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NO GO for the RETRO :-(

SAT 30APR2011 - As you may have read, I was trying to purchase a SW Retro 7.5 to go on my Autima 490 90% mast. A local fellow was saying that was selling everything since he had hurt himself - "blessure oblige" - which means obliged to sell due to injury !! He had a "barely used" Retro 7.5. When I went to see him, there was no visible signs of injury or body part loss. The shoulder had been hurt a few years ago. Well buddy, I broke my shoulder two(2) years ago on the ice windsurfing on my homemade sled and I do more windsurfing now than ever !! Is he just milking the sympathy ticket ?

Okay, let's have a look at the sail. The sail did NOT seem to have an adjustable head strap. What year is this sail? Does not know...  Supposed to be 490 max luff. Let's give it a try. He seemed to have difficulty aiding the mast into the head cap. And there was about 25 cm of downhaul before done. Checked the head and yes the cap was not into mast. Even with that 3 cm extra, we were still looking at too much downhaul AND i did not like how mast fit onto mast base with no sleeve/collar. (Just did a double check - the SW Retro 7.5 did NOT have an open head until 2008 - thus the sail was pre-2008)

Then it just got weird. When I pulled my mast out of the sail, there was a male head cap for a sail stuck in my mast cap !! I showed the fellow why the cap did not fit in. The sail still had a mast cap on the strap ... Asked him if it was his - he said NON. Okay, brought it home and checked the sail with a cap that i use with the 490 - nope, it's there. Oh well, i have a spare mast cap now.

If and when i get a SW Retro 7.5, it will be with open head and from 2-rad or Pat Bergeron $%^&*() - actually now know it just needs to be a SW Retro 7.5 after 2008. Did the measurements - my mast is 491 cm and the Chinook base allows one to move the adjustment piece (what is this called anyway?) down to the bottom - adds another 8 cm from the pulleys. This gives a total of 499 cm - absolutely require an open head on the Retro ie after 2008 !!

After checking the sail I went to the chalet and picked up mast for the North Zeta 3.7 for teaching, BIC Dufour Wing for teaching and light winds, mast base for the BIC Dufour (specialized bases in the day) and my "new" Fanatic BEE LTD 124 (not used by me yet). Next morning put my replacement footstrap on the BEE that I received from a local expert. Still need a fin screw for that one - ordered one on-line and now have some spares too. Almost all set with 3 boards and 4 sails :-) Some of it is old junk (more than 10 years old) , butt like everyone says - JUST GET ON THE WATER and SMILE :-)

Another day for the Local PROs

THURS 28APR2011 - temps were up and SO were the winds !!! On the quebecwind forum they are talkin about 3.7 sails and 78 liter boards -- OKA ?? I am not equipped nor experienced for such music ...Day for the pros?

One : "retour de coteaux.....3.7 over total....liquid smoke....vent 1 radpat 0........"

Here's some photos:
This is data from Mirabel areoport which is close to my home...

First Time on Water in 2011 :-)

TUE 26APR2011 -- Finally made it out onto the water - after work today. Did NOT get out in FEB like redsurfbus :-) Winds were still ENE and 12 knots with 16 knot gusts. Went to the Riviere Milles Isles which is five(5) minutes from my house. Since it was ENE, I went behind the church in Ste-Rose - shore facing North. The wind was light when checked from shore, but looked much better further out. Rigged the MS Pursuit 8.5 loose on the AHD FF 160 board with the mast base in the middle and the "new" used Select 48 XL fin. Air temp was about 55 Fahrenheit or about 15 degrees Celsius. Had the 5/3 BARE steamer, "new" used life jacket, boots, hood rolled down and thinner Chinook gloves. Winds were up and down with some wind shadow near shore. Managed to plane a few times and had a spectator sitting in a car watching me. NO-ONE goes windsurfing there other than me. Could have used my 10-oh, butt would rather be under than over on my first time out. So, was NOT perfect, but had a smile on my face when planing. Was on the water for about one(1) hour before started getting dark and slight drop in wind. Looking forward to the next session - no more steamer nor gloves hopefully. The jacket and fin were great. One was a trade and the other $20. My windsurf budget can handle that with NO issues. Still looking at 7.5 sails that will fit on 490. Will probably end up with a Sailworks Retro. Nothing wrong with that sail !! Asked on the Australian windsurf forum about suggestions with smaller sails on 490 mast and got NO response at all - surprising !! Yvente and Bruno Artis both tell me I should be happy about the Gaastra Flow 3X 7-oh and they are right - stop wishing for more and be satisfied with what i have $%^&*() and stop the shop %^&*() Get on the water like today and only change what needs to be changed %^&*()

Wanted to go Wednesday as well, butt my wife would not let me :-( Tomorrow / Thursday  is BIG winds - do i bring my stuff n go directly after work ?

