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Summary for 2012

It is now October and not many sessions left on the water. The year was supposed to start with a one week trip to Cape Hatteras in North Carolina. I ended up NOT going, butt my windsurf buddy, Helmut went and loved it. He went with Bruno of 2-rad. It seems some years there is NO room left in Bruno's rentals !!!

So, I started my year with the Fanatic CAT and my trusty MS-2 8-oh on the local river. I no longer use the CAT nor do i go on the local river. I liked the CAT, butt wanted to either fix it or upgrade it and the local river had low levels with rocks showing AGAIN. The CAT was still the MOST USED board of the year.

So, I ended up purchasing a BIC Techno Formula of 170 liters and 94 cm width. No fin came with it and so I purchased a True Ames SB/Santa Barbara 58 cm weed fin. This board means my TR-4 10-oh will NOT be sold. Am now considering trying a full slalom 66 cm fin on the board - in order to plane as early as possible and even MORE upwind capabilities. The year had plenty of light winds and as such this kit was the MOST used kit since JULY 2012.

The adjustable outhaul is a great addition to my kits - for both 10-oh and 8-oh. Replaced an uphaul with an EZ-uphaul. Still not using this to its full potential.

This was the first year i purchased season's pass and parking pass for OKA park. More than half my sessions this year were there. Without counting farting about on the lake in the country, I windsurfed about 60 times this year, which works out to just over two(2) times per week. The Fanatic BEE LTD 124 and HSM 6.3 combo were only used ONCE !! The AHD 160 was used about 25 % of the time and the MS-2 8-oh was used 66 % of the time !!!

I have become VERY comfortable in the harness and enjoy trying different placements. I am SO close to getting in the foot straps , it is frustrating %^&*( This is a PHOBIA that i MUST overcome.

The young fellow to whom i sold the F2 Comet 330 is selling it already. Seems he has purchased three(3) other boards in order to hook girlfriend and friends :) The Simmer WCR 6-oh sail is still his favourite. I am still kicking my ass for selling it since it cost me to replace it. The HSM Fire 6.3 better be good for ice sailing :)

In other words, i am already thinking about jogging in between summer and winter windsurfing and hoping to get out for another session or two(2) or three(3) :)

Hope y'all had as good a year or better than I.

Phil McGain kicked ass this year in slalom and Formula in the USA. Micah, Antoine and Bjorn are all going strong !! What's up with Kevin Pritchard ? Has he given up windsurfing for photography ?? Nah, he just cleaned up at the AWT :)

Yes, all this windsurfing makes me start to look at free-race and slalom. My buddy bought a new SB US 147. Cannot wait to see it in action !!!

This was the first year that i went out and had to break through the ice in order to windsurf. Naturally there was NO-ONE else on the water and thus had a cellular phone in a water proof bag. It also meant the session was not too long and it was a PITA putting the sail away. However, it was exhilarating ...