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This is how a sail should be presented

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This is obviously a NeilPryde/NP HellCat sail. It shows quickly what wind range suits which sail size AND it is written underneath that this is assuming an 80 kg rider where skills, water, etc make a difference...

The actual page is @ Neil Pryde Wind Range Chart

Am happy to see an 80 kg rider can plane in 9-10 knots with an 8.2 m² sail :-)
Means I have only 20 to 25 kilos to lose :-)

Though I like the layout of the page, I would have preferred the possibility of cliquing on the name of the sail , the chart or somewhere to get directly to the detailed description of the sail that interests me.
Had to click on gear to see that HellCat is a no-cam free-race sail.
Scrolling to sail specs was NOT obvious either.

So, although I LOVED the idea of the wind range, the rest of the page layouts left something to be desired.

Disclaimer: Am in NO way affiliated with Neil Pryde products and do not benefit in any way from discussing their products here.

Another website that is NOT working for me is the following:

It seems Barry Spanier and Artur Szpunar have NOT been idle since they left (or were forced) to leave MauiSails in early 2015. Rick Whidden seems to be in the portrait as well and there seems to be a fourth (4th) person as well - based on this photo/marketing:

Looks like I may need to do a separate post on this entire subject. It was due to Barry Spanier that I started with MauiSails and still use them ...

Info for S2 found here:

Ironically these days there is more info on facebook than in the dot com ... look up S2Maui there ...

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