extended outings - like eight+ hours !!! {which i did about four(4) times this year :-( } Still better than what Helmut got ... He does not go unless 16+ knots announced ...

Here is my preferred video of the year for 2014 - on the sold BTF.

Which board will make people talk more in 2015? My FUC board or my BIC Dufour Wing ?? The post on the BIC Dufour Wing STILL gets the most hits EVERY month. It is a board that I rarely take out any more. Perhaps I should take it out at OKA just to get the tongues wagging :-) People reacted less to the MEQ than the FUC. Believe the MEQ was a more common board in this neck of the woods ...

Excellent quiver for the year ...
As usual - NEED to improve technique next year !!
When am i going to get in the foot straps ??

Eighty (80) percent of the outings were on longboards and just under 80% with 8.x sails. This means with the longboard, JL SLW, 8.x sails and 10-oh sail - cover pretty much over 95% of my outings. Next year hope to get out in some stronger winds - at least 7-oh conditions !!!


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It is high time that I come to the realization that I am a light wind windsurfer !! I stay in the area and do NOT go to Cape Hatteras nor les Isles de Madeleine...And so, I am "stuck" with local available winds plus based on work, family, availability. Reminds me of a woman juggling home, family and career. Since windsurfing is more than a hobby - perhaps more of an addiction/fixation... it means one is always trying to get out and get a fix !!

Typically over 80% of my summer outings are on longboards and 8.x sails. This means 20 kph and less = definitely LIGHT wind.

So, what makes up "light wind sailing" - for me ?

1) Early Planing
2) Formula and Longboards
3) Fanatic Ultra Cat aka FUC board <-- longboard
4) Mistral Equipe I LCS-XR aka MEQ board <--longboard
5) BIC Techo Formula aka BTF board <--Free Formula
6) JP SLW vs SB US <-- Free Formula
7) MY JP SuperLightWind aka SLW92

I know there are other GREAT boards like Tinho Dornellas' Z2, SB Phantoms, RS D2, DIV 2, etc.
However, I speak here from MY experience...

I DO like to plane - otherwise I would have remained a longboarder - MUCH cheaper. However, I want to try and use my lightwind skills or lack thereof to move forward on the lighter and faster stuff. Unfortunately , with my heavyweight carcass, I actually need about 12 knots of wind with a BIG sail to plane - I am just now considering active pumping - after having acquired a JP SLW92 ...

 If you have comments or ideas on this subject - THEY are WELCOME.
All advertising WILL be deleted though.

Thanks and hope you find something you like ...

JP Super LightWind / SLW

Some people are calling this board a FREE-RACE.
Some people are calling it a FREE-FORMULA.
Some people are comparing it to BIG SLALOM.
ALL will agree that it IS a SUPER LIGHTWIND BOARD

It was first introduced in 2010 with one model - the SLW90 at 154 liters and obviously 90 cm wide - called 90V154. It was only 237 cm long and available in PRO and GOLD versions. People complained about the soft 56 cm fin which seemed to be corrected in later years.

This board was out before the Starboard/SB UltraSonic/US 147.

Perhaps this board also made other people realize the importance of width - freemove did come out NOT long afterwards. Perhaps designers thought width was good, but would generate too much volume - hey, let's make em thinner !! Total speculation of course...

It was in 2012 that a larger edition of the JP SLW was offered. This was the 92V165 and obviously 92 cm wide and 165 liters in volume (also longer @ 250 cm).
Now there was also a FULL WOOD sandwich version available. Since I am a heavyweight at 100+ kilos/220+ lbs, I always had my eye on the larger version and either PRO or GOLD. Since 2012 I had my 2002 BIC Techno Formula/BTF which is also a FreeFormula board, but not quite as "modern" or fast as the JP SLWs.

When a used 92V165 showed up at auventfou, I sold my BTF in two(2) days and purchased the board.

Since it was used, it had some light scratches, a brown spot and a patch missing on a footpad. The board was scrubbed to remove the "brown spot" and black Sharpie hid the missing patch. Looks pretty damn good to me :-)

There was a hairline "crack" in the material just in front of the front footstrap. Put some SolarEZ on it just in case - do NOT believe there is an issue there...

The fin that came with it is a Select Ultra Race 66 cm fin. This is the same fin I used on the BTF except it was a trimm and this is deep tuttle. It had some minor damage that i corrected with MarineTex and some sanding...

Have done many repairs with MarineTEX. It usually lasts a while, but this one did not. After the first outing it needed to be re-done. Am not surprised since i was using a 66 cm fin at OKA, which is shallower this year than usual... Decided to try some Marine Epoxy that I had purchased at local hardware store for other outdoor repairs. It went on well and sanded well. I put on some primer paint afterwards to see where it wears out and also a solar protector.

