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Windsurfer dies after Windsurf Session in Quebec

Just a few days ago, in early August 2011, a well known windsurfer died after a windsurf session on the Island of St-Jean de l'isle d'Orléans - near Quebec City. Information was posted on a kiteboard/windsurf site in French:

Basically Marc Munro was coming off the water, had severe chest pains, and collapsed. Fellow windsurfers performed the appropriate first aid until the ambulance arrived, but all to no avail. His wife has expressed a hope that as many kite and windsurfers as possible show up at the ceremonies.

Obviously, the heart is considered the culprit. At work a "young" executive also just recently died from a heart attack while out jogging. And people are always quick to remind us of some infamous athlete, who died while performing their favourite sport.

What I do not understand is: how is it these people have no inkling or warning ? They just have massive attacks and die ? Perhaps there was a genetic predisposition ?

There is some interesting information here where they speak/write about sudden death and athletes ...

"The most common causes of sudden death are congenital abnormalities of the heart and blood vessels, or those that are present at birth."

"The second most common cause of sudden death in athletes is abnormal coronary arteries (the blood vessels that supply oxygen to the heart muscle)."

"Another cause of sudden death among athletes is Marfan syndrome"

"Athletes who are older than 30 are at increased risk for heart attack if they smoke, have high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated abnormal lipids, or a strong family history of heart disease."

Obviously this does NOT mean we should stop the sports we are already doing, nor stop venturing into new sports. Over 30 (which i think is VERY young) is when one is to start carefully and discuss with doctor if there are medical issues like blood pressure, genetic predisposition to heart attacks, etc.

One colleague of mine summed it up: "The windsurfer died doing what he loves the most. I hope i go the same way!"

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