Translator from GOOGLE


BACK UP , BACK UP and BACK UP - i should already know that $%^&*(

This is my first experience with blogging and it seems to be okay so far. My issues are that I have spent too much time on something that was supposed to be for windsurf journalism and it is not flexible enuff. In other words I do NOT want to lose it. Yet the export blog feature only seems to export the posts and not pages. Will try one more time, butt if that does not work, I will revamp this blog #$%^&*( Also, pages do not seem to show up in search gadgets nor do they allow labels. As one article says, static pages are more trouble than they are worth - so, I will revamp this blog and try to make it more like a webpage - with a main page and then links - one for sailboards, one for journal entries, etc ... Hope it all works out :-)

First I will try to make this the first post no matter what and put links to all the other posts and pages. The pages will becomes posts after. That seems to be working .. Just for prosperity - what i did was in the post options - post date and time with option automatic - AND edit this post last ie after EVERY new post - not too bad of a PITA

Now I will try to move a page to a post and put some labels ...
I copied the html and it seems to be working...
Now I will delete a "static page" - better work &*()

The menu will look like the following...
Journals: journals.html
How I started Winter Sailboarding: how-i-started-winter-windsurfing.html

enjoy having a menu on the first page - however, had to compact it to fit on portable screens - not as pretty
changed layout a bit and looks MUCH better

now if only i could put some heavy musak on the webpages @#$%^&*

what's bugging me now is the margins and padding - hard to set up like next line indents %^&*()_ trying with tables here

  • Player Name
  • Sachin
  • Gilchrist
  • Dhoni
  • Ponting
  • Country
  • India
  • Australia
  • India
  • Australia
  • Ranking
  • 1
  • 2
  • 6
  • 10

okay - the table seems to work in the history of windsurfing

now - how about excel and iframes ??

iframes give too much and have issues cus it's java - why not just cut n paste into paint and import pic ?

did some mods in html and lost my ggogle translator %^&*(
will put a copy here in case i do that agin

also try to put original log here:

I do not like the speed of the blog loading - found this link:

one day blogger was down
so, i did some tests

registered myself on the and discovered that there were labels, but no tags - i thought the labels were tags $%^&*() to be investigated


new issue --> putting pics on the blog %^&*(OP
if linked to outside - if original moves - link dies
put stuff from blog on iwindsurf - too high a resolution
try to take stuff from hotmail - keeps doing OPEN WITH ^&*(
PITA $%^&*()
how about this one then ??
#######<iframe title ="Preview" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" frameborder="0" ###style="width:320px;height:214px;padding:0;background-color:#fcfcfc;" #####src="^_9202%20copy.JPG?###cid=c6db8ade6b0c768c&sc=photos"></iframe>

so now - i put stuff in adobe PS 4.0 {OLD i know} adjust size and quality and put here $%^&*()

embed sail calculator


embed 2011 winds by date

How to make all links open in new windows

This request to make all hyperlinks pops up every now and then so might as well make a post for it. To make all links open in new window is amazingly simple. Just sign into
to open template editor

Use keyboard shortcut ctrl+F to find <head> and immediately after that, add a single line <base target='_blank' /> so that it become

<base target='_blank' />

notes to self ---

board quivers - one board vs two board vs 3 boards - and will stop there

ahd vs bic vs exocet vs jp vs SB vs fanatic vs rrd vs goya vs naish vs tabou vs angulo

ahd - stagnant and quality
bic - cheapest in $$ and quality/stiffness
goya and naish - hard to get in mtl
SB - $$$ and quality issues as per forum
jp - $$$
leaves fanatic vs exocet vs tabou vs rrd vs angulo

boards will be in 125 to 135 range - based on board quiver analysis
1) angulo - Magnum 132 is too wide - Kihei 125 ?
2) exocet - Nano 125 or 135 vs Scross 126
3) fanatic - hawk vs shark
4) rrd - Fireride 125 or 135
5) tabou - rocket
would like to narrow it down to three and go from there in detail
example the RRD is less known here and still $1600 - so, JP is how much again ?
about the same thing
know less about new angulo boards and small distribution here
ideally would like to compare JP vs Fanatic vs Tabou
X-Cite vs Shark/Hawk vs Rocket
between Shark and Hawk - Shark is easier/smoother
thus Rocket vs Shark vs X-Cite

