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NEW iFoil 2015

Since the beginning I was ALWAYS a little skeptical about windsurfing using a foil.
Something about the length of the thing, attached at the back, balancing and then tacking and/or jibing.
UNTIL i saw some pictures of the iFoil... Here is an unlisted video :

There is also FINALLY a decent write-up on the board here:

I will let the article and video speak for themselves.
Suffice it to say - it looks HOT !!
not so sure about those lights :-)

Fin is STILL 70 cm, but as the designer says:

some people are saying the iFoil ride is a little "bumpy" compared to the regular foils
ie MORE affected by the state of the water ...
like in this video ...

i like this view, but has the idea bit the dust ?? ifoil website is gone in early 2019
and parent company tomahawk foils dissolved in December of 2017 - oh well :-(