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Is Winter here yet ?? WindSKI Time

Buddy has built a windski with a water ski before and now is building the whole "sled"

Eventually the name will change over to "Wind Probe" :-) there is a story behind that

That is where "fostersailfaster" is at - at time of writing - mid-September 2021
                    Below is a video of Brian on his previous model :-)

In the video everything looks great - so, WHY change it ?? It seems Brian would like it to ride more like a windsurf board and have the stance more like on one as well ...

The new board is 6.5 feet/195 cm long and 12 inches/30 cm wide. Based on previous model, I purchased an O'Brien waterski which was 67"/167.5 cm long and only 7"/ 17.5 cm wide. and this was my original plan:

This is the NEW model suggested by fostersailfaster ...

As you can see... the nose is bent up and held with metal. And obviously fiber glassed.

NEXT is the DECK

Lookin good !!

Now just waitin' for the final paint job AND snow lol


Can't wait to see this fire engine on the snow !!

Houston: All systems are GO !!

AND it has been officially named now !!

Here is a trial run - looks like he is flyin man !!

So, Brian has been able to do another test in 10-15 mph winds with a 6-oh sail and says he was able to attain a max speed of 17 mph !! This is in part due to the fact that the snow is packed and well travelled. I would be able to use my long windski in such conditions ...

In early 2023 WindProbe decided to build a sled like in this video

My snowboard tests failed, but I think there was no platform and no skeg/fin ...

and Brian is basing his new model on information from here:

 These boards have a mastrack, a platform and hardened steel fins ... Brian's skeg is ordered from e-bay and is 8 inches by 3 inches deep. The board needs to be approximately 170 cm (about 5.6 feet).

This is how Brian's board is looking ...

Image preview

Local news reporter told Brian that he wants to do a piece on this type of winter windsurfing ... 
This will be the second time he will be in the news 😎

He did some test runs and ... 

"Took the new windski on test ride today. Note that the wind was blowing 15-20, 1-2 feet of fresh powder. This thing outperforms! It was absolutely amazing! Just glides across the top of the snow, turns with ease, carves super easy and wants to just get up and go!! This board will gybe! I almost completed a gybe, but the snow was just too deep for that. In normal condition,  I can see it gybing very well. "