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Why bother blogging about windsurfing ?

This is a question I have been asking myself lately... Is it worth the "bother" ?
WHIFM = What's in it for me ??

Ok, I do get my share of compliments. And then i get my share of people trying to link to their sites , people who criticize me for use of "butt" & "10-oh" ,people who criticize my windsurf technique, or lack thereof etc, et cetera ...

The reason i changed my name from "joe windsurfer" to "average joe windsurfer" was precisely for that reason. I am an average joe who is having a great deal of fun windsurfing and hopely leading by example - any average joe or josephine CAN do the same !!!

The vocabulary jokes used to make me smile, "but" i got tired of the criticisms. In my mind there will always be an extra T in but and i will smile to myself. Guess I just never got past the peepee/caca stage... My grandfather always said it was vital that in order to remain young, one needs to keep the childhood heart. And that is what i do without even trying. It is a simple way of coping with today's world - without resorting to recreational or escapist drugs... The upset about the "oh" was never understood on my part cuz that is how i pronounce the sail size when it ends in a zero. OH !  {without the yelling and exclamation of course :-) }

And if all that is not bad enough, i just discovered the Internet Explorer has issues with modifications in video embedding... For that I apologize and we can all blame Bill Gates together if we wish - however, he really has done more than his share in the computer department and should perhaps retire :-) For this situation, I will begin to work in IE and ensure functionality in Mozilla @#$%^&*() Once that was fixed, I discovered that hotmail renamed their Skydrive document sharing to OneDrive and some shared documents were no longer opening $%^&*(

The reason i truly do all this is - i love windsurfing . It is like my religion. However, I will not push this "religion" on anyone. I started this blog because my son suggested that would be a good place to keep my windsurf journal entrees. As usual, things got out of hand and now it is more like a full blown windsurf website - for average joes of course :-)

Other ways i encourage windsurfing is i talk too much about it, windsurf in the winter on the ice and bring newbies out on the water regularily with my equipment. I try to bring longboarding back, but(T) that does not seem to working out so well. The SUP and WindSUP may help more in that department. I had high hopes for the Kona, but other than "Yan Sailboarder", I know of NO other local KONA windsurfers :-(

GEM , who is a big fan of HotSailsMaui is or has persuaded me that perhaps another way to help in this endeavor - is the use of HSM SuperFreak sails - or SpeedFreak even. These sails are dacron and coloured X-PLY and quite colourful. I already have an HSM Fire 6.3, but have never even seen a "Freak". Here is an example of a Freak - sorry dude :-)

Unfortunately i have been unable to get any of my four(4) children smitten with the windsurf bug. Ironically they suddenly become interested when their boy or girl friends think their father is doing this cool thing ... As soon as the relationship ends, so does the interest ... Again, as i said earlier, i will not push my "religion" on anyone - not even the family :-)

Guess i am just feeling "bummed out" with the snow, economy, etc. My son forgave me for yelling at him yesterday and my cold is a little better. After i pick up the youngest from school, i think i will do some trial runs on the ice. I am sure that will make me feel better...

Thanks for listening - i feel better already :-)

n.b. Many thanks for the encouragement received before and after this posting. If the negative comments did anything, they just encourage me to work harder - both at blogging and more aggressively at improving my technique. So, NO WORRIES = more fun to be had :-)


  1. Hey Joe. You are wrong, I'm convinced longboarding is picking up, albeit not an explosion but it is picking up. As I told you by PM, I heard in a local shop that everyone should own a longboard for lighter wind days. This is a complete and dramatic change of message from these guys. They also now have to find storage and repair solutions for the SUPs, so the longboards are not that alien anymore. Keep up the good work!


  2. Keep up the great blog and great work. I love reading your posts and like to follow someone with enthusiasm for the sport. Who care how you pronounce sail sizes. Is someone really that shallow or insecure to have to criticize? I like your blog. its fun and interesting to read


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