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Selling two of my favourite longboards :(

There comes a time when one realizes that there are just too many toys laying about. I am the only  windsurfer in the entire extended family and between home and shared chalet there are eight(8) windsurf boards. Okay, if I count the inflatable Mistral WindGlider, there are nine(9), but I count that one as my young son's.

So, what can be sold and at what reasonable price ??

The Fanatic Ultra CAT is a candidate because there are too many longboards and it has seen better days. Still a GREAT board, but would keep it on a small lake.

It is 380 x 67 cm and about 250 liters... It has a carbon centreboard and carbon fin. Was a raceboard back in the day !! Only asking $150 firm with my mast base or $100 and buyer figures out mast base... Yes, it has had repairs, but it is water tight and goes GREAT !!

Here is a video on local Rivière Milles Isles. No-one else goes there:

Need to make a faster video to show FULL potential of the board - BEFORE it sells !!

If you are interested in this board, you can reply to this post and I will get an e-mail, but comment will NOT show unless you want me to .

Thanks and GOOD WINDS
joe windsurfer
The other board I have decided to put on sale and is even more interesting is the Mistral Equipe I/one. It is the LCS-XR raceboard version. It is 372 x 66 cm and about 210 liters. It has the original parts other than the footstraps which I replaced. The fin is from Tinho Dornellas of calema sports and the centreboard is not carbon and hardly required. I made a steel plate to go in mast track in order to use standard mast bases. The ONLY reason I am selling this one is I now have a Mistral Equipe II/2. The price was $xxx  for this board in excellent shape:

and this one SOLD in about seven(7) days !!

Here is a video taken at OKA Parc near Montreal 

Thanks and GOOD WINDS
joe windsurfer


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Mistral Malibu fixed up n ready to go

Werner Burger out of Zurich has used some of my posts to help him in this project and has suggested we share in his success.. The story and the photos are from Werner...

He bought the board in August 2015 (thanks Gerhard), first test-surfs in August and September 2015.

I have an  83-84-85 Mistral catalogue and the Malibu is in it . It is 355 x 65 cm with a volume of 175 liters and 13 kilos. Possibility of 8 footstraps as you can see in  the photo from Werner. Inside the catologue the bottom of the board is described as having a special feature called the "air scoop". It is a concave section in the middle of the board somewhat forward. Will ask Werner for a photo from the bottom as well ...

Next ??

bought a used sail and boom (thanks Renato), using the original Mistral mast 
bought a used sail North Prisma 9.0 with mast (thanks Roger)

first rides in October 2015

Okay Werner and now we will bombard you with questions asking for more information 

How did you correct the pivot wheels with help from what looks like the three Musketeers /
Philipp, Jakob, Mathias and Alex ?? 

Can we have more pictures or videos of your excursions ??
need a bottom shot as already discussed ...

We wish you all the best and I am VERY glad to have been of assistance indirectly !!!
You can reply here and have your answers as comments or send to me and I will post
Alles Gute mein Freund !!

Mistral Equipe II/2

In March of 2016 by chance I wandered through the back of the local windsurf shop called auventfou (means wild/crazy winds in English). The back of the store is where the used equipment is stored. Found two(2) Mistral Equipe II's that both needed a new gasket. Chatted with René about them and later sent an e-mail asking if they were replacing the gaskets - non. So, told them I was interested, but needed to find a way to properly fix the gasket. By chance buddy in Toronto, who I will call CAN322 in case he does not want to be identified was offering to sell gaskets. In the end he took one of the boards and I the other. He picked it up in MTL from Toronto on his way to Cape Hatteras in North Carolina...

I called them board #1 and board # 2 in the beginning ... Here are the initial photos:
taken at auventfou

and this is board #2

Told CAN322 that I seemed to prefer board #2 and he had no issues with that. Once I got the boards home, I took some pictures of board #1 for him ...

As you can see, the boards came with fin, centreboard and bag. The only issue on quick view is the gasket. Board #1 seems to be the CHS model which is more sturdy and seemed to be in good shape. Board #2 is the  XR model which is lighter and more fragile. There was a nose repair - that seemed well done and under the gasket the plastic cover broke up requiring epoxy repair before one could even think about putting a new gasket.

put the Nikon cap so camera could focus

Once the board seemed water proofed I took it for a spin, but winds were < 20 kph and race sail with cambers was giving me issues. The board was NO trouble @ all - I had duct taped the slot and put the centreboard in - in case I needed it - but did NOT... 

Before I stop for today , it is very important to have an idea of the specifications:

Length: 375 cm
Width:    66 cm
Volume: 258 liters CHS / 260 liters XR
Weight: 13.7 kg CHS and 12.6 kg for the XR
Fin: PowerBox 38 cm slalom fin G10 for CHS and carbon 4 XR
Centreboard: 69 cm at first measurement

Asked on iwindsurf what people were using to glue the gasket on... 
Two people suggested epoxy, two suggested crazy glue and two suggested marine glue/polyurethane... CAN322 will get back to me with his results. Has been glued on and now just needs to slice it down the middle and test !!

Here is a video of James Douglass rockin on a MEQ II !!!

Mistral Equipe Windsurfing 7-29-11 from James Douglass on Vimeo.

Will put more photos and discussion as time goes on ...
and do a comparison of MEQ I and II - perhaps with a video ...
here is my discussion on the MEQ One ...

since March to April I managed to get the board out about three(3) times.  Now put gorilla water proof tape on top of centreboard slot for water not to come out. CAN322 is still doing experiments with glue and may be going towards crazy glue... So  far have not had the board out in 20 + kph winds... Am still loathe to sell my Mistral Equipe One ...