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Out in the COLD ??

There is cold and then there is BLOODY COLD !!
In French we say froid et FRAITE/frête !!
If these surfers can do it, why is it NOT more popular amongst North American windsurfers ?

Première neige sur la Côte-Nord from Mathieu Crepeau on Vimeo.

In Montreal I only know of local legend Yvente...

Here is a photo from Baie des Brises in 2016 - from Yvente/quebecwind:

The BIG problem is the sail(s). When it gets cold, the sails get full of ice and the mast freezes together. I have gone in the cold up at the chalet and the only saving grace was being able to bring the sails directly into the cottage. Some people say one just needs some warm water to pour over items that are frozen ... Sorry, even I cannot get into this and I am considered a polar bear...

and then there was this video from December 2015 :-)

apparently this one is from some movie ?? "Ayahuasca" ??

 for these Austrians it is cold - six degrees
well, I probably could make it out in that weather :-)

Well, it does look like some cold weather videos are showing up 😊

Windskate and Windski

Would like to revive this subject, since the air and water are too cold for me now ...
My average for on the water in December is a BIG fat zero and ONE for ice windskiing !!
The cold weather is only just starting now - the 10th of December 2017 ...

The experiments I did earlier for windskating (on a skateboard) and discussed below were fun, but did not go well - NOT to my tastes anyway ... I found the windskate idea interesting , but dangerous. Learned quickly to dump the sail if in ANY kind of trouble. I found the board a bit short and narrow.

My first experiment to change all this was with some wood laying about - it was 50 inches long and 17 inches wide. I was looking to go 8 or 9 inches wide and 48 to 54 inches long. So, I stuck with the 50 inch length and tried the 9 inch piece first. Initial tests on the press wood suggested it would not break with my 105 + kilo weight. When cut to size, standing on it felt very comfortable - not too wide nor long. Put the wheels on at 7 inches from the ends. It rolled well and i stepped where the back wheel was and it was ok. Put some stress on the board in the middle - hmm. Ok, stress test time and it broke, This is okay - because I really do NOT want it to break while riding on pavement. Now I will search for a more appropriate wood and probably do more stress tests before assembling the wheels and mast base ... All just part of the fun ...

And what does a search for home made skateboard wood bring ?
Quick search on internet and it seems maple and plywood are the best choices ...

Well, it seems local freestyler, gtj/Guy Trudeau jr, is starting to influence me...

He runs a website called and is also know for his freestyle tricks on the water.

First I tried a windskate where I took my son's 31 inch skateboard, changed the wheels and put a hole for the mast base ...

 These wheels are wider and come from a longboard. They also roll "better"

Because the board is short. the mastbase had to go in front of the wheels...

Most people including Guy, put the mast base behind the front wheels. The boards are also longer. Putting it front means the board often tips up when moving it about (without people weight holding it down).

When I saw Guy today in December 2016,  he suggested many things... He keeps BOTH wheel bases long. I can switch the wheels onto the longer truck from my son. Guy's boards are longer, as discussed, and also FLAT. He makes them thicker now so that they do not break. His wheels are also even wider than mine and finds the really wide and large wheels just slide too much. Would need a harder rubber on those wheels ...Next spring 2017 I will purchase a full kit from Guy...

When I did my experiments, I only had my HSM Fire 6.3 sail here and not my smaller junkers. I don't have good smaller sails ...

(need a better pic of this sail ...)
how about this one - NOT me obviously

The good news is of my windskating sessions so far - nothing was broken and I did not get hurt. I do have my windsurf helmet, knee pads, good gloves and purchased elbow pads ...

I did try to make a "longboard" windskate ...
As I wanted to see which lengths would work best for me, the first attempt was not expected to be great ...
It was press wood from some old TV cabinet that was laying about ...
Made it about 50 inches by 9 inches , which passed the length and width test, but not the durability test ...

