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Mistral Competition SST

Okay, so I purchased a Mistral Competition SST in March of 2015. The BIG question is WHY ?? I already have a BIC Dufour Wing , Fanatic Ultra CAT and a Mistral Equipe I LCS-XR. How can there be a need or desire for this additional 1980's longboard ?? 

Perhaps it is as Georges of the OKA jungle says, " Joe is a collector of old windsurf equipment and should start a museum!" Actually there is a little more logic than that :-) 

I am looking for the best performing longboard for my heavyweight carcass. All that I read suggests I go for the biggest and most volume longboard I can get my hands on. Ideally that would be a modern SB Phantom 380 or Exocet 380. However, those boards cost about $3000 new and NEVER show up on the used market...And so, I buy used - bought a used JP SLW92 in 2014 and now a used Mistral Comp SST in 2015.

The BIC Dufour is well, OLD, but historique. The CAT has seen better days and so the real comparison is Mistral Equipe I versus the COMP SST. 

Fortunately I have the 82 83 84 Mistral brochure with both boards listed / discussed 
inside. Here I present the COMP SST from the brochure: 

The main differences between the two(2) boards are:

different fins - race fin on Equipe ?
tri-concave bottom on COMP vs four on the Equipe
both are 372 cm long, but COMP is 70 cm wide and Equipe 65
Equipe has rubber gasket and centre board protrudes through deck slightly
COMP has NO gasket and does NOT protrude through deck - thicker board
COMP is 230 liters and Equipe I is 210

These differences seem almost insignificant, but the width and volume are supposed to help both newbies and heavyweights ...

As the brochure suggests: the COMP SST is the successor to the legendary SuperLight. I read an article where someone felt that this board was one of the reasons for the demise in popularity of windsurfing !! Everyone was out having fun on the One Design SuperLight and then this board showed up and just blew everyone away !!! Let me see if i can find it ...
Ah, took me a while, but here it is:
and here is the quote:
"I remember that board well. At the spot where I was sailing (inland, so no wave or custom boards), the Comp was the very start to the downward trend this wonderful sport has been in the last 20 years."
In summary what he is saying is this is when it became an "equipment race". Who had the latest n greatest as opposed to who could sail the OD/OneDesign the most efficiently. Now what KONA is doing is allowing sail size based on sailor weight to even out the playing field.

Back to the board... This one has a badly done nose repair that needs some touch-up, a crack in the centerboard housing and the fin seems difficult to remove.

So, I will leave the fin, touch up the casing and nose, remove the foot straps and give it a whirl. Once comfortable with the board, I will compare it to first the Equipe and then the CAT and Dufour. Since I like to use shortforms for the board names, what should I call this board ?? Either COMP or SST... Since SST is just the construction , like LCS and XR on the Equipe, I will call it the COMP ...

And so.. I left the fin , lubricated the centreboard, patched up the nose more and removed the footstraps. Just need to fix the crack in the centreboard casing. Will use MarineTex for that - believe i am out :-(

Am looking forward to trying the board  out...

OK, got some MarineTex and did the quick fix:

With last repairs done, ice going -- Now I am REALLY looking forward to trying the board  out...

Put some ReDek on, but needed some paint on slippery parts where final layer peeled off ?? Also put on the mast base that I made for my Mistral Equipe I ...

These guys may have centre board gasket IF needed:

25APR 2015 

NO gasket required ...
First outing on the water of the year and the first outing with the Mistral COMP SST. Used the SW Retro 8-oh in NW winds around 20kph. The board was fine, but at times felt fin alone allowed board to go upwind - when there was not enough wind. This seemed less of an issue when there was more wind. NO-ONE was on the water. NICE. Give session a 7.5 outta 10 and board the same. Excellent for first outing in light, light winds. Compared to MEQ, it felt more floaty. Almost like the CAT !!. Will be very difficult to say which one i like better - MEQ or COMP  !! Made a video that I am keeping private - just for me, since it is not too thrilling for others. Will wait until better speeds and more fun ...

Managed a 2nd outing on the local river with just a little more wind:
Before going to Cape Hatteras NEXT WEEK !!

The third outing was the best so far. Still on the local river with winds SW about 20-30 kph

In August 2015 I sold the board to Franco Ittiandro of iwindsurf forum fame for what I paid for the board. Franco was getting frustrated with his BIC 293 OD in the light winds. He was trying sail modifications to catch more wind ... I suggested he try and buy this board. Ideally it should have been more money after all the mods/corrections I did, but perhaps I just paid too much in the first place ??

I touched up the nose repair
superglued the crack in the centreboard casing + added a bolt
applied reDek and painted the deck to ensure it was NOT slippery
put the metal plate to allow standard mast bases
put in the Mistral Equipe centreboard - original kept jamming and is better on the MEQ

So far Franco seems very happy with the board and is ecstatic about the glide in light winds :-)

Then again, perhaps that is his COMP for sale on kijiji ...
Says he bought a WindSUP - correction - on forum he is thinking of buying a WindSUP
Says the issue with the board is the width - causes issues in jybes n tacks ...
Just get used to it !! as suggested on iwindsurf - one cannot have it all !!
Should NOT have given the centreboard in this case ...
Actually bought the dagger BACK in 2016 to sell a GREAT FULLY equipped MEQ One

just checked and the WindSUP 11'6" is 82 cm while this Mistral is 70
now Franco is also complaining about fin on the new WindSUP and will not take suggestion to try centreboard - wants to go with thrusters instead

Franco has gone from Tabou Rocket 145 to BIC 293 core to my Mistral Competition SST and now to BIC WindSUP 11'6". Seems he is not happy with ANY of these so far  and he may have had a Starboard RIO before all this ?? Feels like he has come full circle ??

