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Started this "page" cuz the original journal entries kept screwing up when i edited them %^&*(


SUN 05JUN2011 - went with the 8.5 and the BIC on the local river. It was a beautiful sunny day and there were people, boats n cars all over the place at the boat ramp. It made me feel like i was up at the country on a nice summer day. Was on the water in 5 to 8 mph W winds with NO harness and NO life jacket. It was funtastic !!

WED 09JUN2011 - 15 knots with gusts WSW. Went to Pte-Claire with Helmut. Waves were a bit rough and actually loosened the 8.5 at one point. There were quite a few people and they all echoed that at least 8.5 was required. Met the fellow who now had the MFC 42 fin :-) and i was on the Select 48 :-) Both of us seemed satisfied. We saw Roman with his Formula ripping it up !!! Helmut tried the 8.5 on his Fanatic Hawk 135 and could NOT get out. With the windshadow water starting was impossible. The problem with Pte-Claire is , the waves , wind and current all go in the same direction. It was definitely a fun session for me !!!

Quiver Analysis: Last year, 40 % on the 8.5 ; 40 % on the 10-oh; about 15 % on the 7-oh and 5 % on the 6-oh.
So far this year have used the BIC Dufour with 8.5 just over 50 % of the time and the AHD with 8.5 or less for just under 50 % of the time. The BIG question is : does the 8.5 work with the BEE ? Helmut had MAJOR issues with the 8.5 on his Hawk 135 and it is 73 cm in width !! The BEE is only 63 cm ...

Retro 7.5 is about $650 new - at reduced price.  Can get it for less from Patrick. An MS Switch 6.4 with a 460 costs about $1000 !! The 6.4 will definitely wait !!! and the 7.5 not until end of season or next year !!!

The hope is AHD with 10-oh, 8.5 and 7.5 - the 6.4 on a stretch. The Bee with 7.5, 6.4 and eventually 5.6 - the 8.5 on a stretch.

This year - evaluate the Bee, in terms of footstraps, chop, sails and uphaul.

Some quiver examples I have seen:

180 lbs - 145 and 120 liter boards.
190 lbs - 150 and 115 liter boards.
210 lbs - 160 and 130 liter boards.

Tinho says Shark 135 and Yvan says AHD FF 117 - big difference...

in any case, may need a smaller weed fin - again , will wait !!!

NO more purchases this year #$%^&*
STOP the shop !!!
AND based on this analysis, it almost looks like i am better off investing in a KONA ONE than mid to hi wind boards n sails !!!

SAT 11JUN2011 Winds were to be from the SE. This is extremely unusual for Montreal. OKA beach is supposed 2B good for SE, butt i have never gone @ the beach and it is $15 to get in and park :-( Will wait for a nicer day B4 i try that. Also Vaudreuils Parc Charles seems 2B an option, butt it says get in via cement blocks. No thanks.

SO, i looked at other West Island sites -- at the bottom of St-Charles and the park in Beaconsfield look promising. Since the park has that cement piece at the beach, i went to St-Charles. Helmut was out biking - so, i was out on my own. When I arrived there was a fellow getting off with an old longboard and old sail kit. He said winds had dropped and were better about 30 minutes earlier. OK, started with the 10-oh. Had a hard time getting started cuz the double sleeve was full of water. Emptied it , up-hauled and then ripped !!! The Select fin was singing and i was barely able to hold on. So much for the light winds.

Also forgot to mention - as i was rigging the 10-oh, i saw the down-haul slip %^&*( There was some chatter about this on the SB forum recently and i just dismissed it. AND this was with the new material for the lines %^&*( Go back to the old stuff ??

The funniest part was that i was able to hook on even though the boom was much higher than usual. Reason, I had NOT strapped the harness under my legs !!! Managed to tack a few times, but was having issues with the waves. Felt like the wind was going up !! Put the 8.5 and ripped again. Was definitely OVER now. There were whitecaps and the sailboats were either ripping or angling so as not to get too much wind... Again issues with the waves and the too strong winds. The waves make up-hauling and tacking difficult. When i tacked i often had issues swinging the board about. Just felt like i donut have the skills nor the stuff for those white-capped waves :-( Discovered my issue with tacking is - pull board under oneself with back foot %^&*

Somewhere in here - probably with the 8.5 cuz that's when i was really over - i did a decent catapault hooked in and gave myself a "charlie horse" on the left thigh. Luckily it was not so bad as to inhibit the return to shore. Butt that outing i did the just get back to shore and walk to the launch point bit. That's how much i was over - and getting tired.

In terms of would the session have been better with a smaller sail - perhaps. It was the waves that gave me the most issues. Since I do BAFFing - back n forthing - and not so much maneuvering, the waves can be a real pain. 

Afterward found winds hit as high as 25 mph while i was out !!! By 16h00 when i was home, the winds had reached more reasonable rates !!!

SUN 12JUN2011 went to the country to see the mo-in-law and fo-in-law. I always bring my stuff and brought the BEE 124 and the Windglider - to store at the chalet and be ready for guests :-) Gave me the opportunity to try and put two(2) boards on the roof and use the sail bag too. Takes quite some time to load it all up %^&*( Wind was still from the SE and fairly light. At the chalet i use only the long-board now. Still had the two(2) piece wetsuit and booties for the "cold". It was NOT hot like recently and actually poured on the way home - yeah, everything got soaked on the roof. It was a cruising day on the water and decided to practice the body pumps. That was fun, butt very tiring. Experimented with the harness to try and get hook higher, butt to no avail %^&*( Good fun session though !! ALWAYS enjoy my time on the water !!!

MON 13JUN2011 went after work to the local river with light winds from the NE. Winds were gusty, butt that was a good thing. The gusts got me planing. Since winds were light, i got to play. Did the seat harness thing with no straps around the legs.Tried pumping onto a plane. AND placed my foot as is to go in the foot-strap. It was darn close !!! Could have used the 10-oh or the long-board. However, had a smile on my face on more than one occasion. Any time on the water is a good time - especially if it is after a day's work like today !!! AND in case you did not notice, i went windsurfing three(3) days in a row. It's like being on holidays. Tomorrow the winds are in the morning - perhaps i will go out on the water early and then arrive at work just a little later :-) Others show up at 9h00 regularly !!! That would make four(4) days in a row windsurfing !!!!

THUR 16JUN2011 - did NOT go Tuesday and donut remember why - probably lack of wind - nothing else seems to stop me this year. Left work early today. They were announcing over 12 knot winds - 10-oh?? When i got to Captain Morgan's , it looked like 10-oh. By the time my stuff was on the ground, the wind had dropped. Put the 8.5 on the BIC Dufour and went all over the place with many different speeds. It was VERY pleasant outside and lots of sailboats. Saw one other windsurfer who probably came from the park in Baie d'Urfé. Later saw Steve - was it him on the water ? When i got off the water it looked ready for 10-oh, butt time was getting on. Got home just in time for supper with the family. EXCELLENT timing !! What a GREAT day - except that we got the new's that Dom's Nona died :-(

SAT 18JUN2011 - my daughter's birthday and tomorrow is father's day - and i always get to go on father's day !! So, i felt a "little" guilty going out today. Winds got up to around 13 + knots and changed direction from W to SW. This created issues getting back to shore at Milles Isles. I mean i eventually did it - it just felt like i spent my time getting back to ground zero, rather than screaming around the river on my 10-oh. At one point i was screaming along straight to shore of Ste-Rose and a gentleman made an effort to see where i was going - felt like he was concerned i was gonna hit shore !!! When i left winds were PERFECT for the 8.5. Again, i was feeling a little guilty - so, went home and actually got in the wife's good books.  In reality my wife has been VERY supportive this year and i have windsurfed more this year than ANY previous year !!! It used to be once a week limit. This windsurfing near home really helps !!! It only takes about an hour to have fun and i am around the house loading and unloading another 20 minutes. Makes me wish i lived on a lake or river ^&*() In the country i leave my 8.5 rigged all the time - in the shade of course....Good thing i quit when i did ... my windsurf glasses felt apart in the car - managed to find the screw and fix em !!!

SUN 19JUN2011 - father's day. The tradition is we go to the chalet and i get to windsurf. Did my regular BIC Dufour 8.5 and managed to scream across once or twice. Winds seemed to be from the NW at about 10 knots. Also took out the Mistral Windglider. My kid at seven(7) years old is NOT ready yet and i find it a bit floaty. Hope to try it as a learning tool next weekend !!

FRI 24JUN2011 - festivale St-Jean which is a day OFF in Québec.  Brought my stuff to work yesterday, butt it was rainy, i was tired and just felt like goin' home. Today seemed like more of the same and the winds seemed even lighter. Winds were from the SE which is unusual for here.. Decided to try Beaconsfield park. When i got there , there were white caps and "big" waves ie over 1.5 feet. The 8.5 was the smallest sail in the van and so rigged it tight. The beach which is the launch site was in a slight wind shadow and was being hit my waves ie waves were from the side. Once i got past the cement sitting area, the wind kicked and i had to deal with the waves. Fell in and had to uphaul. Forgot about my sore back from moving Frasier's table on Wednesday %^&*(. Fell in a couple more times and decided to quit while ahead :-( Had to climb out over the rocks. The scariest part of the day was when i thought i lost the key. Will NOT go back to that site even if they had outhouses. For SE storm weather i need to find a more protected place  - like Captain Morgan's ?

SUN 26JUN2011 - Dolores was supposed to try windsurfing in the country, butt chickened out cuz there was apparently a 70% chance of rain. My readings were 40% and only in the morning. However, i learned a loooong time ago - NEVER argue with a woman :-)
We were supposed to go to the chalet just the same to visit the out-laws, butt the wifey said no go. So, packed all the stuff to go loco. Ooops , wifey wants 2 go 2 the country/chalet. Okay - repack - into the van this time. Change again %^&*() Okay, pack the BIC, 8.5 and go loco %^&*(
Amazing session with winds from the west and kicking in nicely - musta bin about 12 to 14 knots. Methinks, the next major expense should be a Kona One !!! Wouda come back with the AHD 160, butt ... next time - bring it !!! Also, moved the harness hook up a bit and liking it much more - NO need to get a new harness after all !!!
Gave the session 9 outta 10 and ONLY lost a point for the packing and re-packing stuff !!
My buddy Ed reads the blog and besides realizing i donut know how to spell do not, also that i am becoming somewhat more of a long-board fan !!!

TUE 28JUN2011 - see

WED 29JUN2011 - winds were to be WSW around 20 to 40 kph. Felt like more than that and since i had the day/week off, decided to go to Captain Morgan's on the West Island. Did not even bring the 10-oh nor the BIC long-board cuz winds were really good here at home. Definitely looked like 8.5 when i got there. Put it on a bit too loose and just ripped. Felt like the sail should have been tightened and bit and after two(2) or three(3) hi speed runs, my back felt sore. Moved a table last week and still feel it %^&*( Started the walk of shame along the shore and then the wind did die. When I tried to use the wind to get back, forget it... On the 13 gave the w/s sign to the fellow with whom i traded fins this year :-) It was a good session, too bad for the back and the big drop in winds. Since i go so often, it is getting harder to get longer sessions in :-( time for a break ?? nah - next week i can go any time  - the wife will be at the chalet ... maybe just cool it this week...

Oh yeah - temperatures were NOT great - it was cool enuff to wear the full wetsuit and it did drizzle just before and just after the session.

THURS 30JUN2011 - snuck out for a morning session. Went with the 8.5 in Rosemere with winds from the W at less than 10 knots. Obviously on the BIC long-board. There were ducklings in the water and it was quiet. The drizzle was over before i even started and when i finished the session, the wind dropped. Gave the session 9 outta 10 and only lost one point cuz i snuck out :-( Was in the full wetsuit once again.

The best part of this session is, the back did NOT hurt one bit - however, was unable to harness due to light winds though.

SAT 02JUL2011 - see

SUN 03JUL2011 - brought twelve(12) year old nephew Mike, out on the lake with the Mistral Aquaglide. The kid is a natural :-) He was off n sailing in less than ten(10) minutes. Teaching steering was more difficult than teaching jibes or tacks. It was easier to do jibes than tacks !!

MON 04JUL2011 - the American side of the family was up at the chalet celebrating with cousins and extended family. I was off back to work ?&*()
So, when the winds looked favourable, packed my stuff and went to the local river. Winds were a bit lite from the W and around 10 knots. Did knot bring the 10-oh cuz my back is still NOT 100 %. Started setting up the AHD FF 160 and realized i had knot brought the 8.5 $%?&*() Good thing it is only a ten(10) minute drive. Twenty (20) minutes later ....
Put the big 53 cm fin on too - wanted to see if i could plane in liter winds and schlogg well as well. It was a great session in terms of fun. I have learned that the fun factor is NO longer about speed.  Once i do go faster, i will need to concentrate on other skills like water starting and foot-straps (eventually hi speed gybes/jibes too). I have NO issue planing, nor harness. It is the other skills that i just give up on. I can put my feet at the advanced foot strap position. So, speed is not an issue. Last time the speed actually scared me !! Must be getting old :-)

TUE 05JUL2011 - went to look at a Mistral Superlight - to see if it could replace my Kona One desire. Non. It was flatter, bigger and lighter than my BIC Dufour, but the shape was not really what i was looking for. The back fin had been changed, the enamel was chipping and i did not like how the mast base holes looked. Will wait for the Kona.

Winds were lighter than anticipated and i got home later due to the Superlight visitation. Took the BIC with the 8.5 for a stroll in SW winds at under 10 knots. There was a family of ducks and the sundown was just beautiful. Reminded me of why i windsurf - once again...

WED 06JUL2011 - three(3) days in a row - the wife must be out of town. And yes, i do miss her dearly !! Winds were stronger than anticipated on my way home in the van - no public transit this month. By the time i got there they were "gusty". Put the 8.5 tight on the AHD 160 with the longer 53 cm fin. There were weeds and i needed to loosen the sail. Experiments are okay with the AHD 160 on Milles Isles, butt in general i will stay on the BIC longboard here - whether it be 8.5 or 7.0!! Too many wind shadows in the middle of the river. Winds seemed to be from the NW over 12 knots, but under 16...

THURS 07JUL2011 - was in the country and rode between chalets. Can NOT count as an outing !! Was on the water less than 20 minutes and some of that was just waiting for wind to get me home... Obviously BIC with loose 8.5 and winds definitely under 10 knots and "gusty". Helmut has sold his BIC Techno II 160, which definitely limits him to winds over 16 knots.

FRI 08JUL2011 - WOW, i did not windsurf for the first day this week. Was i sick ? NON, just NO winds :-) Helmut did NOT windsurf once this week with his new 2011 Fanatic Hawk 135  !! Not enuff wind - except perhaps for 30 minutes one day !! Also, he was on call and does not like to go when on call. I DO go when i am on call !!!

SAT 09JUL2011 - was @ the chalet for the weekend - more family showed up, butt with their dog, Bella. This dog knows i disapprove and stays out of the room i am in :-) Did a lot of tree trimming and land cleanup.

In the morning, the wind seemed decent AND i wanted to try the BEE 124 with the 8.5. It went fairly well - up-haul, try to plane, tack n jibe. Just when i thought i made it, i fell in. Giant wind shadow near the starting point. Winds were from the NW and that threw me off.

In the p.m. went out for a run with the BIC Dufour and the 8.5. Again fell in due to odd winds. NOT accustomed to NW here $%^&* Was a half decent session, butt not great.

Later took my afternoon stroll in light NW - obviously BIC n 8.5. That was good lite fun !!

SUN 10JUL2011 - Guy tried the Mistral Windglider and found it went easier on his knees. His daughter tried it, but seemed a little afraid. They did say she was ready to try it again !! Michael went out once more, but did not stay out long. I tried it standing up - i fell in, flipped the "board" and had a difficult time getting back on :-(

Earlier in the day i went out for my "morning stroll". Winds were lite from the W - just went down the lake and back - winds under 10 knots. In the pm winds picked up slightly and did some runs with the harness. Nothing spectacular - winds were from the S and around 10 knots...

TUE 12JUL2011 - winds were to be from the W at about 25 kph. Helmut wanted to go to AAO cuz Captain Morgan`s has a wind shadow. Managed to leave work " 14h30 and arrived at AAO around 15h00. The place as packed !! There was NO room to park and the winds seemed lite enuff for the kites and only one or two windsurfers on the water. NO way I was running my 10-oh here ?&*(

Oh yeah, had taken one Robax and some codeine for my back pains.

Captain Morgan`s DID have a big wind shadow.

Went to the Park just west of Morgan Avenue. Put the 8.5 on the AHD and had some fun. Winds were NOT great, butt i enjoyed myself immensely. Believe the winds were just north of west and probably around 15 knots. There was a younger , lighter  fellow with a SW 8.5 who managed to plane a little bit. Later another fellow showed up with what looked like a longboard. Was home by 19h00 and had dinner with my son.
Another great summer day !!!!

