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HQ Rush V300 PRO


This is a trainer kite that I purchased used upon the recommendation of my buddy Marcus. Apparently he used to be a windsurfer that perverted into a kite surfer and he kite foils too
Sorry, could NOT resist ...

BUTT b4 we go any further - THIS is a land ONLY trainer kite - apparently there is a HYDRA version too -- more $$$ obviously ...

When Marcus offered on the train ride home to give me a little session with this kite, I just HAD TO ...

This image is everywhere - who gets credit ??
Before we go on ... yes, this is a windsurf site. Please remember we are all BIG fans of wind and would like to get out in the wind as often as possible. My interest is still in kiting for the winter, but we will see where this all gets me - for now I am in training :-)

This kite is three (3) square meters with three (3) lines and NO air bladder.
For me this is like a 1.5 m² windsurf sail !!!

So, Marcus asked me where we could go and I suggested the football field across from the High School. "Perfect." Off we drove to get the kite and hit the field. We took off our socks n shoes and got all set up ...

Wind was SW and 20 kph and less. 
Lots to learn ...
First set the kite down unraveled - downwind and put something on it - like a shoe
Undo the strings/ropes noticing they were attached in the proper figure eight manner
Keeping the RED line on the LEFT follow the strings from handle to the kite
To ensure there are NO tangles - learned about the lance knot ...(sorry - larks head knot)
Since wind was light, once the kite was thrown up into the air or held up and launched ...
Keep the body and shoulders straight - control with ONLY the arms - pull one side and push on other, which Marcus was doing MUCH more aggressively than I had seen on the youtube videos
If the kite ever gets to be too much or time to stop, let go of handle and use just centre line
This comes with a wrist band that Marcus says WILL break - then attach to harness
Once kite is down basically just do inverse of setting it up - figure eight the lines, etc!!
and yes, one folds the kite up too

Afterwards Marcus made me walk home a little bit
I do not think this was to be rude, but rather to show me how mobile one is with kiting stuff :-) Hope he reads this :-)

I did NOT really find any videos that i had watched nor that I like now, but will put one here for now .. will hafta do my own video ...

I think this was the first trainer kite video that I watched and where I was wondering, why it is scantily clad ladies showing us sports in how to videos still seem to be out there :-( As Seinfeld would say,"Not that there is anything wrong with that." :-)

SUN 30JUN went out with my 27 year old son and tried it again
The wind sucked and we did we did everything wrong
Fun was had just the same and son saw the potential.
He seemed interested

MON 01JUL went out again on my own
This time my "form" was MUCH better
Need to learn how to start the kite when it lands flipped
(read up on it - need to use one hand on centre line - now practice)
It was light wind, up n down, but definitely enjoyed the session ...

As we know about kites, they pack up so much more easily than our windsurf stuff
and so, when we go out of town, the trainer kite will be packed
when there is wind, i will be training
and not missing the windsurfing as much :-)

Lessons Learned -- 16APR2020
  1. Set the kite up "Right Side Up"
  2. Put items @ the bottom of the kite such that the wind CANNOT get under it (and I put it under the strings). I use my old shoes since my boots were on my feet for the wet field. Philippe suggested three(3) items on the kite to hold it down...
  3. Undo the rope and redo connections as necessary remembering ...
  4. From the kite red string is on the right and @ the left from the bar.'Where your heart is" lol
  5. Obviously the kite is downwind and bar upwind. "Use your ears to ensure wind is straight back"
  6. Pull the sail from the bar (NOT from the strings) which will fill the sail with wind, lose the items on it and "TAKE OFF" !!
  7. KEEP ARMS STRAIGHT OUT. There is always at least one arm straight out. NO turning ones body nor pulling the arms in ...
  8. Pull left to go left and right to go right. CAN pull hard -- keeping other arm straight !! When the wind is light, one can pull directly on the string ...
  9. Pull and hold middle string to bring kite down. Can actually let go of it and kite will take off once again ...
  10. Pull on middle string to give more shape to the kite when "upside down" on the ground. Then we can launch once full of wind ... Twisting the bar to keep lines straight ...
  11. When heading past straight up, do minor figure eights ...
  12. Doing an experiment where I put everything away - figure 8 on the ropes, etc with the kite right side up and shoes holding it down - Hope things are less tangled next time !!
People keeping telling me to use the hand bracelet to connect to the bar in case of emergency. Marcus told me that they ALWAYS break and I find it awkward putting it on, taking it off AND using it - so, for now it just dangles there - perhaps it can be removed ??

It is rather difficult to make great videos on your own - on your helmet and then add music, make it interesting, etc. So, I don't worry - film and post and hope someone gets something out of it !!

I repeat: This is a LAND only trainer kite with 20 meter lines, but it pulls !!

As I may have mentioned, I do NOT know what the kite parts are called - as I am a windsurfer playing with a small trainer kite for land ... So, I will instead send you somewhere that seems to know what the different parts of a bladder kite are called in actuality ...