Teaching Newbies

This summer, 2011, I promised to introduce this fun sport to at least two(2) newbies, Dolores and Steven. My "lessons" always start on land and I have always been somewhat curious about the land simulators. With such a "tool", newbies could try uphauling, leaning the sail fore and aft, hooking in, tacking, etc. This fellow shows how he built one from a piano moving dolly, some metal and a toilet flange :-)


Safety First

My windsurf buddy, Helmut, always gives me heck for carelessness. So, when he complained about my lifejacket, I jumped at the opportunity of purchasing a used Prolimit Watersport XL windsurf jacket. Now I have one up on Helmut - he does not have a helmet yet.

Another trick someone mentioned is to wear brighter things or put bright stickers on the helmet. I check the "ropes" on the equipment and put a good length in my pocket - if i remember. i do still go out on my own :-(  At this time of year - there are NO boats in the water either - so, you/i am out on my own !!!

When I am on-call I carry a cell phone in a water pak. Perhaps I should do that at all times ...

Other readings have suggested whistles...

The crazy dudes should even wear impact vests !!

This study shows and I quote:

Conclusion: The injury incidence was 1.5/person/year with a high incidence of new and recurrent muscular strain. Lower back muscular strain was prevalent, indicating the need for preventive measures. Wave/slalom was associated with more new and recurrent injuries and the need for head protection.

AND it does look like some people actually manage to crack open the helmet!! 

Here's another study with some interesting numbers: 

Aim of this study was to analyse the mechanisms of windsurfing injuries. For this purpose we performed a internet based survey among 327 windsurfers in Germany. Overall 630 accidents have been registered among all 327 athletes during the 2000 season. The majority of injuries were classified as minor injury. The most common injury was the bruise. 70 participants reported fractures, 26 participants ruptured a ligament. 280 injuries required medical treatment; in 67 cases even surgical treatment was necessary. The majority of accidents happened at wind power of 5-6 Beaufort after 2 hour exercise. A technical mistake was the most frequent cause for the accident. The most dangerous manoeuvres were difficult jumps (e. g. front loop, backward loop, 70 injuries). In 46 cases the weather conditions were underestimated. Only 10 windsurfers reported about broken material as cause for the injury. One half of the injuries happened in wave conditions. The analysis of injury mechanisms allows conclusions regarding injury prevention. A longer break after 60 minutes windsurfing might help to prevent injuries due to poor physical fitness. After one hour windsurfing without a break training of difficult manoeuvres should not be performed. The use of a helmet might prevent head injuries during training of difficult jumps. "Overpower situations" should be prevented by choosing the right board and sail size. 

One thing I always overlook is energy food. I have seen and heard that people eat bananas and yogurt. Other athletes I know stress water (one bottle per hour) regardless of sport - in order not to dehydrate, and they all recommend breaks - same as above, one per hour.  I will say it again - I always forget sunscreen :-(

In May 2018 my board and sail got separated. It was an 80's D2 REIX board where the mast foot came out. Some lessons there were - when testing new equipment use on-shore winds, small lake or stay close to shore. Also, on older equipment where this can happen, also TIE the sail to the board in any means possible. When sailing alone, carry a phone, VHF or other communication device. I spent two(2) hours in cold water and was rescued by an inflatable dinghy....

Defective tools can also be an issue .. When downhauling people use all kinds of tools or self-made innovations. People have stabbed themselves with screwdrivers and hammers when downhauling with them. Patrick needed twelve stitches when he used this plastic downhaul tool %^&*(

While we are on the subject of safety ...

Please check your equipment at the beginning of the season !! As I don't go out too often and usually go in light wind, I am NOT expecting too much equipment replacement issues ....

This is my tendon of my Chinook mast base ... I asked how often should one replace this ?? Yvan of auventfou says to just check it annually. Jack of the South Shore says every three(3) years.

Fortunately when I picked up a used board at auventfou, I asked Vincent to check my tendon and this is what we saw !!!

Clique to enlarge
Clique to enlarge
 Bad things were about to happen !! Check your stuff !!!

