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Soft Roof Rack



A couple of years ago (2019) my windsurf van died. It was a Pontiac SV6 and it was GREAT for bringing windsurf gear up north, to OKA Parc and to Vaudreuils, etc

As you can see in the photo, a Mistral Equipe 2 XR and a REIX D2 went on the roof no problem.

In March 2020 covid-19 hit and windsurfing for me took the back shelf. After September I did manage to go a number of times with my equipment in the car. This meant certain boards like the MEQ2 and even the Fanatic BEE 124 LTD could NOT be used :-(

Well, in December of 2020 I retired and managed over 12 sessions on the ice and snow this winter...
When spring 2021 came early, I just HAD to go on the water ... 
So, I purchased a soft roof rack, since I wanted to probably start with the MEQ2 ...

The first test was bringing the MEQ2 to OKA Parc. This is a longboard in the true literal sense of the word and I did not like how the board bobbed a bit on the roof and so, I kept the odometer at about 80 kph with the four way flashers going. A police car passed me and did nothing and so, it was either okay or they did not give a shit :-) 
                                                    Good enough for me ...

The next test is with the Fanatic Shark 145 up to the "country"

This was a FAILURE and we loaded the Fanatic 145 HRS into the small Toyota Prius C
as it made my wife especially nervous ...

Thus, my personal recommendation is: DO NOT USE THESE ROOF RACKS
especially NOT on the Toyota Prius C !!

2021 Windsurf Journale

May 6th Wind was to be from the NW 20-40 kph
               That used to be my favourite windspeed, as I could comfortably be with my HSM SPF 8.5. However, NW and SE are my least favourite directions, both at OKA and up north ... 

So, I brought the Shark 145 and two sails: both the HSM SPF and the NS Duke 6.9. When I got to the OKA gate, the elderly gentleman told me I was the first to arrive on that day and was kind enuff to call ahead and ask if the gate to La Crête was open. Sure enough, when I arrived, there was no-one, wind was from the NW and there were white caps. 

So... I rigged the smaller sail and practiced water starts for about 1+ hours. Man, I suck. I can plane hooked in, in a straight line with NO problem, but I have to nail this water start thing !! If I cannot gybe or tack, that is not an issue if I can water start away !!

When I was done, Sylvain, Martial and another kite foiler arrived. Martial was rigging an eleven meter sail with what he calls his beat up foil board (WOW). Sylvain was goin for a fifteen meter ² sail - and said yes, he was hoping to jump :-) He also informed me that he has four foil blades and they cost about $400 each !!!

Afterwards I was haf, burnt physically !!! 
Took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon

checked this video a coupla days later !! 
the hands were further back and wide apart - start with backfoot only 

May 1st Was planning on going to OKA - La Crête is supposed to be open.
        Actually made a detour to pick up the Shark last Thursday.
The issue is: I forgot the PowerBox fins up north
I could go with a 40 cm freeride fin and the HSM SPF 8.5
Felt like there was gonna be too much spinout :-(
Went up north to pick up the fins - bringing the aforementioned sail
Wind was from the NW and unpredictable as expected
Fell in twice and it was not a pleasant outing
Had a wonderful warm shower in the blue Nonni chalet after :-)

423 Date format in keeping with 420 :-)
Went up north trying the soft roof rack with the Shark 145
That was a failure
Hard to tell which direction the wind was from and speed too - gusty !!
Thought about the SL200 longboard with a small sail and shoulda dunnit
Shark with the HSM SPF 8.5 from the WhiteHouse was a failure !!!
better safe than sorry !!!

11APR2021 Well, about a month of NO windsurfing whatsoever & I finally got on the water. At OKA main beach becuz La Crête is still closed AND the winds were ENE 20-40 kph (15-25 mph is how many kph ?? 25 - 40 kph) and so, I was on the right sail and was able to blast. The issue was the tacking and I spent quite some time turning and getting back (after falling in of course). On the Mistral Equipe 2 XR with the HSM SpeedFreak 8.5 ...

 I was very comfortable blasting out and coming back, but I made so many mistakes today !!

