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Canadian Masters RACE near Montréal 2016

It will be on the South Shore of Lac St-Louis from July 29 to August 1st at Châteauguay. If the wind is just right,  perhaps we can do a run over from Cartier or BDU ?? 

The official link is @ Canadian Masters Annual-Championships and the official location is @ 540 D’Youville, Châteauguay /Centre Nautique which is the South Shore (for Montrealers).

It is definitely more of a LONGBOARD and FORMULA event !! The longboards have a BIG range though - D2, raceboards, Kona One, etc ... However, they do mention possibility of a slalom event ??

The official link has ALL the details, but I will add some information here - like - what are the ISAF Racing Rules ?? ISAFRRS20132016Final-[13376].pdf
WOW - HUGE document with FLAGS used on the water ...
One thing of interest - is pumping sails allowed ??
Sailboarder of the APVM and local KONA representative tells me:
"Apart from the Kona class, all classes allow pumping."

What size sails ??

An important note is that trophies can ONLY be awarded to members of the CMWA !! And so, I will also investigate how one becomes a member - if one is not so already ... and costs about $50 average ...


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Sailboard Hydrofoiling

Seems this is the buzz talk in the windsurf world for 2016. 

Some people are calling it "windfoiling", but on a Danish forum they complained that this term is NOT clear enough. Why would kitefoiling NOT be windfoiling ? Can we call it windsurf foiling? Windsurf is a term that ideally refers to surfing using wind. As such, most of us are doing sailboarding. And so ... sailboarding with a foil s/b called what ? Danish forum suggested sailboard hydrofoiling or SBHF 

The first SBHF that I became aware of was the AHD AFS-1 and that was a years ago.

It is somewhat unique with the hole in the nose and the wide tail ...

One thing I found interesting is, the wings of the foil are held on by the plugs at the end, which have a LONG bolt/screw going into the middle.

Why this never caught on , is beyond me...

Another French company called the Horue seemed to get their name out there . My joke is they succeeded due to interspersing bikinis in their videos ...

The hydrofoil that caught my eye was the iFoil:

When I first saw this model, it felt like it made the most sense. Why bother trying to balance the whole apparatus on the single point at the back ?? With a foil in the front, you are more balanced and have more options ... in terms of body placement , etc ...

Of course there are other hydrofoil companies ... ketosfoil, foilever, kerfoils, lokefoil, etc
Most of these are names I have NOT heard before and MANY seem to come out of France !!

Foils still cost about $1000 and companies like AHD & Horue sell boards to go with foils.
Otherwise , it seems a slalom board of about 80 cm width and naturally tuttle fin  box  is suggested.

I will NOT get into the technical details of the foils. It is difficult enough to understand fin concepts. Suffice it to say hydrofoils for sailboards are larger than those for kiters and the bottom looks like an aeroplane.  There are MANY models and some adjustment is available on them - like angle,  etc - depending on the model...

There is buzz about this on almost all the windsurf forums...
Here is some discussion from iwindsurf and a video of some people starting out ...

and naturally there are some on facebook too - here is a smooth jibe:

You want MORE bikinis ?
Shame on you ...

My joke - this s/b called SOBHF, as in a jealous "look @ that SOB hydrofoiling"

our "local" iwindsurf buddies are getting good at this !!! check it out - droned and all !!

The one that surprised me (and NOT just me) is the video of Kai Lenny (who is now 22 !!) hydrofoiling "downwind" on a SUP and making it look easy. He and Robbie Naish can make anything look easy - AND cool !!

And Exocet is working on a two foil board - NOT released YET ...

There are TWO major concerns with foiling and I am NOT even going to mention price, risk of danger with large knives under water, etc.

Firstly the obvious one is that foils are quite long and as such need deep water to start, maintain and need to be wary of sandbanks in case you are not up in the air ...

The one I kind of forgot about, but have read about is weeds. Is it going to be necessary to develop weed foils ??  At the cost of one of these, there is no way people are going to have two !!

Even for my wide freeride JP SLW92, I have purchased a Lessacher 42 cm fin  in order to see if it is not possible to avoid weeds AND ride with a shorter fin ...

Knew I had once seen pics of the earlier BIG windsurf hydrofoils .. Well, I stumbled upon a video which seems to be narated in Dutch, but seems fairly clear. Notice: NO footstraps ...

and here is a TV discussion or Rich Miller's 1995 hydrofoil:

It seems that over thirty(30) years ago a company HARKEN made foils for windsurfers:

Quiver Analysis pre-2016 Windsurf Season

At the end of the 2015 summer sessions (or thereabouts) I did a quiver analysis.