Trading Stuff

TUE 19APR2011 Traded my MFC 42 fin for a Select Free Blade XL 48. Interestingly enough Max wanted the fin for his "new" Fanatic Hawk 123 to use with an 8.5 sail and I wanted the 48 to use with my  8.5 on my AHD 160 :-) Neither one of us had tried their respective fins yet. Max had had a similar MFC fin that was originally with his Fanatic Bee 144. Mine had come with my "new" Fanatic Bee 124 LTD. So, we each went merrily on our way - wishing we could windsurf tonight. Too bad we donut all swap stuff more often. Makes life easier... The BEE is 42 cm OFO and as such should not take a fin longer than that. I have my Select 40, but that is for 7.0. Will need a bigger fin for 8.5 on the Bee 124. Should I have kept that MFC 42 ? :-)

Follow-up: Both AHD and select-hydrofoils have confirmed that this fin, board and 8.5 sail will be an excellent combo. I cannot wait to try it out :-)

Followup #2:  Went out in light winds in my first session of 2011 - 12 to 16 knots and the fin was fine. It planed and pointed very well. Just need to fix that little ding with Marine-Tex - will wait for warmer weather - needs heat to cure properly and more quickly.

Here is a pic of the MFC 42 which I repaired using Marine-Tex and a light covering with paint. Posted a pic of the Select XL to see the difference in profile. The Select is obviously longer, but the MFC is a wider profile at the top and middle. I believe it was also a thicker profile at the top. Select for planing and control and MFC for speed and maneuvering ??

Max told me about Lac Champlain and a place called Les Roches near Platzburg. Yes, roches means rocks and there are many hazards there - including poison ivy, no facilities and barely any parking. The things windsurfers go through just to have a little fun :-) And i was hoping to get to that Lake this summer. I have heard there are easier spots to get onto the lake on the east side.

Is Windsurfing as Good as Sex ?

My new windsurf buddy at work , Ronnie, was talking about his current equipment. We talked our way back in personal windsurf history. At one point Ronnie started describing his first feeling of planing and which board he was on. He said it felt like he had had an orgasm :-) I replied that this meant windsurfing was as good as sex. And then I went on to tell Ronnie about my first time :-) planing, not sex :-)

And NO, it does not mean one has to be naked...

It appears others have written on the subject as well ... :-)

In order to explain “briefly” why we, windsurfers, are completly crazy of this sport, you just have to consider it as an extra-marital sex relationship. Some will say: extra marital sex relashionship(s) is(are) better than windsurf... Well, for windsurfer, this is not the case... Just read carefully the text wrote by Ronald D. Adler I found on the web, and so you can easily understand why windsurfers love this sport....

Is windsurfing better than sex? I put the question to a diverse group of men I hang out with at the Berkeley Marina parking lot. We are usually leaning against our vans waiting for the wind or bullshitting after a big day on the water. The younger, single guys are evasive. They've had plenty of windsurfing but maybe they haven't had enough sex to make a fair judgment. The older married guys have no such ambivalence; almost all prefer windsurfing. Not that they would give up sex permanently in favor of windsurfing, but on any given day they would choose a session on the water over a session in bed- with anyone.

For me this question became more than academic a few years ago when a friendly lady at the marina, while changing out of her wetsuit, invited me over to her place for "a beer and a soak in the hot tub." I will never forget that moment. I looked at her (she looked pretty good). I thought about my wife waiting for me at home (I had always been faithful). Then I looked out at the water (it was still blowing 5.0) and my answer came out without hesitation, "Thank you, it sounds great, but I really want to sail some more." Assuming that the invitation was in fact a proposition (at the time I was pretty sure it was) and setting aside moral and practical considerations, why was it so easy for me to choose windsurfing over sex?

1. It's a lot safer. Have you ever heard of a windsurfer being stabbed by a jealous wife? Has anyone acquired any fatal chronic debilitating illness from windsurfing? Maybe a little skin cancer, but what's that compared to AIDS or herpes?

2. Windsurfing is really like an extramarital love affair, but so much better. You don't have to keep it secret from your wife and family, you don't have to feel ashamed, and it can go on forever (in my case 11 years). But you ask, is it really love? I don't know how you could call it anything else. I'm totally committed to it and would gladly promise to spend the rest of my life with it "in sickness and in health" (similar promises to my wife were accompanied by far more ambivalence); I fantasize about it all the time; I'm happiest when I'm with it (or on it); I like to buy it expensive presents; I always remember the anniversary of my first time (July 1, 1983); every aspect of it fascinates me; I like to read all I can about it; spend all of my time with it, and now I'm even writing a story about it. Call it an obsession if you will. I'd rather call it love.