1) I have not ridden that board for a number of years
2) once again - trial run with a side wind = danger
3) forgot the key holder that is water proof - hid key under the car
4) as wind was ENE I went to the main beach - was packed with people who were not following covid rules !@#

Will NEVER go to the main beach during covid on a weekend $%^&*()_ AGAIN
btw I did not find the water cold - not even with the bear foot test 
what are they saying the temp is ?? Ten degrees C = not bad !!

Here's a video with that setup from June 10th, 2016 - in wetsuit taday !!!
and was blasting a LOT more than that today !!! oh yeah 47cm Curtis slalom fin

2021\078 = 19MAR2021 All day I monitored the temps and wind --> was hoping around zero degrees Celcius with winds from the West at over 15 kph. That was supposed to happen around 15h00. Well, this is what I saw !! So much for going out that one last time !!!
2021\075 = 16MAR2021
It was getting warmer and lighter winds ... Better get out there!! And so, I went out on Rivière Mille Isles @ Rosemere with the ice model and the HSM Fire 6.2 in winds from the WSW around 10-15 kph.
That was a picture of that setup, but taken up North some time ago. At one point the wind practically died... I chatted with lotsa people today and YES, the JAG was there again .. Guess I would rate this session about a 6.5 to 7 due to rough ice and lack of wind :-(

2021\074 As it was 20-40+ kph West winds yesterday, I took the day off from windsurfing on the ice. However, I could NOT resist too much longer !!
So, today I was in Rosemere @ the 117 bridge and water cleaning plant @ 13h00-14h30 and the winds were NW 20+ kph
In the parking lot there were lotsa cars and I saw the Jaguar that is ALWAYS there - seen on the way home - near the entrance - sideways as usual...
The ice was solid, BUT ruff and thus my ice model sled was selected - rather than the blue windskate...
As wind was NW & not West and gusting 20+ kph, I rigged the WindWing 4.6
That picture was taken on Lac de Deux Montagnes in FEB 2016
Same setup ... 
I went out for a test run before I put on my safety equipment ... As I came in, I did NOT go back from whence I started, butt rather closer to the boat ramp. I went through the ice into three feet of water; just past my knees.
I crawled out and when I looked up I saw two ladies in a white SUV just starring at me. I BURST into laughter.
Hope no-one was filming ... There was a drone flying about ...
I left my ice sled and sail there, changed my socks n shoes, put on my safety gear and went out on the ice for over one hour {shoulda put my knee pads on - more on that later !!}
The ice was VERY rough and bumpy - especially where the snowmobiles had passed. A couple of times I had to lay down the sail to help me slide to a STOP.
Did I mention yet that my pants were frozen from the knee down ???
One of those times when I was trying to slide to a stop, I was approaching water AGAIN. So, I put my knee directly on the ice to help me slow down. Later I noticed that my left knee was quite sore. Should have put on those knee pads !!!
Because I kept sliding the boom on the ice to slow down, it kept popping off the mast #$%^&*($%^&*
I popped it back on with frozen fingers and headed back in - NOT to the open water @ the boat ramp tho !!
My pants were frozen, my left knee hurt, the boom kept coming off and the wind was picking up - PLUS it was COLD with no gloves when making adjustments; it was -12°C when I left the house ...
Guess what I rate this crazy outing ?? 
8 or 9 outta 10 !! That's right man !!
It was pure entertainment !!
HOT shower and a good coffee @ home and 
ALL is GOOD !!!
AND ... I am working on my next snow windski already :-)

