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Biker windsurfing at OKA Parc

Well, I finally managed to get a decent clip of myself planing on my AHD FastForward 160 liter , 79 cm wide shortboard with a MauiSails TR-6 8.4 race sail. I mounted the GoPro mount on the board near the end of the nose twenty-four(24) hours before i anticipated hitting the water ... Since I ran out of "film"/space last time, the SD card was empty and i filmed a couple of hours on the water. It was a good day and the parking lot was more full than i had ever seen it. Winds were from the west at 20 to 40 kph, but the gusts were strong.Water was a bit choppy and as such i dropped the heavy sail a few too many times.

It was my sister that said i looked like a Hell's Angel riding a windsurfer:-) Another girl at work, Audree said i looked good in tights. People seemed to enjoy the video and the music. Guess ideally one mixes up the views, etc...Next time

For now I hope u like it :-)

Kona Worlds 2013

This event took place about one (1) hour from where i live in JULY. Last year I went to the KONA Nationals and took some pics.

This year i was "busy". I am still on the fence about the KONA. NOT convinced whether i wish to embark.

This is the official site:

These are the results as published by KONA:
Joachim Larsen always places well.
The Swedes usually are in the running - as are the Canadians !!
Steve Gottlieb placed 13 and Andrée Gauthier 14th - this shows the level of competition !!

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