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Windsurfing is still "cool" :-)

Last month my oldest daughter was going to OKA park, specifically the beach, with some friends of hers. I suggested she speak to me before parting, as i have a season's pass. I gave her the pass for parking the car and another for one adult admission to the park. Her friends included a couple of macho guys, whom she had not met before. The passes became a subject of conversation. "Why would your dad have a season's pass to OKA park?" My funny answer would be that i went to the nude beach regularly :-) This is a well known secret of the park - and i have as yet to stumble upon it :-)

So the dudes were informed that Mary's father regularly went to OKA park to do windsurfing. The dudes were like, " Your dad windsurfs?" So now my daughter's female friend in the car saw where this was going :-) "Yeah, and he doesn't just windsurf in the summer, butt he also windsurfs in the winter on the ice!" Apparently the jaws started to drop. The female friend knew she was on a roll and could not hold back. "And you know what they got him for Christmas? Tickets to see Rammstein !" That was just too much for the dudes. "Man, I gotta meet your father !!" "He's gotta show me some of this stuff."

All this is just to say - "Windsurfing is still cool !"

Now, that is obviously NOT the reason some of us, like myself do this sport. In the past I have used such old boards so as to get comments from fellow windsurfers, "Thought that was a whale on your car with that black fin :-) " Even that was not bothersome. What disturbs me is that there are fewer and fewer young local folks getting into the sport. Today's world is about quick thrills - windsurfing takes too much time to learn, space to store and move, etc, etc. Maybe the inflatable SUPs will help ?? At least kites are bringing them TO the water. Since this is SO dangerous, perhaps once hooked and then banned, these folk will come over to the windsurf world ?

and here is a video Denis Dagenais suggested to me that shows even old Windsurfer boards n sails are still coooool :-)


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