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Cannabis Day in Canada

yes folks, it is true

on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 Canada legalized cannabis at midnight

in Newfoundland, on the east coast, they opened at midnight and there was someone who waited in order to be the first Canadian to purchase legal cannabis, marijuana, pot or whatever you want to call it.

After the legalization in the country, each province handled it on their own terms with their own rules and laws ... In Ontario they only made it available on-line at first. In Montreal there are three SQDC outlets that sell the product and there is an on-line site as well ---

As people probably know by now, there are two prime chemicals that interact with the consumer.
There is the "higher" element called THC = Tetrahydrocannabinol. Apparently the legal product is rated as beginner, intermediate and strong.
The other active ingredient is called CBD = cannabidiol . This is the ingredient that is more on the medicinal side which is NOT supposed to get you high ...

So, why am i writing about this on a windsurf blog ...
I find it is a social phenomena that is being observed from all corners of the globe.
The stores had lines where people waited as long as seven hours.
On-line and in store supplies are running out after just 2 days...

This is a report from CTV in Montreal ...

Someone was opening the product on Ste-Catherine street in Montreal and i was so curious I did not notice the cameras. Everyone asks if i got inside, etc. Actually I do not use the product, but am upset that we in Quebec are NOT allowed to grow plants. As a biology major this interests me almost more than the active ingredients ...

Let's hope this phenomena works out for everyone ...

I was saying to people that perhaps Montreal will actually become more restrictive in terms of cannabis use. It has always been quite liberal and tolerated here up to now ... against all the laws and rules
Now there are rules ...


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Y'vente à Montréal

Vous pouvez avoir la discussion en francais --> utilisez "google translate" ci-haut

Y'vente is slang for there is wind or it is windy
Yvente is the nickname of a local windsurf legend who also runs the QuebecWind forum
He is the only local windsurfer who windsurfs on water year round
There are many videos of him in ice water ...
Yvente seems like a guy who can ride anything - he kites, foils, etc, etc
Same thing on ice ...
He also makes great videos

FULL screen and pump up the volume 😊

Baie des Brises été 2018 from Yvan Boucher on Vimeo.

just to prove his versatility at making vidoes, kiting and windsurfing ... skiing, snowshoeing ...

Printemps 2018 (version light 3) from Yvan Boucher on Vimeo.

and here you see why i call him the "ice man"