Why is it we are unable to afford such boards NEW ? At over $2000 a pop new, the average joe windsurfer like myself does NOT have a chance. We take the throw-away toys of the rich and are happy with them. C'est la vie and I will enjoy it just the same !!!

Before I forget, what are the specifications of this board?

Length : 250 cm                                     Width :    92 cm
Volume: 165 liters                                  Weight:   9.4 kg/~21 lbs
Fin Box:  deep tuttle                              Sail Range: >7.5 {for me > 8.0}
OFO is 72 cm as measured by me          slight VEE underneath

There was NO GOLD edition in 2012 of the JP SLW92. 
In 2013 there was and it weighed one kilo less at 8.5.

Did some research on the web and people have used 8.5 sails on this board. However, they typically used another smaller fin or the supplied fin. This 66 cm fin is ideal with a 10-oh, which in my case will be my TR-4 10-oh.

Also searched to see WHICH fins people are using ... In terms of weed fin, René strongly suggested the True Ames SB weed 23 in/ 58 cm fin. This was again what I had used with the BTF and it was GREAT. Worked with the 8.5 and the 10-oh. For sails larger than 8.5 even JP Australia is suggesting fins longer than 60 cm.

Now just need to get on the water and document how great the board is :-) Only had one session with no video and for me I still need 12 knots to plane, but MAN DOES IT PLANE !!

In 2015 JP is offering only one SLW which seems to be between the 90V154 and 92V165.
It is a 91V168(245cm). Sounds like a mix between the previous two(2) versions...

This is the BEST windsurf video I have found with this board so far ...

JP SUPER LIGHTWIND 90 - Early planing from Sebastian Kornum on Vimeo.

Wait - this one is pretty good too...

Tried the board with the mast track a bit further back on my first outing - as suggested on the Australian forum. However, in very light wind, I found it a little better in the middle. Will see if this is the same for bigger winds - over 12 knots steady - may also need to try pummping. Found that it was easy to move the harness lines back on the TR-4 10-oh. Put them at 75 cm and could have gone one or two cm more !! Used to have it around 70 on the BTF.

Still NOT in the footstraps , but this board feels like this is the one to show me how !!!

People are saying an 8.5 will work on this board too - with the standard 56 cm fin ...

Here is a great review from the Auzzie forum; {with good videos}
and another:
and another:

What does PlancheMag say ??

Clique pour agrandir

My buddy, Bert, warns me - that board is FAST - you better wear a helmet :-)

But what does the JP designer Werner say ??

JP Super Light Wind a Windsurfing video by boards

and here is what Josh of the Windsurfing Magazine said back in the day - magazine now defunct unfortunately

JP Super lightwind 154 from WINDSURFING magazine on Vimeo.

Nearly fell off my chair today. Was looking at wind-spirit and some clear out prices on JP boards. The 2013 JP SLW92 PRO was going for $2600 + tax and is now going for almost $2000 + tax. The 2014 was going for $2700 + tax and now is at $2200 + tax. Heck, I got one HELL of a deal !!!

René of auventfou won't lend me the fin that came with his JP SLW since it was never used - NEW. S'okay, cuz I found a 2001 Curtis CR-16 57 cm that has the same rake as the Select Ultra Race 66 cm fin. I needed to sand the base somewhat, put some McLube and a shorter screw in the back. Polarbear thought I would need longer screws !! Tried to buy an M6 screw or bolt between 5 and 7 cm. Hardware stores have NO longer than 5 cm and NOT in stainless steel.

This fin is to go with my TR-6 8.4 race sail or HSM SPF 8.5 if choppy :-)

Here are some pics of this nice fin on my beautiful board:

Today Bruno of 2-rad warned me - be VERY careful with that board = FRAGILE. He has repaired all of them in Montreal so far !!!

Why did I get this board? I enjoyed the BTF/BIC Techno Formula, but felt i could do a little better in lighter winds. People are saying that i am ready for free-race like Futura, iSonic, Hawk, etc, but I prefer to get comfortable with a faster Free-Formula like this one. It is longer than the SB US147 and as such should be easier to tack. In other posts I already stated that Formula is out of the question because they rarely show up used in good prices, use 70 cm fins and ideally should use a 12.x sail on one with my weight of 105+ kilos. With the "shorter" fin on the SLW I can try the TR-6 8.4 and I just read that elmo of the Auzzie forum has used a 7.x sail on a SLW92 !!! Before I get there, I need to get comfortable with the 8.x sails. Hope to be able to sell the AHD after !! and carry less boards to the beach - one long board and one SLW92 and I will be good from 8 knots to close to 20 !!! which is 95% of my sailing ...
On iwindsurf someone said:
Comparing to formula SLW is way more user friendly, does not need any crazy pumping to get going, easier to get into foot straps, very easy to jibe, and does not kill your ankles reaching. The bigger version is a bit longer and has even more relaxed foot straps plugs. Ultrasonic has a narrower tail and is more suitable for lighter riders.