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Windsurf Skill Levels

I started this post with the idea of "What comes after planing".
Planing in and of itself already assumes or requires certain skills...
How to get to next level? TOW = time on the water !!! Lessons help too.
PUSH yourself to next level.
Before starting - people MUST be good swimmers and NOT afraid of deep water !!!

Newbies/Beginners: Learning about wind, equipment and survival in the water. Always with supervision. If this young child can start windsurfing, anyone can :-)

from : Tough Love Travel Blog

Novice: Uphauling and sailing away. Probably still in lighter winds. Getting the thrill of a bit of speed. Getting the knack of equipment. Rigging your own gear by now hopefully. Mostly tacking ...Perhaps some light wind jibes/gybes. Less supervision required. Lessons still VERY helpful.

Helmut n Joe - thx Ed
Intermediate: Less falling in. Planing and using the harness. Going towards the foot straps. Trying jibes and faster tacks. Beach starts and water starts attempted. Good stance for sailing. "Closing the gap". This is where i am still - after about 5 years of shortboarding. Am getting anxious about getting to the next step !!! That means better water starts, better jibes and get in those straps !!! Here one is using bigger sails - to plane, etc and starting to use smaller boards in bigger winds. Lessons for specialized tasks help here.

Average joe @ OKA from GoPro
Advanced: Using foot straps and foot control. Doing beach and water starts. Not necessarily going in those really challenging conditions ie over 20+ knots with waves. Jumps and waves ?? This is the next step after planing. More jibes and tacks successful - almost 100%. More efficient - can work with smaller sails. Improved technique like pumping onto a plane, etc. Carve gybe ?? Know which discipline of windsurfing they prefer - slalom, freestyle, bump n jump, wave, etc.

from Guy Cribb site

Expert: Not afraid of conditions. Starting to try moves and building repertoire. Know what they like or dislike in a set-up.

Peter Hart
Pro: No description required here. These folks go out in Red Bull conditions or make manoeuvres that look impossible :-) NO LIMITS !!!!

REDBULL @ Cornwall from errantsurf blog