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TUE 19APR2011 Traded my MFC 42 fin for a Select Free Blade XL 48. Interestingly enough Max wanted the fin for his "new" Fanatic Hawk 123 to use with an 8.5 sail and I wanted the 48 to use with my  8.5 on my AHD 160 :-) Neither one of us had tried their respective fins yet. Max had had a similar MFC fin that was originally with his Fanatic Bee 144. Mine had come with my "new" Fanatic Bee 124 LTD. So, we each went merrily on our way - wishing we could windsurf tonight. Too bad we donut all swap stuff more often. Makes life easier... The BEE is 42 cm OFO and as such should not take a fin longer than that. I have my Select 40, but that is for 7.0. Will need a bigger fin for 8.5 on the Bee 124. Should I have kept that MFC 42 ? :-)

Follow-up: Both AHD and select-hydrofoils have confirmed that this fin, board and 8.5 sail will be an excellent combo. I cannot wait to try it out :-)

Followup #2:  Went out in light winds in my first session of 2011 - 12 to 16 knots and the fin was fine. It planed and pointed very well. Just need to fix that little ding with Marine-Tex - will wait for warmer weather - needs heat to cure properly and more quickly.

Here is a pic of the MFC 42 which I repaired using Marine-Tex and a light covering with paint. Posted a pic of the Select XL to see the difference in profile. The Select is obviously longer, but the MFC is a wider profile at the top and middle. I believe it was also a thicker profile at the top. Select for planing and control and MFC for speed and maneuvering ??

Max told me about Lac Champlain and a place called Les Roches near Platzburg. Yes, roches means rocks and there are many hazards there - including poison ivy, no facilities and barely any parking. The things windsurfers go through just to have a little fun :-) And i was hoping to get to that Lake this summer. I have heard there are easier spots to get onto the lake on the east side.


  1. Hehe,

    J'espère que tu aimeras ton nouveau fin!

    Pour le lac champlain, il y a Ausable point au sud de Plattsburgh qui est bien, l'accès est super facile. Mais les roches ça reste parmis les plus populaire avec "la plage"

    Sinon au vermont, c'est Swanton, à Maquam, je suis jamais allé, mais je sais que c'est un beau spot par sud.

    Cool blog !


  2. Merci Max

    je suis sur que je vais l'aimer :-)

    joe windsurfer


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