So, went to the hardware store to check out wood prices ...
Maple is just too expensive for me at this point - am still in the experimental stages ...
Found some crude dried pine which seems sturdy, but will probably NOT last long ...
Made it the same 50 inches as the above experiment with the trucks 7 inches from the ends ...
Left the board at its current width - for now ...
Forgot to change one of the trucks to the wide truck ... later ..
First experiments showed that the board was sturdy enough and width did no bother me ,,,,
Very ruff looking at this point - thicker than the final result will be too ...

Well, I put the wide trucks on and am experimenting with a wide angle lens on my phone...

With all the good things Guy is doing, why not copy his windski as well ??

I had thrown out the skis from Helmut because they were at the chalet and I was NOT going any more. Did keep the boots just in case.

Since my boots did NOT fit the skis I got from Marc's garage sale, I had to move the back bindings:

Guy suggests cutting the clips, but mine come off - leave them off ??

For the boots I unscrewed the top portion
and cut the backs as suggested by Guy

the cross bar was purchased from Guy

and now ... almost ready to get the rest of the materials
nuts, bolts and washers as suggested in the video

okay, got some nuts, bolts and washers
and moved to NEXT step:
where pucks are attached to the crossbar

need to ask Guy about the bolts and how long is really necessary

What I did for now, was add some more washers. The setup looks okay and ready to mount pucks onto the skis.  Guy suggests seven to eight inches up from the bindings. Did an experiment about where to place the pucks on  the skis and it was 7.5 inches from the bindings. As such, that is where I will place the pucks ...

As it gets wider further up the skis, I decided on eight inches from the front of the bindings. As I could NOT find my protractor, I had to print one from the internet in order to measure 360/5 = 72 degrees between the screws and decided on 1.1 cm from the edge. Here is the first puck mounted ...

and now just need to let things dry - silicone and loctite - before testing it out 😊

Was going through my winter posts and looking for other windskis. There used to be a company called windski that built something like American "magic ride" who posted on Auzzie windsurf forum: (says it does not tack or jibe well, but then none of my models seem to either...)

Apparently this was a water ski - something I tried with an older ski that did not work out for me ... 
Here it is in action ...

 "my ski won't perform well with larger sails. The ski seems to bite too much to the snow at the bottom of the ski 3/4 to the front end area of the ski. Found any thing less than a 5.4 and down works perfect."

Will look for pics from "original" windski ... They used to be @, but that address does not exist anymore and is available ... Here is a sample:

They claimed that the windski and "windski carve" could go in ANY depths of snow ...

Found pic at a site where they "talk" about classifications of winter sailing ...

1) Sled with rider standing on structure
2) Hand-held like a kitewing
3) Kites connected by lines ...

Obviously there are also ice sailboats !!!
and for me these below are ALL sleds, but all completely different !!!

This fellow says he simply attached the sail to one ski with a rope ??

Here's another single ski, but with snowboard(s) and a platform

Well, brought the stuff up north to the out-law chalet cuz the ice is supposed to be frozen. This is on TUES 27DEC2016, my birthday... when i tested the ice at night/evening, I managed to break through top crust and find some water before next layer 😒 and it looked light / perhaps water ? near the middle of the lake $%^&*(( On the following morning put on the BIG boots and wandered further out. The ice made a BIG BOOM like lake was a GIANT WOOFER. Was afraid for about 2 seconds. Went and got my other sleds and took out my favourite ice sled with the HSM Fire 6.3. Ice was fine (8 outta 10) but the wind was too light  - off n on around 10 kph (6 outta 10). It was good to go out though !!! Just been too long - think i have a serious addiction 😊 This is the ice sled:

The next day I tried again, but wind was even less - 6 outta 10. Tried my ice sled, but the ice was too sharp and rails too sharp - did NOT go better than above sled. When I rigged the SW Retro 8-oh, the wind died !! This is my blue ice sled:

I must have spent over one hour looking for a specific board on this blog that buddy Claude Belanger showed me @ OKA. He met Langis Caron @ WISSA in 2010 I believe and based his boards on that/those meetings ... It is a combination  of skis and snowboards with an angle of about 23 degrees. What is interesting is the mount of the platform AND the joining/amalgamation of the skis with the lower snowboard (which has been cut in order to match the 23 degrees of the skis !!