SAT 16JUL2011 - up at the country and the winds were hitting good speeds on occasion. Rigged the 8.5 and was disappointed at first, butt then the winds took OFF. More than one person commented on how fast i was going. Gave some hints to the "kids" from Blueberry Island trying to windsurf. Jeremy and Pasquale went out with the Windglider and the kayak. Yup, the lake was inundated with windsurfers :-)

SUN 17JUL2011 - holidays at the country and some winds. Was planning to go to OKA with Helmut, butt there was to be a surprise party. Did some sailing in the morning and some later in the day, butt in the end SAT was better. Helmut did NOT go to OKA either.

MON 18JUL2011 - tried the Fanatic BEE LTD 124 with the Pursuit 8.5. Winds dropped off of course and it was a tough ride. Later with the BIC was much better, butt nothing great $%^&*( Tried the Windglider sail on the BIC - in readiness for teaching ...

WED 20JUL2011 - no wind yesterday and so went SUP with the BIC Dufour Wing and the kayak paddle from the Windglider. Today they were announcing 30 to 50 kph SW winds. Helmut wanted to try out OKA Park. And so we met there at 14h00. The winds were more like NW and we rigged 7-ohs with Helmut on his brand new Hawk 135 and me on my old AHD FF 160. For a while i was screaming about and actually heard the fin scream. Then winds dropped slightly. Put the longer 48 cm fin to replace the 40 currently used and loosened the outhaul slightly. This was a little better, butt at 17h30 it was time to get outta here.

Comments on OKA Park:
1) felt it was a little expensive $15.50 vs $7 @ AAO
2) not much room to rig and none of it is real grass.
3) Nice n shallow, butt just a little too shallow - need to get out further next time
4) just too much sand n dirt %^&*(
5) too many people
6) becuz it is shallow - developed the beach start wonderfully
7) difficult to get the stuff from rigging to the beach and back
Would have liked to try my Fanatic BEE 124, butt winds were NOT steady enough
All n all i would give this day or session a 7.5 out of 10. Helmut is ready to go back tomorrow.
Originally thought 8 out of 10 , butt with all these points against :-(

Some notes to self: when i have a gut feeling about a setting, i should do it !! Felt the boom was a bit low and the harness lines a bit forward. The boom hit the front of the board during one catapault and was touching the tail of the board when i brought it in - even with mast base at 135 cm mark. Since the lines were also low when trying to hook in as well, i should have stopped and raised the boom about 2 inches !!! Since i felt it was 8.5 weather, i should have rigged it %^&*( Would have planed like the light weights. I should have known since they were on 6.5 and 7.0 while we were on 7.0 also %^TU*I(

THURS 21JUL2011 - based on my e-mail, winds were wild, very gusty and wild - same thing in town as confirmed on the charts. Stayed in the country.

FRI 22JUL2011 - was to go to town and windsurf, butt did not. Know I went on the BIC, butt do NOT remember any great sessions. Winds were gusty and NOT as strong as anticipated from what i can remember. yesterday ?? no idea...did the entry from my e-mails to Helmut ...

SAT 23JUL2011 today is already Saturday and I donut remember what i sailed the last few days ^&*( Do know i intended to go into town on Friday and ended staying put. Drove some of the "kids" back to Montreal Friday night and because winds were so good early, I was out windsurfing at Captain Morgans by 9h00. Out with the 8.5 and the AHD 160. Slight wind shadow, butt bursting with speed later. Some issues were: too many big boats generated "fake waves", keep ending up downwind and having to walk back to the launch spot. The walk is through weeds. All in all the session had to be a 9 out of 10 !!!

Forgot to mention: Checked the front of the board. I actually chipped it at OKA last Wednesday $%^& Wanted to go out early - so, what to do ? 2-rad does not open until 10h00 and sometimes Bruno shows up late. So, mix up some MarineTex , apply it and cover it with masking tape. Drive the van to Captain Morgan's with the heat on to start the curing. Rode the board. Will let it dry now for a couple of days and see what happened !! Need to get a ding stick for those quick repairs...

Winds were good when i arrived in the country. Tried the 8.5 rigged loose on the AHD. I will NEVER do that again %^&*()  The boats were generating artificial waves, there were big wind shadows and the wind died. It was all i could do to get back to launch at the white house %^&*( The discussion is OVER -- ONLY longboard on small lakes #$%^&*(

SUN 24JUL2011 - oky only the BIC and the 8.5 and winds were great in the morning. By afternoon winds were changing direction and sucked. Just then the neighbours down the French bay came out with two(2) windsurfers. An O'Brien with an UP sail and the other had a tiny Mistral learner sail and actually looked like a BIC or DIV 2.

SAT 30JUL2011 - no sailing all week ? was home and NO wind :-( AND did NOT go to Ottawa for the longboard races. Would be a three(3) hour drive, races start at 11h00 and NO guarantee to try a KONA ONE. Winds hit about 10 to 12 knots from the North. There was a gang of youngsters trying to sail a Hi-Fly, which someone in the know,  was going with later - further south in the lake.

SUN 31JUL2011 - okay morning stroll on the lake and some little runs in the pm. Visit from Dom @ work with family. Angie went out on the Windglider. She felt too that it was less wobbly on the knees.

FRI 05AUG2011 - yup - another week with NO wind ^&*  Tried the MS 490/75 on the Pursuit 8.5. First rigged it as i would the Autima 490/90. It felt like it was not enough. Putting 2.5 less cm on the mast base - 22.5 rather than 25 did not seem to work - the battens were further on the mast than usual. Is it really an MS mast ? It rigged GREAT on the MS-2.
OK, let's experiment - put 25 cm on the mast base and more outhaul. Sail felt light n lively even on the BIC Dufour longboard ie even when hauled tight. Winds were from the S at about 10 knots and very pleasant...
Maybe i will use the Autima with the Pursuit when on the longboard ...
we will see....

SAT 06AUG2011 - bigger winds today and rigged with more downhaul and outhaul. How can anyone say the Dufour was a pig and NOT fun ?  Winds were from the south over 12 knots and NEVER overpowered. Actually was wishing for more wind :-) Water was making nice noises and humming noise underneath. Did i say it was fun yet ? :-)

WED 10AUG2011 - brought my stuff to work - AHD 160, MS 10-0 and MS-2. winds were to be 20 to 40 kph from the SW with a possibility of showers and thunderstorms. NEVER did get to go cuz work kept me back until 18h00 AND yes we did get showers and thunder anyway. So ....

THURS 11AUG2011 - of course it is windy today. Over 25 kph, but perhaps gusty. I usually donut worry too much about "gusty". Some say rig for the gusts, others say for the lulls. I would have loved to try the MS-2 8-oh today, butt had a hair-cut rendez-vous - with the "groomer", as my young son says :-) Luck o the Irish :-(

MON 22AUG2011 - back from PEI and winds are good from the West.
Took my stuff to AAO.
Well I had a scare as soon as I arrived.
I kept having this feeling like i was gonna forget something important. The screw on the fin was NOT for the AHD. No problem I thought, I had a spare of each... Well, somehow my brain was already freaked out and as such, I could not find the right screw. Just as i was about to pack my bags, the long screw fit. It was NOT the long screw obviously!!
During this session i did some decent catapaults and hurt my left shins and knee. The water was lower than usual and the first catapault was cuz the fin hit the bottom :-( Near the end of the session it rained cats n dogs. As i was under my sail and Helmut under his, we were laughing. I was thinking to myself, these have to the most expensive umbrellas on earth! After the storm cloud, the wind dropped. I tried loosening the outhaul, butt it was not enuff...
Oh yeah, i had some bad muscle cramps while beach starting.
People are complaining about the lack of winds in Montreal. Then they should have appreciated this day cuz the parc was FULL.

Here's what i wrote about the MS-2 in the comparison post:
Well, I finally got to take out the MS-2 8-oh sail with the MS 490/75% mast. The Pursuit 8.5 weighs 4.8 kilos and the MS-2 8-oh weighs 5.45 kilos. So, why did the sail feel so light?? I rigged it with a little more outhaul than I prefer since winds were gutsy (my version of gusty) between 16 and 20 knots. Cams flipped like a charm and the sail performed well even when it was overpowered. It felt like there was no end - just keep pushing - or hanging on actually. It did not feel like it had low end grunt - instead it just wanted to go. With a smaller board than the AHD 160 I am sure this sail would rip em all up!! The sail also beach started with no issues in terms of cams or luff sleeves. This version still rigs with the cams on. The new Titans now have the luff sleeve like the TR's. When the wind dropped, I released the outhaul and I was the only one going anywhere. Then again, some of the lightweights were rigging 5.x and on really small boards. Is it time for me to lose fifty (50) pounds / 20 kilos ?? In summary the sail was great and I was ashamed that I was falling in love with it. After all, I just celebrated my 50 year wedding anniversary :-)

Next time I am going to have to try both sails on the same day - hopefully with the same conditions. Both riggings will need to be similiar and I will use the same MS mast.
btw the mast stuck today #$%^& had to dry my hands and mast and give it a good twist #$%^&*()

MON 29AUG2011 - took the Pursuit 8.5 out in very lite winds - with the MS 490/75% mast. Paul was correct, the sail does better on the MS mast. For example: I always had problems with the bottom batten sticking. Today, even in lite winds, pulled sail into wind and ALL battens "popped" to the other side. Considering this is an 8.5, it is surprising how much i can throw that sail around. Perhaps not sell it and keep both ?? So far some nibbles on purchasing the Pursuit. One in Hatteras !!

Met a fellow who was out windsurfing yesterday in Hurricane Irene. It had been down-graded to a post tropical storm, but just the same the max wind gust at Vaudreuils was 50 mph. He was out from 8 until 12 and had to stop due to the rain. With a 3.5 sail on a 95 liter board , there were times when he was overloaded !! He mentioned that it was more work than fun and quite dangerous. Almost lost his rig and apparently someone did on the east side of the island.

Here is a histogram of the winds at Dorval aeroport during Hurricane Irene on Sunday 28AUG2011:

just what does this do ??

FRI 02SEPT2011 - left work REALLY early cuz I was fed up. Apparently i listen to the ipod too loudly $%^&*( Took the 10-oh out at Captain Morgan's , but winds were only about 9 knots out of the SE. It gave me the opportunity to check how i like the sail set up, put some sail kote and ensure there is no slippage from the down-haul. A bad day on the water is still better than a good day at work :-)

SAT 03SEPT2011 - went to test the MS-2 with the BIC Dufour on the local river Milles Isles. Winds were quite lite out of the west. I was nervous about rigging it with my retro mast base since the sail calls for 6 cm extension and the minimum i can give here is about 10 cm. Also was worried that the open leech would not work with the long board. I read in some forums including MauiSails that the MS-2 is actually good for longboards. OK, i rigged it with a tight leech and not much outhaul. This created a huge pocket at the mast and the sail pulled like a mother ie more grunt than when i rigged it for higher winds on the shortboard. It was a little difficult to pop the cams to the other side and the bottom batten did not always want to go ...I did try to tighten the outhaul, butt i think a little more downhaul was required too..

Of course I had to hit some rocks near the bridge. The water is high enuff that that NEVER shoulda happened @#$%^& Did they dump something there recently ?? Also, along shore the clay was really deep and there were lotsa weeds.When I hit the rocks, I hit hard enough that a rock embedded itself in the centre board. AND another rock was embedded in my hand. Unfortunately my old back wound acted up after that as well. After rinsing my hand in the disgusting water, i managed to surf another hour - about.  Enclosed are photos of the rock damage ERTYUIOP@#$%^&

Update: That weekend we had a tour of Intermiel, an apiary/bee place, in Mirabel and i put some propolis ointment on the wound. It is supposed to speed up recovery three(3) times. All I can say is within one week it looks great and i did go windsurfing at the same place again !!

FRI 09SEPT2011 - went to local river after work ie left work early - winds were best between 3h00 and 4h00 at 14 to 16 kph, which is about 10 knots WNW. Was on the MS-2 8-oh and the longboard. Did not need the harness in those lite winds ... People still honk n wave as they go over the bridge :) Was on call and carried the pagette and blackberry in the waterproof container around my neck :)

Notes to SELF: modern longboards now include Tabou Windstyler, AHD ZEN, SB Phantom, new AHD Tactik, Mistral ??, new Exocet D2 Elite?, KONA ONE and LINK = WOW now just need to wait til they all hit the used market !! can we count the JPSL - closer to Formula ...and no centreboard

just found this...
{no mention of the Dufour :-) }
BIC Hybrid 308 82 240
Starboard Phantom 320 71 233
Starboard Phantom 380 70 295
Kona One 350 70 220 ----------------- NOT really a race board, butt there are races
Windsurfer One Design 366 66 175


AHD ZEN - i added this one
BIC Jungle 330 72 175
RRD Longrider 340 70 180
Tabou Windstyler 325 72 220
Tabou Windstyler 295 70 170
Kona Link 300 80 220 --- available from windspirit in quebec
Exocet Cruiser Match 300 80 220
Starboard Serenity 460 61.5 256

Kona Surf 320 65 170
Kona 11'5" 350 70 170
Kona 10'5" 320 65 145
Kona 9'5" 300 60 120

Starboard SUPer 12'6" 380 77 306
Starboard SUPer 12'0" 370 81 ?

No longer manufactured
Tiga Aloha
Mistral Equipe
Mistral Pan Am
F2 Lightning
F2 380
Fanatic Megacat
Fanatic Cat
Mistral One Design
Crit Div II
TC Win

SUN 11SEPT11 - sadly this is the 10th anniversary of 911 - the infamous Twin Tower hit by the two aeroplanes in NYC :(
Today is actually 11911, which of its own must be significant....
Went to the lake without ANY gear. What was I thinking ??
The sun was shining, the trees starting their fall colours and the wind was whispering all day long. These were the days i so fondly remember of my early windsurf days %^&* Okay, i have the F2 comet 330 in the basement with some masts and the NP 7-oh 3 cam sail. There is a boom too and the mast base in the bedroom upstairs. What's missing? No wetsuit, bathing suit nor uphaul. Found a bathing suit on the dryer - not mine, butt must be clean. And there is an old uphaul on the original BIC Dufour boom. So, what is holding me back ?? So, it is cold, etc ?? I am on call, so ??
I must be spoiled cuz i did NOT go !!
I was hoping for that perfect session with the BIC Dufour and the MS-2 8-oh !!!
Today was a day in history for me, in any case. I tossed out the original BIC Dufour sail and boom. It has NOT been used for years, will not be sold , sucks 4 bananas AND i will shirley not take some pics for history. Sorry BIC, it is gone - and not with the wind...

TUE 13SEPT2011 - left work early and went to Captain Morgan's with MS-2 8-oh and AHD FF 160 in SW to W winds of about 15 knots to 20 knots. The 20+ knot winds were overwhelming and had to walk back. Feet were under footstraps and i experimented with pushing against the fin. This was good !! Helmut was there with his Hawk 135 and SW 8.5. He actually took the afternoon OFF. I would have liked to rig the 7-oh and kick some more axx, butt want to spend some time with the familia AND storms are apparent to the north...
Had to move the harness lines back 10 cm since i used the 10-oh last time. This kind of adjustment could be done on dry land before going out !!
The weather was rain with thunder in the distance when i arrived. By the time i was finished rigging, it was sunshine and hot. I got to go in swim trunks and T-shirt :) Last time for this year ??
At first i was disappointed that we were unable to handle the winds with our 8 and 8.5. Helmut says gusts were up as hi as 30 knots !!! No wonder we were over !!!

FRI 16SEPT2011 - left work early - was not feeling well. Too much sushi. After a small respite felt a little better. Went on the local river with the MS-2 8-oh, 160 and the weed fin in 20 to 50 WNW kph winds. Hit a few rocks and LOST the weed fin. Could not pressure sideways after hitting a rock and thought - lost the fin ? YUP %^&* At first thought it would float and looked downriver - nothing - swam in to shore %^&* Checked another fin and saw it would sink. Tried to find the fin under water, butt NO luck. Was surprised that i was not more upset. Guess i was just happy nothing happened to the finbox and actually discovered that i like the 48 cm fin 100 times more than the lost weed fin. Will wait until next year before purchasing another weedfin = still owe $200 on the MS-2 to myself from my lunch money ... That's how i build my windsurf fund :-)
Would like to try Makani HAHALUA 43 cm fin -- good from 7.0 to 8.0 on 80 cm board - but will cost close to $200 as well $%^&*(
have a sore back too %^&*()
that was the LAST time i use the AHD on the local river %^&*(
lost the fin @ the same place i hurt my hand $%^&*()

SAT 17SEPT2011  - winds under 10mph. Went back to where I lost my fin yesterday and had a hard time getting out - overheard " il n'y a pas assez du vent". Had fun for about an hour or so and then back. Just a fun session in the sun :) Obviously 8-oh on the BIC ...

