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A special board = AHD Tactik

Since I have been reviewing longboards and hybrids for potential Fanatic Ultra CAT replacements, I also came across the AHD Tactik.

I wrote to AHD asking them about the cost - the board is about $2000 and more than a 2012 StarBoard Phantom 320. J.P. Riou was kind enough to respond and made this comment:

I also want to stress that if the Phantom 320 is directly inspired by RaceBoard type boards (wide planing boards), the Tactik is an hybrid board with a Division II type forward section and a planing hull aft.
Upwind in 10knots winds the Tactik goes closer to the wind and faster than anything else than old Div II or M1 boards.

No trimming upwind here : :-)

He was also kind enough to include a paper :!/view.aspx?cid=C6DB8ADE6B0C768C&resid=C6DB8ADE6B0C768C%21459&app=WordPdf

So, why my interest? If you read any of the enclosed document, it is fairly clear... This board is flat in the back for planing and shaped in the front to cut water like a boat or DIV II windsurf board. It is a simple board in terms of setup and sailing. It is good for light winds under 15 knots - where most people live.

It has NO straps, NO mast track adjustment on the fly and may unfortunately have a US fin box. My CAT has a US fin box and i am loath to go over 30 cm for fin length ...

Here is the only video i could find:

The specifications of the board are:

Volume             250 l
Length              320.00 cm / 10' 5 ''
Width               76.00 cm  /29 1/4''
Width ofo         59.00 cm / 23 1/2''
Weight (+/- 6%)13.00 kg
Fin box             US Box
Fin size              Deep Tuttle
Sail size             5,0 - 8.0

JP Riou tells me the centreboard is carbon, butt i have NO idea of its dimensions. Is the fin box US or Tuttle? and how good is the supplied fin ?? A board like this should be able to handle bigger fins and sails. I would anticipate using the Severne 9.5 raceboard sail with an appropriate fin on this board !!!

This picture shows a Tuttle or Deep Tuttle connection from the top:

What i am looking for and hoping for is - an affordable board like this that will bring the families back into windsurfing. I missed the 80's phenomena by a hair. So far this year by May 2013 I have mostly used my Fanatic Ultra CAT and MauiSails TR-6 8.4 sail. I know i could use this combo out in even bigger winds and it will plane - or at least feel like planing :-) As i do NOT make track adjustments while sailing nor do i race, such a board as the Tactik would fulfill all my longboard requirements and as suggested - maybe even more !!

Tactik Run from Sylvain HERNIGOU on Vimeo.

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