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We have had an unseasonably WARM September in 2015. It felt like the BEST weekend was Labour Day weekend with temperatures over 30 degrees C !! Why just 3 days ago, on the 26th I went on the local river becuz it was so beautiful out - was in bathing suit, etc. Today, it is 10 degrees C with winds from the NE varying between 12 and 22 knots and an overcast sky.

People seemed VERY anxious to get out as per quebecwind windsurf forum ...  Chantal said she was out on a 4.0 m² sail with her 115 pounds. I joked saying with my 230 pounds I would still need an 8-oh. Others said they were out on 5.x sized sails.

When I got there around noon, the parking lot was FULL:

That is one half of the lot and the other half was just as full with people coming down the path from the residential area behind.

There were about 2-3 windsurfers and about a dozen kiters:

Click the PIC

One kiter confirmed they were rigging 9 to 10 m² "sails"/kites. Typically I divide this in two (2) to see what one might use on a windsurfer ... Georges says this is NOT a good formula, but works for me - so far ... With my weight I often divide by two and then add one or so meters ...

Clique the PIC

 Checked back on the forum when i got back to the office and Georges was leaving in the p.m. GOOD LUCK parking buddy !! When he got there - there was NO more wind !!

Based on the charts from Luc Marinier's weather station on Ile Bizard, winds were still good in the afternoon !!

Hurricane Joaquin / Joachim is making his presence felt and there is a system off the east coast of Canada as well.,36.67,790

This weekend they are predicting winds between 40 and 50 knots at Cape Hatteras !!!
In the end the hurricane did NOT make "landfall", but S. Carolina received something like 14 inches of rain in 3 to 4 hours :-(

On October 2nd Yvente of quebecwind posted pics like this !!

and a video like this:

Two weeks later we were hearing about things like this:

Who says we are experiencing global warming ??

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