SUN 25SEPT2011 - no winds all week %^&*(  That must be why i purchased a Fanatic Ultra Cat yesterday :) Put it in a new post. Went at Baie d'Urfé in really calm winds with the "new" board. Wrote about it in the post :)

TUE 27SEPT2011 - cannot count Sunday as an outing - it was basically a trial run of the Cat.This day however, was an outing. On the Cat in Easterly 10 to 12 knot winds at BDU. The board almost planed!! If this keeps up, i will sell my 10-oh !! It was a beautiful sunny day and i was out in my shorts with the 8-oh.

FRI 30SEPT2011 - seem to have the dates wixed up above - Tuesday was NOT the 29th :) ok, will fix em ...was the 27th ^%&*() Felt bummed out today and Helmut had the afternoon off. He went to OKA when the winds were at their best. When I got there, I did not feel good - so, walked 20 minutes to hit the toilet - did not want to do the drop in the woods stuff - there are campers here !! By the time I got back, the wind had dropped and everyone was getting off the water. Including the kite surfers. So, I went out on the water ALONE and PLANED with my MS-2 8-oh !!!  Some people commented on the Fanatic Ultra :) They said they just donut make them like that any more. Issues - the water is TOO low and the board is TOO slippery %^&*( Even Helmut is talking about getting a longboard now !!! He says he wishes his board just had a few more liters - like a Fanatic Ray 140 - they have one for sale at 2-rad now !!

At first I found the CAT to be somewhat "boppy" on the water like a fisherman's bobber or some of the floatier BICs that I have tried. When it was going a little faster ie planing, this was NOT an issue any more. It did NOT slap the water like a SB Isonic or UltraSonic and instead held a very steady straight course !!

Once a re-Dek or anti-skid strap is on the board, it will be a REAL pleasure to sail. Yan Sailboarder suggests NOT to sell the 10-oh and instead try it with the CAT !! ie plane even sooner !!!

SAT 08OCT2011 - wind was announced all week. Helmut wanted to go to OKA and so we did. I had not even arrived yet and Helmut was calling me and complaining about 8 knot winds at Dorval. We met at the gate and there was some wind in the trees. Since it was such a beautiful day, i suggested we go in for $5 and make the best of it - perhaps take turns on the CAT longboard ?? Ok, in we go. When we go to the beach, the wind meter was registering 3 to 4 knots $%^&*( We waited about 1/2 an hour and it was up around 7 to 8 knots... Helmut tried rigging the sail since he had never rigged a cam sail. He did NOT realize that the MS-2 rigs with the cams on - the small luff sleeve is the give-away. By the time the stuff was rigged, the wind picked up and Helmut rigged his SW Retro 8.5 and Fanatic Hawk 135 with a weed fin. I was out blasting on the CAT and almost went across the lake before i chickened out. Am still having troubles tacking - even with the anti-slip tape. Part of the problem is i am NOT doing it fast enough. Saw some interesting boards today - Blue AHD 85 with a MS sail that looked like a TR + a SB wide iSonic with an Aerotech VMG 9.3 !! and CAN-01 as the numbers. Looks like it might be Alain Bolduc. Winds seemed to stay steady and Helmut agreed with my idea to try the AHD FF 160. By the time the switch was made, Helmut was getting off and the winds had dropped. By the time i got into the open water, I was planing full out - and stopped complaining to myself. Still feel this board slaps the water / small waves a bit much. The CAT is heavier and cuts the waves. A couple of runs and i was tired. People were now leaving and a fresh batch was coming out. As i left the water i had tears in my eyes - it was SUCH a beautiful day, people seemed happy and were smiling at one another. I must have chatted with 5 other windsurfers and kiters today !! May tomorrow make even more people happy - same weather announced with better winds ...
I thing I donut like about OKA is the sand - i always have to wash my booties and sail. This time noticed the clams had cut holes in my booties.

SAT 15OCT2011 - big winds and folks are out with 4.x sails. It was very gutsy/gusty. Wonder if Yan the Sailboarder actually went out with a KONA and a 6-oh ?? I was with Brandon and could not go - was actually considering going to the chalet, dropping off the BIC Dufour which I no longer use and picking up the North Zeta - a sail i have always considered way too small - except for teaching.
In the last hurricane winds were around 25 kph average. On this day winds averaged over 30 kph with gusts over 50 kph.

SUN 16OCT2011 - went to bee farm for some propolis and saw kites and windsurfers at OKA around 13h00. There were still some whitecaps, but the water did NOT look as bad as the chart above. Loaded the van up around 14h00 and left for BDU/Baie d'Urfé. Before loading the car I checked the charts and winds were MUCH less. Packed the 6, 7 and 8-oh. Brought the 160 and the CAT and forget about the 124 !! When i arrived @ BDU a fellow asked me if i thought there was enough wind. I told him it did NOT look too bad. He replied that the wind had just started to pick up. Took out my digital wind meter and took some readings. The max was 14.4 knots and the average was about 9.1. The gentleman was somewhat lighter than I and had a 125 with 7.5. He stated that he needed about 12 knots to plane steadily. He left and I rigged the 8-oh loose with the CAT. By the time I got on the water the wind had dropped and I was doing longboarding. The weather, sky and colours were SO nice that i barely noticed. At one point got a little nervous since wind just kept going down. Eventually it did kick in and I was over. I tightened the outhaul and went for a couple more runs. Winds were a bit strong and no-one left on the water and so, i felt a little vulnerable. Went back and put my stuff away cuz it was almost 17h00 already. Was back home by 18h00. Definitely need to redek the deck of the CAT ...

WED 19OCT2011 - weather Montreal announced 20 to 40 kph and looked to be NE and not too bad. Brought the CAT, the AHD 160, 8-oh and 7-oh. There were many kites at Vaudreuils and some windsurfers. Fellow got off with a 6.2 and was over %^&*( And i was thinking 8-oh tight ?? Put the 7-oh on the 160 and tried to waterstart. The bottom is extremely slippery %^&* with the clay. Should have tried shallower, but the rocks scared me. The boom was not on tight enough and had to tighten it. Whenever i uphauled i always veered upwind %^&*( There were small waves. Felt like i was a little close to shore and did NOT let it RIP. Lucky cuz i hit a rock pretty hard. Screw this, i am just gonna get tired out and / or damage my stuff %^&*( At least it was not raining and i did not even wear gloves. Perhaps the CAT would have held the water better ?? Was nervous to try it here - no need to be shy :-)
Yuko on quebecwind forum wrote that he was at OKA between 15h00 and 18h00 on a 6.6 and was way over. So, not surprising then that i was over too ... Another day for the pros - my smallest sail is a 6-oh and i am still not comfortable on the 124 liter board.

FRI 28OCT2011 - rough day at work in terms of work preparing for weekend , Hallowe'en  stuff going on, etc. RAN out of the office and went to BDU with winds at 270 degrees and 17 knots as per Dorval Aeroport. Had the ragged steamer and ragged boots. Tried going on the CAT with the 8-oh and no gloves nor cap covering the neck. Fell in cuz i could not unhook and got cold. Also the mast track moved even with lock on. Looks like some plastic busted. Came in and put track lock and mast in the middle, put on some gloves and the cap around the neck = MUCH better. There were two(2) other windsurfers and one seemed to be having issues and seemed to get off soon. The sun was shining and the wind was gutsy. Pushed the board a bit and feel it can RIP. Not sure I would have gone out with the 10-oh in today's winds. Feel like the deck is a little crowded on the CAT :-( Just need to get used to it ...

MON 31OCT2011 - worked SAT and SUN $%^&* and missed the APVM annual windsurf party $%^&. Got to bed at about 5h00 this morning and awoke around noon. Winds were VERY light from the south and slated to pick up a little in the afternoon. The wife was home, butt buzy. Okay to go !! Went to OKA Park with both the MS-2 8-oh and TR-4 10-oh. Always wanted to try the 10-oh with the CAT !!! Well, today was the day. Winds stayed in the 10 to 15 kph range and only picked up slightly when i left the water at 16h30. Had to go home early since it was Hallowe'en !!! It was a fabulous session - quiet, fun and relaxing !!! Launched from the beach/plage since winds were southerly. One thing i donut like about OKA is sand always seems to get in everything. NOT sure how this would work at OKA if the beach was full !!! Left the mast plate in the center and really enjoyed the 10-oh - guess i will NOT sell it !!! Still charging just over 5 bucks to get in the Park.
Was in the two(2) piece wetsuit ie NOT the old steamer, NO gloves, booties/not boots and NO hoodie nor neck covering = BEAUTIFUL !!! Why does it always feel like the wind is picking up just as you leave ?? :-)

WED 02NOV2011 - what,  ANOTHER beautiful day ?? To be sunny, around 15 degrees C and winds from the S - SW 20 to 40 kph. Brought my stuff to work - CAT, 8-oh and 10-oh. Told EVERYONE i HAD to leave at 15h00 !!! and i DID !! Went to Captain Morgan's and there was one sailboat left moored - hey , they are going out too. Winds seemed okay and i rigged the 8-oh. Winds died down when i went out and i considered the 10-oh. That sail gets heavy when there is absolutely NO wind and i was on the water. Winds started from the W and eventually went SW. NEVER actually planed, butt everything was just SO beautiful and SO peaceful. Left the water at 17h15 cuz winds were going down and so was the sun. Adjust time this weekend - so, forget windsurfing in the week after Sunday !!!
Once again ---
T the old steamer, NO gloves, booties/not boots and NO hoodie nor neck covering = BEAUTIFUL !!! Why does it always feel like the wind is picking up just as you leave ?? :-)

Note to self - says fiberspar 400 goes with a North Zeta 3.7

FRI 04NOV2011 - had the day off , winds 20 to 40 kph WNW and the wife was buzy with the daughter. Guess where I went ? Yup, Vaudreuils and there was NO-ONE !!! Water looked like WED 19OCT2011 ie whitecaps and decent wind. OH OH, all i had was the CAT, the 10-oh and the 8-oh. Well, this time it was gonna be the CAT with the 8-oh, which is what i actually anticipated that WED !!! Damn it, my downhaul tool and electric tape were back home on the dresser #$%^&* This is when you learn to appreciate the little tools n tricks @#$%^&* Managed to get some decent downhaul, butt wouda put more Put tighter outhaul to make up for it !! The tape is to hold the mast together when taking the rig apart... In any case ... The winds were absolutely great. Since it was only 6 degrees, i had steamer on, the hood around my neck, full boots and the autumn gloves. Felt like the gloves give me forearm cramps $%^&* Loosened em up and eventually removed them. I donut mind the boots, butt hate the gloves !!! Was much better without the gloves , even if the hands turned slightly red ... Did fall in a couple of times and this was due to needing more practice tacking and gybing/jibing the CAT... The best part of the CAT {and all longboards} is - no matter what , you can go upwind and get back to the starting point !!! 
I am starting to wonder if i should start selling all the non-longboard stuff ?? The AHD and the BEE. Tried to swap the BEE for a StingRay 150, but the fellow felt the BEE was not in good enough shape AND too old {BEE is 2001 n the Ray is 2002 !!!}.. OH WELL...Only used the BEE about 3 times this year - and the AHD ?? about 20 times !! not too bad :-)

SUN 06NOV2011 - today was a SAD day. Brought the longboards up to the country for winter storage. The BIC Dufour will stay there and the CAT will be brought back in spring. The GOOD news was that I brought the MS-2 8-oh and had a WONDERFUL one hour session on the lake. It was quiet - except for me running the gas out of the lawn mower$%^&*(  It was NOT a purrfect session and made me realize that i really am beyond lake windsurfing now. SADLY that is. For now I did NOT bring the winter boards down. Still hope to make it up to the lake for one more windsurf session :-) You see the other issues are - on-call this week , family visit next weekend, the young un's birthday the weekend after AND we just lost an hour of daylight $%^&*  Winds were from the WSW and lite !!! NO gloves and NO hood - not even around the neck. The water did NOT feel cold !!!

FRI 11NOV2011 = 11/11/11 !!! Went out today after leaving work. It gets dark early so, left at around 14h15 and headed to BDU/Baie d'Urfé for west winds 30 to 50 kph with the AHD 160 and 7-0h & 8-oh sails.Winds were over 15 mph, but did not look so bad from shore. Met Yan aka "Sailboarder" with his Kona and 7.5 Ezzy. He and I felt perhaps 8-oh was the order of the day. That was a mistake !! It was over and i sailed into the boat harbour. Yan asked if i was hurt (i laughed, butt shoulda had my helmet on !!!) and suggested i just tighten the outhaul. Guess my pride was hurt cuz i did tighten the outhaul and then RIPPED across the river. There were waves and the fin whistled. On the way back i just made sure i got back %^& Yan asked me if I planed and i laughed. On the way back i did not - butt on the way over %^&*(&*(*()_ Once again this board and sail are not made for these conditions. Ideally the BEE 124 LTD with the 7-oh. Perhaps even the CAT with the 7-oh ??
{on quebecwind guy trudeau says he was at candiac and over with a 4.7 on a 100 liter board !!}

This fellow Sailboarder seemed to be okay with his Kona and 7.5. The sail was a little smaller with no cams, the board was longer and the board was narrower. He said he was planing all the time and i am not surprised, given the conditions. The way the Kona was planing, it was not flat on the water front to back.It seemed to be down quite a bit in the back. When i am planing, i usually spend a lot of effort to make sure the board is flat. My understanding is , this gives the board more speed. One of windsurf buddies says i will never be really fast until i get in the straps. My feeling is that what i lose there, i gain in keeping the board flat. When i plane with the CAT , i do the same thing - keep it flat. Not sure this subject is post worthy - YET...

After my original post, i discovered that "Sailboarder" was doing this on purpose - for earlier planing. I posted on the SB forum that i thought this idea of nose up was for marginal winds. Yesterday was NOT marginal winds !!! 

Found this quote on iwindsurf that summed that day up for me "really white knuckle sailing that has your thighs burning after a 1/2 mile reach."

SUN 13NOV2011 Went with Mounir to South Shore to look at a used "Red Marlin". The fellow was asking for $300 for the board, a sail, harness and wetsuit and said he was open to negotiation.
At first look the board did not seem too bad , butt the boom reminded me of the long PITA on the original Dufour Wing. The board was 66 cm wide and about 360 cm long, but VERY heavy. Guy said the board was from 1989, butt it looked more like 1980 - turns out it was around 1985 - 1986. Upon close look, the front mast base hole was broken and the back one locked in place.
Guy kept telling us how great this stuff was, but the sail was a Gaastra Sport 6.0 without full battens. It was a trip back to the 80's. 

So, the best price was $250 and he would not sell the board separately. Too old, too many issues and too many $$$. Found one for sale in the UK for 4 pound !! and one sold in the USA for $50. I figured no more than $50 for the board !!! Did i mention i did NOT like the mast foot - reminded me of the BIC Samba foot that broke and was impossible to fix - too vendor oriented ^&*( 
Fellow said it was a Mistral - no M on the board and reminded me too much of the BIC mast foot. Never was able to confirm what brand the "Red Marlin" was...

just found this on a forum --

"Marlin" used to be a german brand in the eighties. In 1983 a 3.70 m/240 l "Allround/Race Funboard" was called  Marlin 747, it became "Blue Marlin" in 1984/85. There were several Marlins, all made of polyethylene. Heavy, but undestructible stuff. This is why it still exists. The price in 1984 for the complete board/rig was 1390 DM (german marks, something like 800 $?) You sure can start on such a board.  I think you should be able to find a more modern sailboard for few bucks. The owner should pay you for taking his board out of his garage.

SAT 19NOV2011 - winds were supposed to be 30-50 kph all weekend. Those reports dropped a bit by Friday, but still looked ok. Brought my stuff to West Island when it looked like it might pick up. It never did. Sky stayed gray, it got cooler, drizzled a bit and the winds dropped. On the quebecwind forum they are freakin out about Lake Champlain. There is a place called Colchester Reef and winds have been over 30 knots all day. WAY too much for me, but the semi-pros who have not gone or cannot go are drooling !! Sandbar same thing ... 

WED 28DEC2011 - finally sold my Pursuit 8.5 and Autima 490 mast.

Winter entries for 2012 done in a separate post...

FOOTSTRAPS - How many times have I measured the AHD in order to find the mid-point between the foostraps and from that point to the 135 cm mark ?? This is to encourage me to use the damn things !!! 

This time I will put this entry in the new journal entries AND in the AHD FF 160 file. The footstraps were not placed according to my height or inseam and are placed at their foremost positions. My inseam is 32 inches or 80 cm.

There is  a distance of 33 cm between the footstraps in their current placements where 16.5 cm is thus the mid-point. It is 58.5 cm from 135 cm mark and the back of the front footstrap. This means it is 58.5+16.5 = 75 cm from the 135 cm mark to the mid-point between the straps. It also means between the mid-points of the straps it is about 33+17=50 cm. This is about 20 inches which corresponds to my inseam divided by 2 and adding 4 inches - or 80 cm divided by 2 +10 cm. Personally like my stance a little wider without straps, butt that is due to my longboard start.

If the sail is at the 135 cm mark, held straight up and the harness lines are at 75 cm, then one/I should be able to hook in and have the feet in the straps. It should obviously require less than 75 cm because the mast is leaned back and the sailor - that's me - leans forward. Thus 70 cm makes sense - which is what I estimate for the 8-oh. Also, the Pursuit 8.5 was placed at the 140 cm mark = perhaps I will put the 8-oh AT the 135 cm mark.

