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Summary of 2011 for Average Joe Windsurfer

I originally wrote this post around November 11th, 2011, which also happens to be the last time i was out on the water.  What is unusual about this year is also the warmth. It is now December 5th and I have tried to go out nearly every weekend in the last month. Yesterday I actually rigged up the TR-4 10-oh and the AHD with a 53 cm fin, butt the winds died... I am kicking myself cuz i coulda gone out with my CAT longboard. It is already up north stored away until next spring. Next year the CAT stays here until it's time to get the winter boards !!!!

Now back to the original post :

I am almost sure the year is over – had flurries already and snow announced this week....
My longboards have been brought to storage since about three(3) weeks now ...

So, Let’s have a look at the good, the bad and the ugly…

It cannot have been all that bad cuz I did have over 60 outings  !!! Over 53 % of those were with a longboard. Started with the BIC Dufour Wing and ended with the Fanatic Ultra CAT. Yup, I purchased a beat up old CAT that will be my most used board next year !!! Over 85% of those 60 outings were with the MauiSails Pursuit 8.5 or the MS-2 8-oh. Yes, I also purchased a proto-type MS-2 8-oh sail which has 2 cams and works well with the CAT …

This obviously indicates that the winds were lite this year !!! Only about 15 “good” outings with the shortboards and only went out about 3 times with the Fanatic BEE LTD 124. The longboards allowed for more outings and the CAT planes earlier than anything I have ever tried !!

The light winds made learning more advanced skills somewhat of a “forget about it” {to be said with a Long Island accent } . Beach starts were definitely improved. Water starts were barely practiced and the foot strap phobia was not even touched !!!

Discovered that the TR-4 10-oh also goes well with the CAT. At one point was considering selling the TR-4 and the 520 mast.

Did not break much stuff this year, butt I did lose a $200 weed fin in the local river $%^&*( At that moment I also put a nice rip in the palm of my right hand. Bee propolis seemed to cure it quickly and nicely.

Having difficulties selling anything. Have the F2 Comet 330 board , MS Pursuit 8.5 sail and Autima 490/90% mast for sale on various websites. Had some nibbles, but the people seemed far away and not willing to meet half way. I usually am willing to meet, as a seller and as a buyer !!! In the end managed to sell the sail and mast on the 28th of December = yeah !!!

Helped one fellow at work purchase an 80’s kit with sail et al for $50 to play with at his cottage. He says his kid is loving it.

Purchased an inflatable Mistral WindGlider with a 3.5 meter sail. My 12 year old nephew used it successfully and was going about the lake within 1 hour !!! Took a collegue , Dolores, out on the water with the WindGlider and within one hour she was on the BIC Dufour with the 3.5 sail. Someone from the lake called my wife at home, who stayed back since she was not feeling well, to inform her I was on the water with a strange woman:-)

All in all sounds like it was a GOOD YEAR = lotsa TOW/ time on water !!!
                                             { light winds or naught !! }

Now I just need to put my stuff away and prepare for the next season 

ice and snow windsurfing 8=)

Windsurf Logos

Some people like logos so much and are so dedicated to the product that they have windsurf logos tattooed on themselves !!!

If I was to get a windsurf tattoo, i would like to go with something more along these lines:
It is called "Mutate Now" from Artur Szpunar - of Maui Sails..

Windsurf Board Logos

An anonymous tipster informed me/us:
"The Windsurfer logo is generic and not particular to the Rocket. Actually the Rocket was rather a particular board, not representative of the whole line. Same logo though, including the 2011 Windsurfer (made home in Australia, imported US)."
----------Windsurf Sail Logos ----------

Another anonymous tipster pointed out that Raceboard Sails include Aerolite, Demon and XO. These are specialized sails that one does not see often nor hear about - unless that is the type of windsurfing you are doing. There is a discussion right now on the LBWS forum regarding the Demon Sails. Apparently they are NOT cheap in $$$ nor quality. Made in the US of A and hand made !!! NICE !! Or is it UK ?? Still NICE !!!

It seems in Toronto the Raceboarders are using Severne Raceboard sails. Ironically I cannot seem to find em in Montreal. For now I am okay with my Ultra CAT , MS-2 8-oh and TR-4 10-oh :-)

Will look for those logos NOW !!

I also omitted Point-7 - those "black sails".

And WHY do i like logos?
I like to know what the locals are sailing. Pros can sail anything, but local talent is NOT all semi-pro. There definitely are some that are expert, but most seem to be average joes.

AND it shows me what is available in the area. We have three(3) local shops and i know what they carry. So, if i see anything out of the ordinary i ask about it. Even JP users are asked if it is worth the price. JP's seem a bit $$$. Once someone finds a product they like, they seem to stick with it. This especially makes sense in the sails.

What about logos for the accessories ?? Those products are less visible which means you can see them up close anyway.The fin which is the least visible piece is still the engine under the water !!! The boom is visible, but so thin, it is difficult to put a visible logo on it.