Confirmed - Franco's board  history
started with an "old longboard"
2008 BIC Techno 160
2009 SB RIO 190 - "heavy and unresponsive" - wants to progress and goes for Rocket
2011 Rocket 145 - does not feel comfortable with it - "poor in sub-planing - curse to go upwind"
2012 BIC 293D - "does not glide well"
2015 COMP SST - finds it too narrow - it's 70 cm - issues tacking n gybing
2016 BIC WindSUP 11'6" - issues with fins ?? AAO Paul helps him with sail rigging

still feel the Mistral COMP SST was THE board for him ...
the WindSUP is 80 cm wide and will not glide as well as Mistral COMP SST or Kona ONE, etc ...
Kona ONE is also 70 cm wide

In 2016 he is still trying to sell the COMP SST - lotsa colours ... SOLD to ONT


  1. Kewl - Rock on !

  2. Had one of these back in the day....worked great. Have fun.

  3. I had an original Windsurfer, a Bic shortboard, and finally an SST. Thinking of getting a used Equipe since I am bit out of the market and not a fan of the newer wideboards they have. Saw a Mistral Race(?) turned into a SUP - must rescue it sometime ;) Anyway, loved the SST. Got the chance to try an Equipe once and it seemed like a skittish racehorse compared to the SST. I've also sailed a Hawk (Dutch make), Windglider, and some shortboards, but mostly a longboard fan. Once, at a race in California, saw Naish head out into the strong winds and pop a wave on an Equipe. What a beauty. Countless hours of enjoyment on the SST, enjoy! Looks like you got some nice sailing in even with the light winds, and it performs beautifully in the stronger winds too. Thanks for the inspiring vids!

  4. Hi, just came across your blog on a google search. I have an almost new Mistral Sst, Mistral superlight and brand new mistral challenge flex with two tails (collectors item and it works really well! google it :)).
    What do you think the best way would be to find buyers for these boards? My e mail is kiteman57 at yahoo. com thanks!

  5. Hi, have you sold the SST yet? Pete

    1. Pete:
      Actually, YES, I did.
      Did not see a significant improvement over my Equipe.
      However, I do know the current owner and he may be ready to sell.
      Where are you at ??
      we are in MTL/YUL

    2. I have a SST for sale. :-)

    3. if u wanna sell it from here - ya better give more info :-)

    4. Hey Joe

      Steve here again. a question about the mistral competition: what is the difference between the competition club UDS (ultra durable system) and the competition TCS (thermos compound system). I noticed the TCS us just a competition not a competition club. I own both but have only sailed the UDS. Thanks as always and fair winds.

  6. I'm looking at a Mistral LCS XR on craigslist. Will it work as an SUP? I weight about 180lbs.

  7. The Mistral Equipe I LCS-XR is 372x65 cm and 210 litres.
    The MEQ2 XR is 375x66 and 260 liters ...
    So, both are basically floating well, BUT narrow.
    I believe SUPs and WindSUPs are typically more like 80 cm wide.
    So, can it be done = yes, but not ideal for balancing
    I have gone on my BIC Dufour Wing and was able to, but hard to balance
    I did it, but ....
    I would NOT do it for extended periods - hard on muscles to balance all the time

  8. Hello
    I have just picked up an old competition club board. Does anyone know of a specific fin that can be used on this board. A decent one?
    Thank you for you help.

    1. Know nothing about that board except that people who used them back in the day, RAVE about em:
      some people when they are REALLY stuck about getting old stuff to work, come up with all kinds of ideas:

      GOOD LUCK (and winds eventually !!)

    2. if you wish, Steven, I can post your question on Auzzie forum and iwindsurf forum(s)

  9. Hi, I'm looking for a Mistral Superlight and rig/sail. Or Bic/Dufour wing.
    Randyames at gmail.
    Thank you

    1. Randy wrote:

      Hi Joe Windsurfer, thanks for helping out. I putting together a small fleet of boards to introduce kids to windsurfing here in Miami area. I would have a shop or carrier pick it up to ship, depending on where it is.

  10. Hi
    I got a Comp sst from new since 1986
    With this board I won many races and championships, regional and nationals. I was 15 at the time.I grew up to DII, hollow boards, Lechner my last one.
    I am 49 y old now, still windsurfing, every kind of boards, wave, slalom ...but I am fan of the race boards an like very much going upwind fast! I got a modern starboard Phantom.
    In recent times I sailed modern beginners floaters and I got utterly disappointed. They are designed very wide for floating and planning but not sliding! They are slow and boring
    So I restored my comp sst for my kids and I am also enjoying it!
    Long live to the Competition!!

  11. I have a SST too and am thinking about renovating it. Any idea where to find new stickers for the Board?


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