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Winter Session March 2020

In case you did not know, I had two(2) inguinal hernias repaired in November 2019.
This means I did NOT get out on the ice and snow this winter.
It was a strange winter at that.
We only had -20ยบ C in February a few times and the Great Lakes barely froze.
On Friday / yesterday my surgeon gave me the "green light" to do "anything"
So last night was a little colder and there was some light wind today.
NOT a great winter windsurf day, but I did get out !!
Was out about two(2) hours
Young dude was smokin Jean Guy from duBon in the Park - naughty boy !!
SO, the video is NOT great and upside down - just put ALT CTRL down arrow to flip your screen while watching :-)

Oh yeah - flip the screen on an Apple or mobile device ??
NO guarantees on that one from Windows court

If it is mobile or movable, it can be done for sure ... BUDdy Pat confirms this ...

Yes, this is NOT a high speed video, but...
I forgot to mention that I was doing many things for the first time on this flight

i.e. NOT just the one and only outing this winter season,but

it was the first time I tried a downhaul winch - since I was to reduce hernial stress

was also the first time when I was actually adjusting my harness lines on the fly

playing outside in the winter using stuff from my summer sport is just so much fun !!

At the beginning of this discussion I considered writing "my one and only outing this winter .."

Now I wish I had said that because now we have freezing rain and temps over freezing. We saw ten degrees this week !!

and this is Vaudreuils 18MAR2020

And non, I NEVER did get to go out on the ice again in the 2019-2020 winter season ...

Firstly, the COVID-19 pandemic starting gaining momentum and secondly, the temperatures were bouncing over and under the freezing point of water.

Like a sound WAV ...

Naturally both my brother and my wife were freaking out - even just thinking bout it ...

Sunday March 22nd, 2020 ----------------------this is the e-mail I sent ta bro
Subject: The things we do for our wives :-)

"All the stars lined up - I took pics of the bay one week before
it was solid ice then, but a little rough
rained a bit throughout the week with one warm day
two days and nights in a row that were COLD enough to freeze ice
the wind changed and is now on-shore in Vaudreuils
and quite a nice light wind 13-20 kph East (straight on-shore)
butt is sitting here typing this e-mail
good thing I had some Sunset
and Lisa smelled it on me :-)
was doin her a flavour lol"