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Hurricane Irene
The storm came through NE USA and Eastern Canada on Sunday the 28th of August. In the morning I actually considered going to Vaudreuils since the wind was from the NE. However, the wind was picking up quickly and people on the quebecwind local website were already chatting about sails in the 4.x range and really small boards. OKAY, i am out of this picture !!!

On Monday, which happened to be a really beautiful sunny day with lite winds, I met a fellow who had gone to St-Zotique on Sunday in the post tropical storm from 8h00 until 12h00. He stopped cuz there was too much rain $%^& He DID admit that he was often "over" with his 3.x sail, there were dangerous moments AND he felt like he did NOT have fun !!! Yeah mann, it is HARD work !!!!

Winds apparently gusted as high as 40 mph where he was and 50 mph at Veaudreuils !!! Here is a histogram of the winds at Dorval areoport that day ...

Clique to enlarge

Then today, I happen upon some posts where a fellow windsurfer DIED on Long Island, NY, USA during the storm - DAMN $%^&*()

You can read about it here:

Unfortunately that is now the 2nd windsurfer to die within a driving radius in the last 2 months :(
Those are NOT good odds.
Please be careful my windsurf friends - it is unsure whether Joe was wearing a helmet or not and he was out in winds up to 50 mph !!!

Another REALLY sad day and soon there will be rules and police chasing windsurfers OFF the water :(

My condolences to the family and all who knew him personally !!!

Update: The service has passed =>

Looks like Hatteras has been battered as well - they cancelled the Wave Jam

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