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Safety First

My windsurf buddy, Helmut, always gives me heck for carelessness. So, when he complained about my lifejacket, I jumped at the opportunity of purchasing a used Prolimit Watersport XL windsurf jacket. Now I have one up on Helmut - he does not have a helmet yet.

Another trick someone mentioned is to wear brighter things or put bright stickers on the helmet. I check the "ropes" on the equipment and put a good length in my pocket - if i remember. i do still go out on my own :-(  At this time of year - there are NO boats in the water either - so, you/i am out on my own !!!

When I am on-call I carry a cell phone in a water pak. Perhaps I should do that at all times ...

Other readings have suggested whistles...

The crazy dudes should even wear impact vests !!

This study shows and I quote:

Conclusion: The injury incidence was 1.5/person/year with a high incidence of new and recurrent muscular strain. Lower back muscular strain was prevalent, indicating the need for preventive measures. Wave/slalom was associated with more new and recurrent injuries and the need for head protection.

AND it does look like some people actually manage to crack open the helmet!! 

Here's another study with some interesting numbers: 

Aim of this study was to analyse the mechanisms of windsurfing injuries. For this purpose we performed a internet based survey among 327 windsurfers in Germany. Overall 630 accidents have been registered among all 327 athletes during the 2000 season. The majority of injuries were classified as minor injury. The most common injury was the bruise. 70 participants reported fractures, 26 participants ruptured a ligament. 280 injuries required medical treatment; in 67 cases even surgical treatment was necessary. The majority of accidents happened at wind power of 5-6 Beaufort after 2 hour exercise. A technical mistake was the most frequent cause for the accident. The most dangerous manoeuvres were difficult jumps (e. g. front loop, backward loop, 70 injuries). In 46 cases the weather conditions were underestimated. Only 10 windsurfers reported about broken material as cause for the injury. One half of the injuries happened in wave conditions. The analysis of injury mechanisms allows conclusions regarding injury prevention. A longer break after 60 minutes windsurfing might help to prevent injuries due to poor physical fitness. After one hour windsurfing without a break training of difficult manoeuvres should not be performed. The use of a helmet might prevent head injuries during training of difficult jumps. "Overpower situations" should be prevented by choosing the right board and sail size. 

One thing I always overlook is energy food. I have seen and heard that people eat bananas and yogurt. Other athletes I know stress water (one bottle per hour) regardless of sport - in order not to dehydrate, and they all recommend breaks - same as above, one per hour.  I will say it again - I always forget sunscreen :-(

In May 2018 my board and sail got separated. It was an 80's D2 REIX board where the mast foot came out. Some lessons there were - when testing new equipment use on-shore winds, small lake or stay close to shore. Also, on older equipment where this can happen, also TIE the sail to the board in any means possible. When sailing alone, carry a phone, VHF or other communication device. I spent two(2) hours in cold water and was rescued by an inflatable dinghy....

Defective tools can also be an issue .. When downhauling people use all kinds of tools or self-made innovations. People have stabbed themselves with screwdrivers and hammers when downhauling with them. Patrick needed twelve stitches when he used this plastic downhaul tool %^&*(

While we are on the subject of safety ...

Please check your equipment at the beginning of the season !! As I don't go out too often and usually go in light wind, I am NOT expecting too much equipment replacement issues ....

This is my tendon of my Chinook mast base ... I asked how often should one replace this ?? Yvan of auventfou says to just check it annually. Jack of the South Shore says every three(3) years.

Fortunately when I picked up a used board at auventfou, I asked Vincent to check my tendon and this is what we saw !!!

Clique to enlarge
Clique to enlarge
 Bad things were about to happen !! Check your stuff !!!

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