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HQ Rush V300 PRO


This is a trainer kite that I purchased used upon the recommendation of my buddy Marcus. Apparently he used to be a windsurfer that perverted into a kite surfer and he kite foils too
Sorry, could NOT resist ...

When Marcus offered on the train ride home to give me a little session with this kite, I just HAD TO ...

This image is everywhere - who gets credit ??
Before we go on ... yes, this is a windsurf site. Please remember we are all BIG fans of wind and would like to get out in the wind as often as possible. My interest is still in kiting for the winter, but we will see where this all gets me - for now I am training :-)

This kite is three (3) square meters with three (3) lines and NO air bladder.
For me this is like a 1.5 m² windsurf sail !!!

So, Marcus asked me where we could go and I suggested the football field across from the High School. "Perfect." Off we drove to get the kite and hit the field. We took off our socks n shoes and got all set up ...

Wind was SW and 20 kph and less. 
Lots to learn ...
First set the kite down unraveled - downwind and put something on it - like a shoe
Undo the strings/ropes noticing they were attached in the proper figure eight manner
Keeping the RED line on the LEFT follow the strings from handle to the kite
To ensure there are NO tangles - learned about the lance knot ...(sorry - larks head knot)
Since wind was light, once the kite was thrown up into the air or held up and launched ...
Keep the body and shoulders straight - control with ONLY the arms - pull one side and push on other, which Marcus was doing MUCH more aggressively than I had seen on the youtube videos
If the kite ever gets to be too much or time to stop, let go of handle and use just centre line
This comes with a wrist band that Marcus says WILL break - then attach to harness
Once kite is down basically just do inverse of setting it up - figure eight the lines, etc!!
and yes, one folds the kite up too

Afterwards Marcus made me walk home a little bit
I do not think this was to be rude, but rather to show me how mobile one is with kiting stuff :-) Hope he reads this :-)

I did NOT really find any videos that i had watched nor that I like now, but will put one here for now .. will hafta do my own video ...

I think this was the first trainer kite video that I watched and where I was wondering, why it is scantily clad ladies showing us sports in how to videos still seem to be out there :-( As Seinfeld would say,"Not that there is anything wrong with that." :-)

SUN 30JUN went out with my 27 year old son and tried it again
The wind sucked and we did we did everything wrong
Fun was had just the same and son saw the potential.
He seemed interested

MON 01JUL went out again on my own
This time my "form" was MUCH better
Need to learn how to start the kite when it lands flipped
(read up on it - need to use one hand on centre line - now practice)
It was light wind, up n down, but definitely enjoyed the session ...

As we know about kites, they pack up so much more easily than our windsurf stuff
and so, when we go out of town, the trainer kite will be packed
when there is wind, i will be training
and not missing the windsurfing as much :-)

Flooding in Spring 2019

Once again we are having issues in the spring with water levels near Montreal ...
The picture in the header of this windsurf blog is a picture I took yesterday of the river near me..

I will find and put the link of the post I wrote during the last spring flooding - 2017 ??
it was not a post, but rather discussions in my 2017 windsurf journals ...month of April
here are the current water levels !!!
                                  Clique the pic

Just look at the road closures near Montreal !!
there are bridge and hi-way closures !!

                                     Clique the pics

                             below is Gatineau - hit again too

Last Friday I discovered that my colleague was indeed away from work MANY days, but it was because he was flooded when the dike broke near St-Marthe-sur-le-Lac. The water in his basement is one foot below the ceiling. This is where his sons lived :-(

So, while some people are washing the winter debris off their cars, others ...

I had heard that NO boats were allowed on the waterways and one could be fined $5000. Well, here is the proof:

Time has passed and water levels are NOT getting better #$%^&*

This was on quebecwind and looks like Pte-Claire -- water is higher than it was in 2017!!

This is what Pointe-Claire Cartier boat launch looked like in 2017:

Yet the graph says the water level is lower @ Pointe-Claire than it was in 2017 ??

On Monday, May 20th 2019 I had my first windsurf session on water of the year. At this point I am unsure of whether this is later than usual - let me check later.

Since local waters were high, access on water ist verboten AND some people beside the water are trying to figure out what the next step in their real estate is ... So, I went on the lake up north with the BIC SL200 and GA Flow3 3X 7.0 m² sail.

Apparently on the same day there were dudes out windsurfing at that very "beach",  Pointe-Claire. Buddy told me there was "no shoreline"

Update: In the last ten (10) years of logging my sessions in one form or another, I have ALWAYS started windsurfing in the month of April. Over the years there were even months of May where the number of windsurf sessions in that month was ten (that happened 3 times in last 9 years).... and here we are on May 21st, 2019 and I have had ONLY one windsurf session in 2019 so far :-( That session was barely okay on a small lake ...

Georges usually goes straight from down-hill skiing to windsurfing. Well, actually kiting now - he windsurfs up north at the chalet and kites at OKA (and around the world). This year - nothing on the water yet... "Worst year ever". Sounds like that sums it up for everyone !!

When the restriction of water access was removed from Lac de Deux Montagnes and Rivière Milles Isles, they put a speed limit of 5.5 knots - with a possibility of the same penalties !!

Guy Trudeau jr in Windsurfing Now !!

Oui, notre ami gtj aka Guy Trudeau junior est dans une "spread" - Windsurfing Now 05.1 à la page 84/85

bravo gtj !!

Clique sur la photo

"Guy Trudeau gets some air over the snow in
Saint-Isidore, Quebec.
Grégoire Lafortune photo"


et pourquoi pas mettre le video de Georges !!