3. You can do it for hours at a time, even after the age of fifty. How long can the orgasmic part of sex last, even if you're a world class stud? On a good day you could windsurf at least 5 or 6 hours and still want more. You want multiple orgasms? Try a 4.0 day at Rio Vista with an ebb tide and 5 foot ramps to blast off.

4. When you get tired or bored with your windsurfing equipment you can trade it in without ruining someone's life. For less than the cost of a lawyer you could buy a whole new quiver of boards, sails and masts every year. No tears, no anger, no pain, no lies, no therapists.

5. Performance anxiety is not a major issue in windsurfing. As long as there is wind you can always get it up. Your mast will never fail you. Even if you miss all your jibes you don't have to explain or make up excuses. Chances are no one will even see your humiliating performance, certainly not the one you will have to face at the breakfast table the next morning. On the other hand, if you master your duck jibe or forward loop you can tell everyone (see #6).

6. Privacy and discretion are not sensitive issues in windsurfing. You don't have secrets to hide or lies to tell. Your mother-in-law probably already knows you're a boardhead. Some windsurfers do lie to their spouses about where they have been or how much they've spent on equipment, but the consequences are usually minor.

Windsurfing harassment in the workplace has not yet become illegal. You can't be sued for telling your secretary about your "off the lip" moves, or your new super stiff carbon fiber boom and constant curve mast. At worst, your loose talk might bore the hell out of your non-windsurfing friends, but it won't get you labeled as an offensive sexist boor.

7. Foreplay is a lot simpler in windsurfing. The new sails can be rigged in less than five minutes, and you don't have a lot of talking. Headaches, hormones, mood-swings, and dirty dishes play no role in the process. As far as arousal is concerned, all I need to hear are the magic words, "It's nukin!"

8. Windsurfing, while admittedly very expensive (if you like good equipment), is still a lot cheaper than sex, regardless of whether you have sex with your wife, a mistress, or both. Just consider the cost of upkeep- housing, food, presents, doctor's bills, children, and non-windsurfing vacations. If you only had windsurfing to attend to, you could live out of your van. Blackmail and divorce are other expensive activities associated with extramarital sex but not with windsurfing.

9. Windsurfing has other advantages over extramarital sex. Your wife may actually take an interest in windsurfing and allow you to have a menage a trois . Some wives may want to sail with you, while others, like mine, will enjoy writing about it. Still others will start twelve-step groups for windsurfing codependents.

10. Finally, I have yet to meet a man who thinks about sex when he is actually on the water shredding (the beach scene doesn't count). On the other hand if you are a real boardhead, it is true that during the act of sex, your mind occasionally wanders, and you remember the feeling of your board, responding to your every move, gliding across the water, barely touching the crests of the small waves...thump, thump, thump, thump...riding hard on that stiff pointer fin down through the smooth water between the swells, picking up speed as you anticipate a beautiful ramp, blast off, pushing the board straight up into space, then the silent weightless ride back to Earth for a soft nose-first landing...

I would not want to leave you with the message that windsurfing is all you need. For us middle-aged guys, the ultimate perfect day is sex after a great session of windsurfing. Then there is sleep- definitely right up there in third place behind sex.

Chicken'd out on my first session :-(

SAT 16APR2011 - Winds were out of the SE which is unusual for Montreal. Air temp was about 7 degrees Celsius. My first hint of trouble was when shopping, my wife exclaimed, the wind is cold, how are you gonna go windsurfing ? The second hint of trouble was when the rain that came down was more like ice pellets - on the way to Pte-Claire. The third sign of trouble was - no-one at site once there. The water was heaving, was high, waves about 1.5 feet and splashing hard against shore. The new gadget said winds were 10 to 14 knots. Water and wind signs said 7-oh even if the meter did not. Water would be cold and I would be in it. Oh well..NOT this time - felt too cold already...
Later : I knew it was gonna kick axx - just saw on forum some guys are at Cartier and rigging 4.5 on an 89 litre board !! I wouda bin ONLY in the water :-( Wind is 18 mph at the areoport.