What differs between Claude's model and that of Langis Carron is, Langis only had one ski coming out the front : (in case you did not know - Langis was a Québec race car driver who also won WISSA windsurf races on ice n snow)

Here is a windski from Langis Caron in action !!

Here is a local fellow using a windski like mine ...

Here's Brian Foster aka magicride on his windski @ Lake of the Woods, Oregon
another video bites the dust - even Brian cannot get it :-(

Well, it has been confirmed that this WindSki and Guy's version do NOT go well in deep snow. DEEP is not a number and so, what is meant by deep snow. Ironically, it is NOT a big number. For me 6 cm of snow can wreak a day out in the winter and ten cm for sure. Need more wind and more effort. On the ice 15 kph winds can make the ice sailboard fly. Need 15 knot winds when the snow is over 10 cm. Starting to sound like summer planing requirements ??

In any case, I am constantly wondering how i can overcome this deep snow "issue" and often come back to this idea:

The idea is to keep the weight and drag up and over the snow line. How much height is required ?? At first I was considering 12 inches in order to ensure one is over the snow... Went outside with deep, wet snow and measured how deep do I sink with my weight in these conditions = ten inches. Okay, does it make a difference if one is on a ski ?? With one ski and my full weight on it, it sank about five inches which is obviously ONLY half the amount. This seems to indicate that 12 inches of height may be too much and awkward for nothing. A typical step in a stairwell seems to be 8 inches and so, since this seems to be a comfortable height, that is what i will start with... Have skis in the garage and an old snowboard from my sister up in the chalet basement. Will put three crossbeams one foot apart under the snowboard. Maybe I should NOT share all this information until I have patented the model ?? 😊

What about deeper powder snow ?? That happens rarely here and if so, at least the weight and drag will be up higher and perhaps able to push the extra fluff out of the way ?? 

What about spin-out as there is NO fin nor angle of skis ?? 
Have thought of that and have a potential solution, but cannot share that here - not until patented 😊

may as well add some new stuff since I brought the post back to the fore front ...
how about winch windsurfing on the mountains ??

or Levi Siver on Japanese mountain:

now for deep snow am using this as an idea to think about - elevated platform !!
other George told me that the snowfer works in deep snow, but is out of business !!

found this on iwindsurf in March 2019 !!

Summary of My 2016 Summer Windsurfing

As usual I specify  summer windsurfing on water as opposed to winter windsurfing on ice n snow 😊

This year was supposed to be the year about the foot straps. However, once again that did NOT happen. As FORCE10 from quebecwind suggested, Hatteras is not only key, but actually required in order to actually "get better". Here in Montreal, one goes windsurfing when one can, depending on work, family and obviously weather. Unfortunately I also did NOT make it down to Lake Champlain this year.

As usual, my big longboard and 8.x sails are my saviours. They can go in 20 to about 50 kph winds with some chop as well. By end of September the Mistral Equipe II XR board was used 21 out of 28 sessions; that's 75% of the time !! Since the 8.x sails get used on other boards as well, they were used 25 out of 28 sessions which is almost 90% of the time !!!

All the other longboards were sold: Mistral Equipe I, Fanatic Ultra CAT and Mistral Equipe II CHS.

The Mistral Equipe II XR is a special board in the sense that it has a LOT of float with 260 litres, is quite light since it is carbon and is fairly narrow at 66 cm. The Hot Sails Maui SpeedFreak 8.5 is also a special sail because it is made out of modern dacron and has a PVC window. This all makes it light, durable with a VERY large wind range ... This year I also purchased another NP mast to replace the one broken on the trip to Hatteras last year - 2015...

Took less videos this year, but did take the occasional one ...

Have been trying to determine what the next board down should be. Have a JP SLW92 which I almost sold until buddies warned me to keep it until I have fully managed it in order to really benefit from it - yes, foot straps ... I have taken the board out about four times this year and do always enjoy those sessions ...