The 70/75 cm value closely corresponds to the 8-oh outhaul divided by 3 {Guy Cribb's trick on where to place the harness lines}.

1) Try the MS-2 8-oh on the AHD FF 160 @ the 135 cm mark or even further back - especially after reading and checking videos winter 2011/2012,
2) Put the lines @ the 70 cm mark on the 8-oh.
3) See if the feet are near the straps with these settings.
4) Keep doing these adjustments until the feet ARE near the straps.

By coincidence I came across this information which is exactly what i anticipated. The alignment will help me get in the footstraps !!

The point here is that the harness lines should be in the middle between the footstraps to get a balance setup which will make the board loose and fast. This position should allow even pressure on both legs, which is ideal. Having the harness line further towards the back strap means more pressure on the back leg, which can (a) be tiring and (b) lead to more spinouts from excessive back foot pressure. It might also lead to leaving the sail a bit more forward and not closing the gap, which will also be slower.

One thing that is interesting about this advice is that it somewhat contradicts another piece of advice that I have heard often: "mast foot back for more speed, forward for more control". The idea is that moving the mast foot back will reduce the wetter surface of the board and thereby make you go faster. There may be some truth to that, but I think that control is more important - top speeds require full control. So in my next few sessions, I'll ignore this rule, and instead adjust mast foot position (and boom height) to center the harness lines between the footstraps

speedsurfing blog says
measure from your elbow to tip of middle finger, which for me is about 50 cm
this is supposed to be the distance between the middle of the footstraps
footstraps are about 16 cm and I measured 33 cm between straps before
thus, 33 + 16 = 49 cm which is close enough to 50 cm
how does this compare to my inseam ??
my inseam is about 74 cm which divided by two(2) is 37 cm
this is about 15 inches and 50 cm is about 20 inches
the other formula was divide inseam by two(2) and add x number of inches
could it have been as many as five(5) ???
or, my pantleg is 36 inches, which divided by 2 is 18 and plus 2 is 20 inches
this makes more sense !!!

it also says the back of the back footstrap should line up with the front of the fin !!

AND it suggests to lay down the attached mast at 90 degrees to the board to ensure the harness lines are about midway between the footstraps !!

winter 2011/2012 was discussed in this post :-) back-on-ice-n-snow.html

MON 02APR2012 - managed to leave work early cuz i was swamped last week. Went on the local river with the repaired CAT, one new foot strap, my MS-2 and my new boots. Wind was from the north and i did not put my gloves. The place is not ideal and winds were not either... Do i care? I got on the water :-) It was a quick session and i was home for a lovely dinner with my family. It was sunny, people honkin' and yelling at me and i am shopping for a used steamer. Life does not get much better. As long as i get to windsurf once in a while, i think life can try and throw some loops and i will go on the water !!! Fell in at the end - major wind shadow and lost balance %^&*()

TUE 03APR2012 - sold my F2 Comet 330 with my Simmer WCR 6-oh race sail ie 3 cambers to a young fellow called Samuel from Park X on Wiseman Avenue. He has a very decent kit for a 150 pound fellow. It is a little old, but will perform well for his weight. I still need to get the boom for him and I promised him an old harness as well. He asked me for a session on water as well. Now that I should have charged more for :-) This makes - Dolores, Morrocan fellow, Mounir ,Ronnie and this fellow who all want sessions. Ronnie has sailed already - so, just need to lend him a kit. Dolores will need to be up north with her boyfriend. All the others I hope to do at OKA. Mounir and Ronnie the same day at OKA and perhaps Morrocan fellow as well ? This way it will only be three(3) outings and not five !!!

I am also VERY happy to report that this blog is becoming quite popular. Last month was a record with over 3100 hits - that's 100 per day. People keep asking me when am I going to start putting advertising on the blog and make some money - well, that was NEVER the intent and I actually like it as a very clean blog :-)

Here is the data of hits with the trend line...

THURS 05APR 2012 - when i was proof reading my entry from Monday "i think life can try and throw some loops and i will go on the water" I was a little worried. Moral of the story - NEVER challenge the universe !! This morning I discovered that my ex-colleague committed suicide exactly one day before I challenged the universe $%^& I was SO distraught that I was unable to work. I would have gone on the water and "danced with his spirit. However, the day just kept getting worse %^&*(O Tomorrow I am supposed to go look at a steamer - maybe i will test it afterwords ....

FRI 06APR2012 - purchased the used steamer from deanthemachine. We had met at a water start clinique from the APVM and at an APVM "party" where Yvan of auventfou played gitare!!  He lives really far on south shore, but the early drive did me good. It is supposed to be a 5/3 and has some tiny nicks n tears. It seems more like a 4/3 and i will get it fixed at the plongeurs in laval. It is in better shape than either of my current suits. Went this afternoon on the local river - thousand islands/milles iles. Used the CAT longboard with the MS-2 8-oh loose. Fellow came and chatted with me - kept asking me if I was from Europe, France, etc. Cuz no-one windsurfs on the river other than I !!! Winds were light and off-shore, but planed with some gusts and had a good time. I call these little outings preparation for bigger things to come !!!
The steamer is for the colder days - cannot believe i am saying this in April !!! Today was wearing my 2 piece BARE farmer suit from Yvente and actually took my gloves off - pretty decent for this time of year.

Easter Sunday 08APR2012 - how many years ago did I break my shoulder on the ice on Easter Monday ? Today I was on the local river at Ste-Rose with the CAT and the MS-2 8-oh. Winds were 12 knots max and were supposed to be from the NW, butt felt like they were from the NE. Saw a rock, branches, wind shadows, etc. Feels like it is time to move on to a real windsurf place. The Rosemere side is a little more open with less islands. People were about since it was Easter Sunday and I referred a fellow to auventfou for a small sail - for his daughter ...

SUN 15APR2012 - went to St-Hyacinthe which is an hour away to look at a 2007 MS Loco. This is to replace my Simmer WCR that I sold with my F2 Comet 330. Was unable to contact the people when the it seemed to be wrong address. Guess it was NOT meant to be. On the way back the 25 jammed completely. Tried the 229 south and the GPS was useless. Eventually ended up on the 134 towards the Champlain bridge. Went straight to BDU cuz it was time to try and understand the gut feelings. When I left for ST-Hyacinthe I had the gut feeling it was NOT gonna work.

Max and his buddy were already at BDU. The rigged 7-oh and 6-oh. The fellow with the 6-oh is smaller and really knows what he is doing... With the 8-oh and 160 I was okay at the beginning. I loosened  the outhaul and the wind kicked ie OVER. Took a break and tightened the outhaul. Still OVER and now tired. Should go with gut instincts. When the wind was good all kinds of people started showing up. There had to be a dozen. When I see this, I say to myself - I still have a lot to learn. NO need to spend my time and money at Cape Hatteras. I feel like I am NOT ready. I want to be semi-comfortable on the 124 with the 7-oh before. And at least in the straps ...
Today looks like winds were 16 to 20 knots - so, why over ?? Biggest wind was 27 knots and often hitting 25 knots !!

WED 18APR2012 - yesterday I purchased a Hot Sails Maui Fire 6.3 with a 460/100 RDM mast. This was to replace the Simmer WCR 6.0 that I sold with the F2 Comet 330. This combination is 100 times better than the Simmer and gives me a chance to try RDM and wave type sails. If I don't like it, I will sell it !!
On Saturday I tried rigging the Fire sail on my epoxy 448 cm mast which is SDM. It actually did not look nor feel that bad. This will allow me to do a comparison on the masts on the sail.

SUN 22APR2012 - just had ta go taday. Winds were NOT great {less than 10 knots at times} and from the NE. As such I was NOT ready to go to Vaudreuils with gas at $1.45 a litre :-( Went on the local river and not long with the CAT, MS-2, etc. Had to come in and put the gloves on. It was an okay session, but I am already tired of the river. Would have loved to get out on a bigger piece of water. Oh yeah, was all the way before i realized i had brought the wrong mast extension %^&*(

SAT 28APR2012 - winds were to be 20 to 40 kph out of the West. Hoped to go to OKA main beach since La Crête was NOT open yet. However, the flipper site that shows directions for sites around Montreal was NOT working and my wife wanted to  visit her sister up north on the lake. Okay, I will go windsurfing on the lake at the in-law chalet. It is a smaller lake and .. Brought the CAT long board, M2-2 8-oh and the Gaastra Flow 3X 7-oh. Used the 8-oh - it was gusty and cold, Since the lake is small and it was gusty, did NOT use the harness. Since it was cold, did put the gloves. SOmehow managed to NOT fall in !!! It was just okay windsurfing since I was anticipating a day on the river flying !!! Oh well :-) Tomorrow they are announcing much of the same :-)

SUN 20APR2012 - sneaked or snuck out while my wife was picking up the violin teacher {which one is past tense of sneak ? :-) } . Went to Vaudreuils since winds were to be 16 knots from the NW. Promised myself I would NOT go there if there was no-one. There was NO-ONE !!! Called the wife and headed back. Later went on the local river with the HSM.HotSailsMaui Fire 6.3 RDM wave sail to test it out. Even though winds were 20 knots max, I managed to plane !! Put the downhaul at 10 cm and outhaul loose. Tried it on the AHD 160 rather than the BEE 124 since I am more comfortable with that board. Winds died down and went home - managed to stay out of the water the last two(2) days :-) This is good cuz it is still cold ...

SAT 05MAY2012 - winds were supposed to be light and NNW. Asked Samuel, to whom I had sold the F2 Comet 330 and Simmer WCR 6.0, whether he wanted that promised session on this day. COOL was the response and ready to go - 8h00 at my house = WOW. Winds and predictions shifted more to the ENE. Checked on the web and the OKA main beach s/b okay. Got the season's pass for $30 at OKA and showed Sam La Crête , which was open now. He had already seen it - with windsurfers there !!! Definitely had a wind shadow and offshore winds and so we went to the main beach. Started Samuel on the 220 liter Fabatic Cat with the Simmer 6-oh. Once he started to get the hang of it, put his sail back on the Comet and I went out with the 8-oh. Winds stayed just under 10 mph which was perfect for Samuel and he kept giving war whoops. FINALLY. I have passed the passion to another crazee :-) I kept trying to get the 8-oh to plane, but it needed more. Not much time to bother with the 10-oh. Sam, the windsurf kid was born today and lovin it :-)

THURS 10MAY2012 - had some time in the bank and thus took the pm OFF :-) Winds were to be W and NW 20 to 40 kph and thus headed out to La Crête at OKA.  Wind was from NW when I got there - one windsurfer on the water with what looked like a blue AHD with a larger sail and two(2) kiters farting about ie NOT really sailing ... Put the MS-2 8-oh on the AHD 160 with the Makini weed fin. Winds maxed out at around 18 knots and thus i had to go downwind to plane well. Practiced some beach starts, butt that did not go too well :-( Keep getting on with the back foot. This works, but not prepping me for water starts.
The fin went well and actually went upwind.
Just when I was walking off and deciding if this was a 7.5 out of 10 session since it was not fully planing and had to go get my gloves ...when i saw two(2) hawks - quite large floating about and going directly over my head. Thus has to be good luck and put a smile on my face ... So, 8.5 outta 10 ??
 The fin jammed into the the fin box somewhat and was a pain getting out - will need to be more careful with this fin ...The blue board was a 145 liter AHD and the sailor was using an 8-oh Gaastra sail..
Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and even better winds :-) And I already have it booked as OFF !!!
Helmut left for Cape Hatteras , South Carolina today after work. This was my idea and he ended up going off on his own. Maybe next year for me !!!

FRI 11MAY2012 - yup, i went again :-) Dude freaked me out when I arrived -- saying BIG winds, 8-oh is too big, etc. I had looked at the wind and was wondering whether to use the BIG CAT !!! Had already decided on the AHD, but NOT tight. Put the sail tight and went out. Felt like not enough wind.  Let out the outhaul for more pull - still felt too light. Was giving the session a 6 out of 10 so far. Do I go home or put the CAT on the water? Forget the dude, I have NOTHING to prove. When I took the Makani fin out of the AHD, it was difficult and a piece of carbon came out $%^&* No serious damage, butt %^&* Wrote a letter / e-mail to Makani after.
Put the CAT on the water and told the dude it was a race board. He seemed to scoff at me. NO matter. I went and had a riot. Should have started with that one $%^&* That portion of the afternoon was definitely an 8 outta 10.
Met the fellow who sold me the HSM 6.3 yesterday and today at OKA. His name is Patrrice !!

THURS 17MAY2012 - went out early and have Friday, Monday OFF. Winds were to be from the W at 20 kph. Brought the tarp I bought yesterday, my 8-oh and the two(2) big boards. The info dude was there, butt did not sway me at the beginning - instead told me great things about his 100 liter JP carbon/kevlar board near the end of the session. Not sure how he managed to use it today !!! Another fellow who seemed more reasonable told me there were great gusts that did not last long. I said I better use the CAT then. He told me the bursts were GOOD and I would enjoy them more with the AHD FF 160. And enjoy them I did !!! Not gloves, no hoodie around the neck and NO jacket. Just the farmer johns and the boots :-) The bursts of wind were an absolute riot. The same fellow informed me that is is SW that allows one to go parallel to the beach and NOT west. The bursts were what this day was all about. Gave it an 8.5 out of 10, That's quiet high for me !! I really enjoyed the weather , the company and the fact hat the next 4 days are OFF.
During the week I Marine Texed the inside of the fin box on the AHD - due to the issue with the Makani. Now only the 48 cm fin fits - bit that was all I needed today.
Patrice was there again - the dudes were chatting about coffee, business and traffic tickets ...
I did not join in ...

FRI 18MAY2012 - went to OKA Park in the afternoon. Winds were supposed to be SW at about 20 kph. So, I brought only the CAT and the big guns - 8-oh and 10-oh. Launched off the main beach since winds were supposed to be SW. Planed a couple of times with the 10-oh in the harness. There were more people on the beach than usual. As I was getting an OKA employee told me I was NOT allowed to windsurf there %^&*()_+ OK for today , butt NOT tomorrow when the crowds start. He referred me to go a launch near La Crête, butt i never found it. Stopped at the info booth that was PACKED. Looked at a map and believe he is restricting me to La  Crête ONLY %?&*() Will have to follow up cuz after the first weekend of June i`ll hafta coff up another $55 to go to OKA. Also, way too much sand went into may sail today $%?&*()

SAT 19MAY2012 - winds light out of the WSW and a hot day. Went with the CAT and the MS-2 8-oh - no boots, no gloves , no hoodie on neck - just the farmer john and no harness - was WAY too hot. It was fun, butt there was too much traffic in the parking lot and on the water. It was a very pleasant sail and i enjoyed myself.

MON 21MAY2012 - day off and light winds - supposed to be better in the p.m., butt i need my session to co-incide with the fiddle/violin lesson of the little one :-(  Looks like the winds were NOT better at Captain Morgan's later anyway :-) In any case - was my first outing in shorts n T-shirt. Lite winds and so, no harness either on the CAT with the MS-2 8-oh. TOO many big motor boats created really weird waves. Notice winds were from the SE and i did NOT go to OKA park and the main beach :-( Time will tell - not sure about the $85 pass yet $%^&*(

THURS 24MAY2012 - went at lunch and purchased an RDM shim and mast base to use with CAT, The shim is NOT 4 the CAT :-) Mounir came with me ... In the evening we went to St-Aphonse and used the BIC Dufour. It was so warm we were in our shorts, Black flies were horrendous. The 7-oh seemed a bit overwhelming for Mounir and he seemed afraid to wonder into the somewhat stronger winds in the main lake. We put the North Zeta and I showed him how to turn ... He seemed to enjoy himself, butt did scratch his forehead - even after I warned him about keeping the boom in your hands :-) Winds were from the S at about 10 mph max.

FRI 25MAY 2012 - winds were to be from the south at over 10 mph and later 15 mph = planing. I left around lunch and went to Cartie, Pte-Claire. Winds were light and I went with the MS-2 8-oh and the CAT - managed to plane a couple of times and then saw Helmut who is back from Cape Hatteras. Wind picked up and I tried the AHD FF 160. NO GO. Put my stuff away as other people started showing up ...Batten on MS-2 does NOT look nor feel right %^&*()P{ Spoke to a fellow who has ridden a board designed by Jimmy Lewis !!! He is a very well known board shaper especially in the speed needle days. The fellow also mentioned someone by the name of Richard Greene - will have to look him up as well. Saw other cool stuff like the iSonic 133, some young fellows on BIC 293ODs flying while we wait ..., Fanatic Shark 150 LTD, Fanatic 95 that weighs about 5 lbs #$%^, etc, etc ...

