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Journale de 2023

Oui, c'est déjà 2023 !! Et ça a commencé mal pour mon sport de ice windsurfing
Bonne Année / Happy New Beer !! may the wind always be at your back !!


22JAN2023     It is supposed to stay below zero up north with potential
                         10-20kph winds from the SW before noon.
Monsieur Desjardins as of the last notice had plowed "The Path" and even the East-West lane !! When I got there, I finished patching up my "new" 2013 MauiSails Global 5.0 m² wave sail from 2-rad with Chinook tape. Bruno had labelled it as in A+ condition and I give it no more than a B+ rating ... Rigged it up in the basement with the Chinook 400/40% cm RDM and the old boom I was using with the HSM SpeedFreak - that is dead now ... Luff is 416 and boom is 171 cm.  This is what it all looked like:

                          It looks like I could put 2.5 cm less downhaul ..

                        And it looks like the sail could use about 5 cm less outhaul ...

            All in all, I feel the sail does NOT look that bad with this setup

The wind NEVER made it to SW while I was there and the forecast flipped to all South. So, I went over to the East-West lane and did a couple of runs with my ice sled and the SW Retro 8-oh. It was okay in terms of angle to the wind and width of the track. All that was missing was the wind ... Was supposed to pick up around 13h00 and by 12h30 I had given up. Checking back later and the wind was SW and under 10kph $%^&*()

15JAN2023    Checked the local Milles Isles River - still has a waze ta go ...
                         Before it is ice-covered and is perhaps safe lol

13JAN2023     Fuck Me --Another dump of snow - about one foot
                          Was fish-tailing on the 15 south ramp to the 640 !!
                           and that was in my car - not windsurf sleds lol

09JAN2023    We are having a strange winter so far. No snow, then snowstorms followed by rain and then back to snow ... It was a Sunday with SW winds promised up to 30 kph. Like that was ever gonna happen !! I shovelled some snow on my "runway" and Monsieur Desjardins came out with his chainsaw to check the ice ... It was at least four inches then water, then ice, then water, then ... SAFE... He plowed a path around the entire lake and I took out my sleds and the GA Flow-3 seven-oh. I practised using the blue skateboard sled. At the end I discovered that I could perhaps go on top of the snow, but had NO wax. I did the last run with my ice sled and it actually seemed "better" on that ice than the skateboard sled !! Surprise, surprise. 

Chas got some pics of that last run ... Chas?!? Ah, here it is ...

03JAN2023    Yvente was kind enuff to pass me an old BOOM for my
                        NorthSails Zeta 3.7 m² winter sail ... Picked it up from Laval ...

That was the pic I sent him to show that I had picked it up sucessfully :-) It came with an uphaul line and some harness lines !! I drilled out the holes on the boom to make sure all was cliqued in and solid ... Also loosened and moved the harness lines to allow easier attachment of the downhaul line AND I NEVER would use lines that wide and short. I measured 58 inches with another 1/2 inch taken up by the mast leaves 57.5 inches of outhaul. Multiply by 2.5 and we get 143.75 cm -> the boom max as per specifications is 143 cm. Man, we are in business !!     Cannot wait to try it out !!

02JAN2023 As noted at the start of this post ... The year had a very strange start. First we were inundated with two major snowstorms and then things just started to melt. In Toronto they hit 10 degrees C. We had a cold night on the first and I headed up north to check out the ice ...  Me bro-in-law had sent me some pics on JAN one of the situation and I had high hopes ... 

    No, I was not high lol

Clique the pic

The good news is the only water in that pic is at the bottom right and it was ice covered by the next day i.e. today. One can see the snow drifts where snow had been pushed about and the rest looked like it could ALL turn into ice !! 

However, the ice varied in thickness from a mere inch to 2.5 inches to probably more than four. My runway and Monsieur Desjardin's path were both solid. I swept the runway hoping for those promised SW winds. The wind did swing from S to SW, butt never amounted to more than about 6 kph, which is imperceptible. By 16h00 I gave up and went back home :-( 

Let's hope the next few days does NOT dump snow on the picture = more rain and freezing please ...  oh yeah - and some Westerly winds :-) actually E or NE could work also !!

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