John Ingerbritsen from Florida suggest strongly against Tabou
Yvan from auventfou suggests strongly against JP
Exocet vs Fanatic ??
Yvan still speaks strongly about AHD
would I buy another AHD???
have seen Fanatic - butt NOT Exocet
however, i do respect John greatly !!!
so, Exocet vs Fanatic ??
Exocet is sold by wind-spirit locally and Fanatic by Bruno of 2-rad
starting to sound like Shark vs Hawk !!!

currently in 2012 from late 2011---
puffy winds -- CAT with 10-oh in 20 kph winds
                          CAT with 8-oh in 20+ kph winds - would like to try 10-oh here too

lite winds -- CAT with 8-oh in 20-40 kph winds (210 liters)
                    AHD with 8-oh in 20-40 kph winds (160 liters/79 cm)
                try BEE with 8-oh in these winds          (124 liters/63 cm)

mid winds -- AHD with 7-oh in 30-50 kph winds
                      BEE with 7-oh in 30-50 kph winds
Q) is the Gaastra Flow 3X 7-oh okay ?? looking to replace 4 summer.

hi winds -- BEE with 6-oh in 40-60 kph winds - rare
Q) is the Simmer WCR 6.0 okay ?? will be replaced with a Switch eventually

note: Bruce Peterson says SW Retro 7-oh WILL work on an MS490/75 !!!!
MUST try this !!! New these sails are over $700
Blaze + Mast NEW cost a little more, but would have 460 mast + proper sail combo


MAR 2012 - what's with the EDIT mode ?? %^&*()
cannot edit inside blog anymore - need to go to POSTs in DESIGN !!!


now i see what's wrong with pages $%^&
example could not find inseam
it is in my new journal entries
and in original journal entrees i wrote
nelson says inseam divided by 2 and add 1

photo of hood to send out :

This video does NOT want to embed %^&*()_

my son has suggested i track the mastheads that i put on the front page
thanx jerry - not a bad idea
could not remember them all - so, started recovering blog into a backup blog
looks like posts and pages were recovered, but not masthead !!!

turned for some reason %^&*(





Toby the consultant's son-in-law in Cuba

CAT on Milles Isles from GoPro

Milles Isles Rosemere from GoPro

OKA with AHD n TR6

Rosemere side GoPro under boom

Mast Mount First Test Jan 2014 - 845 x 417 pixels

vimeo no longer has embed function ??
will try older embed code with new video

What do you have to go through to post a video from a GoPro on YouTube from a Windows PC??

1) The sound quality is NOT good on the GoPro - especially when in water proof casing. The version 3 is supposed to be better, butt ... I have been using Audacity to increase the GAIN ie boost the signal without adding equalization ... This takes a WAV out of the MP4.

2) Had a problem and thus had to locate/download in preferences/librairies ffmpeg

3) Windows Media Maker /WMM needs WMV and NOT MP4 !!!

4) Downloaded FormatFactory to convert - is a memory hog on my OLD PC.

5) Enhance the gain in the Audacity WAV

6) Put the WMV into WMM

7) Put the enhanced WAV in WMM

8) Tracks overlap, but that is no problem as they are the same ...

9) Long to save and again a CPU hog on my OLD PC.

10) Save from WMM - Thought i already said that !!
After all that work eorges did NOT like my video content and i left it as PRIVATE $%^&*()

 On the local river in Spring 2014 - from GoPro - 830 x 417 pixels

I started playing with the layout of the blog
Labels were showing even though they were configured to NOT
search on the web suggested editing the template in html and inserting
right before the /head

as i was playing with the layout and template ...
i added google analytics id
labels came on as marked above
and i had to change size of the photo $%^&*(
now it is 890x417 pixels !!

another thing i was unsure about was whether it was counting my access as well
so, i tried the google analytics opt-out add-on for all browsers on this PC
i started all this cuz a local windsurf supplier approached me about adverts on my site
he wanted users and not post hits
so, this is just another fun exercise for me
originally i thought he was paying someone $250 a month and i got excited
yeah right - how about $250 per year
even if i was to receive that - it is not enough for me to have "nonsense" on my blog
advertising is BIG money and $200+ a year does NOT interest me !!!
also, that supplier has been having issues with their DNS
which would mean errors on my page - NO THANKS
did a video where i forgot to change the UPd to UP ie filmed upside DOWN

VLC allows you to view the film upside right, but converts as you watch, staccato and NOT permanent. Tried MPEG Streamlined software that everyone raves about. Was getting these huge files until i tried to change the size of the image - which happens to be great on my square screen. 

however ...