WED 30MAY2012 - winds were to be WSW and over 12 to 15 knots +. Went to OKA cuz I still have a pass and want to see under what conditions OKA is good or vice versa. Winds were W and SW :-) Went out on the AHD 160 with the fixed and tightened 8-oh. Seemed to be missing some juice although the sail felt great. Loosened the sail another finger, butt want to be careful  - NO more broken batten tips ?&*() Luckily the wind kicked a bit and I planed somewhat. When it dropped again, I changed to the Fanatic CAT. I had just adjusted the base to work with the US universal joint and so the swap was quick. Went out on the CAT and felt like it was more fun !!! The CAT is more sensitive to waves though.  Had trouble getting the mast base OFF the CAT. Also, the bottom batten seems a bit tight ... it stays on the one side and seemed tight when rolling up the sail ... The talker dude was there again, butt he seems to listen to me now :-) He was out on a Gaastra Matrix 7.5 and SB Carve 122 - one of the originals ...Jacques van Geenhoven left us brochures with GUN SAILS. Josh Angulo is NO longer with GUN and Jacques sold stuff Josh was using before - Josh is with Point 7 now - which is sold out of 2-rad ...Helmut says Bruno was out with the black sails in Hatteras //

Oh yeah - forgot to mention - the water at OKA was REALLY low $%^&*( Even after last night's storm %^&* Had to walk FAR to get out $%^&*

SAT 02JUN2012 - loosened the bottom batten on the MS-2 - it seemed to want to stay on one side both on the water and while rolling it up. Also moved one front footstrap back on the AHD FF 160. Time for me to get in the straps and rip :-)

SUN 03JUN2012 - lots of paint activity in the house - Mary`s room. I had painted the ceiling and thought I was off the hook %?&*( Almost got snagged and now felt guilty to go windsurfing :-( Winds were ENE and Vaudreuils is the place to be. Got on the water around 12h45 and even though there were many kites - none went on the water. I found that further down the lake of two mountains, i was planing. By the time i got back to the starting point, the kites were starting to go out. I actually moved the mast base forward an inch this time. First time I ever did this ... Was flying a few times, but had issues with the waves, clay on the ground and beach starting. Still gave it a resounding 8 out of 10. My thighs were burning since the runs were too long ie not used to it. Clouds had moved in and thus would have needed a wet suit had i stayed. It was in the car + and a later wind check showed that winds did not pick up more than they were before ...There were ove 20 kites when I left and NO windsurfers and more kiters coming !!!

TUES 05JUNE2012 i had just heard that a good buddy and ex-colleague died April 22nd. It was Allan Gillis who had moved to Cornwall during our time at GM Boisbriand/Ste-Thérèse. Typically I try to windsurf and think of them as I sail. It was a sunny day and light winds out of the west. Got the okay from the boss, my wife, and went to the local river with the CAT and the MS-2 8-oh. My wife shouted out,"Be careful!" To which I replied, "I ALWAYS am."
Did she suspect something ? She is VERY good with premonitions and as such,
perhaps I should NOT have gone ??? In any case, I was going back n forth and considering going back home ... I had finicked something together to allow the old CAT base to connect to the new Chinook mast - base. It felt a little loose when I left, butt NOT too bad. Murphy called !! While in the middle of the river, the sail came off the board $%^&*( As I said, I was in the middle of the river. It is NOT a wide river, butt would take too long to swim to shore with baord and
sail separate. So, I made the decision to put it back in working order and sail back. The current moved me toward the bridge - was okay - passed in between the pillars ....

Now I was on the other side of the bridge , was all ready to go back to
shore and heard sirens. Thought to myself - this better not be for me !! Sure enough the fire truck from LAVAL pulled up to the other side of the bridge in the middle and stayed there #$%^&* Oh well, I was okay and on my way back to shore :-)

Perhaps the fire engines represented how I felt about the loss of my buddy ?? I did feel really BAD about NOT having looked him up sooner... In today's world it is NOT hard to find someone !!! Guess I better call some of my other buddies like Rickme , Pat, etc !!!

The base seems a little better now, but I am wondering if I need to develop
something more solid and more permanent. Means I might lose a spare base, but still be able to switch the sail(s) from one board to another !!! Decisions, decisions !! For now - will just BE MORE CAREFUL !!!!

Sat 09JUNE2012 Winds were to be from the West and quite light. Went to OKA and paid another $66 for parking. That makes 96 dollars total. The good thing is the beach people need to enter via another entrance :-) Went with the CAT and better adjusted mast foot. I tried to take the Chinook mast base apart in order to have more leeway with the CAT base, butt that never worked out %^&* In any case, I was out with the 10-oh and was having difficulties with my back, waves, you name it. Once I adjusted a few things and realized it was a beautiful day and as such FUN time, it was better. I think the issue was the winds were around ONLY 8 miles an hour. Need about 10 to have some fun :-) 

One of the problems was the cams flipping - this happens when there is NOT enuff wind - I also forgot to put more McLube. The bottom batten needs more tightening %^&* Did some with sail on , butt these sails need it with NO mast. Also, the 520 mast is starting to get old %^&*( Received it in C condition !! 

SUN 17JUNE2012 = Father's Day... Traditionally we go to the chalet and I windsurf :-) This year was NO different AND the mother-in-law had just arrived from NYC. I was bringing the BIC Dufour back so that Mounir could go on the water - even if I did not have the van {too many older kids :-) }. We had missed Friday and Mounir seemed upset. So, brought the North Zeta 4-oh for Mounir and the MS-2 8-oh for me today. The cleat clamp on the BIC mast base was NOT working well %^&* Changed the cord, butt even that did NOT seem to help $%^&*( 
Also, the sail did not feel right and the cambers/battens flipped with force only. Loosened the bottom batten again, put more downhaul and locked the cord in + added more outhaul. NOW the sail felt better and flipped easily !!! Winds were from the south and I ripped once or twice. The BIC is definitely NOT my style of board any more - actually asked a fellow about his Exocet X 380 :-) Will see I cannot get a clam cleat from Auventfou !! They would NOT let me return my older aluminum mast base - used it once and they had to replace the plastic clip $%^&*() Forty dollars down the drain $%^&*(
They will exchange = YEAH
Also, the wife took the van with the sail bag on the roof open and NOT attached :-( The Zeta fell on the highway and someone stopped to pick it up. I did manage to NOT get angry = WOW. Nothing was broken or lost - just 2 scared women in the car - the wife and the mo-in-law !!

TUES 19JUNE2012 - supposed to be some winds - forget it - max 12 knots SSW. Went on the local river with my CAT and MS-2 8-oh. The water is too shallow and the weeds are too plentiful. As usual fell in just at the end :-( Was an 8 outta 10 = WOW - was only out about 30 minutes and home by 5 !!

WED 20JUNE2012 - again - supposed to be winds and went to OKA. Again out with the CAt and the MS-2 8-oh. When are we gonna get some real winds. Had some blasts further out and would give this a 9 outta 10 session. George was there again and he was out with a 9-oh and a Carve 122. This is the original Carve from around 2007 and about 7 kg. The 9-oh was a Severne Gator with NO cams on a Fiberspar mast with a shim. George also had an adjustable outhaul where he changed up the chords - purchased from the BOATHOUSE in Dorval. He gave me a sample cleaner for sails that i will investigate -- 303 aerospace protectant - also from the boathouse.
George informed me about Platzburg - saying it is only 1.25 hours away and GREAT for S and SE winds - those winds are NO good here $%^&*( Maybe Helmut and I will go down there with him ??

SUN 24JUNE2012 -- moved the daughter back home. Poor her :-) Once all the big stuff was placed , I asked if i could go windsurfing .. Thought the wife was gonna chew my head off :-) So, after the sofa was placed, I asked again, Did you say yes ? The van was packed lickedy split :-) Since winds were to be W and 12 to 15 knots - went to OKA with my typical setup only - CAT + MS-2 8-oh. Why did I have the feeling that I should bring more ??
On the way there were some clouds developing over OKA and looked stormy. Wind started to pick up. Storm ??  The one they have been warning us about all week ??
When I drove down the lane to la Crête, there was some white stuff on the water - must be waves. NON - starting to look like whitecaps !!! And what is that - flashing lights at the beginning of the beach ? Closed ? NOPE - ambulance !!! Shite, did some kiter get hit with a gust. Apparently YES #$%^&* Fellow had over fifteen years of experience and got hit with the FLASH GUSTS which were over 20 knots !!!
When I walked to the beach, there was NO-ONE on the water !!! One fellow with a 7.5 said everyone was just putzing around and then BOOM - FLASH GUSTS. I measured the wind with the windmeter that my wife gave me for xmas. There was steady winds over 14 knots with gusts to 17 knots. As I said - it was solid and steady + looked worse further out - only one kiter out with a smaller kite AND he was jumping !!!
Fellow with the 7.5 Pursuit got his helmet and went out. Other fellow rigged down to 6.4. Soon there were a number of people on the water. Still TOO much for me and the stuff I brought %^&*()
Winds dropped and people came in - OK, time for me to go out. I had a riot and winds were perfect for my kit at that time. Gave the session a resounding 9 outta 10. Lack of sun and tinkling of rain was NOT an issue. Would have liked either a steadier wind or more wind - one way or another. All in all lotsa fun for me.

I feel REALLY BAD for the fellow who got hurt.
Let's hope they donut start banning kites :-(
This is starting to become a trend ALL across North America - California, PLatzburg, etc, etc...

MON 25JUNE2012 - OFF 4 St-Jean Baptiste and took the week OFF. Went to the country to visit the outlaws. K&C were there too. Had the traditional SUBWAYS and then I went with the traditional CAT and MS-2 8-oh. It was okay, but NOT great. Tried the BIC Dufour with the NP Warp 7-oh using the epoxy 450 cm mast. I think the sail is finished :-( 
Went back on the CAT and actually blasted a bit until the wind died. Was not a great session and as the wife said - "you don't like windsurfing in the country any more."

TUES 26JUNE2012 - still OFF and donut have the van tomorrow - why have children ?? :-)  OK - went to OKA, butt prepared with CAT, AHD 160, 8-oh and 10-oh. NOT so well prepared, cuz I forgot a hat for sun and rain. No hats available in OKA and thus bought one at the PARC. Also, not enuff clothes - got cold later ...
Winds were light out of the NW and thus put the 10-oh on the CAT. Made the usual adjustments - boom lower and tighter outhaul. Was going fine and thinking George always goes towards the farm. Winds were picking up, butt I was watching the farm and planing. Dropped the sail upon tacking and realized - winds were WAY up. On the way back, I was OVER. Dropped the sail at least one more time and decided - YES, I need an EZ uphaul /$%?&*( 
OKAY, slightly OVER and somewhat tired. What does that mean ? YUP - head back to shore and rig down. Since I did NOT want to drop the sail again - I headed straight downwind full speed and headed towards the main beach.
The wind either dropped or there was a wind shadow and I tacked back and forth until i was near the swamp. Then walked from there.
When I got to the car park, George was there !! He asked me what to rig and I informed him - winds had just dropped . We chatted and waited and George tried his quit smoking kit. Then we chatted and waited. George showed me some pics of his windsurf stuff and chalet.  Then we chatted n waited. The winds were up n down , it was drizzling and getting cold - even for me. We measured the wind on George`s Kestrel. We read as high as 13, but nothing steady - too up n down and cold. George says cols or no cold - with wind - he would have been on the water - with his steamer and hoodie if need be :-)
Bloody 640 had one lane open on the way back and I took turn towards Jerry`s in St-Eustache - and George followed to Laval bridge.

GOOD WINDS tomorrow George !!!
I can only go if i find a roof rack or squeeze it all in the wife`s car tomorrow :-( 

THURS 28JUNE2012 - van was home early !! was so excited seeing wind was around 12 knots that i packed and left. As I left was NOT too sure about visible winds :-( They looked okay on the way though - definitely W to SW. At OKA there really was NOT much wind. One kiter practicing setup and no-one else. Looked about for a while and went home. Wind looked great on the home - of course. Practiced setting up the AO/adjustable outhaul on the HPL boom.  Also getting nibbles on the 10-oh.

FRI 29JUNE2012 - winds were to be GREAT and best between 11h00 and 15h00 by the looks of it. With my luck, I got there around 15h00 and measured a max of 15 knots on shore. This means 8-oh in my book. I did have the car and managed to put the AHD 160 and three sails - 6.3, 7-oh and 8-oh. Started with the 8-oh and FLEW. When I went in the water it was cuz I over-pulled the sail and slowly dropped into the water. Only brought one boom since I was there with the car. Forgot to adjust the lines before going out. Also moved the boom higher than my usual since I kept slipping out of the lines. Tacking was tough with the bigger sail and the waves and so decided to rig down and practice beach + water starts. Again - forgot to adjust the harness lines and the mast foot position %^&*() Once everything was adjusted , it actually felt like it planed better than the 8-oh :-) Young fellow came over after the session and asked about the AHD. He felt it looked small for a 160. I explained the board is quite thick, butt not too large :-) and i need that volume for my 100 kilos. Would have liked to try the 124 today, maybe tomorrow - similiar winds - Helmut and Sailboarder want to go from West Island - Cartier or BDU - not too sure I would try the 124 there :-(
Oh yeah - got nervous at one point - was using the Makani weed fin called Halaluah which Helmut thought was "sexy" :-) As usual it hit the sand bottom and raked up a bit. This made me nervous cuz I had troubles getting it out in the past. Once I brought it in and took the screw out - it came out NO issue :-) Have to rate this session 9 outta 10. OKAY, what was missing ?? Hard to say - would suggest it is a gut feeling that tells me - it could be just a little better :-) Never understand the winds at OKA !!! It was supposed to be West and SW and yet it always feels like NW when I am there. Hold on - will look at the map... 

SAT 30JUNE2012 - went to OKA with Helmut. Since I had the van and was anticipating BIG winds, I brought the 160, the 124, the 8-oh, the 7-oh and the 6.3. Helmut surprised me cuz he under-estimated the wind. He was there before and almost finished rigging his 8.5 and was NOT rigging his 7-oh like yesterday. OK, rigged my 8-oh, butt was not sure. As soon as I saw the water I felt it was a mistake. Putzed around a bit, butt my heart was not in it and it felt solid. Sure enough, my cap blew off - that means too much wind for an 8-oh in my book. So, we rigged down. Helmut on a 7-oh and me on the 6.3 and 124 board. I practiced water starts and planed somewhat, butt could not water start in the deeper waters. Found where the water dropped off suddenly. Two(2) people drowned here recently. Fellow asked if i was ok and he was a kiter - i always say - we have many friends on the water and some are disguised as jet skiers or kiters :-) Just kidding - i have NOTHING against kiters !! I had fun and did plane on the 124 a number of times :-) Give it a 7 outta 10 due to the wasted time at the start. Next time will look for myself !!! Again winds seemed out of the NW to me - but show as W on the charts. Winds were around 20 knots with peaks at 25 knots. I used to call these winds 40 to 60 kph and knew they were a bit much for me --> 6-oh weather and as such I did react correctly :-) One day those winds will be my friends - for now, they are practice time :-)

SUN 01JULY2012 - brought the 8-oh to the country where the BIC Dufour DIV2 already is. The clam cleat changed was a little better on the base, butt not enough. Maybe change the cord back ?? Usually do not count these sessions since i did not go to windsurf, but instead windsurf since I am there. Winds were NOT great and went fast only perhaps once or twice. It really was a lovely day though...

MON 02JULY2012 - as I said, country does not count. It was gusty and holey, which is what my windsurf buddy , Helmut, always says about lake windsurfing :-) Glad I rigged the 8-oh tight and I did fall in once while hooked in and hitting a wind hole. Everyone in the country is always surprised when i fall in - as Helmut says - if you donut fall in, you ain't tryin' anything new !!! 

TUE 03JULY2012 - could NOT stop myself and purchased a semi-Formula - BIC Techno Formula with a True Ames weed fin of 23 inches/58 cm !!! This means I keep the TR-4 10-oh and mast that I had put up for sale. Force10 warned me that it would be hard to replace if i sold it. He already has a 520 MS mast and would like just the sail. Perhaps I should keep the 53 cm fin for the AHD FF 160 as well ?? In any case, René of auventfou made me laugh. He warned me that this board can only go about 41 kph, butt planes earlier than anything else :-) Fellow who sold this purchased a JP SLW !!

SAT 08JULY2012 - {same entry as in the BIC Techno Formula post} -- went to the lake instead of OKA. Decided to try the FreeFromula board just the same. Tried it with the MS-2 8-oh - especially on the lake. Winds were from the north and quite gusty. Was NOT planing and wondering what was the matter. Then a nice blast came and I decided to let it go a bit more downwind than I had been cuz I was playing with the tacking ... The thing planed SO smoothly !! It was the BEST planing I had EVER done on the lake. I can honestly say that I have NOT planed so nicely on the lake with my AHD FF 160. Whoda thunk ? Would give the session an 8 outta 10 where the issue was wind and tacking. This is excellent for a first run on the lake. Have had much worse runs on the lake with the AHD. The neighbour was speaking with the ladies and was asking about the fellow on the water. He noticed I was on a wide board and said that is what he needs to learn. He has a board, butt much narrower ...
So, I would say the board shows potential even with an 8-oh !!! So smooooth.

