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2019 journal entries

FRI 29MAR2019 went to the 2-rad party that is to mark the start of the season

Tom was there - back from a trip to his home country, Israel. Did NO windsurfing there, but is going with 2-rad to Morroco. Vincent gave us his spiel on foils. 2-rad has reduced their price on re-enforcing fin boxes down to $200. Apparently they now have a full-time repair man. This also encourages people to spend money on those FOIL$.

Also met Richard\Force5, Antoine Richard and Benoit Falardeau.
Saw the girl who I met @ Cape Hatteras too. She is a great windsurfer !!

Auvent is closing their doors this April too. Saw AHD pamphlet @ 2-rad.
Thought Bruno HATED AHD :-)

SUN 24MAR2019 Rosemere W20-30kph on ice sled using HSMfire6.3 = 7 outta 10

Wind was to pick up a little bit and the ice looked good when we went over the bridge for bagels in Ste-Rose (now that is like advertising - should get a commission) ... The ice did NOT look good where the snowmobiles had passed ...

And yes - the wind did pick up
So ... I got out, butt ice was shite :-)

The ice was no better than a 4 outta 10 !!
It was hard enough, yet the bumps were horrendous
AND there were sections with powdered snow, which just caused sudden drag

So ... I re-rigged the HotSailsMaui Fire 6.3 by placing outhaul in lower grommet
and pulling the tension tight - not much of a pocket ...
I always leave some pocket and NEVER rig it too tight
me no like ...

did NOT sail long and it will be the last of my winter outings
spring sessions may be a bit later starting this year
hernia operation and recovery coming up soooon ...

Took a bunch of pics - no videos and posted them here - in no particular order
If you feel one is better than the others - like a fave - please let me know ...

TUES 19MAR2019 Rosemere SW15-25kph Fire 6.3 on ice sled = 8 outta 10

Since I was kinda workin from home ... (was at the hospital at 8h00 - pre-operation stuff)
I stopped work a little early and went down to the local river ...
The ice was NOT as good as Sunday - which means it almost failed - about 5 outta 10
There was crust that broke, good ice, good snow and snow that "broke" i.e. RUFF
The wind was not quite as much as Sunday either
However, I did get to go out with NO damages to me or equipment
Cannot complain ... Brian from out West near Oregon is already on the water !!
Time to move !!!

SUN 17MAR2019 Rosemere SW20-40kph HSM Fire 6.3 on ice sled = 9 outta 10

I was supposed to pick up my buddy the "Mad Hatter" from the metro so that he could get cool pics of himself on an ice windsurfer... Unfortunately I hit a POT hole with the car on the West Island that put a bulge on my driver side front tire. So ... prefer to drive on it as little as possible and double that for the van (which got stuck on the ice in my drive way taday #$%^&*()

So, I went out before groceries i.e. early Sunday morn - which is Saint Patrick's Day

That video was made hanging the camera upside down from the back o' the boom. Unfortunately when i set the camera option to upside down, it did just that = WTF ...
Since the video was quite large ... NO on-line flip is available = WTF
As you can see, I tried filmora who wants $30+ dollars to remove their thumbnail ...

So, the next video was made from the helmet. Actually that was becuz the camera was poorly placed in terms of hitting the ground  and camera shake/vibration  ...

Here's another one from the same perspective - taken in the morning - with 2 little spills :-(

Also went out again in the afternoon. Before my daughter Mary drops bye...
This time I put the camera on top o' da booooom

Sorry Maddy that we did not get you out there for your pic :-(
Ah, but you are soooo young still :-)

I gave the session 9 outta 10 - the ice / snow conditions were more like 6 outta 10 = quite RUFF
However, I was outside, did not get hurt even tho I fell two or three times (well, maybe my right elbow a little bit) and nothing broke or got lost ...
Just nice to end the winter season with some good runs
Twice on this day and last Wednesday too :-)

WED 06MAR2019 Rosemere SW20-40 Duke 6.9 on snowsled  = 9 outta 10 !!

It was warmer than yesterday and the wind was more steady and stronger. The main disappointment was that I was ready to video and my hands got too cold to attach the camera to the wishbone\boom. I shoulda done that near the old van. Sometimes the gusts were so strong I had to open the sail, but kit kept flying over the crust on the snow. Measured against the traffic on the bridge I was going 50-60 kph at top speeds. I had on no protective gear and so was not pushing it to the max and only spun out once. Am starting to wish I could do a tack or gybe and tried a few - always got to half and no more. The picture tells it all - beautiful blue sky, sun and snow getting blown with the wind ...
Many runs in the harness and full out too !! That's why the nines ...

Clique the pic
and yes, I am still workin' on my deep snow board ๐Ÿ˜

TUES 05MAR2019 Rosemere SW20-30 Duke 6.9 on snowsled = 7.5 outta 10

After some warm n cold spells ... the snow had a better crust than when I went and did my last condition check. Snowsled went fine and so, never even tried the ice sled. What was lacking was the wind. It came in gusts ONLY. There was either none or a lot. So, it was wait and then go , go , go
Since I did have some good runs, am giving it a fairly good rating - and it was a workday after all ... As the kids were off, I decided to spend some time with my family ...
and obviously squeeze in some windsurfing - only about an hour on the ice
5 minutes from my house - was not using the harness - nor did I put safety equipment on :-(

SAT 02MAR2019

okay, put the glue and the screws
and hopefully lined it all up properly !!

SAT 02SAT 23FEB2019

Still workin out the kinks in the setup ...