That video is NOT HD and bad size. I will try the MPEG Streamclip again using the same quality as it was and only flip it --> 8.12 Mbps bit rate, Viedo 1280x720  30 fps / 8 Mbps - not required and audi at 48 kHz , 128 kps AND run this on a more modern computer - more juice , etc. 10% finished in about 2.5 minutes !!
MUCH butter !!

This foto at 890 by 417 looks elongated - will leave it :-0

had problems loading another video with music - here is what i had to do and the final result - this was in JULY 2014:

1) put video in youtube and found NIN Ghost tracks there :-)
2) added one, but took REALLY long to process in youtube #$%^&*(
3) checked to see if I could add the same track multiple times - seems NOT $%^&*(
4) what about Windows Movie Maker - NOT on my XP work PC
5)  to put the video in WMM - need to convert GoPRO MP4 to WMV - used Format Factory 2008-2009
6) ok - on my OLD portable - added the NIN Ghost track multiple times
7) when i saved, i was only getting resolution 720x480
8) worse than that - it kept stopping the video portion at ~ 2:22 - even on wife's PC with higher resolution output 1280 x 720
9) kept saying unable to save due to lack of space, cannot find originals or ....
10) web suggested another conversion tool called Freemake Video Converter
11) used the resulting WMV with 3 copies of NIN Ghost and was able to save the project using WMM
12) put on youtube successfully ...
13) this whole thing took MANY hours ...

put this one, butt did not like it

this one is a little better !!

This one was taken @ Pte-Claire at lunch time on 05DEC2014 using my SAMSUNG Core LTD phone. So much glare, I cannot really see what i am taking. It is now a digital world, so, just clique away. Something is bound to turn out and turn out it did !! In order to make it fit the header/masthead, i used snagit to capture it and paste into pbrush. Then skew until it fit perfectly. Only five(5) iterations required $%^&*

this is the original:

Clique to ENLARGE

MON 22 DEC 2014

Do NOT know what is going on, butt some videos are showing BLANK within the posts %^&*( And then , some italics are also showing blank !!!
Went through the posts marked in the index and corrected them
Will have to go through ALL posts and make sure OK
WTF happened $R%T^&*^&*(


the above picture was far too large and NOT really appropriate and SO i left it BIG

however, for the more serious stuff, I had to re-size
so, this time i used MS Picture Manager
tried 1024x768 and was too large
tried a number from above - 890 x 417 , but was too narrow
tried a scaled version of 1024x768 --> 890x666 and was perfect

890x666 worked right away using Microsoft Office Picture Manager

how to make an image on the blog "clickable"
found the following here -
let's try it !!

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="http://FileURL" /></a>

could NOT put this on iwindsurf and so, put one here $%^&*

time to play with audio !!

Hallowe'en 2015 the BEE made this mask !!

Sometimes people mark their videos as private or not to be shared
This makes it difficult for bloggers like myself.
What is even WORSE, is people remove their videos
For pictures, I download them and post them - often giving the site credit
For videos i give them credit, but now I am frustrated with this disappearing material issue
What i discovered, is there is a way to bypass the display lock 
F12 in many browsers displays the DEV tools
you play the video a bit and check the network tab
in there is the original video - which is embedded in all the other crap
you play that in another tab and use a downloader extension
i post on youtube under my own user and post the video = voilà
my philosophy is - if it is on the internet , it is NOT private
even my material is not private and have seen copies elsewhere
this is the world of selfies, but be careful and forewarned - others are looking !!

made a chart of wind strength vs sail size vs board and fin:

Looks like i may have figured out how to analyze post hits via google analytic s:

clique it

890x666 using PAINT
Why do people always think shorts are so bad with a wetsuit ??

so close to footstraps

people do get stuck in straps

890 by whatever using paint and aspect ratio JAN 2016
practice indoors

resize pic

some strange helmets :-)

meq 2 gasket repair

DIV IIs on kijiji

Hatteras sails rigged

Sometimes I want to send someone a link to a post, but to a specific line.
There was NOT much on this on the web and some just did not work
On top of it all, I was putting the url incorrectly
rather than
this discussion was far too lengthy, but worth keeping the link
obviously it needs to be done in html mode ... here is what i did for the #here
this worked and I am unsure whether the h2 is actually required - the id is the marker
<a href="" id="here"></a>
and then to get there... use the link

end of April 2016  George made a comment about the picture of Niko bungie jumping on the front page and so, I thought I would change it... So, what do I do , I delete the header of my blog . Thought closing the TAB would stop the change - non, it was done $%^& Went through the template and layout, but could not figure it out $%^&*( Searched the web and found a discussion about changing the following area in the html ...region-inner header-inner... went to my blog called joewindsurferbackup and copied that section from there to here ...
DESIGN => template => edit html => format template => search "region-inner ..." & copy that entire section from that blog to this one - about 70 lines to the next /div
and it worked !!

after that added a windsurf pic ...