Went back and checked Rivière Milles Isles. It is smaller and close to home. The water was also high, flatter and the bridge seemed to break the wind. There were big logs in the water, but seemed to be only at the sides. Meter said under 10 knots, but water looked like 8.5 weather. Again the rain pellets started. This would have been less in the water and perhaps some planing. Just did not feel like it any more. What has happened to me ? Last year in March, I would have gone anyway. Maybe once frozen, twice shy ? The worst part is that soon is Easter and usually too busy to go windsurfing :-(

Maybe tomorrow ? Supposed to be yuckier and bigger winds. Will probably chicken out again :-( and so i did. update Sunday -- Winds were around 25 to 30 knots and people were speaking of using 4.2 on 76 or 85 litre boards. WOW. Will stop by Pte-Claire on the way to Oma's and see if there are any pros out today. One fellow also remarked that the water is yucky. There was no-one at Cartier. One kiter sitting in his car with kite in a bundle on the ground. Forum showed some people went to OKA, but had issues getting to the Crête - snow on the road.

As my friend would say - what a "moumoune" i was to not go out :-)

Yeah , butt you gotta be good !!
Here's a photo from the 17th -- "superstar" in Dorval ??
who dinged his board in three(3) places and busted a sail in two(2) panels on this day !!!

BATTLE: WindSurfing Mag vs. Windsurfing-Direct

Since I wrote a little bit about the article in the latest WindSurfing Mag regarding Windsurfing-Direct, I guess it is only fair to discuss the rebuttal. The owners of this web/call-in order company are quite upset and with reason. I actually wrote Matt Pritchard about Tabou in my concern. And yes, we can order from the Pritchards. Prices on the Tabou from Windsurfing-Direct are great already. Can get a Rocket 125 for about $1000. It is a VERY long rebuttal against a one-page article in the MAG. There is NO more forum on the website for the MAG - so, it might be interesting where the arena will be :-) ??

Here WAS a link for the rebuttal in case u r interested:

America is the land of lawyers and this smells of slander. If this does not have some kind of fall-out I will be very surprised. I predicted KP would leave Gaastra. Here I predict Josh will leave the MAG !!
obviously Josh NEVER left and everything just petered out - worse yet, read the update

update - this post was done in April 2011. today in December I just read that the MAGAZINE is NOT publishing any releases in 2012 !!! Did this battle have anything to do with this announcement ? I need to be more careful with my predictions !!

Just to be clear - I have NOTHING against Josh - on-line windsurf gear ? on the fence - i prefer to support local..and YES - even IF it costs more money !!!

AND - say what you will - bad publicity is still publicity - especially in this day n age. Just look at Charlie Sheen !! Even I go to windsurfing-direct more now than i did b4 !!

That's odd - the heated words are NO longer there on windsurfing-direct??
 I wrote windsurfing-direct and they responded:

Hey Joe

Thanks for the note

Better to let sleeping dogs lay,, etc. etc

In hindsight, almost wish hadn’t dignified that article with a response.

We’re too busy looking ahead to look back, so we deleted the rebuttal.

We rather focus on positive efforts to deliver excellent value and service to our customers. And enjoy THE SPORT of windsurfing.

Best regards,


What's even MORE odd : In September 2012 I looked at and there was a message "We are NO longer stocking new windsurfing boards." This is ironic cuz the WindSurfing Magazine is defunct now too !!!!

well, Josh posted the article on his "personal" website :-)

since i hate to lose stuff that i quote .. i have a copy here as well :-)
sorry Mike and windsurfing-direct :-(

and now in early 2013 the windsurfing-direct website exists with hardly any stuff and clearly states:

Product Availability Subject to Change Without Notice.
We Are Not Responsible for Web Site Inaccuracies Regarding Product Availability.

Wind Obsession

In case you have never heard, Benoit Gauthier was known around Montreal for the Wind Obsession custom boards he made. Unfortunately this seems to be in the past tense. We, Helmut and I, met the other Benoit - do not remember his name and cannot find him on the web, in the repair shop. The other Benoit took us on a tour and explained that they have not made a board for about 3 years. That is, until just recently. They have many WO used boards for sale : . Their shop is on the "South Shore" and you will miss it if you blink twice AND it is about 45 minutes from Montreal. The sign can be seen at the left of the picture and the shop is in the back. There are two(2) doors where the last one is to a kind of show room with lots of standard windsurf stuff, SUP paddles, and people busy. They work off the web and the season is around the corner, so ... The reason they do not make boards any more is: just cheaper to buy ready made and they are all good - they sell: JP, RRD, Starboard and Exocet. My big disappointment was : there were three(3) AHD boards in repair. One even was an AHD FF 130 where the area around the footstraps had gone soft. Benoit was going to cut it out and put epoxy re-enforced with carbon and/or kevlar and then paint it all white. The other AHD (model unknown since it was on it's back} had what Benwah called a styrofoam splitter. When one tapped on the bottom, one could hear there was a space between the bottom and the styrofoam. This to fix is apparently a $300 job. I am so flabbergasted that I do not remember what the third board problem was. Unfortunately this means I cannot buy another AHD - no matter how much I love mine. Tinho Dornellas of Florida and Bruno of 2-rad warned me of this. VERY SAD.