FRI the 13th, JULY 2012 - superstitious anyone ? :-) {same entry as in the BIC Techno Formula post} Apparently there are some countries where 13 is a lucky number. Today was a day OFF and so , it was a lucky day for me. The sun was shining and I was at OKA with a light SW breeze. Could not find the 10-oh in the car {20 year old son has the van :-( } and this was with the BTF and the MS-2 8-oh. Kinda glad it was NOT the 10-oh. The winds were often OFF and sometimes there was "dirty water" with all the boats, seadoos , etc going by. I practically planed a number of times, but felt there was always just a little bit missing. Was also playing with the adjustable outhaul. All in all, I give the day a resounding 9 outta 10 !! The winds were NOT great, but the weather was SO nice AND I really enjoyed myself !!! Here is the million dollar question. Would I have had as much fun with the Fanatic CAT longboard?? One thing for sure, it would have been easier to get back upwind and back to starting point :-) Blame some of this on the weed fin - loose some pointability {can we say that ? :-) }
Will bring the CAT and BTF to the country / chalet and do a head to head with the 8-oh in 12 to 15 knot winds :-) I cannot wait :-)

SAT 14JUL 2012 - {same entry as in the BIC Techno Formula post} arrive at the chalet in the "country". Brought the BTF , the CAT and three(3) sails :-) Winds were quite light out of the West. Too bad, they seemed better at home. Do I dare try the 10-oh on the BTF on the lake today in those light winds. Oh YEAH..  Winds were definitely under 12 knots and I did manage to plane a couple of times - taking the full wind, pumping and heading downwind ...  What was interesting was the weight pushed the nose into the water at times and this did NOT create any issues. Light wind tacking and jibing/gybing were NO issues ...I have to say , it probably was some of the best fun on the lake in such light winds yet. Just to prove the point, later went with the CAT and the MS-2 8-oh. It was NOT as much fun as the other setup. However, based on the nose going down thing - not sure how the JP SLW and SB US do it with such short lengths ....

SUN 15JUL 2012 -  Winds were from the North and seemed strong. So, what do I do? I try the 8-oh on the BTF after the CAT. BIG mistake. Winds were "holey" and gusty and the whole experience was a real PITA. Man was I pissed. I swore I would NEVER use the so-called FUN board on the lake again !! The very next day I was sailing hooked in with the CAT and thinkin' about the BTF already. That's how much I love it !!! Already planning to go to OKA on Tuesday - big winds !!!

MON 16JUL 2012 - winds from North again and up n down all day :-( Went and tried just the same.

Tuesday - a no wind, rainy day - NO GO @ ALL.

WED  18JUL2012 - winds were good at the chalet in the morning. Originally hoped to go to OKA with the 160 and 8-oh with winds around 15 knots...Would have needed to bring down the 8-oh and 490 mast in the car. After 14h00 winds seemed to be down under 10 knots anyway... Took the CAT and 8-oh out for a couple of quick spins on the lake ....Looks like OKA was good today based on the reports/chats = DAMN #$%^&*(

THURS 19JUL2012 - winds were pretty good this morning from the NW.  Put the harness and planed with the CAT and 8-oh. Later tried some stuff with the CAT. Moved the mast track back with the centreboard down and with the mast track back and the centreboard up. Also put the iPod in a Ziploc bag and cruised with the music. I listen to harder, heavier music which felt too fast for the lake cruise :-) The ladies were freakin' out that i would take the iPod out like that. Next time will use the water proof locked bag that i use for the cell phone and pager :-) Kids are coming up tomorrow and so, I will have it then.
My uphaul looks finished and the 8-oh is starting to look worse for wear :-(

FRI 20JUL2012 -  at first was unsure whether i could go out today at the chalet/lake... Winds were light and confused - sometimes from the west and sometimes from the south. I tried it with the CAT and MS-2, butt nothing great - just fun to be on the water ... Better yet was the BTF as a SUP :-) using the Mistral Windglider kayak paddle :-)
Did a summary of sessions so far this year - looks like only about five(5) or six(6) sessions this year NOT on the CAT and planing :-( And almost half were with the BTF which was just recently purchased $%^&*

SAT 21JUL2012 - people swam the length of the lake this morning - about 1 mile or 1.6 km. I was in a paddle boat and burnt the tops of my feet. Later Barndie crossed the bay and thus officially made "junior" rating ie allowed to go in boat with no life jacket alone - in the bay. The wind picked up somewhat and i planed with the CAT and the 8-oh - which makes it a pretty good session. However, i would NOT rate it more than 7 out of 10. Tomorrow is supposed to be good !! Planning to go to OKA from the country.

SUN 22JUL2012 - winds were supposed to be 12 to 17 knots WSW. Went home and then to OKA forgetting fins for the AHD 160 that I brought along :-(  No problem : time to test the BTF :-) Winds seemed good and so started right away with the MS-2 8-oh. Because winds dropped and I started too far downwind on the beach and spent too much time tacking, I was grumbling and considering a 6 outta 10 and then the wind picked up and I chatted with some kiters. Did some more runs and give it a 7 outta 10. Would have stayed out longer if I was not so burned out. Went for sushi buffet with my middle son Jerry and then back to the chalet through a thunder storm, but with one of the best soft ice cream cones in my hand :-) So, not such a bad day after all :-) Found out later that Yvan of auventfou was the one on the water with the MS-2 :-) There were two(2) other Pursuits and another sail that looked like an MS ...

MON 23JUL2012 - winds seemed good in the morning at the chalet, butt i was watchin the kiddies since preparations were underway for tonight's picnic. When i went in the pm there was NOT much wind. After the first storm, the winds picked up a little, butt not enough. Sounds like i am getting to be a wind snob :-)

TUES 24JUL2012 - winds were good, but family obligations at the doctor killed all hopes of going on the water. Spat with the wife means NO more windsurfing these holidays :-(

THURS 01AUG2012 - back at work now and winds are slated to be 10 to 12 knots from the SW. One son still has the van for his summer job, cleaning pools ... So, I HAD to make to 10-oh fit in the wife's car this time - last time I only put the 8-oh. As I was driving to work, I was pissed at how tight it was in the car and swore I was going to 2-rad to pick up the used roof rack for $150. Then I realize this is my son's last week - next week he goes in for the big four(4) hour operation :-( Bet cleaning pools is starting to sound better now :-) Went with the 10-oh and the BTF/BIC Techno Formula and planed right away. Tacking was NOT easy. Asked James Douglass about this and he suggests being more aggressive in the tacks + trying a pivot jibe. When I read about the pivot jibe, they also mention the duck jibe works at lower speeds as well. When I was tired I went to the car, but it sounded like the winds picked up and George convinced me to go back out - he changed his fin down and I put the 8-oh. We both should have stayed as is - neither one of planed and i hit many rocks on the way back %^&*() George said I shoulda followed him - I had NO idea %^&*() Not much damage to fin - but scraped my leg when i bailed in order to NOT damage the fin. George asked if i wanted a beer from his car fridge after sailing. No thanks, I am an alcoholic. "How can you sail for hours and not want a cold beer after?" Response, "As an alcoholic, one beer is never enough. If you have twenty(20) , I am good to go and the police will be here after I have had about half of them. I am crazee enough without beer - imagine me with six (6) :-) " Two spanish speaking kiters who overheard me were laughing hard :-)  Would have liked to score this session highly, but the rocks really pissed me off. Still give it an 8 outta 10, which is quite high for me !!!

Oh yeah .. George uses a Severne 9-oh with no cambers on his SB Carve 122. Thought this was large for this board and it seems so when I look it up ... The older Carves and the newer ones in this size are rated to 8-oh with a tail width or OFO of 43.8 or 44 cm. This is usually the max fin length as well. A fin of 44 cm is ideal for a sail of 8-oh as well. Is George going over in terms of fin and sail sizes on this board ?? Will have to check back with him ...

MON 06AUG2012 - yesterday was a crazee storm with winds coming from all directions and gusty as heck {being polite today :-) }. Lost power for over six(6) hours and failure happened before any lightening - just rain and wind. Richard told me that he saw people on sails down to 3.3 at Champlain!!!

Today winds were light and supposed to be out of the SW around 10 to 12 knots. Brought the BTF/BIC Techno Formula {there is one for sale on windsurfing quebec with deep tuttle asking $775}.

and a BIC NOVA too ...

In any case, rigged the 10-oh and there was George getting OFF the water and one fellow practicing his kite. and THAT WAS IT !! I went out and PLANED :-) Also practiced the PIVOT JIBE as suggested by James Douglass. Since winds were light, practiced the tack when off shore and jibes closer to shore. All went through, some 'nicer' than others and NO falling in :-) Have to give this session a resounding 9 outta 10, which is probably the highest score I gave yet !!! What was missing ?? The water is lower this year than any other year $%^&*( Otherwise it wouda bin a 10 outta 10 !!!
When planing, it was like riding a Cadillac - SO smoooth :-)

MON 13AUG2012 - left work early after a BAD week = son Jerry had operation with complications... Winds were from the WSW at around 10- knots. Could NOT beachstart with 10-oh on the BTF. Water was MUCh higher since BIG storm on Saturday and apparently they let some water through the dam too. There was a tornado and lightening that killed an 18 year old golfer in Rosemere. There was NO power for over 12 hours. Planed somewhat later, but again it was the Cadillac glide. For the first time the 10-oh really did NOT feel heavy or large. It is starting to feel like a regular sail ie NOT overwhelming. It helps when the sail is NOT dropped. Of course at the very end i did fall in and had to swim it in 10 feet - ironically fell just short of the sandy shelf right in front of a stationary canoer ie embarrassing :-) I am beyond that :-) Even though winds were a bit on the light side, i still give the session a 7 outta 10. This board has NO issues schlogging. One fellow commented on this blog that this board will plane earlier and upwind better with a true Formula fin - like 70 cm. Have NOT found one like that with a trimm /TM box...
Local fellow is selling an AHD ZEN 170 - same as my AHD FF 160 with ABS layer and centre fin:

SAT 18AUG2012  - was supposed to be a GOOD wind this afternoon. However, son is just back from hospital, bro-in-law is coming from NY and the out-laws coming from the chalet. OK, will squeeze in a session in the morning and be back by noon. Brought the BTF and the TR-4 10-oh. Two other guys were setting up and i was wondering why they were going out with such mid-size equipment WITH helmets. They came over and exclaimed over the big cool sail :-) I went out and did not plane right away, but lots after. Dropped the sail a couple of times and had NO issues yanking it out. Let the sail do what it wanted to do and was loving it. This sail is becoming my friend :-) Giving session an 8.5 outta 10. One of the fellows came off when i did and told me that he was having a tough day and did not plane at all :-( Winds were up when i left and lots of people were coming out. One fellow asked if there was too much wind or not enough for me :-) I explained i had other obligations, butt would love to stay :-) Helmut missed a good one this afternoon i am sure!!!

TUES 21 AUG2012 -  Aashish has been "bothering" me to go windsurfing. He has NEVER gone and seems unsure about his swimming skills :-( The country is colder and chance of showers - so, forget that. How about OKA - will pack all the necessaries. Get to work and he cannot come %^&*( Has a "meeting" at 5h30 pm. Can we go tomorrow - my stuff is in the car and i am ready to go !! As it turns out OKA is NOT ideal for him due to long fin on BTC - rest is up north AND many were wearing wetsuits today.

At lunch went to auventfou to get an EZuphaul and check the bottom batten on my TR-4 10-oh. Turns out the batten is broken :-( René took it out by cutting the threads on the side of the batten pocket. He said a local "cordonier" /cobbler/shoe repair shop would be able to fit it !!!. The shoe maker did manage to repair it on a machine i had never seen - for $10. René had to cut the batten on both ends cuz it was glued. 

Why do i break battens - they are saying NOT enough downhaul. Perhaps it is how i remove the battens at de-rigging?? At auventfou explained to another heavyweight about my BTC and TR-4 10-oh.

OKA had light winds and so my trusty combo and I went out. There were about 4 kiters - all in wetsuits and waiting for wind. I only planed about 30 % of the time. My plan was NOT to go today. I had some stuff for Aashish... Practiced with the EZuphaul and had fun. Somehow had issues with tacks today. Still give the session an 8 outta 10 cuz i had a smile on my face and i am lovin this combo !! Was staying AWAY from the section on the south side where i encountered MANY rocks when i went across with Georges %^&*()

THURS 23AUG2012 -  Winds were supposed to be 13 to 16 knots. Helmut and I took the afternoon OFF work. Actually brought the AHD 160 - good luck with that $%^&*When we got there - OKA - it did NOT look good - yesterday was actually better and NO winds were predicted...  I rigged my standard 10-oh on the BTF for light wind, butt even that only planed about 10 % of the time. Helmut said he only spent 30 minutes on the water. For him it was a wasted afternoon off and $17. For me it was three(3) hours on the water on a beautiful day = 7 outta 10. Fish jumping out the water. Fellow came over to check out my sail and board :-) 

Oh yeah - weather maps showed winds hanging BELOW 10 knots !!!

The BEST run was a down winder with the waves pushing from behind. It really made me realize WHY people like to windsurf in waves. The push was gentle and whenever it slowed, i pumped the sail. It was a GREAT feeling and one of the reasons this session made it to 7 outta 10 :-) 

Helmut was NOT the only one who got skunked on this day. There were plenty of others - kiters and windsurfers. Of the windsurfers - ONLY three(3) - including myself stayed on the water. One of them was flying an MS Titan sail :-)

Wed 29AUG2012 – winds were to be WSW and 20 to 40 kph or 16 to 20 knots. During the day winds did NOT really develop and Helmut was NOT sure it was worth $17 at OKA. I had packed for light to medium wind ie BTC + AHD + 10-oh + 8-oh. Around 14h00 Dorval was reporting 17 knots with gusts to 22 knots. This is in the 20 to 40 kph range. Helmut was IN. When we got there, there were white caps and a decent wind that felt more WNW than WSW.  I rigged what I had – the AHD 160 with the MS-2 8-oh. I rigged the sail with full downhaul and fairly tight outhaul. Helmut went with his Fanatic Hawk 135 and 7-oh rigged loose. After some runs we discussed the situation. I was okay once I had moved the harness lines forward and thus stopped catapaulting.  Helmut was having issues with the holes in the wind near the middle of the lake. Winds picked up more and we were OFF … Had to take a break at some point cuz my right calf was sore and tight. Told a kiter I was getting old and NOT used to doing the long 3 km runs to the other side …  Later discussed with Helmut how he liked the session and he is still frustrated … NOT enough sessions to get back in it and with the 135 he has to wait until 15 knot minimum. I explained that even with a 160+ he still would have the 15 knot minimum and NOT to waste his money … Think he went Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and so I feel he got three(3) sessions in a row and hope he got some skills back …
I gave that session on Wednesday a 9 outta 10 cuz it had been soooo long since i used the HD 160 !! Also blasted about quite a bit.

On Thursday i went dragonboating and Helmut went out again. This time the wind was parallel to the shore and he managed to get in the straps and said he loved it = GOOD on him...

Fri 31AUG2012 -- this website hit a new record - over 6200 hits in one month :-)
Left work early since the morning was a tour in a plant and no-one was in the office. Helmut was tired and winds were less than anticipated. Headed out to OKA by myself and the winds were definitely light. Georges was there. They were at BDB yesterday - himself and Richard - and they had a blast. He STILL is NOT smoking - says my trick with substituting candies worked !!! He was going 9-oh and me 10-oh. Fellow beside us was VERY interested in my sail. He walked it out for me cuz he wanted to see it go :-) I was too excited, i beachstarted a little early and dragged the fin through the dirt. Time to forget the fellow and get on with it. Managed to rescue the start and sort of planed a little. Then felt like the winds died for about an hour. It got to the point where no-one was on water except me !!! I had a big sense of foreboding. Something was coming and then a big gust hit me. I started planing off and on and then ON. No-one moved from the beach. Oh well. I rock n rolled back and forth across the lake. Adjusted the boom up a little and tightened it - it slips - and the harness lines back even more. Think it should be closer to 75 cm - will check my notes ...The planing portion of the afternoon was 9.5 outta 10 and will NOT rate the sucky part before. The 10-oh was rigged quite loose in outhaul and i left it like that ...So, good thing for Helmut he did not come and too bad for Georges that he left !!! During the good portion of the afternoon , there was only ONE other windsurfer and he was NOT planing :-( and many kiters ...

