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NEW NorthSails Air CAM sails in 2023

 It is a free-race sail and I did NOT see the air cam system discussed in the slalom sails. I guess racers are not meant to drop their sails and/or be able to waterstart these BIG boyz/sails ?!?

I have not written much about "new stuff" in the windsurf arena cuz for me, it was feeling a little stagnant. Sail (and board) companies are talking about keeping the same product for more than one year now - this is good business (if your product sells).

Okay, there is now windfoiling, which to me seems way too complex (just getting gear is too much work for me lol) and way too expen$ive for an old retired fart like myself. PLUS, two of the local windsurfers that I respect greatly in terms of their windsurf skills (the two Benwahs) have tried windfoiling and sold their stuff.

Based on my observations and discussions on the beach, people are going to wingfoiling. Both from windsurfing/foiling and from kitefoiling. Butt, I digress lol

I saw about this product on youtube, where their AI was kind enuff to suggest that video to me lol

and the North Sails sales pitch is here:

Basically the wide luff of the cambered sails are filled with an air chamber that actually incorporates the cambers. 

The initial installation is NOT trivial and I ask myself (and perhaps I will ask NorthSails) WHY they did not send these sails out with the air chamber + cambers installed ?!?!?

and here are some "first impressions" expressed lol

Before I forget... these sails are also made with NO seams using this new 3Di material and technology.

So, what is my take on all this ??

Firstly, I hope it does NOT require a different mast (what is MDM) and that the pump is included with the purchase ..

I do like the idea of the wide luff staying free of water for uphauling, but also feel like NS is adding another feature of complexity... Cambers can be a pain of their own free accord.

I would like to try one, but am NOT in the market for a $2000 sail plus perhaps a $1000 mast !!!