The reason I add the "thereabouts" is the season ran longer - I actually windsurfed twice in December 2015 up north at the in-law chalet - December 24th and 27th !! In previous seasons my goal was to go once in December, regardless of where in Montreal - NEVER assuming it would be up north !!

In any case ... the reason why I am writing this post is: the quiver has actually changed since then. At that time the AHD FF 160/79 had already been sold. That was the ONLY board I ever purchased brand new - was a 50th birthday present ... It was not replaced at that time , but the usage of the JP SLW92 was extended to use sails in the 8.x sizes as well.

For this year I was hoping/planning to spend as little as possible on windsurfing since I blew the budget in 2015 - with Hatteras trip and purchases and so ... After I purchased a Mistral Equipe II/2 and a Mistral SLE 303 , something had to go . Sold both my Mistral Equipe I/one and the chalet boat, the Fanatic Ultra CAT. This brought my expenses so far down to $7 for 2016. At one time I had eight (8) boards and now I am down to six(6). One is the BIC Dufour WING which needs major repair and should not really count - it will become my chalet board once again - or go in the garbage...

That leaves me with five(5) boards, which is still too many. My ideal quiver is three(3) boards (maybe four with one longboard) and perhaps five (5) or six(6) sails ... Since I break set-ups down by wind speed, let's see "what i got" ...

Lightest Wind - about 20 kph

Mistral Equipe II/2 and 8.x sails -  MauiSails TR-6 8.4 & HotSailsMaui SpeedFreak 8.5
The Mistral depicted is actually a CHS version  which CAN322 picked up here.
Mine is the XR carbon version ...
This board could easily handle my TR-4 10-oh, but I do NOT like it when the wind is really light and the sail heavy. There are BETTER longboard sails - Ezzy Zephyr 7.5, Severne Raceboard 8.5/9.5.
For really light wind one needs long and narrow with LOTS of liters.
This one is 375 x 66 cm and 258 liters. with large carbon centreboard and 38 cm slalom fin.


Light Wind - more than 20 kph

JP SLW92 with TR-4 10-oh race sail
For light wind one needs width to plane, large sails and long fins ...
This board is 250 x 92 cm and 165 liters - 10 m² sail and 66 cm fin !!

Other potential boards in this wind range are

as follows:

Starting to get some wind - 20 - 40 kph

This is where it starts to get tricky for me to choose. The JP SLW92 will work fine with the TR-6 8.4, but  is not ideal as the board is quite wide... This is a GREAT wind range because water is usually FLAT and less issues with gusts, current, etc AND one starts planing much more easily... So, obviously the same 8.x sails as above with a potential for the JP SLW92, but I also have two(2) "new" boards that fit this category quite well: Mistral SLE 303 and SB iSonic 117Wide. The Mistral is also a slalom , but is with much more volume, while the iS is much wider. These two(2) will be my weapons this summer and I hope to improve speed and technique !!

Other boards that people use in above wind range are Tabou Rocket 135 , Starboard Futura 133 and Fanatic Hawk 135 (NOT made any more !!) - Gecko 133 then ??

What I call MID WINDS - 30 - 50 kph

Now we are talking about wind, current and waves and typically for me 7-oh sail conditions. In the past I often used the Mistral Equipe I/one with the North Sails Duke 6.9. So, this summer the question remains - which board will be used with this sail. The SLE may be fine as it is only 62 cm wide and about 150 liters of flotation !!

What I call HIGHER WINDS 40-60 kph

These are practice winds for me ... waterstarts , etc 
Typically use Fanatic BEE 124 and HSM Fire 6.3 ...

What I call HI WINDS > 50 kph 

Once one gets more than 25 knots and around 46/50 kph and more, it is for the experts ... I will go practice or observe what others are doing. The important thing is to always be safe. Windsurfers talk about the walk of shame ... where you did not make it back to the starting point ... As long as you made it back safely without damage to equipment , person or soul !! When winds are light there is a bigger risk  of using too small a sail and it is NOT a danger. When winds get bigger than one is accustomed to to - rig small !!! Better to be under than over in some circumstances !!!

(Looks like I need to improve some of my equipment pics)
NS Duke 6.9
Fanatic BEE
HSM Fire 6.3

On Starboard forum agr64 speaks about his board quiver of longboard, large freeride, slalom and then freewaves. This makes a LOT of sense and this feels like where my quiver is going in terms of boards. The MEQ is obviously the longboard, the JP SLW is the large freeride, the SLE and iS are the slalom boards and the BEE is the closest thing I have towards freewave and is also the least used.

Sail future planning  in another story. Masts on the market are all finally tending towards CC/constant curve and buddy King Kong is tending towards RDM masts - all the way up to 9.5 !!