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SUN 20FEB2011

Today was a little colder than yesterday  - like about minus 10 Celsius and slightly more wind - up to about 8 knots on the meter. NW and later SW.
Stuck to the Gaastra Flow 3x 7.0 sail with 490 mast though.
I had also moved the mast base back ANOTHER inch and a half.
All this is to help the turning of the board.
It is now actually only five (5) inches forward of the original board #1.

The session was EXCELLENT and ten (10) times better than yesterday !!
The only issue was the ice -> snowmobiles, wind and natural cracks all roughed up the surface.

Used my BIG winter boots which were actually GREAT and only my fingers were cold. 
Somehow this seemed to disappear after blowing on them a few times...
I was still a little apprehensive and so , did NOT let it rip except on the snowier sections.
There I actually was going so fast I hopped over some chop :-)
Saw a kite surfer on the other side of the bridge - he let it rip a few times as well :-)

The ferrule top stuck again - perhaps the silicone was not dry yet ??

Anyhow, next week I am on-call, hopefully I will still be able to get out :-)

here are some shots of the River

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