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OKA le 28 d'octobre 2023 à LaCrête

 Hier et aujourd'hui c'est plus chaud que nous sommes habitués à OKA ...

J'ai "posté" les photos ... dans l'ordre qu'ils ont été pris

Pour agrandir les photos, il suffit de cliquer dessus
    ... et ensuite ... "flèche droite" ou gauche 

This morning I had the angels discussing with the devils ...

The angels said you care about what happens to you = be careful windsurfing today ... and the devils kept saying," What r u? Some kinda chicken ?" lol

What happened was, I saw the gust of wind on the St-Placide graph of ~28 knots ... and the wind was also changing direction often $%^&*(

Well, I fought the law and the law won --> only brought the camera(s) ...

Richard/Force5 has online wind speeds and it was 13-28 knots
    ... with a 21 knot average ...

When I saw the boat arriving with the blue flashing light ...
                I knew I had made the right decision !!!

Not only that, NO windsurfer came in and said it was great !!!
 ... the sail twitched, it was not big enough cuz the wind dropped, my fin is anti-weed and my board is too wide ...
These are ALL legitimate complaints, but the conditions changed SO much that kiters were downsizing to 10 m² too. Normally I divide the kitesize by 2 --> thus a 5m² sail should do the job ... but all the windsurfers were saying a 6.2 sail was required !!

I have a 6.2, but my issue was the board
this was conditions for my BEE 124 LTD narrow board
... and I was NOT ready for this $%^&*()_

even "wurst" ... it's gonna get cold starting tomorrow !!!
this graph from Force10 says it all (5 knots to 25 knots = WTF man)


that's a picture from Marie on the FB group "Regroupement des sports aérotractés ..."