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La Journale PAV de 2022

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14JAN2022 Put the back strap on the O'Brian Windski - ready for next test, butt not in the cold now and the snow coming Monday - what a winter man !!

10JAN2022 It was a Monday and looked like there would be winds from the West of over 20kph. Based on the weather channel, winds never hit 20 - not even in the gusts. I shovelled a six foot wide path across the top of the French Bay and tried my HSM Fire 6.2 meter sail on my ice wiindski and the windskate. Coupla runs and I was done !! Normally this would have been considered a FAIL. However, I did get my exercise in, was not expecting much anyway and so, I will give this a 6 outta 10 :-)

06JAN2022 We were supposed to have winds from the WSW up north of around 20 kph. Once again it was a bit warm and the fresh powder was just too sticky. Tried the new O'Brian windski and saw that it needed wax and probably would be a whole lot better with a back foot strap - to push the board across the wind. Then tried my long ice/shallow snow board. This was after I cleared a track running North/South across the top of the French Bay. Just as I was going in to get my ice windski I catapulted and landed so hard on my back that my glasses took off lol. 

So, I put on all my safety gear and got my ice windski. By this time the wind was lighter and I was getting tired. Wind was probably less than 20 and I could have used an eight meter sail. Instead I was on GA FLOW-3 seven-oh. As I got lotsa exercise, had some GC and a shot, I am giving this a 7 outta 10. Needed more wind and better ice / snow conditions ... (Isn't retirement great man !!)                              NOTE: this was NOT with the windskate ...

The next day I put X-country wax on the O'Brian windski and it slid along much better - still need ta put a back foot strap on this baby :-)


04JAN2022 Winds have been light, some cold nights n days with a little bit of snow AND the local river, Rivière Mille Isles is frozen over (at least it is in the section where I go). The sections under the bridge on the 117 and where the current comes around the corner are NOT frozen yet.

This means I gotta go up north and get my winter stuff back home !!

Just for historical purposes ... Covid-19 is behaving as a bad virus should. Everyone seems to be getting it, Quebec curfew is 10 p.m. and ALL stores are closed on Sunday for the next 2 weeks.  As an old fart, I was entitled to and have received two Pfizer shots and one booster about a week ago. SAQ and SQDC stores will now be requesting proof of vaccination(s) in order to enter their shops. This seems to upset some people ?!?

btw SAQ = Quebec provincial alcohol outlets and SQDC = their cannabis outlets

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