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BATTLE: WindSurfing Mag vs. Windsurfing-Direct

Since I wrote a little bit about the article in the latest WindSurfing Mag regarding Windsurfing-Direct, I guess it is only fair to discuss the rebuttal. The owners of this web/call-in order company are quite upset and with reason. I actually wrote Matt Pritchard about Tabou in my concern. And yes, we can order from the Pritchards. Prices on the Tabou from Windsurfing-Direct are great already. Can get a Rocket 125 for about $1000. It is a VERY long rebuttal against a one-page article in the MAG. There is NO more forum on the website for the MAG - so, it might be interesting where the arena will be :-) ??

Here WAS a link for the rebuttal in case u r interested:

America is the land of lawyers and this smells of slander. If this does not have some kind of fall-out I will be very surprised. I predicted KP would leave Gaastra. Here I predict Josh will leave the MAG !!
obviously Josh NEVER left and everything just petered out - worse yet, read the update

update - this post was done in April 2011. today in December I just read that the MAGAZINE is NOT publishing any releases in 2012 !!! Did this battle have anything to do with this announcement ? I need to be more careful with my predictions !!

Just to be clear - I have NOTHING against Josh - on-line windsurf gear ? on the fence - i prefer to support local..and YES - even IF it costs more money !!!

AND - say what you will - bad publicity is still publicity - especially in this day n age. Just look at Charlie Sheen !! Even I go to windsurfing-direct more now than i did b4 !!

That's odd - the heated words are NO longer there on windsurfing-direct??
 I wrote windsurfing-direct and they responded:

Hey Joe

Thanks for the note

Better to let sleeping dogs lay,, etc. etc

In hindsight, almost wish hadn’t dignified that article with a response.

We’re too busy looking ahead to look back, so we deleted the rebuttal.

We rather focus on positive efforts to deliver excellent value and service to our customers. And enjoy THE SPORT of windsurfing.

Best regards,


What's even MORE odd : In September 2012 I looked at and there was a message "We are NO longer stocking new windsurfing boards." This is ironic cuz the WindSurfing Magazine is defunct now too !!!!

well, Josh posted the article on his "personal" website :-)

since i hate to lose stuff that i quote .. i have a copy here as well :-)
sorry Mike and windsurfing-direct :-(

and now in early 2013 the windsurfing-direct website exists with hardly any stuff and clearly states:

Product Availability Subject to Change Without Notice.
We Are Not Responsible for Web Site Inaccuracies Regarding Product Availability.

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