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SOLD two of my favourite longboards :(

There comes a time when one realizes that there are just too many toys laying about. I am the only  windsurfer in the entire extended family and between home and shared chalet there are eight(8) windsurf boards. Okay, if I count the inflatable Mistral WindGlider, there are nine(9), but I count that one as my young son's.

So, what can be sold and at what reasonable price ??

The Fanatic Ultra CAT is a candidate because there are too many longboards and it has seen better days. Still a GREAT board, but would keep it on a small lake.

It is 380 x 67 cm and about 250 liters... It has a carbon centreboard and carbon fin. Was a raceboard back in the day !! Only asking $xxx firm with my mast base or $50 less and buyer figures out mast base... Yes, it has had repairs, but it is water tight and goes GREAT !!

Here is a video on local Rivière Milles Isles. No-one else goes there:

Need to make a faster video to show FULL potential of the board - BEFORE it sells !!

Was going to bring the CAT to the auventfou bazaar/swap meet on MAY 1st, but someone is coming from Ottawa to check it out... Putting all my eggs in one basket ?? Does not matter as I have disconnected myself from the result. The board will just go back to the country if not sold ... We are after all only speaking about $xxx + here ... This WAS my favourite country board - what am I doing ?? too late = SOLD in about 10 days ...

Thanks and GOOD WINDS
joe windsurfer
The other board I have decided to put on sale and is even more interesting is the Mistral Equipe I/one. It is the LCS-XR raceboard version. It is 372 x 66 cm and about 210 liters. It has the original parts other than the footstraps which I replaced. The fin is from Tinho Dornellas of calema sports and the centreboard is not carbon and hardly required. I made a steel plate to go in mast track in order to use standard mast bases. The ONLY reason I am selling this one is I now have a Mistral Equipe II/2. The price was $xxx  for this board in excellent shape:

and this one SOLD in about seven(7) days !!

Here is a video taken at OKA Parc near Montreal 

Thanks and GOOD WINDS
joe windsurfer

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