Tried a SB iS 117W, but knew it was beyond me and would take some time to benefit from its amazing qualities. Traded it out for an AHD SL2 132 and am trying to get full benefit out of its qualities...Agree with "parked" on seabreeze forum that it does NOT feel like 132 litres of flotation. Oh well, time to lose weight and improve skills :-)

Most changes this year were in terms of boards and not sails ...

Not much in terms of BIG wind sessions, but am definitely more comfortable in 7-oh conditions. Just not sure which of my boards is the ideal one in those conditions. I still believe in my formula of sail size times 10 is ideal board width in terms of conditions. This works for 7-10 in any case. Formula with 10+ meter sails, 80 cm wide boards with 8.x sails and 70 cm wide boards for 7.x sails. A nice board for 7-oh is the Fanatic Hawk 135 (245x73) , but they don't make them any more :-( Was looking at the Fanatic Blast new in 2017 and it seems to cost almost $3000 !!! Around 2007 when I purchased my AHD FF 160, boards were closer to $1000 and I saw them rise to about $2000, but now they are at $3000 !!!

At the end of 2016 I purchased a 2006 Fanatic Shark 145 HRS which is 263 cm x 75 cm and will go very well with a sail of 7.x. The board was purchased as it has many options for foot strap placement. Yvente says it is a keeper and so, will need to re-evaluate my quiver in 2017...

My smallest sail is a 6.3 and I am estimating the next one down should be a 5.4 with probably a 105-110 litre board. Obviously this can be rented at Hatteras and I discovered (after big wind day :-) that this equipment can be rented from VoilOKA @ OKA as well !!

As stated, need to lose weight and improve skills. SURE hope Hatteras happens again next spring !!!

At the chalet, the BIC Dufour is in BAD shape and needs repair. Found another for fifty bucks and managed to do a clip with a bit of wind - before the board pretty much fell into disrepair. Will need to repair my original board after all ...

After writing this report ... went out @ OKA using the above home made selfie stick made from a wooden broom handle. While rushing to aid a kiter in need I broke the stick without realising and lost my GoPro 3 Silver. Oh well ... lesson learned. Good thing I still have my trusty GoPro 1.

At the end of the year I got a Pictek (GoPro copy) which I will test out and compare with the GoPro. It is about one third the price of a GoPro.

Lightweight windsurfers and wind minimums

As a heavyweight of over 100 kilos / 220 pounds ... I have been using large gear for quite some time. Folks like Dave White aka Whitey , who is heavier than me and dances on boards, suggests this is not necessary... Lightweights don't even need to think about that... Gear is aimed at average weight windsurfers - let's say 170 pounds or about 75 kilos ...

So, when someone of 130 pounds starts asking about sailing Formula and which sails to use, I get surprised. Is that really necessary and what are the wind minimums for someone like that ?? A big 100 cm wide board and a big sail larger than 10 m² ??

For me 10 knots / ~20 kph is my wind minimum for longboarding with 8.x sails. Larger sails work, but are also MORE work... People are saying 10 knots planing is attainable with not too much trouble...

This is me - out with a Mistral Equipe II XR carbon race longboard with a MauiSails TR-4 10 m² race sail in about 10 knots. People say I can go faster railing board with mast track forward and in the railing straps ...

Lightweights on the other hand, can plane in winds even less than that !!
In this video I do not even see much pumping ...

My question is : Is it necessary to go to a Formula board and pump large sails or even try to handle them when one is SO light ??  And in that video , how is that fellow able to hold up such a large sail ? What does he do if it drops in the water ??

A wide freeride or freerace with an 8.x sail should plane early enough for such a light weight ??
Like this ...BIC Techno Formula 94 cm wide with 7.8 sail ...

Who the heck would want to do this - pump like crazy with BIG gear in LIGHT winds ??

For myself as a BIG heavyweight, I use a BIG, WIDE freeride board JP SLW of 92 cm width with the race sail MS TR-4 10 m² in over 12 knot winds in order to be planing ...That is my wind minimum for planing - NO pumping ... and YES straps can drop planing threshold too !! My bad - not in straps ...

