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2018 was a BUST

As you may know, I build sleds to go on ice and snow.
In 2018 I only managed to get out six times when the average is ten times per year ...
Here is a video that shows when the ice is good on local river
The blue is from a GoPro copy I was testing in 2017

I changed jobs in 2017 which meant I had less opportunities to windsurf during the week.
Officially making me a weekend warrior who does not venture too far ...
This reduced the number of outings and ensured many sessions were light wind sessions on light wind gear. AND the learning curve dropped :-(

There was a total of twenty-eight(28) sessions with the majority at OKA/La Crête on the Mistral Equipe 2 XR board and the HotSailsMaui SpeedFreak 8.5 sail (typically with the Curtis 47 cm slalom fin).

Was very fortunate to get a 2007 Gaastra Swift 10 m² sail which I have been using ...
This sail is a freerace sail with 2 cambers, but tight luff and 6 battens,but quite light at only 5.7 kilos . This is SO much lighter and easier to use than a full on race sail like my MauiSails TR-4 10 m² sail ...

This session actually got an eight outta ten... Shows how desperate I was this year ...
NO speed until about the 18 minute mark !! and NO-ONE else there !!

It's supposed to look more like this:

This is a shot on my way out of the beach area from my phone ...

Y'vente à Montréal

Vous pouvez avoir la discussion en francais --> utilisez "google translate" ci-haut

Y'vente is slang for there is wind or it is windy
Yvente is the nickname of a local windsurf legend who also runs the QuebecWind forum
He is the only local windsurfer who windsurfs on water year round
There are many videos of him in ice water ...
Yvente seems like a guy who can ride anything - he kites, foils, etc, etc
Same thing on ice ...
He also makes great videos

FULL screen and pump up the volume 😊

Baie des Brises été 2018 from Yvan Boucher on Vimeo.

just to prove his versatility at making vidoes, kiting and windsurfing ... skiing, snowshoeing ...

Printemps 2018 (version light 3) from Yvan Boucher on Vimeo.

and here you see why i call him the "ice man"


image from 2018 when we had early snow and winter - like starting in November