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...........Preparing for Winter 2021/2022..........


The third one from the left is my O'Brian version which has NOT been completely assembled yet. It is my snow project for this winter ...The ski is an O'Brien and Brian was my influence. He has built a NEW model this year which is discussed in the next post on this blog.

The first windski on the left is loosely based on my first model and is good on crusty snow or loose snow up to about four inches. 

The next one in was built as an ice model. Tough to do gybes/jibes or tacks on this one, butt flies lol With old parallel downhill skis at an angle - you are riding straight metal on the ice !!

The one on the far right is a homemade model purchased from BGOOD in Sutton, Que on the South Shore which I call a windskate and runs on four metal blades. This one requires special ice conditions and NO FEAR !! BGOOD never used a sail over 4.2 on this setup !!

It is now early Oktober and I am NOT saying windsurfing on water is over - YET ...It is just quickly coming to an end :-( 

I HATE neoprene mittens and gloves #$%^&*()_

I did manage to get out on the water once in November - 
global warming ??

this video was taken last winter - North of Montreal

01DEC2021 quick update: the metal brackets are attached to the windski that once was a waterski and I placed the snowboard platform on top for simulation --> to see if I like where this is going :-) 

Watch out for the Shark !!

I did some tests and added X-country ski wax - for under freezing point of course - NOT that sticky crap lol. Next tests were better and now I really felt I needed a back strap - WHAT, joe windsurfer is asking FOR a back strap WTF / lol