When I asked on forums if it was worthwhile to go from 10 to 12 square meters, it was pretty much a BIG NO. So, i cannot imagine lightweights on such large sails either ... nor on Formula boards ... still feel it is overkill - unless you race or ...

Based on what we are seeing now, perhaps wind foiling will take care of the light wind dilemma ?? Regardless of sailor weight ...

Will post a video from AHD since they have been at it the longest and have designed a board around it. They are now talking of making another foil board with more volume as well - this one is around 110 liters ... and FLYS in about 7 knots of wind

Olympics 2016 WindSurfing

Well, I was gonna write about windsurfing in the 2016 RIO summer Olympics, but I was seriously disappointed. First of all, it seemed there were 36 countries competing in the men's and women's RS:X windsurf races and none from Canada. Once I got past that, perhaps I could at least watch it LIVE or even after the fact. Seemed I had to be in  the US of A to watch on NBC and once I tricked the system via DNS server, it needed some user on some service. Then after that, I tried to find stuff on  youtube - once my fingers got sore, I gave up. Through my perusing I discovered that France won both men and women races, Britain's Nick Dempster got silver again and Israel was very disappointed. My wife corrected me saying the Netherlands/Holland won the men's and France was third in the finals ...

And that was what I got out of the 2016 RIO windsurf RS:X competition.
Besides the comments about it being polluted as HELL #$%^&*

Also, about a month ago there was the Canadian Master's in town and there was NO wind.

So much for my interest in windsurf races - PWA and similar is just way out of our league ...

Well, somewhere in the middle of all that hunting I discovered this:

An inflatable WindSUP called an Aqua Marina - the name of the supplier.

So, why is this so extra-ordinary ??
Well, I remember when I first saw either a SUP or similar in Costco and being impressed.
Well now they apparently carry this product.
It may not be an RS:X, but it is in your local Costco store tempting all those people looking for sails - oops Freudian slip - sales...
It is still a bit expensive, but it is my hope it gets the public and other "average joes" thinkin about it!!!

Check your local Costco store or on-line

AHD SL2 132

In 2015 I sold my AHD FF 160 litre/80 cm board and purchased a SB iSonic 117W/wide.
MANY people recommended the iSonic board and suggested I go for it.
The price was right and so I did "go for it".

I took it out ONCE in 2015 with SW on-shore winds at OKA Parc La Crête launch near Montreal. Right away i determined that this was a special board and beyond my skills.
There was NO way I was gonna bust it up.

Early 2016 I purchased a Mistral SLE 303 for $100. This board was supposed to prepare me for the SB iS 117W and I did/do NOT care if i bust(ed) it up. That too is a special board and rips !!

BENF contacted me mid-2016 and asked how the iSonic was working out for me.
When I described the above, he had a suggestion.
What if we traded my 2012 SB iS 117W for his 2013 AHD SL-2 132 board ??

He had sold the iS because he wanted to go back to larger sails on the slalom board. He realised the best sail quiver base is 7.0 and then 8.5 and NOT 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0. For that sail quiver the SB iS would be FINE and he missed it ...

The difference besides the litres is the AHD is 5 cm longer , wider tail/OFO and thicker sharper rails. All this makes the board "easier" to ride and perhaps just not quite so aggressive...
SL-2 stats on the left and iSonic on right:

Weight:                              7.50 kg                             6.41 kg
                   "less than 7 kg naked"
OFO:                                 55.0 cm                             52.8 cm
Sail Range:                       7.0-11.0                            7.0-9.5 m²

Right away one can see the differences from the photographs.
There are cutouts on the SL-2 , but NOT as pronounced as those of the iS.
Apparently the AHD SL-1 did NOT have cut outs ...
It seems SL-2s have been around since 2012.