2021\072 = 13MAR2021 So, yesterday I had a fun run up north and so left my "stuff" up north - since we were going back up to visit my daughter, Joe and baby granddaughter there on the weekend - as in on this day ..
Before we left, I checked the ice on the local river:
I went on the ice with a spade and chipped away as I was walking onto the ice.
There were a number of cars parked and I'm wondering what people thought.
Especially when I chipped open an ice-fishing hole, removed my glove and stuck my hand in the water !! This was to measure the ice thickness which is 6-8" thick. With the harder surface and that deep an ice, I am good to go !!
Up north the snow from the metal roof finally came down ...
That pic was obviously BEFORE snow wave came down !!
It was colder over the night and there was a light dusting of snow... I went out to check the ice and snow --> the ice was good and the snow crusty. I would be able to ride on top and perhaps go out into the middle of the lake. There was no mastbase on the snow model and so I tried the ice model out and it was okay to go...
Wind felt light and thus I rigged the SW Retro 8-oh on the NP 490 SDM mast.
That pic kinda represents the conditions and is the sled - However, that sail is the HSM Fire 6.3 and not the SW Retro 8-oh ...
The wind was too light and when I went through the snow my shoes and socks went in two inches of water. As I was getting off the ice, a neighbour commented that the conditions were not ideal. I told him it was a good thing I brought extra socks and shoes and told him and his lady friend that there was water under the ice ...
Cannot give this session more than a 5 outta 10 ..
As Joe said, I did a couple of small runs and thus, the outing got a bare pass
In other words there were a couple of runs and that was about it !!! 
2021\071   Went up north to get my stuff and lo and behold, there was some ice. AND wind from the West. and so ... I set up my ice model with the WindWing 4.6 and had a lotta fun. Winds were from the West with gusts over 20 kph. Even though it was not the greatest of sessions, I am giving it an 8 outta 10 - based on recent failures and lack of fun !!
This pic is the same setup when I used it in OKA in 2016


I have been corrected .. The distance from the centre of the mast base to the platform is nine inches - yes, six inches seemed close ...
and ...                     Front strap is 13" from the uni-joint/mast base ...
Also, this means from the back, the platform is only five inches
09MAR2021 = ??? 31+28 = 59 plus 9 = 2021\068
Today I purchased an O'Brien waterski in order to build an FF Windski.
FF stands for FosterFaster, who is Brian , ironically, and shared his videos on youtube.
Perhaps this one should be called the O'Brian WindSki ??

I placed it on about two feet of wet snow ... and then stepped on it. It only seemed to sink approximately 1.5 inches into the snow. 
When I stepped on the snow directly, my boot sank about six inches ...
I have asked O'Brian about some other details of this "sled" :-)
Here is my starting point :-) --->

2021\63 = 04MAR2021
Went up north to see if a crusty top on the snow was going to help me windski ?
First I removed the extra piece of ski from my snow model.
The wind was less than 20 kph and thus opted for the SW Retro 8-oh
When I walked on the snow where it was soft, I went in 2 feet and hit 6" of water :-(
With the snow model I was able to stay on top, but it seemed less crusty than back home ...
Put the Retro on the snow model and worked like a dog.
There was either not enough wind or too much and I gave up.
NOT to be outdone, I tried with the deep snow model ...
It actually worked better, but when I put my foot on the back of the front brace
All in all I gave this session a 4 outta 10 = failure !!
Was I pissed - NOT @ ALL - fun was had by all
After the snow model test, I was sweating so much that I had to go inside and cool down!!
2021\60 = 01MAR2021  
I asked MagicRide/fostersailfaster about the details of his windski ...
 NOT much offa fin aye ??
 2021\51 = 20FEB2021 this is what the "ice" looks like up north

2021\48 - went up north with the snow model and the HSM Fire
                - we had over a foot of snow yesterday back home - snow day
                - lotta snow up north too and the skating path was not plowed
                - started adding a back ski to the snow model and shovelled snow
This is more along the lines of a snowfer or Langis Caron design !!
There is also a piece that I added to the front of this setup in the past ...
One change at a time tho !!

The other idea I have for the deep snow model is to put 2 skis on each leg to widen the "feet" and distribute the load better - like deep snow skis ...