Picture to put on Quebec Wind:

pic was resized 890 x whatever and put on masthead:

Well,on to the next PITA aka pain in the arse - that is NOT a swear word in my dicktionary!!
In 2016 I was warned about cookies and analytics. It seems there needs to be a disclaimer for certain portions of the world. So, I put that on the masthead - to be seen  on each and every page. Lo n behold. People were now also forcing https usage. Thought this would be NO big deal, but not quite so !! Seems to affect imbedded videos the most. After I correct them the posts often need to be re-published, Normally this is NOT an  issue. However, on the Tabou Rocket post, the permalink no longer worked. That is the post with the usage count and all and so, did want it back as it was. It was a three(3) step affair. First, put the post back in draft mode. Then change the date to be in the month of the permalink and set the automatic permalink. Publish it even if it is wrong permalink Go back in edit mode and permalink will be okay. UPDATE and all is good, An extra PITA #$%^&*(

Rami wants to sell his Shark 150 LTD: $1400

lost my camera 09OCT2016

always save in paint with pixels 890 x whatever !!

Vaudreuils 19DEC2016 - 890 x whatever/500

DEC 2016
Lately I have been getting VERY frustrated with websites like Starboard and Youtube %^&*(
Starboard updated their website and it has not worked for about a month $%^&*(
Youtube editor SUCKS and now people are disabling embedding and some material is NOT available in your country = WTF
even netflix is blocking things like DNS spoofs - like HOLA
so when i tried to embed a video that kept saying i could not, i found a site that says it will download low quality free - just add ss to the address --> and it asks you wanna do HD with a paid version or free low quality
for me - you wanna blockme - i will post low quality version of your stuff !!
you don't wanna see it elsewhere, don't post it #$%^&*()-

yup, winter 2016 is here :-)

what happens when you upset seabreeze

again 890 x whatever - landscape perspective

Severne sail has bent battens ??

embedding videos and want to start at a particular time ? That's easy with youtube, but not so easy with vimeo... With youtube I take the embed code and add ?start=30s in order to start at the 30 second mark. This is supposed to work with vimeo as #30s, but what happens is the video autoplays when the page / post is called... just read about ?autoplay=1. Will try that now ...

kite surfing on a mirror !!!

Pte-Claire 11APR2017

as usual 890 by whatever

JP SLW nose repair - asking $600

Helmut is selling his Fantice FSW 106 !!

890 by whatever - had to change previous one ...

OCT 2017 - for some reason my windalert widgets were NOT working any more - or sometimes
find that frustrating as it makes the page look like shite
so, i removed ALL those widgets and tried playing with one to no avail $%^&*(

instead i searched and for now I put a bookednet widget on the page !! with Montreal, Quebec, Kingston and Toronto weather ...
perhaps I should put PLatzburg instead of |Toronto ??

<!-- weather widget start --><a target="_blank" href=",w587997,2538,30558"><img src=",w587997,2538,30558_1_1_009fde_250_ffffff_333333_08488D_1_ffffff_333333_0_6.png?scode=124&domid=w209&anc_id=90578"  alt=""/></a><!-- weather widget end -->

in 2017 i discovered that
1) flash videos NO longer supported by blogspot and
2) Adobe Flash is NO longer supported after 2020
F'N nice #$%^&*(
need to go through entire blog and check
same time i noticed video sizes were OFF #$%^&*()

let's re-embed this video and see if ok !!

890 x whatever

890 x whatever

end of May 2018 - Dave Cadoret dies :-(

HUGO BOSS sailboat in Montreal

chinese orange fruit/vegetable ??

hmm - seem to be mussing some pics that were on the front page
there was a DIV2 pic for some time - even after i lost it ...

this one is obviously the newly acquired AHD SL1 140 @ 890 pixels by whatever ...

890 x whatever - seems 500 is often the result - DEC 2018

and again 890 x 500 - FEB 2019

think it was 800 x500 and not 890 x ???