Decided on IKEA type bolts on the bottom with the 1/4 inch nuts on top

The next trickier part will be putting the legs on with the proper alignment
As in ... straight as shit ...
and on Sunday put a base on the other ski
also put a line down the middle of each ski
to align them together as close as possible

SUN 17FEB2019

Started to analyze the new windski for deep snow combination in terms of measurements ... For example it looks like I can line up the first support leg with the boot strap holes ..

Clique on ANY PIC to elarge 
Since I wish to put the mast base behind the front support, the snow board needs to go a little further back ...

In the "back end" I imagine to put the back support leg about one foot in, with the rest of the snowboard hanging out. This should leave a solid large enough area between the legs ... for the rider (me) to be comfortable one foot off the ground ...

With the final result looking something like this :
One from the back and one from the front
No obscene implication(s) intended

SAT 16FEB2019

Since we just had over 40 cm of snow last Wednesday, it only made sense to revisit the idea of a deep snow windski. First I stepped in a snowbank and put my full weight on that foot. Wearing deep snow boots of course. When I measured the depth, it seemed to be about 10 to 11 inches deep. Okay, how deep am I making my current model ? Phew, measured over 11 inches. This presumes that the sled and I will be hovering over the snow while only the legs and skis are gliding through the snow. Good in theory anyway ... My hope is that this experience will, first of all, work ... Then I hope it feels like what i imagine windfoiling is like. After that it should be simple to convince myself that i really need a foil and perhaps even a board too ...

Here is another shot of the prototype:

SAT 09FEB2019 Rosemere, ice sled + HSM Fire 6.2 (-7) feels like -17 W 30-50 kph = 8 outta 10

The first criteria in the winter should be the ice or snow surface !!
It is the BE all and END all in terms of potential in that winter windsurfing session ...
In the last little while the weather has been SOOO up n down that there were days with a range of 20 degrees Celcius (36 degrees F) - from deep freeze to melting snow with rain. That's deviant rather than standard deviation ...
HOWEVER, it recently got warm, rained and then froze solid...
Went with the wife around noon to check local conditions. It felt like strong winds from the NW, the ice was solid with snow crust in places. This means it would be up n down with potential of breaking through.
An hour or so later, I was on the ice... Forgot my cleats - damn it ...
Back harness for selfie filming from the back - could not be found - stored up north ??
Wind seemed fine when I got there, but just in case I rigged the HSM Fire on the lower outhaul - something I have NEVER dunn before ...
Only went for about an hour and never actually hooked in ...
The wind was way too variable and quite strong at times ...
Once my forearms were a little tired I decided to call it a day ...
Was not interested in filming it..
Lotsa people parked in lot for the spa and going over the bridge...
Nobody seemed interested in what I was doing ...
WOW - now even I am in my own little bubble ...

SAT 12JAN2019

Went to the local river to check it out ...
It was about -12 degrees C and winds were from the west at about 20+ kph
The snow was still about 10 cm deep and looked like more than last time i checked ..I tried sliding on and pushing my snow windski.
It went okay, but not great.
I am looking for a sliding machine.
Like riding on ice - or as close as possible.
My idea of sliding on skis and being on it in the air is moving forward slowly - pardon the pun

Clique the pic

FRI 11JAN2019
On the seabreeze windsurf forum, Zoltan was analyzing windsurfing a foil on a RaceBoard, Formula board and a Freerace board {the Formula seems to be winning}.

I commented about experimenting with windsurfing and posted the windski video under the 01JAN2019 entry that in this post below ....
OR just go to the bottom of this page :-)
or better yet - go to my youtube page
n look at ALL my videos LOL

Zoltan commented on the whole concept: {clique image to enlarge it}

TUES 08JAN2019 Rosemere
It had snowed about 5-8 cm with some fine rain afterwards.
What did this do to my windski arena ??
Put the plastic shovel in the back of the hatchback and off i went ...
Yes there was about 10 cm of snow on the ice and about 8 cm of snow when one pressed down hard.
Shovelling that snow with a plastic shovel did NOT go well.
The ice underneath was about a 7 outta 10 {not sure how my scale for this works - YET}
Yes, I was actually trying to figure out if I could shovel a path across the river for my windski.
IF one was actually to attempt such an insane act, it would require {at least} a metal shovel and sharp skates ๐Ÿ˜

SAT 05JAN2019 Rosemere windski Retro 8.0 NNW 20-40 kph = 7.5 outta 10
Supposed to have NW winds of 20-40 kph, temperature of about zero and the river seemed frozen when my young son and I checked yesterday evening. There were spots with water, but read on or check the video ...

Today there was about one to two inches of snow on solid ice. Wind did NOT seem so strong and so rigged the 2007 SailWorks Retro 8 m² sail with the NP constant curve SDM mast and attached it to the ice model of my windskis.

On first run I crossed to the other side of the river and spoke with the ice fisherman there. He was dressed in military gear and had about 8 holes with poles (NOT in the military gear LOL). Asked him how thick the ice was and he said it was one to 1.5 feet thick at the sides of the river !! What about the middle of the river ?? Don't know, but saw snowmobiles go down the middle. Yes, I saw their tracks ...
We discussed the water and both knew those spots froze last and melted first in the spring ...

The wind became quite north and strong at times. HAD to use the harness.

At the end decided to make a film in 3rd person perspective. Naturally that had to be the time the wind died. Either that or I am a hell of a liar :-)

Forgot to mention that as I got off the ice there was a little girl, about two years old with two women. She mentioned my beard and I told her that I was NOT "le pรจre de Noel" :-)
Just look like Santa Claus ...

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