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01NOV2013 too much wind ?? 30 to 50 knots !!!

When I saw that there was going to be a rise in temperature on Friday and more wind i became exited. And then I SAW !! They were announcing OVER 30 knot winds ... One of our windsurf buddies said we needed extreme sport diapers to sail in those conditions ...

Naturally power was lost in over 50,000 homes within one hour of the winds starting.

Some of the pros went to SBX/sandbanks and some stayed local at OKA. I stayed home !!

Here are some photos people referred us to from quebec wind...

On one of the forums I felt a fellow windsurfer said it well," Too much wind for us is as bad as not enough!" However, for some, these winds just put a smile on their faces !!!

Naturally there are big waves, and all kinds of antics NOT usually seen in our neck of the woods... People were OVER with sails in the 3.0 to 4.0 range !! FREEWAVE sounds like the name of the game !!!

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  1. Hi Joe
    Maybe you could add this Sandbanks map reference in your shortcuts , a lot of people use your shortcuts , it's very handy.
    Sailing spots at SBX:

    1. merci Richard/Force5
      j'ai mis le lien partout :-)


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