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Windsurfing and muscle cramps

TUE 17MAY 2011 - Never thought this would happen to me, nor that i would actually be writing about it. Some articles state it happens more with age - perhaps that is it :-( shark man
Went on the local river in overpowered conditions with the old longboard and the 7-oh. Developed a cramp in the right thigh - on top. It hurt, but continued just the same. Managed to continue for about another twenty(20) minutes with occasional pain. It was pretty cold - had gloves and hood just around the neck, and i never do stretch warm-ups.

So, what else did the literature say? Dehydration when hot. That did not seem to be the case. Apparently 1/2 litre of water is recommended for every x pounds lost. Do i need to weigh myself or just drink water ?? :-) Carbohydrates? Had supper not half an hour before. Magnesium, sodium, calcium  and/or potassium? What is this, high school chemistry ? It seems bananas, nuts and fruits are strongly suggested around high activity. Actually read an article where a banana was suggested for every two(2) hours of board sailing. What about lactic acid ? This one and unaccustomed heavy exercise seem to make the most sense to me. As an adolescent I always had calf cramps and i do have a lactose/ lactase issue. Need to investigate further what can help here.

And i say NO to drugs - no quinine (apparently in tonic water) or any other weird dopes against cramps. Advil is about as far as i will go.Vitamins B complex and E i would also tolerate as solutions...or preventative measures. Redsurfbus comments that one can get magnesium tablets at the "health food store".

Once one has the cramp, the consensus seems to be to stretch that poor muscle. The calf cramps used to subside with strong massages "away from the heart" - as someone suggested to me once.

For me it still feels like there is NO clear cut answer to this. Obviously once one cramps one needs to be careful. Bananas and salty peanuts with water before and during windsurfing just sounds like more fun to me. How can i convince my wife after that that i am truly exercising ? Going out for some peanuts, bananas, a little sailing and some of the boys may have a brew or two after. Exercise, yeah right!!!!

Personally this is only the second time this has happened to me in regards to windsurfing. Once while practicing water starts and this time.
In karate ripped the left thigh muscle many years ago, but this was the left one - so, not an old vunerability....

If windsurfing encourages me to lose weight, eat healthy, sleep better, get exercise and get fresh air - who can complain ??
Two cramps in over ten(10) years ain't that bad #$%^&*()_

Follow-up: have had some more cramps during water/beach starts. By co-incidence came across another windsurfer discussing this painful subject: and 

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  1. you can get magnesium tablets from the health food shop


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