At one time the SL-2 came out in a black version and although I did not like the purple logo on the board,  I was hoping those were the colours:

I had agreed to the exchange, but BENF does not seem to use the same communication methods as I do and suddenly I saw the AHD SL-2 132 for sale on some websites 😲

Well, I must say that I was VERY disappointed and wrote on all the announcements that I was interested. Long story short, the next day we met at OKA Parc and the exchange was done !! as you can see from the photos above too 😊

Difficult to find comparisons between  the two(2) boards. There is a reference here:
"la planche est aussi rapide qu'une Starboard iSonic 127 tout en étant plus facile"
which means:
The AHD SL-2 132 is as fast as a SB iS 127 while being a little "easier" (to sail)
The SB iS 127 is still 228 cm long, like the 117W , but is 85 cm wide.
It is difficult to determine sometimes which version should be compared with which of another board manufacturer ...
In that article they also mention that they use sails 7.8, 8.6 and 10-oh with fins 43, 46 and 49 cm respectively.

Before we go too far, maybe it is time for a video ??
Cameraman is on the BIC filming fellow on AHD SL-2 132 with an RRD sail.
RRD sail ? they make slalom boards too :-)
(i don't like the musak, but film  is good)

As already stated ... There WAS an AHD SL-1 version before , but ...

"Instead of SL1, the new slalom boards have benefited from the joint development of Diony Guadagnino abroad but also French as slalomers Gourtay Vincent and Loic Legallois with the aim to propose models both easy and efficient.

Offering a more compact outline than SL1, new SL2 features a hull with a long  VEE  and excavated by a double progressive concave . In order to gain also in performance and control, the mast was lowered on deck while the cut outs are also returning to AHD - to reduce the maximum wetted surface. Also associating lightness and liveliness with a new carbon construction, the SL2 will also have sharp rails in order to gain support and general nervousness."

as far as double concaves and VEE go ...
"Tabou Rocket is an example of a board with deep double concaves throughout the hull with a slight vee in the tail. Tabou Rocket scores incredible well in almost all performance categories such as ease of planing, speed and top-end control."
If it works for the Rocket, why not the SL-2 ??

The 132 litre AHD SL-2 version has a sail-range of 7.0 - 11.0 m² with an OFO of 55 cm.
This means it can take bigger fins AND sails - ANOTHER light wind WEAPON !
Have already started talking about selling my JP SLW92.
With a Mistral Equipe II XR  and an AHD SL-2 132, who needs a JP SLW92 as well ??

Slalom boards  get compared amongst themselves for obvious reasons. Which one is faster, easier, etc and why. Here there is a discussion about AHD SL-2 , Fanatic Falcon and even SB iS:,ahd-sl2-122-vs-fanatic-falcon-125-2012.html
again, the AHD is considered more easily attainable and reaches decent speeds...
in the discussion Anders Bringdals is quoted as saying the ideal board length is 240-250 cm.
The iS 117W was 228 and this SL-2 is 233 (just short).

Did some measurements and took some pictures...
The centre of the mast track seems to be 134 cm from the back of the board.
This seems to be more n more standard for slalom boards
The point of weight balance on the board is about 30 cm or 1 foot back from mast track centre.
This too seems more n more standard with slalom boards.
Pretty sure the SB iS 117W had similar features/measurements ...
Here's a pic with a Lessacher weed fin:

Board shapes have changed a little over time .. The Mistral SLE 303 still has some semblance to a boat shape. The newer boards , especially the freemoves, are starting to look more n  more like potato chip boards ... Noses are getting rounder and stubbier. This AHD tail still seems to have a more traditional freeride shape ...

These photos obviously bring up the question of fin(s). The slalom type boards are typically delivered with NO fin. As they are slalom boards, slalom fins, or more upright fins are the preference:

Meant for speed and perhaps upwind ability. Then again in a PWA race do they really go upwind?? Wrote to auventfou to see costs of these fins now and both 45 and 47 cm offerings of Select S1 XL slam and Elite S-10 are $250 + tax which = ~ $300. The fins seem to have gone up about 50%. Another Sontag SL-R or SL-X costs 250 Euros which is about $400 = wow :-(
That seems to correspond with the boards as well. Unless one is buying a BIC, prices seem to be around $2000 to $3000.

As I have several tuttle and deep tuttle fins under 57 cm, these fins will have to do until i am comfortable with the board !!! And have to prepare to sell something too ...