SUN 09SEPT2012 - yesterday was a GREAT day at Les Roches. Seems there were more people there than ever and 4.x was the call of the day... This is WAY OVER 4 me ...
Today the winds were supposed to be W 20 to 40 kph, which is perfect 4 my 8-oh sail on the AHD 160 liter board. This morning looked bad and i was getting nervous.
By 11h00 winds were picking up, butt forget the AHD 160 at home and just bring the BTF and the two(2) big sails. When i arrived, it looked like white caps = CRAP. Went to check and it felt light. Rigged the 10-oh with the BTF.  Kiter coming off called it 10 to 12 knots, That's what it felt like and he had his kite in the power position while walking ... Beach started and off i went. Winds offshore were much better and planed like a rocket :-) Fell in and the EZ uphaul feels like it is too low. Practiced beach starts and tacking. Both got MUCH better,
When i got off the water i realized i had made some serious mistakes.
1) i was still wearing my good glasses - good thing i never realized
2) the boom was adjusted by measure and was too short - should have checked this $%^&*()
am surprised the sailing was as good as it was with the shorter boom $%^&*(
Still calling this session a 9 outta 10 cux there were many times i had a smile on my face. Would beach start and begin planing right away :-)
Tried to find a pay phone - since i have NO cellular. Was going to ask to stay longer since it was only 14h10. There are none and when i got home - my wife was out = i coulda stayed longer %^&*()
This was surely my last outing in swimming shorts too - almost everyone else was in shorties or full wetsuits....

WED 12SEPT2012 --  Winds were supposed to be 20 to 40 kph WSW. I put the 2 big boards on the van and 2 biggest sails inside the van the evening before. In the morning they were announcing 30 to 50 kph !! OK, added the 7-oh and associated boom to the pile in the van.

By the time I left work and got to OKA, winds were only 10 to 12 knots. The choice was obvious: BTF with the TR-4 10-oh. Put full downhaul to within one finger. Bill Kline says there is a way to measure the tension without using the fancy tools at MauiSails :-) Loosened the outhaul to start and tightened it later. Winds were SW, which meant one could go parallel to the beach/shore ie on-shore winds- too bad water was not deeper :-( Again could go straight from waist deep beach start into a plane. FUN-FUN = 9/10 !! and sailed in a bathing suit :-)

More kites than boards - i always make an effort to be friendly with the kiters - NO need for an "us and them" situation ....

SUN 16SEPT2012 - Saturday was supposed to be the better windsurf day. Helmut said AAO was VERY busy, wind was gusty, best for about two(2) hours and died after the rain at 16h00. I was @ OKA with Brandie. There were many people, butt did NOT look great, wind also seemed to die after cold rain @ 16h00 and everyone packed it in after that.

Sunday we were @ West Island for brunch with the family and did not get home until 16h30. I raced out to OKA where winds were West @ about 10 knots. Some kites were out and about two(2) windsurfers. I set up my trusty gear: BTF + TR-4 10-oh. The sail was rigged full downhaul {one finger in between} and loose outhaul. Did NOT really plane a lot nor schlogg. Was always just on the edge. Whenever I pumped or went down wind, it did plane, butt not full blast- a gentle plane. Would give it an 8 / 10 just cuz i got to go out !! Was using the farmer john bottom portion and NOT cold at all.

The fox we had seen Saturday came really close to me this evening. Now I was the only one there, butt yesterday there were many people and she was still there. OKA people say this is all normal !!!

WED 19SEPT2012 -- Wet and BIG winds yesterday. Today was supposed to be 20 to 40 kph westerly winds. In the morning the weather channel announced 30 to 50 kph winds, butt i felt that would NOT happen based on the other charts and it did NOT !
Work threatened to kill the session based on panic and Helmut leaving early for physio. Somehow i managed to get out early just the same and everyone seemed happy for me the next day :-)
At OKA i chatted with Sylvain of Ste-Marta sur le Lac. He told me about Hawaii and how the kites are kept separate from the windsurfers NAD there are more windsurfers !! At OKA kiters are supposed to stay in one section as well. Sylvain says if windsurfers could keep the strip at the end, the kiters could have the rest. He only brought his 6-oh and down :-( He checked out the TR-4 10-oh and the BIC Techno Formula :-)
There were about 4 to 5 kites and 2 windsurfers - including myself and we were both with MauiSails.Winds were from the WSW and 10 to 15 knots. I could plane at any time, butt there were times that i had to go down wind or pump. At one point there was ONLY me on the water. Have to give the session an 8 outta 10. Had the full farmer john wetsuit on, butt found it warm with temps at 14 degrees Celsius and sunny. Temps are definitely going down !! I donut mind the wetsuit. It is the gloves that i am NOT looking forward to !!! Fall winds usually pick up as well ...
It's NOT over for 2012 yet. Helmut may be packing it in due to his back :-(

TUES 25SEPT2012 - Winds were supposed to be 20-40 kph SW and temperature at
20 degrees Celcius.
Neither one of these items were a disappointment.

Will try a new approach with this entry - will start with 10 outta 10 and
mark negatives and major positives.

crazee day at work   = -1
managed to get out = +1 still 10/10
seemed to need less than 8-oh = -1
it all calmed down later = +0.5 now 9.5
waves were big for AHD 160 = -1
it calmed down later = +0.5       now 9.0
fell and cut finger on clam = -1
managed to stop bleeding = +0.5 now 8.5

was sailing with outhaul half on = -1
noticed, fixed it and NO issue - +.5 now 8.0
Somehow had the feeling this was the last session of the season with good temperature and NO gloves.
I hate gloves - they give me cramps.  I was unable to help two(2) strong blokes "unstick" a skinny mast.
Looked like the mast shifted at the joint - never seen before. Gave them the idea of using two(2) booms ,
turning in opposite directions and IT WORKED.

As i was leaving OKA, there was a deer munching away at leaves on the road. I rolled by and was eye to
eye with the beautiful creature. Michael Jackson on low volume did not bother her :-)

Guess all in all , it was a pretty good session and day and as such, would give it an 8.5 outta 10 :-)
Then why am i feeling so sad ??? :-(

SAT29SEPT2012 - Winds were from the NW, cloudy day and NOT too warm, nor too cold. Went to the main beach at OKA. Saw three(3) other windsurfers launch from way down the beach - i think that's where we are supposed to go. There was one kiter later,butt the wind had dropped by then.

Using the same evaluation method as last time:
too much sand on sail     -1
liked launch site/session +0.5 --> 9.5
adjustable was wide open unknowingly -1
managed gusts just the same          +0.5 --> 9.0
was cloudy and wsa hoping for some sun  -1
did NOT drizzle until after the session +0.5 --> 8.5
and THAT is what i would have give this session :-)

Fellow and his g-friend were using a training kite and asking many questions about my kit. He spoke about rentals. I suggested St-Sauveur and forgot about OkaVoile :-(

During this session I felt very comfortable and was pushing it.
BTF with TR-4 10-oh. LOVING IT !!!

MON 01OCT2012 - Winds were from the west, cloudy, not too warm and not too cold. Went to La Crete with the AHD 160/79 and MS-2 8-oh.
difficult to get out of work -1
managed to get out at 15h00  +.5 --> 9.5
having trouble with my beach starts -1 --> 8.5
wind dropped almost completely -1
and it was time to go anyway +0.5        --> 8.0
and that is what i would have given this session anyway :-)
i could have gotten away with the bigger kit, especially since it dropped at the end

there was a detour to get to the beach/Crete - 2 other windsurfers and one kiter.

When i got off, one fellow was helping another with putting away his kit. THe other was holding his hand in a strange way. I asked him if it was his hand or his shoulder. HAND. Was it swelling ? YES. I helped put the stuff away. When i saw his hand, it looked like an egg just behind his knuckle on the pointing finger of his left hand.We both pushed that he go to St-Eustache hospital!! NOT sure why or how he catapaulted to that extent with the winds the way they were. Ironically it was his first time out on his brand new Fanatic Ray LTD 115. The hand was NOT the only casualty - the board suffered a crack too :-( and this was an experienced windsurfer !!

WED 10/10/2012 - Weather forecasters announced rain with winds WSW 30 to 50 kph. So, I brought the AHD, BEE, 8-oh, 7-oh and 6,3 to work. Around noon winds were still from the south {which sucks here mostly} and only about 8 knots :-(     Skunked ??
I stayed later at work than planned and went ot OKA anyway. No-one was supposed to be at home. There was no-one at OKA either. Winds seemed light westerlies and thus rigged the AHD 160 with the MS-2 8-oh. As I was rigging, it sounded like the winds were picking up. And they were !! At OKA the rigging area is screened by trees and as such one cannot see the changing conditions... There were definitely white caps when i got on the water. Do I go or rig down? Tough conditions in any case. When I got out there, I was way over... Got to practice beach starts, water starts and some wave maneuvering. I thought i heard some-one whistle as i had a bad crash and felt like someone was "watching over me". VERY bizarre feeling !! The last time i had this feeling, i was very young and was in grave danger.
Rating of this session:
Did not break any body parts = + 1
Did not break equipment =        + 1
Got to practice moves in over-   +1
whelming conditions
This gives the session a sad 3 outta 10 :-(
Each fall i get to eat a little humble pie.
The conditions were for the advanced to experts and i put too big equipment on the water.
Do i regret it all = NOT ONE BIT :-)

FRI 12/10/12 - Was supposed 2 B cold with NW winds at 20 to 40 kph. So I brought the AHD 160, 10-oh, 8-oh and 7-oh to work. Managed to leave work after a long lunch. Rigged the 8-oh tight with the usual 48 slalom type fin. Would rate it 7 outta 10, butt lets see what new rating systems end up with:
It was cold on the hands = -1
Shoulda put gloves = -1
Winds were up n down = -1
Can't think of anything else = 7 outta 10 :-)

Did not break anything = +1
Did not hurt myself = +1
Was not alone = +1
Had the right sail =+1
Had the right board = +1
With gloves was not cold = +1
Had fun ripping AND maneuvering = +1
Can't think of anything else = 7 outta 10 :-)
Fellow from Ste-Marta sur le Lac said he did not go yesterday cuz he felt cold, butt he did go today :-)
There were about 3 kiters and 4 windsurfers @ OKA - including myself. At one point it was either hailing or snowing :-( Good thing I was getting OFF !!

TUES 16OCT2012 - Weather forecasters announced cold (8 degrees C) and WSW 20 - 40 kph. Left work just before 15h00. It was cool outside and WNW about 20-40 kph, butt more towards 40 kph. Rigged the 8-oh tight on the AHD 160. The single windsurfer was coming off and ONE kiter was going on. Besides the chop, it was a GREAT session and I was NOT cold @ all !!!
Would give this session a 9 outta 10 !!!
The worst part ? The facilities were closed @ La Crête/OKA and I had to crap in the woods $%^&*()_

THURS 18OCT2012 - Weather forecast was warm (18 degrees C) and SE winds of 20 kph. This was just too nice to miss @ this time of year. It is almost 10 degrees over the norm !!! Left work at about 14h30 and the lady at the OKA booth told me one fellow already left cuz winds were too light. Told her I had the BIG board and the BIG sail. It was so warm, i did NOT wear the jacket of the farmer john outfit. At the main beach they were doing some kind of photo shoot, there were about four kiters sitting about and one leaving saying winds were "light, light". I went out and slowly the kites came out. Eventually it planed and i put the jacket on too - clouds. If it were not for the sun, beautiful sundown and the occasional planing, this session would have rated poorly. In the end, i give it a 7 outta 10 :-)

SAT 20OCT2012 -- It was supposed to be warm with winds WSW 20 to 40 kph.Begged the wife to go and left the house around 16h10 with the BTF and 10-oh. By the time i got there, the wind had dropped again :( ALSO, someone warned me that the OKA beaches closed at 18h00 $%^&*( I rigged and went just the same. It was WARM water and pleasant, butt far too short a session AND rushed. About a 6 outta 10 :(

The next day winds were 40 to 60 kph, butt it was my son's birthday. So, NO GO. Helmut went with his SW Retro 6-oh at AAO and complained about gusty winds. Monday another son needs the van AND winds announced are lower than originally announced. Seems like a hit n miss for me now, butt at least water is still warm. Helmut had Monday OFF and was at AAO with his 7-oh this time. Says the water felt colder on this day - makes NO sense - ot was sunny on this day and NOT on Sunday !!!

TUES 30OCT2012 -Just got back from Long Island, NY; barely escaping Hurricane Sandy. NOT two(2) days after we left, a tree went into the attic directly above the chamber where we had been sleeping !!
Winds were to be ENE 20-40 kph and warm (15 degrees C). It was warm and winds looked okay, butt when i got on the water at OKA's main beach with the BTF and 10-oh, I felt over. I stayed close to shore and had fun just the same. There was only one other person on the water - a kiter. Two windsurfers showed up and rigged 6.2s on boards under 100 liters. These fellows were MUCH lighter than I. They came in after about 30 minutes cuz the winds dropped. That's when i went out :) Eventually the winds dropped - even too much for me and i made my way in.
That's when it kicked again. That's when everyone was scrambling to go back out and were all wondering why i was coming in :) There were now 3 kiters and 4 windsurfers. I had done my two(2) hours and had promised my wife to be home "early" - in time for supper. I would give this session a 9 outta 10 !! What was missing ? Lose one point on the winds. At times i was schlogging and just admiring the scenery. It had rained in the morning, was now sunny with blue, blue skies AND cool clouds {sandy?}
Winds look promising again for the end of the week abd i plan to pick up the big 66 cm trimm box fin for the BTF before :) On iwindsurf i asked about the BTF and getting more speed. They suggested bigger fin and move the mast track back. aside: John Ingerbritsen prefers the SB US 147 over the JP SLW 154 for turning. Thought the JP was slightly longer - not easier to turn? These boards are under 250 cm which goes against what Tinho Dornellas believes. I'll just keep going with what i have and save my $$$
Do I go to Hatteras next spring ??

SAT 03NOV2012 - It was supposed to be cold - 8 degrees C - and mid-winds 20 to 40 kph WNW. Time to test the new fin on the BIC Techno Formula? why not :) Just in case, i put the MS-2 8-oh on tight and was glad i did !! Since this board is rated 8.5 to 12-oh, i put the mast track all the way at the back. Forgot to adjust the harness lines forward @#$%^& This made the first trip back to shore difficult. Boots, gloves, hoodie and helmet were all in use. Winds were over 13 knots to start and am sure they gusted to 20. The board was a bit wide for the one foot waves, butt was still okay. The fin was GREAT and the board could be driven hard or plane easy in the lulls. Since i had moved things back, the footstraps were in the way !! I practically had to step on them. If the weather would have been a little better and winds more on-shore, i coulda tried them :(
There were 3 windsurfers , including myself, and about 4 kites on water and 2 waiting?? One kiter had a very interesting board. It looked like a race kiteboard or a mini windsurfer. He also arrived already in his wetsuit. This is a trick i forgot ^&*( When i got off i was a little cold, butt all in all this session was a 7 outta 10. For now I give the fin an 8 outta 10 when in use. In terms of original receipt, i give the fin a 5 outta 10 - the screw hole is not deep enough to take the standard length screw and it does NOT fit into the box $%^&*()_

SAT 24NOV2012 - Yesterday I got skunked, butt today was EXCITING.
Yesterday left work early and was on call... Winds were supposed to be from the S-SE at about 20 kph. Seemed okay near Dorval and Lac Champlain, butt not at OKA. I fell asleep on the beach chair - it was so peaceful - woke up n went home. Today was supposed to be cold, getting colder and windy 30 to 60 kph. When I left the house, it was about 5 degrees Celsius and winds were approaching 20 knots from the SW. Brought the AHD 160 and Fanatic BEE 124 with sails 8.0, 7.0 and 6.3. Was on my way when i realized i had forgotten my gloves - went back and got them. When I arrived, there was no-one there!! Winds were good , with whitecaps and seemed to be from the West. Decided to rig the 6.3 on the AHD 160 just to be safe...When I put the rig on the ground, I realized I had forgotten the skinny mast extension $%^&* Ok, time for a decision. Do I go on the 7-oh or forget about it ???
Since I said it was EXCITING, I obviously did rig the Gaastra Flow 3X 7-oh on the 490 mast, AHD 160 and Select 40 cm Slalom fin. Rigged the sail TIGHT with lots of leech. When I got in the water, my feet were cold, but the rest of me was fine. The wind was kicking and with the "smaller" fin, I could GO almost immediately. For me, it was a really tough ride and that was what was exciting ....
I have been windsurfing about 20 years and the last 6 years short boarding. Much of this is light winds on flat water and even the faster sessions are on flat water.
Today there was wind AND waves and I was way overpowered. So, how could this be exciting you say ?? Well, even two(2) years ago this would have been a very boring and overwhelming practice session. On this day, I managed to fight the wind and waves and ZOOM over the chop like never before. The wind was strong enough to lift me onto the board with NO effort on my part, if i veered upwind , i was able to contort myself with board and sail to bring myself downwind. In the past, this would have been an easy dunking. So, I thought I had the fever in the past ?? No, I think this was a taste of the years to come !!!
I do NOT want to become a wind chaser, but Lake Champlain is NOT far away - about 1 to 1.5 hour drive. Helmut has shown an interest in going there as well...
Even though I kept the session short {alone on the water, no-one at home and being on call}, I still gave this session an 8 outta 10. With people on the water, no pager, more SW wind to allow parallel to beach practice on the BEE 124, and a little more sun, that session could easily have been a 10 outta 10. It was just SO much FUN !!!

