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Soft Roof Rack



A couple of years ago (2019) my windsurf van died. It was a Pontiac SV6 and it was GREAT for bringing windsurf gear up north, to OKA Parc and to Vaudreuils, etc

As you can see in the photo, a Mistral Equipe 2 XR and a REIX D2 went on the roof no problem.

In March 2020 covid-19 hit and windsurfing for me took the back shelf. After September I did manage to go a number of times with my equipment in the car. This meant certain boards like the MEQ2 and even the Fanatic BEE 124 LTD could NOT be used :-(

Well, in December of 2020 I retired and managed over 12 sessions on the ice and snow this winter...
When spring 2021 came early, I just HAD to go on the water ... 
So, I purchased a soft roof rack, since I wanted to probably start with the MEQ2 ...

The first test was bringing the MEQ2 to OKA Parc. This is a longboard in the true literal sense of the word and I did not like how the board bobbed a bit on the roof and so, I kept the odometer at about 80 kph with the four way flashers going. A police car passed me and did nothing and so, it was either okay or they did not give a shit :-) 
                                                    Good enough for me ...

The next test is with the Fanatic Shark 145 up to the "country"

This was a FAILURE and we loaded the Fanatic 145 HRS into the small Toyota Prius C
as it made my wife especially nervous ...

Thus, my personal recommendation is: DO NOT USE THESE ROOF RACKS
especially NOT on the Toyota Prius C !!
Sold it for half what I paid, which means this was just a $40 experiment
Everyone says go for the $500 rack or try that SuperSport Rack one more time !!!