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Longboards Over Time

I have started to try and make a complete list of longboards. People have many different concepts or ideas of what a longboard truly is. Obviously length is a factor and so is the centreboard. The magic number in terms of length seems to be in the neighbourhood of 380 cm. Interestingly enough, width is also a factor. The traditional longboards are considered slim by today's standards - in terms of learning boards or early planing  ...

Here the magic number seems to be under 70 cm for width in a race type longboard. Even volume seems to tend in a certain range ...For heavyweights like me-self of 95 to 100 kilos, it is not uncommon to use a longboard of 250+ liters in volume !! This is almost 100 liters more than my largest shortboard. What that does though is, it ensures the board floats in the lightest of winds and irregardless of the sailor weight. With a nice bottom shape {on the board :-) | this ensures the board glides well in the lightest of winds !!! The magic numbers I have mentioned here: 380x70 with 250 liters also means the boards will plane fairly early - since there is already not much board in the water in terms of depth - called draft in boat terms.

The following was a great source:

BIC seems to have had plenty of learning longboards as seen here:,35.html

The following had photos and details:

I have put the data in a spread sheet in order to allow sorting, etc.!/view.aspx?cid=C6DB8ADE6B0C768C&resid=C6DB8ADE6B0C768C%21465&app=Excel

If you see any inconsistencies, doubles, info lacking, please advise in the comments.

Robbie Naish does not need more than a longboard to loop !!

Personally I have made a list of longboards I would definitely contemplate owning:

Mistral Competition (SST) - done and sold
Mistral Equipe II - done and kept
Fanatic MEGA CAT
F2 380
Exocet 380 Elite
Exocet RSD2 - available from Toronto
SB Phantom 377/380

Obviously I would love to try and own a DIV II, but they are getting more and more rare. I would be more than happy with the RSD2... Tried a REIX DIV II and LOST IT when the mast base separated from the board in 2018.

As I stated earlier :   The magic numbers are : 380x70 with about 250 liters

2015 update: just this spring I purchased a Mistral Competition SST and still have my Mistral Equipe I, Fanatic Ultra CAT and BIC Dufour Wing. Georges of OKA says I am like a windsurf museum :-)

2018 update: The COMP SST was sold the same year it was purchased - to Franco. He sold it and purchased a WindSUP. Sold the ME1 and now have a MEQ2.

Here is some more good longboard information:

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