We had originally gone to pick up a brand new Sailworks Retro 6.0 from Patrick Bergeron of SW, who is still at Hawaii. Pat sells stuff as patsurf on a local website and is always worth checking ...My joy was going in the repair shop and i had to tear myself away. Felt like a kid in the candy store learning how they make the candy.

On the way back we stopped at 30noeuds, which is also on the South Shore of Montreal. This shop seems to have gone over to the kite side. I was looking at a used MS Pursuit 7.5 and no-one even asked if they could help me. The sail still has the 484 luff and should fit on my 490 even if Barry Spanier says NON. So, I am torn between MS and SW 7.5. I will wait it out and see if i really need the 7.5. May go with the SW because the smaller sails are all starting to go with RDM masts. Originally thought I could get a mast for MS 7.5 and 6.x. If the Switch 6.4 goes well on an RDM - then why bother getting a 460 MS mast ?? AND there is a company called SAILWORLD in the NE States that sells a sail called the Blast 7.5 for a very reasonable price. These sails are known to be good for heavyweights like myself. The luff is 487 cm - thus a 490 mast should work just fine ...

In 2014 FINALLY found this video that SHOWS the WIND OBSESSION board building process !!
In 2016 - the video was GONE - another one bites the dust
Starting to feel like 1984 or Brave New World
Electronic / digital world that changes, but never retains ...
As Buddhists say - the only constant in life IS change !!!!!!


Repair attempt

Okay, spring fever is starting to hit !!

Took the mast-base off the ice sailboard and discovered i am missing the plate that goes between the mastbase and the board. Windman on the SB forum says the plate is to ensure one doesn't scuff the board and NOT to use old CDs or DVDs as a replacement :-)

Took the windsurf board down from the wall and fixed one side with Marine-Tex. It looks a little better, butt I wish the board had been a little more sturdy. Got too good a board as my first shortboard I guess... The first pic is the side without repair - scuffed by mast extension due to crashes or drops. The second one is with the Marine-Tex - no sanding and still wet...You can clique on the pics to get a clearer idea. Hope other boards are doing better than this...

Once dry, I think I will just wet sand it lightly and then put some ReDek on it. This will stop exposure to UV and also give it some grip for the bear feet rides :-) Sorry, my feet are EE wide - so, they are NOT bare, they are bear feet :-) And then obviously do the other side having learned from mistakes on the first attempt :-)

Followup:  Originally I had planned to do the Marine-Tek fix later when it was a little warmer since it suggests 72 degrees Fahrenheit to cure - that's about 24 degrees Celsius or quite warm. Now I put the board inside the house whenever I can, butt this is in the living room since I donut have a very large house. My house is also NOT at this temp. This means it is still sticky after one week. So, what i just did today was pop the basement windows and slide the board through the window. Then after putting the board on my 7 year old son's play table, cranked the temp up to 72 degrees :-)  Also read that Marine-Tex is sensitive to UV. Perhaps I will get some marine paint before the ReDek. This is apparently quite expensive. Perhaps i will speak with my buddy Ed, who is now building a boat - his second one. The first was a canoe. Pretty cool actually !! Hey, i believe this is it !! YUP - Ed confirmed it ...

Just checked the Québecwind forum - people are still going paraskiing on ice {skis with kites} @ Vaudreuils, some are going windskating on the South Shore {skateboard with big rubber wheels and mast base} and some are talking about windsurfing. BEST of ALL worlds ??? Here is a pic taken by Natalie's Steven at Vaudreuils:

Back to the "lost scuff plate" that goes between the mast-base and the windsurf board. This was from my spare mast-base and it got "lost" playing with my winter sailboards. Got some suggestions on StarBoard and Australian w/s forums: cut from old car mats or plastic containers and i discovered the lid from a coffee can is exactly the same size. After going over all I had done with the winter sailboards I found the plate on a shelf in the garage - phew :-)

Here's a last look at my babies with their mast bases removed - before they get put away for the REAL windsurf season :-)