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Taking a NOOBIE out for the very first time

Aashish had been "pestering" me to go windsurfing. He had never gone before. So, one Tuesday I brought my 94 cm wide BIC Techno Formula to work and the HSM 6.3 sail. Aashish said he had a "meeting" that evening. OK ...

Had enough stuff in the car for me to go and so, go I did :-) I went to OKA and Aashish's concern over cold seemed warranted. The kiters were all wearing wetsuits. The wind did NOT allow one to run parallel to the beach and with low waters i was out in the deep. He had also mentioned a fear of the deep ...

That Friday i brought stuff to be able to go the country chalet - where the BIC Dufour is. Again, he cancelled out and i gave one last option = Sunday ...

Aashish's requirements:
1) wanted to start late on Sunday
2) did not want to go far in the car
3) wanted warm water and air
4) NO deep water due to poor swimming skills.

This was a recipe for disaster !!!

So, Sunday Aashish showed up around 11h45 and off we went. On the way i had him read the latest Windsport magazine where there was an article for newbies... We stopped in Rawdon at the new Tim Horton's coffee shop and had the $2 chicken mini-sandwiches. We were not far from the river where a bride had posed just yesterday and then drowned :-( There are strong rapids and some falls. Some say she fell in and others say she tried to pose in the water  = hard to believe ...

Once at the chalet, I set up the BIC Dufour Wing with the North Sails 4.x training sail. The wind was from the West and stronger than I had hoped for. Aashish put a rope from the board to the paddleboat. I removed the rope without telling him:-) When he realized this, he freaked out, butt he was already in the middle of the little lake :-) He insisted i tow him in and he tried again - once more i believe. I tried to get him to go in the shallow end of the bay, butt NO GO .

Instead he tried the Dufour with a kayak paddle. At first on his knees.

After that I put the MS-2 8-oh on the Dufour and blasted about. It has been quite some time since i have used this board.

Neighbour Grant helped us empty water from inside chamber of the paddleboat and introduced us to his girlfriend, Louise. When i introduced Aashish, Grant said he liked that name since he used to smoke the stuff :-) Funny to hear that from an "older" retired guy. Then again the 60's were forty years ago !!

We played some ping pong, packed up and stopped at La Petite Bouffe. Aash says the fries and burger were average !! Ice cream in St-Jacques on the other hand was excellent. Got some corn and fruit at the fruit n veggie stand tooo,

Sun in the sky was beautiful on the way back...

All in all, an okay day after all ...

1) newbies MUST be open to my schedule
2) they go where i say we go
3) bring your own wetsuit if worried about cold
4) you better have some swimming skills !!

I keep trying to entice people into going windsurfing and am sure my lessons are NOT the issue.
People anticipate something completely different and donut realize effort is required !!
Maybe i just need to spend more time ensuring people realize the true nature of this sport ??
Even boardsailing requires balance, strength, determination and no fear of water...
All in all Aashish did quite well on his first run - over 100 feet without falling in !!!