So far, have been "testing"/trying the board with a Wolfgang Lessacher 42 cm weedie. Works fine on this board and JP SLW with various sail sizes. The board is a semi-sinker and I practiced uphauling. I can do it, but it is NOT easy. Will try to perfect the different water starts. Had it planing across Lac Deux Montagnes with a NS Duke 6.9 on my first trial on that lake !! Tried a fast tack - nyet. Managed a messy uphaul. Practice, practice, but work all day and no play makes Jack a dull boy :-)

Some people are saying this is NOT the ideal board for me to progress - especially progress quickly. And they may be correct. However, what are my options ?? A Fanatic Gecko 120 ?? 242 x 76. Feel the 120 is just NOT enough for my 105 kilos. 130 is 246 x 78. Maybe, but not that different. Took a quick look at the BLAST 130 - 233 x 70. Feel these boards are all NOT that different. Intend to keep playing in the shallows with this board until I am ready to RIP !!
SL2 132 et 7.8 evo2 : S12 slamxl ou Vmax 45
SL2 132 et 8.6 evo2: S12 slamxl 45 si medium,
47 si assez light voir 49 dans le marginal.
Le 47 Vmax et son allonge permet de passer direct en 47 au lieu de 45 au depart.

+1. Pour le vmax 43 et 7,8 sur la 122
Par ailleurs, j ai opté pour un vmax 49 et ramf11 9.0 sur cette même 122 et j ai hâte d essayer ce combo , la sensation de glisse va être terrible

Heavyweights are using large sails on these boards !! and in light winds. Seems the board is quite popular in France...

Aujourd’hui, test en rade de Brest de ma nouvelle SL2 132 flambante neuve ! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Conditions de l’essai : Plan d’eau facile à légèrement clapoteux, SW de 13 à 15 nds pour commencer et ensuite 15 nds établis, claques à 17-18 nds maximum. Air 17°, tonnerres de Brest en régate en grande rade (bon ca en s’en fout :oops: !)…

Matériel utilisé : SL2 132 – 79,6 de large – RSR Evo 3 - 8,6 + Aileron Sonntag SLP 45.

Rideur : 1m83 – 92 kgs :oops:

Premières impressions : la board est très légère une fois l’ensemble en main, elle se révèle tout de suite très joueuse et invite très rapidement à sautiller les clapots qui se présentent, pourtant il y a 132 lt sous les pieds…

A l’image de la 112, la board monte de suite à plat sur l’aileron qui me semble être la bonne taille. De primes abords, quelques petites envolées contrôlées qui m’invitent à caler la plaquette un peu plus en avant (réglée initialement au milieu). Quelques réglages de voile plus tard, l’ensemble se révèle très cohérent (un peu trop ?), très joueur dans les quelques rafales, mais ca manque un peu d’air, je serais mieux en 9,5. Premier travers abattu (100° du vent), un timide 26,5 s’affiche sur le GPS, mais outre cela, les sensations d’une planche joueuse se révèlent petit à petit, mais le vent manque !

Tous les jibes passent bien, mais, à part la prise de care, elle est assez spéciale pour finir bien le jibe, pas trouvé encore le truc, semble-t-il que la board demande à changer les pieds plus vite ??? (avida dollars, une idée la dessus ?). Ce qui est sur, c’est que la planche aime les grandes courbes rapides par rapport à des jibes plutôt serrés que j’ai pour habitude de faire avec mes Kranz… Deux ou trois sont bien passés avec la 112, toujours avec une vitesse peu habituelle pour moi (cad rapide)…

Ensuite c’est parti pour une petite ballade rapide en rade. Le gros point positif c’est le rapport cap/vitesse. Comme sur la 112, la planche, une fois une certaine vitesse prise au travers, se cale sur l’aileron sans aucun spinout, et remonte à environ 60° du vent, sachant que je suis un très mauvais remonteur ! Ce qui me surprends le plus, c’est la vitesse moyenne à cette allure, due sans doute au fait que la planche passe bien au dessus du clapot,à plat et sans broncher à la reprise des petits sauts du au clapot. C’est très agréable et je pense que ca doit être redoutable en compet !

