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Somehow I have the misfortune of having acquired an OLD WindWing sail.
Interestingly enough Dr. Windsurf called it "new" as in not used and i can see why ...
I will let you judge for yourselves...

First let you show you what my wife saw when i rigged it for the first time:

She says it was all just wrong :-)

and now for my perspective...

It is fairly evident that the main issue is the battens are NOT full battens and as such do NOT give a solid pocket of air and for me just looks wrong. When i pick it up and jank on the sail to see pull, it is not too bad and should be okay for my trainees. What i was hoping for was a fully battened sail about 5-oh. This sail has NO specs written on it !! Must be really old !!!

I unrolled the sail again and looked at the paper from the sail bag...

There is a "paper" saying convert which is short for convertible. Another similiar paper was on the sail stating 4.6. Based on the additional information , it is 5'1" for the boom which is 152.5 cm ie short for me since i use large sails and booms and a luff of 14'3" which translates into 427 cm, which seems long for a small sail to me ...

I will investigate how WindWing is doing now...
They are obviously an American company and proud of it!

Did a quick investigation and seems out of date and the name Hansen and Hansen Sails comes up all over the place. Apparently they both were at Hood River, Oregon for a while and perhaps back to Berkeley , California later. Their ways may have parted and i am unsure of what they are doing now... Both brands are lesser known sails to me - butt what do i know ?? Seems they, Hansen and Sistek formed Windwing somewhere around 1982 and were at one time the largest producers of windsurf sails in North America. Somewhere around 2009 and 2010 i see no more activity on neither the windwing nor the websites. However, there is discussion on the hansen forum about 2013 sails ...

In 2015 I decided to see and record how it looks with the PX RDM 460 mast. The mast extension is set to zero and batten #3 was changed with the FULL batten. Now wish I also had the FULL batten for #4. The boom I have is a bit long, but will do ...
It looks good, but worry about the window. If it is PVC, it is the same situation as the HSM SPF. Will ask on the iwindsurf forum ...

In JAN2016 I used it on the ice

In 2019 I decided to look for more winter sail options and was asking about it on quebecwind. Want something smaller than my HSM Fire 6.3 with full battens ... Yvente asked if I was missing a latte/batten..  I checked and this is what I found ...

This is batten no.4 when counting from the top.. It is a half batten, but a full batten could go !! I do NOT have any spare battens long enough and auventfou is now closed :-(
Looks like I could use an old batten of about 57 inches which is 142.5 cm ..
Will post this on quebecwind ... ask 2-rad - windsurfingdirect , etc , etc

BGOOD commented on quebecwind that this is the way the sail is designed ...
I thanked him and stated that was how I used it in JAN 2013 ...

Starboard HyperNut 4 in 1

I must be getting old, slow or both ...
This board seems to have been around a while now
yet I seem to be just hearing about it now ...
As the name suggests, one is supposed to do these four things on the one board
SUP, Windsurf, Windfoil and SUP foil ... hmmm

The board is longer than I anticipated and maybe a bit lacking in litres (for SUPping)

131 liters is the one I was looking at ...8'0" x 31.5" - why back to imperial and stay in liters for the volume ?? size is imperial which translates into 243.8 cm x 80 cm and is what we are used to

I am guessing NOTHING beats a REAL windsurf foil board at this time !!

Magic Ride Fix

Buddy "Magic Ride" from the great West of the U. S. busted his favourite board
and did a really nice DIY fix-it job !!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves !! Clique the pics !!
Think it is a Naish StarShip and probably 115 litres ...