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Chicken'd out on my first session :-(

SAT 16APR2011 - Winds were out of the SE which is unusual for Montreal. Air temp was about 7 degrees Celsius. My first hint of trouble was when shopping, my wife exclaimed, the wind is cold, how are you gonna go windsurfing ? The second hint of trouble was when the rain that came down was more like ice pellets - on the way to Pte-Claire. The third sign of trouble was - no-one at site once there. The water was heaving, was high, waves about 1.5 feet and splashing hard against shore. The new gadget said winds were 10 to 14 knots. Water and wind signs said 7-oh even if the meter did not. Water would be cold and I would be in it. Oh well..NOT this time - felt too cold already...
Later : I knew it was gonna kick axx - just saw on forum some guys are at Cartier and rigging 4.5 on an 89 litre board !! I wouda bin ONLY in the water :-( Wind is 18 mph at the areoport.

Went back and checked Rivière Milles Isles. It is smaller and close to home. The water was also high, flatter and the bridge seemed to break the wind. There were big logs in the water, but seemed to be only at the sides. Meter said under 10 knots, but water looked like 8.5 weather. Again the rain pellets started. This would have been less in the water and perhaps some planing. Just did not feel like it any more. What has happened to me ? Last year in March, I would have gone anyway. Maybe once frozen, twice shy ? The worst part is that soon is Easter and usually too busy to go windsurfing :-(

Maybe tomorrow ? Supposed to be yuckier and bigger winds. Will probably chicken out again :-( and so i did. update Sunday -- Winds were around 25 to 30 knots and people were speaking of using 4.2 on 76 or 85 litre boards. WOW. Will stop by Pte-Claire on the way to Oma's and see if there are any pros out today. One fellow also remarked that the water is yucky. There was no-one at Cartier. One kiter sitting in his car with kite in a bundle on the ground. Forum showed some people went to OKA, but had issues getting to the Crête - snow on the road.

As my friend would say - what a "moumoune" i was to not go out :-)

Yeah , butt you gotta be good !!
Here's a photo from the 17th -- "superstar" in Dorval ??
who dinged his board in three(3) places and busted a sail in two(2) panels on this day !!!

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  1. When it is that temperature you must just start rigging, it both warms you up and takes your mind off the pending hand burn! Once wet its fine, this is the first year I have sailed through the winter including 2deg 25knots of wind in January (south coast UK) and was surprisingly warm, couldnt help planing along thinking it was no different to summer until about an hour into the session I could no longer feel my toes and kept whacking them on the footstraps.


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