2021\42 - yesterday's report said that I may as well forget the local river
             - and I wanted to try and make some modifications 2 deep snow model
            - after moving the mast base about on the deep snow model
            - I decided to try and move the base up
            - now before I test that I must ensure that I have some fun
            - did some speed runs with the SW Retro 8-oh on my ice model
            - it was W winds and gusts were well over 20 kph
            - i hafta give that part of the day at least an 8 outta 10 !! amazing
            - only lost points because there was only a small section with wind
            - and the ice was not ideal - some snow on it
            - otherwise I may have tried the windskate - next time !!
            - the deep snow model failed - it moved better, but too much effort
            - need to rethink it again !!
2021\41 = 31+10 = 10FEB2021 went to the local river Milles Isles 
            it was -11°C with about 1+ feet of snow on the ice
            the small opening of water to the West was closing rapidly
            and not much water to be seen under the bridge ...
            there were about three(3) snowmobile tracks in the middle
            had on my deep snow boots, worker gloves and a snow shovel
            the dude with the Jaguar was there listening to music again !!
                        (no-one else and no animals)
            there were some foot tracks from the parc and then a big puddle of
                water where someone had moved the snow         
            about every 15 feet or so, I checked if there was still water under snow
            closer to the middle, near the snowmobile tracks the ice was better
            butt not good ! I was giving myself shit for leaving some stuff up north
            now it is irrelevant - I CANNOT GO on local river = SHIT               
2021\32 - am using Julian dates this year lol 
            yesterday went n got my stuff
            was freakin out cuz the pic shows I forgot the "puck" for snow
            luckily I have the single bolt base off the windskate !!
            however, the snow model was not even tried today
            was supposed to get 20-30 kph NE winds this afternoon
            am lucky if I saw 15-22kph NE which is VERY light 4 snow
            tried my ice model and stuck with it - Parc Charbonneau
            many people asking questions, more snow than I thought
             and there was slush in the middle of the river
            could NOT give the session more than a 6 outta 10 !!
            (obviously using my SW Retro 8-oh 4 lite winds)

            btw there was a hole with open water in the middle to the West
            as I know the river - i was not concerned
            no pics or videos - nothing amazing lol
            except - no helmet or protective gear
            harness helped a LOT !!

2021\31 - went up north to get my winter stuff ...
                too much snow for me on the lake and Vaudreuils snow with slush
                            basically too much snow everywhere, but ...
                local river froze later and has ice with about 3-4 inches of now

2021\28 -Went to the local river to check the ice and snow levels
Ice is good with some open water in the regular places & about 4” snow
This is VERY doable for my windsurfing on ice/snow !!
A bunch of pigeons swarmed in
I watched them for a while and then made my way to the car
They swooshed away and I could hear it in the air - amazing
I then was looking to see if there was food where they were
And they all came back and I stood very still
There were 100+ pigeons all around me
They were eating little pieces of bread
When they moved on, I went to my car and they flocked off once again
Absofuckinglutely AMAZING !!

This afternoon me wife wanted ta drop somefin  off @ her good friends' place in Vaudreuils. Perfect, I'll go check the ice n snow there too. Dude was bringing a paraski to go on the ice and the parking lot was 3/4 full. Asked fellow coming off how much snow? About a foot. Shit. 

And then while they chatted, there is slush under the snow !! Double SHITE !!  Seems last weekend water was freezing under their skis. Fick mich Mensch !!! Ain't comin here for a while esti/osti !!! 

last entry s/b called "FUN with FONTS" #$%^&*()_$%^&*() 

2021\24 - Went up north to do the 2nd test on the new deep snow concept with a little more wind

                It was -14 degrees C with winds 25-40 kph NW

There was a lot of snow and still wet spots on the ice underneath :-( 
Wind was gusty as usual, but we are here today to test. The setup did not break. The cross braces at an angle ensure less chance of punching a hole in the sail.. 
It felt like the momentum was off - force is not going in the right direction and once starting to move it feels like there is going to be spinout ... Charles  Chepregi's snowfer and Langis Caron's design below have the skis angled at the back in order to avoid that ... I am not ready to angle the skis at the back - yet. What I will try first is moving the mast base back to change force points and angles ... It was a great workout and I got a sunburn - even with sunscreen !!

2021\22 -      Hey, Benoit Falardeau is selling a windski from Langis Caron !!

The price is a bit high for me, but it looks amazing !!

