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Summary of my 2012-2013 Winter Season

As you may know - if you read my blog or know me, I windsurf on ice and snow - or at least try. I have two(2) sleds and will post a pic here. These are sleds that I designed and built for not much money ...

I use three(3) sails - 8-oh, 7-oh and 6.3. This year i tore the monofilm on my 8-oh. This is my most used sail - winter and summer and will be replaced - it is patched, butt that is not a repair in my book ....

Sessions were tried on the snow in December and were a complete FLOP.
Sessions did not get better until FEB when ice started to be available in the area.
There were a total of 14 sessions in all.
9/14 sessions were on the 8-oh.
3/14 sessions were on the 6.3
2/14 sessions were with the 7-oh.

Ice sled and snow version were used 50 % of the time each.

Only one session was marked as completely fantastic - on ice with ice sled and 6.3.
Seven (7) were considered GOOD of which 50 % were with the 8-oh.
About four(4) were ho-hum and December 2012 just SUCKED.

The monofilm probably tore because the sail may have been wet and cold. RIG right away !!!
Do NOT start trying the toys until ice is available ie my sleds are NOT good for snow.
YET two(2) versions are required for no snow and some snow - another required for real snow.

I did get a GoPro ONE in about November 2012 and tried some experiments - to be ready for summer.

The best videos - unedited - seem to be - mounted on board facing back for speed and on boom upside down for perspective - will post them here again ...

You can increase quality/resolution and FULL screen them if you wish - and if your computer/network can handle it ...

Go to about the 2 minute mark on the next video - started in a wind shadow ...

Maybe you like it that angle better with some funky tribal music??

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