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Windsurf Marketing

On the Auzzie windsurf forum there was some discussion about windsurf marketing ...

How would you market windsurfing to promote it to become a more popular and visible sport ??

This depends on the target market - who are they??
male/female, young/old, liquid cash, traits, other interests, ready to travel , etc

For me - this has raised a different question -

WHY are current windsurfers {and kitesurfers} doing what they do ?

1) SPEED - to go as fast as possible .
2) OUTDOORS - just to be out and about on the water.
3) EXERCISE - keep in shape & can be done until after retirement. NO age limit.
4) COOL - it's just sooo damn coool man...
5) WAVES - these are what i call the experts ...
6) BUMP & JUMP - same group as wavers - maybe just a little crazier.
7) FREESTYLE - i call this -> for the FUN OF IT ALL.. Old and new free styles exist.
8) COMPETITION - covers many of the above areas + Olympics.
9) CHALLENGE - keep pushing yourself to try a new move, new speed, jibe, etc
10) MEET PEOPLE - yes, there is a social aspect to it as well - maybe not like the surfer dudes, butt...

For newbies - if any of the above , or all of them are of interest, the other good news is - the new equipment is MUCH easier to learn on - than even 12 years ago... For me, the biggest downsides of windsurfing are:

1) COST - new equipment is just very $$$. Still cheaper than a sail boat.
2) SPACE - hard to store, move about and travel with the equipment. Compared to kiting.
3) ACCESSIBILITY - where can you try, rent or even GO in your area - water access ??

On Auzzie forum there was this chart:

So, in order to market windsurfing, it is logical to make it FUN, SOCIAL and COOL. The rest should fall into place. I thought this kite surfing video sells their wares well....

This is Kiteracing ! from International Kiteboarding Ass. on Vimeo.

It shows the kite racing as SOCIAL, FUN and COOL with no age limit and all on same playing field.

The OP/original poster on the Auzzie forum said his intent was to have pictures that marketed windsurfing. I went through mine looking for the cool, social fun aspect and came up with this one. Two average joe windsurfers out together on a beautiful day with their buddy doing snappies and the sail boats are out too.

Clique to enlarge

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