2021\17 - went up north to see how it looked after the 12"/30 cm of snow from yesterday
                Supposed to have some decent winds from the West and thought I'd test the 
                deep snow model

                For me the snow was too wet and there was water on the ice - about 2" = shit
  Then what the fuck is this dude doing going BAF/back n forth = WTF ??

Oh yeah, I checked the blue Mistral boom and it seems okay now ... 
and decided to NOT add nuts n bolts to the wind-skate - for now ...

2021\15 - went to OKA to check the ice since I had read on quebecwind that the ice was THICK and I saw this parked there lol :-)

Wind from the East & light, but there were still 2 kiters trying to  kitesurf out of OKA Park 
Unfortunately tonight they are calling for one foot of snow

Oh Oh, the Pacific Wind Monster is getting angry - 111 kph winds !!

2021/1/13 Brought the deep snow sled up to the country and prepared it for its virgin run
                    {I guess it is more "appropriate" to say maiden voyage ?? lol}

                Wind was extremely light from the South - supposed to be 12-20 kph
                The sled was run out to the centre of the lake and slid well
                Hooked it up with the SW Retro 8-oh, butt wind was too light

                The tried the wind-skate with the WindWing 4.6, but it was not enough

                Like an idiot, I had put the Retro away
                Hooked it all up again !!
                It felt like it was going to work, but the front skates seemed to have an issue
                At first I thought it was the loose string from the sail's downhaul
                Then I realized the front skate was UPSIDE DOWN !! lol :-)
                Once that was fixed, it skated across the lake just fine !!!
                It was absolutely amazing !!
                Why was I so afraid to try this sled??
                I cannot wait to go again !!!!
                BEST session EVER 

Note to self: Need to check the Philips screw at the end of the blue Mistral boom
                    Also need to replace the screws on the windskate ... 
                    Perhaps with nuts n bolts ??

2021/01/11 Went to the local river to check it out ... -----------------------------------------------
                The ice under the bridge had not formed yet and that was anticipated
                However, in the middle there still was quite a bit of water :-(
                AND temps this week are going above freezing-so, forget that location for now 
                butt up north ...
                Wednesday now calls for -1 degrees C and 14-21 kph SW with ~ 1 cm of snow
                Looks like that will be my next trial run !!!
                and maybe continue work on the deep snow model !! while there ...

As I am getting older, I tend to look for some of my old buddies .. Still connect to my public school buddy Patrick, some University buddies - mostly room mates or dorm mates. Sometimes people are more difficult to find since their name is more common - like Patrick Corcoran from Etobicoke. I moved since our last contact about 30 years ago ...

If you know his whereabouts, please contact me here

When I search google with that 1985 image I get "teen" or "tree" lol
Ironically Pat/Poco was looking into working with trees !!

His father owned a farm in Orangeville, but no Corcorans there ...
His father, Dan Patrick "Donal" died in 2009 sadly
Last known address is still Lloyd Manor, Etobicoke

This is an image of the lake where I go windsurfing in the summer and ice/snow surfing in the winter ...

As there is more snow than I would like in January, I am trying to see how I could do the ice windskating on the track people are plowing on the lake.

So, to go on the West side of the lake I will need ENE winds which are more rare ..

To go the East side of the lake, I will need winds from the Westerly direction ... which is more common ..

To go on the North section, I guess I would need SSE -        again  more rare ..

Let's see what the next week looks like ...

So, I want E-NE, W or S-SE and I will not go to the chalet unless winds = 12+ kph ... 
Nothing looks any good until seven(7) days from now and there will be some snow in-between :-(

Jerome from Blainville is selling his Fanatic Falcon 152 with a Maui Sails Titan 8 m² sail.
He says the tail was fully redone with carbon for foil sailing ... wants $2300 
I was curious and chatted a bit and looked up some details ...
This board is supposed to be more "performant" than my JP SLW92
HOWEVER, people do write about its length of only 230 cm - versus 250 on my JP
That is a MAJOR difference and would definitely affect sailing and tacking ...
Unfortunately that would be too dramatic a change with too much effort (selling mine, etc)