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Montreal WindSurf Shops - they ship !!

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Just thought I would put in a good word for the local shops.
Even though they are NOT helping me make money with my blog :-)

It is IMPORTANT to note that even if these shops are in Montreal, many of them do internet on-line business - often shipping in North America is free. This business is often what keeps the shops afloat - pardon the pun ...

The ONLY windsurf shop left near MTL in 2024 is:

auventfou is well known for their supply of used equipment - from learner to expert stuff.
Yvan and René just recently added Tabou boards to their line of new stuff.
They can be found just east of the Island in the Industrial sector...
CLOSED in the summer of 2019 - we will miss them !!

2-rad now has a good stock of Fanatic boards and SUPs.
Bruno is well known for his expert board repairs and speed on the water.
He can be found in the industrial sector just off Côte Vertu.
CLOSED spring of 2023 and Bruno joined WindSpirit = another one bites the dust !!

30noeuds is on the South Shore.
They carry some interesting things like windskates...

WindSpirit is also on the South Shore, but a little further :-(
They have the largest windsurf board repair shop in town ...
Benoit Gauthier used to be the board shaper for Wind Obsession boards !!

In case I forget - for Angulo boards and Gun Sails ...
Speak to Bruno Courtemanche of VoileLibre ...
He works out of Sherbrooke ...
Spoke to Bruno and he says they are going away from Angulo boards.
This year Josh is moving from Boston to Florida as well ...
"Jesus loves you" Voile Libre seems GONE tooo - since 2016 ?? as per LinkedIn

Sharks used to have windsurf equipment, but seem to have switched to the kite world.
They are still known for a good selection of water wear.
Their shop is in Laval ...

For sail repair it is NOT quite as convenient as having all these choices ...
They seem to hang around the SouthShore near the Granby Zoo :-(
Another option is to leave them with the local shops - and WAIT :-(
Moral of the story - don't bust your sail !!

Loopee used to be here near Montreal
but now is in Maryland ??

what about Kingston ? none found !!

and Toronto ??

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