Quelques travers abattus plus tard (toujours 100° du vent, dixit Gpsar), ca donne 28, puis 28,5knots en vmax, bien content vu le peu de vent. J’imagine, sans pouvoir le vérifier de suite, que la vitesse moyenne est très bonne… :lol:

Petit arrêt à Poss’Du (cale du pôle France pour les non initiés), ou je rends compte de mes premières impressions à mon shop Notik. « (…) bon, ben c’est prometteur, maintenant faut essayer avec le Vmax 47 pour la rendre encore plus joueuse (…) la board est franchement régulière, je pense qu’elle supporte bien 9,5 mais aussi 7,8 à mon avis… (…) A + dans l’bus, la bises à ta femme (…) »

C’est reparti au tire veille car la cale est déventée par cette orientation (WSW sur le moment), j’en profite pour me dire que la planche est très stable en statique.

Je choisis l’option abattée pour rentrer au MB en 4 bords, et je fais un premier run à 120 ° du vent. Je précise également que le vent venait de s’établir aux alentours des 15 nds (claques à 18 max). Ca y est, je sens la board avec 8,6 dans son programme avec le Sonntag, ca ne bouge pas, c’est calé, les rafales permettront à la board de se libérer avec un contrôle que je n’avait pas sur la Kranz 85 passé 28 nds, c’est vraiment très agréable, pas d'envolée, l'ensemble accepte sans sourciller les propositions indécentes des rafales qui se présentent 8)

Ce bord et les suivants laisseront plusieurs Vmax à 30 nds. Le plan d’eau s’est pourtant bien transformé, mais qu’a cela ne tienne, à l’image de la 112, on s’en fout, on est au dessus, et en prime on a du contrôle, donc on accélère en grand confort !
Ce qui est grisant, c’est qu’avec un tout petite poil de vent en plus (20 nds) - (c’est plus vraiment son programme, ni celui de la 8,6 !), je sens que la board peut aller dans les 31 – 32 nds avec 8,6, ce qui me paraît surprenant en Slalom Xl…

Les trois autres bords d’abbatée me laisseront bien m’amuser avant de plier les gaules , vivement la prochaine nav avec cette board que j’adore déjà !

Au final, après analyse des traces avec GpsAR, on sort en vrac plusieurs fois vers 30 nds en vmax (29,89, 29,78...), 29 nds sur 250m, 28,2 nds sur 500m et 27 nds sur 1km. La régularité dans cette légère brise me satisfait pleinement 8)

Vivement la prochaine, l’essai de la 92, et la livraison de la 112 !!!!!

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Sailing is life... the rests are details !

Laurent Hué of France has written such a GREAT review of the board (in French) that I have translated the review and am making it public (after the okay from Laurent):

and my translation:!Ajm-V_FfbaYkgnQlIluC0UHOxXNj

and people are doing windfoil experiments with the board as well !! :

Apparently this was the fellow's 2nd ride on this setup - ONLY...
He is 96 kg and started with a Severne Convert 6.7 in 10 - 15 knots and then switched down to a NP Combat 4.7 !! = WOW - with a Windfoil Manta 2 (in case I ever want to get one :-))

and here is a closer pic of the AHD SL2 132 with the foil:

It seems in 2017 the colours have changed once again and they are saying the fin box is foil ready...
Here is an article about the AHD SL2 122 and windfoils:

Here is a cool video with some SLa1om gear including AHD SL1 125. 
We do NOT see many of these AHD boards here. popular in Europe ...
auventfou sells mostly the FF freerides ...
even the SeaLion is NOT seen much - if at all - would LOVE to see an AHD Tactik
in any case ... here is the video ...

Can Pastilla Slalom Session from Totalwind on Vimeo.

This board was sold in 2018 since I felt it was too much for me and in terms of balance the nose dove down too much ... Replaced it with an AHD SL1 140 which is just a few more liters and just a little bit longer ....Supposed to be a bit more freerace than the slalom boards I have tried ...