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!! Please stay OFF the ice !!

After my visit to the local river on Friday, March 19th, 2021, I decided that my winter windsurfing was definitely OVER !!

That weekend we went up North and even that lake looked risky and I did NOT venture onto the ice with the windsurf equipment... (okay, I did walk on it to check it out, but NO windsurfing !!)

Unfortunately, five days later, a kitesurfer disappeared on Lac Champlain :-( 

He was 62 years old and a professional photographer. Feels like he was a kindred spirit living in a parallel universe. 

I feel for his family, friends, neighbours and anyone who knew him. I did not know him, but feel deeply saddened by such a loss - what a waste :-(

and he was NOT doing "airborne skiing" !! He was kite-surfing on the ice!!

and here is one of his amazing images !!
clique the pic !!
so,it looks like he was an "outdoorsman" 
he musta misjudged 

His body was found in Vermont on 27MAR2021 - apparently there are currents