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Windsurf Magazines - 2015

In North America there are NO more windsurf magazines ...

WAIT, READ ON !! ...

Windsurfing Magazine disappeared around the end of 2011, early 2012 with Josh Sampiero as the editor. He moved on and am NOT sure what he is doing now ... Facebook says that he is now living in Austria !! after Florida that is ...
Here is a sample from May 2011...

WindSport Magazine stopped in early 2015 with Pete DeKay as editor.
Here are some samples:

In the fall of the same year Pete started a new Magazine called Windsurfing Now and offered a free "première issue" and has Dale Cook of Sailworks doing his Hucker jumps at the Gorge on the cover :

It was well received on the iwindsurf forum.

The WindSport Magazine was run out of Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, but the Windsurfing Now asks one to pay in US$. It seems to be headquartered out of Stratford, Ontario. This is their link:

The premiere issue seems very oriented towards the average joe windsurfer like myself - trying to get back to the "grass roots". My issue was with Canada Post. They were oohing and aahing on the iwindsurf forum and neither Pete nor myself had received ours in the mail !!! I did my subscription and am looking forward to the first official release ... The premiere was restricted to N. America. Same thing for the subscription ??

In Australia they started a magazine not long ago as well. I tried to get a copy/ subscription, but it seemed limited to that neck of the woods.

There are OTHER international windsurf magazines, but they may NOT be in the language of your choice !!


France: Planche MAG - - very liberal ??

                      Wind MAG:

Guess this is a reflection of where windsurfing is still popular ie EUROPE. Perhaps I should start my own French / English Canadian version ??
Hard enough to get people to a windsurf blog :-)

If you know other windsurf magazines that I should highlight, please let us know :-)

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