SUN 25NOV2012 - enjoyed yesterday so much that i was tempted to go again today. Somehow i had bad "jube jube" and as such did not go. Again no-one to call at home, was on call and this time it was below freezing.  I washed my sail from yesterday and discovered why i should NOT go. I went in similiar temps back in December 2009 in the country. There I was able to bring the sail in to thaw out. Since i was home, i was able to bring the sail into the garage to thaw, BUTT i would not be able to do that at the Park. So, what do the others do? Yvente also told me once that he brings hid sails in to thaw - will ask on the forum.

MON 26NOV2012 - took the day OFF since my wife was back from the States. She had some things to do and so i napped in the morning. When I awoke, my eldest, asked me if i was going windsurfing. "There is NO wind and it is too cold." There were 20 kph westerlies and it was zero degrees Celsius.  Within 2o minutes the car was packed. Had to wait to drive the daughter to work and OFF i was to OKA. Obviously no-one was there :) I tried the trick I had just read where i poured warm water on my boots. The sun was shining and that should help a little bit. Had to break through the ice to get to the water !! At OKA on the BTF with the 10-oh and 66 cm fin I had to walk out quite far...After a few runs my hands were cold. Used trick number two - go in and wait for hands to regain circulation. Also, do NOT tighten the gloves much -just minimal !!! for circulation and warmth... OKAY, back out - ice was forming on the sail - crap. Was distracted by something or other and fell in with the sail facing upwind by the time i was back on the board - double crap. Good thing for that EZ uphaul. Still needs a little adjustment, butt it did help. At that point I decided okay, i have had my fun and i do need to get back and put it all away. The feet got cold on the way back ... As I was taking it all apart, a woman from France asked if i was practicing today ? :-) She had never been down to La Crête and felt as I did that it was "magnifique" :-)

The Select 66 cm race fin had more damage than I anticipated - felt like it only grazed some rocks... and the fin was a little loose !!! Now I understand how people lost these TRIMM fins #$%^&* The mast had to be shoved into the car in order to take it apart and the sail was a true PITA with the ice on it. I rolled it up as best as i could and once it thawed a bit on the way back, I took it out, rolled it up tighter and put it back in the bag.The board had ice on it as well. The wife asked how it went and i said that it was just like in the movies... had to break through the ice to get to the water - yes, I am insane, honey :-)

HOWEVER, i can say that was my LAST outing of 2012 !!!!

FRI 19APR2013 - so, here we are in 2013. Spring and the warm weather seem to be taking their time this year :-( Last year I was on the water by 02APR. Last week i went to the local river, butt the wind died by the time i got there - and so , even the Fanatic CAT was useless. Today winds were to be from the south and quite strong - mid winds in the 30 to 50 kph range. That's close to 20 knots. However, south generally is NOT a good direction. In any case it was a Friday and i arrived home earlier in case no-one was home when the young one got home. In the end, i was free to go and so, i did. Since it was to be mid-winds, i brought the AHD 160 and the three(3) smaller sails - in case .. When i arrived at OKA there was NO wind and about 4 kiters all set up and waiting. One had been there all day. They kept encouraging one fellow to go home since he was considered BAD LUCK. The irony of the story is, after he left, the wind kicked. It dragged one kiter 20 feet down the beach when he did a test setup. They said it was strong and so even though i had put the 48 cm fin, i put the 7-oh sail. I never did plane, but had fun just the same. Had to go through adjustments like harness lines , etc I had lost about 20 pounds and used my harness in the winter and  so had issues adjusting it to be comfortable and functional. When i got off, the wind died and one kiter was still managing to go - others could not. I would not rate this session very high, butt it was a first session and managed to go on a work day. So, cannot be given more than 6 outta 10. Next time bring boards and not just one. If i had used the BTF with the 7-oh , i assume it would have planed. Was probably a good day for the CAT #$%^&* I am not bringing three(3) boards when i go $%^&*( Need to be two(2) with a big range.

Oh yeah, before i forget, in the end there were about 8 kiters and one windsurfer- me!!
Also, it was supposed to be warm - around 20 degrees and was NOT. However, on occasion i felt really warm air on my face. I was not cold, but on occasion my feet felt cold. One fellow was kiting with no gloves. I used the two(2) piece wetsuit since i was unsure who could help zip me up :-)

Also, picked up my "new" used MauiSails TR-6 8.4 sail from windspirit in St-Hyacinthe yesterday. This sail is a beauty and in fine shape. Perhaps I should have used it on this day !! At the same time, i picked up a two bolt mechanic mast base. This is to help mount the 10-oh on the wide Bic Techno Formula ...

MON 22APR2013 - sunny with winds that were supposed to be SE @ 20 kph. It felt more like WSW and under 20 kph at Ste-Rose on Rivière Mille Isles. Was rigging my "new" 8.4 when a fellow came over asking," You windsurf here? Never saw anyone here before !" Told him that I am the ONLY one and i just cruise about with my large sail and trusty longboard - the CAT. I made a video of the session that was 2 GB - will try to load it into youtube and post it here - just for fun !! Winds were light and as such, I had no harness, butt i forgot the lifejacket in the car and had two(2) mechanical breakdowns $%^&*() It was actually the same problem that happened twice. I had corrected the connection at the bottom of the mast base and that was NOT the issue this time. I had tied a cord to the clip that holds the mast base. This was to stop the track from going too far forward inadvertently  and suddenly plus NOT to lose the clip. WELL, the track did go forward and pulled the clip out. GOOD thing the clip was NOT lost $%^&* Managed to put the mast base on both times quite readily with some pain. Made me wish i had a mechanical mast base !! Disconnect mast base from extension next time = YES.
As i said, i taped the session from the helmet with the water proof case. i was surprised there was still OK sound.
This was also the first time i used the TR-6 8.4. Should have used the HPL carbon boom with adjustable outhaul and EZ uphaul, butt the sail goes GREAT. Winds were light and as such, i had issues flipping the cams. Time for some lubrication !!! More outhaul ? Re-read MS forum ??
Even with the mishaps, and not purrfect wind, i still give the session a 6.5 outta 10. Why not a round number?  To show it felt slightly better than Friday's session @ OKA :-) Believe it or not !!! The CAT is more versatile in lighter unsure winds and waters !!!

TUES 23APR2013 - Again, winds were from the SE; this time supposed to be 20-40 kph. Went to Ste-Rose and winds seemed lighter than yesterday. Do I rig ? Too nice a day and need to work on "new" TR-6 8.4. Put lubricant on the cambers and spent time checking the mast base - so it will NOT come off. Again, a fellow came by and said, " Never saw anyone windsurf here before. Do you fall in?" I said that i hope NOT cuz it is cold :-) Said he would watch me :-) It was difficult to get going, butt once going, it was okay. Camera was on bottom of the boom and went in the water this time. Also the SD card got full. The mast base DID come out once - NOT sure how the clip managed to come out !#$%^&*()_
There were boats out this time and a raft came by with two(2) people and they exclaimed that i was courageous. I told them that crazy and courageous are in the same boat.
I give the session a 7.5 outta 10 since it was even better than yesterday, butt still no harness required.
The fellow with the dog was still around when i got off and he stated that upon observation he saw that one did NOT need to go fast to have FUN ! And THAT is what the longboard is ALL ABOUT !!  FUN AND TOW !!
On Toronto forum a fellow mentioned that he only windsurfed ONCE last year. I replied that I have been out three(3) times in the last week !! :-)
BTW the cambers flipped beter and better as the session went on !!!

FRI 26APR2013 - went and purchased some Dakine Mono Harness Lines from 2-rad. I wanted 32 inch, butt they only had 30 inch. Brought those home and tried them on the aluminum boom. They seem shorter than the old adjustables on there now. 2-rad also has Chinook race lines that go to 32 inches for twice the price. Have asked Bruno and the other fellow via e-mail if i can trade them in. Looks like there will not be wind for some time now. Nice weather though ...

SAT 27APR2013 - went to the local river and winds were around 6 knots max. Was not as warm as i anticipated and since wind was from the West would need to go to the water plant or Parc Charbaneau. Did not "feel like it", and so headed back home. THAT is the beauty of going local - go/no go is NO issue.

THURS 02MAY2013 - many days with NO wind. Helmut is preparing to go to Cape Hatteras with Bruno of 2-rad for a 2nd time. Winds there look crazy. Today the sun was at 7 for UV and about 25 degrees Celcius. Winds were light out of the ENE at about 10 to 13 knots. Tried the camera under the boom tilted in and down. Had issues putting the boom on and i paid for this on the first run - the boom clamp came off %^&*( butt i managed to get back to shore to put it all back on $%^&
Here is the first video:

Once I had the boom back on, I was back out for another half an hour or so. The weather was just stupendous. Was doing an experiment with keeping mast base on and with mast base all the way up and  centre board down to see upwind and speed performance attributes...
Feels like upwind was very good, but speed could be improved by moving the mast back. I am looking for the setting that is okay for these two items since i DONUT like adjusting the mast track while sailing - this will come with time. Also need to get in the straps.
Find the colours just came out GREAT in any case . I do NO editing at this point in the game  - just playing ... reason - no windows pc powerful enough - will need to ask Pierre at work - he has windows and does video editing ...
Here is the other video ...

SUN 05MAY2013 - going to the country. Both cars not in the driveway this morning - what iz ze plan ? Daughter to bring the car around 10h00 - oh crap - will my boom fit in the car - we are to be 4 or 5 people $%^&*( Boom does NOT fit well. Get to the country and there is a breeze with a magnificent day. GOTTA GO !! All i have is the BIC Dufour Wing and a NP Warp 7-oh with three(3) cambers where the bottom camber never behaved AND i CANNOT find the bigger boom. CRAP. The only boom i have is the one used for the North Zeta 4.x $%^& Put it as long as it will go and check the extra pieces - yeah right. Tried with battens loose - NO GOOD. Put the battens tighter except on bottom camber where i loosened the batten completely. That was the best setup and then the wind kicked. Felt like it was over 10 knots and almost planed - even with this crappy setup. Too bad i did not bring the camera :-( How would i rate such a session - difficult thing to do. The day was great - no incidents and not cold - 7 outta 10 ??

MON 06MAY2013 - winds were supposed to be SW at about 20 kph. Brought the BTF and 10-oh to work and managed to leave a little early. There were 2 kites on the beach at OKA, but not much wind. Later there were two(2) windsurfers, but they were schlogging. I got readings between 4 and 8 knots = NOT enough - missing about 4 knots. The water was much higher than last time and there were many people on the beach ... I am better off going with the CAT in 20 kph winds $%^&*()_ Looks winds were a little better after about 16h30 ... Too late ...Perhaps I need to find a way to carry both boards ??

TUES 07MAY2013 - same conditions as yesterday. Did NOT take a chance and instead went to the Rosemere launch on Rivière Milles Isles. There was two(2) people with SUPs - one of which had the pointy front of a race version. Obviously used the CAT and the 8.4. Was too warm for the wetsuit, butt forgot to bring a T-shirt ... It was a fun quick session after work. Did not bother filming since nothing new happening - just another view of the river. Give it a 7 outta 10 = okay session. Am waiting for the real fun to begin. All longboard conditions so far this year for me..

WED 08MAY2013 - woulda bin a good day 2 go, butt i did NOT :-( SE winds 10 to 15 knots. Was tired , am on call and NOT my favourite wind direction.

SAT 11MAY2013 - tomorrow is Mother`s day and really big winds announced. Who will be able to get out ??
Today winds are to shift and may get strong and gusty...WSW over 15 knots. Still on call and the wife is out at a special event for the little one - last session before the summer = brunch. So, I brought the CAT on the roof and the BTF in the van with 7-oh, 8.4 and 10-oh sails. When i arrived at OKA, the winds were just starting from the W. I rigged the 8.4 with the new Chinook harness race lines and the tightened mast base.

Here is a pic from the tightened mast base...

Here is a pic of the Chinook race lines...
Both of these items were fine and i was smiling as a planed. I kept the mast base at the same place somewhere around the middle. After a few runs, i noticed winds picking up further out and felt a shift to SW. As i was going out i saw the wall of wind approaching closer. I was talking to myself and i says, i butter turn back to shore -> TOO LATE. I had a hell of a time tacking and fought my way back to shore. Jumped off too soon and had to swim in a bit. Since i had a smile on my face more than once , i give this session an 8 outta 10. A fellow was trying to kite AFTER the winds picked up and he gave up. Two windsurfers were struggling further down the beach West - i did not even know people launched from there ... A fellow drifted over and protested about the winds. He was on a BIC Nova 165 with an MS Pursuit 8.5 - obviously set up by Auventfou :-) He did not even get to go out he said... Told him i was packin it in. Two other folks came and one said he got iwindsurf reports of winds over 20 knots and gusting as high as 30 in the area $%?&*() No wonder i was over. On quebecwind they are talkin about sails in the 4.x range !!! And we were out on our 8.5 sails !!! As a windsurfer one must be able to self-rescue and know one`s limits ...On iwindsurf forum they are talking about the number of deaths in North America from kiters having mishaps. They have problems with on-shore winds and sudden gusts..
This weather station is not ideal for OKA, but gives one an idea of the conditions + one can see Sunday is gonna be crazee...


TUE 14MAY2013 - At Rosemere water plant water levels are so high that the boat ramp is practically
buried and there are many geese floating about. The wind direction was WSW at around 12 knots with holes. As usual , I set up the CAT with the TR-6 8.4 sail and i would have preferred the HPL
boom with adjustable outhaul. When i was near the bridge , the current caught me and i almost drifted to the other side. Had to act quickly and sail back upwind.
There were the usual honkers, whistlers and wavers passing on the 117 bridge.
I caught the keel/centreboard on a boat marker line, butt line slipped off ok. When i got off the water, a fellow moving his boat almost stepped on my sail $%^&*()
Would have to rate this session about 7.5 outta 10. OK , butt not great ...

THURS 16MAY2013 - Left work a little later than hoped - boss kept us later for a team lead meat. Traffic was horrendous and especially on the 640 cuz there seemed to be some kinda exhibition at Honda St-Eustache. I managed to find my way to the La Crête parking lot by going through the camping section - as told to me by Georges via e-mails. The water was REALLY high and the wind seemed ok. Was it 7-oh or 8.4 ?? Only one other guy there and he was further down.

Took a chance and rigged my TR-6 8.4 = mistake no.1
Was also trying out my single attach harness lines 30 inch = mistake no. 2
Moved the mast base back = mistake no. 3

Guess you are getting the idea  - it was NOT a great session. EVEN though i did do some planing...
Wind kicked at one point and i kept heading upwind. Decided to just go for shore - which i did with difficulty. I ended up further down than i wanted. And was now in a wind shadow - so trying to sail back upwind was useless ... As i walked back, i enjoyed the sun, the water and the fresh air. If it was not for those - it would have been a complete flop. Would i have been better off with the longboard and the 7-oh ?? Since i have been sailing mostly the CAT this year so far ....
All in all i will give this session a 5 outta 10 = barely pass !!!

btw it is normal for this to happen to me on my first outing(s) with the shortboard in a fresh season
i start like an exited kid and rig too big and when i come off i have become the old man :-)
need to calm down and rate wind and conditions carefully
also noted that people were really friendly to each other and made sure i was okay
is this fallout from the tragedy last weekend ie people think more about others and safety now ??

SUN 19MAY2013 - the wind was intermittent, not strong and probably from the south. After Thursday's bad experience i was itching for a good session. Went with the CAT and 8.4 from Ste-Rose cuz Rosemere side was buzy with boat launches. Way too many errors AND the rope that was supposed to save the clip got wrapped around the base and almost pulled the clip. At one point the base also slid and i have NO idea how that happened. When i was trying to get off i could not. So, just went towards the park further east on the river and walked my stuff from there. I had to swim my stuff in too. So, with all those good comments and that experience i give the session a bad 4 outta 10. Not fun and issues with equipment. Need to be more patient, pick my spot more carefully, etc. Have removed the rope, McLubed the mast base and will need to McLube the cambers on the 8.4. That sail sometimes feels heavy and is not easy to uphaul. Will need to adjust my EZ uphaul and practice with that. Have had some discussions with AHD about the Tactik board - a different animal that interests me - too bad they are so expensive and may have a US fin box .,...
In the longboard race, it is now Tactik vs Phantom 320.

SAT 25MAY2013 - was up at the chalet with the American side of the family - Memorial Day. In the morning went for my stroll with the CAT and the Gaastra Flow 3X 7-oh. It was a nice cruise and could have used the larger TR-6 8.4. Later on i did and winds were a little gusty. Felt like i could try the BIC Techno Formula and i did. That did NOT go as well. Since the winds were from the north, i was taken towards the south side of the lake and was having a hard time coming back with the weed fin. So, I walked on the other side of the lake until i could come back. Later tried again with the CAT and 8.4, butt it was drizzly, gusty, cold, etc and so came in for the day. Adjusted the 8.4 so the cambers would flip more easily. Am still trying to find a way to ensure the nut does not loosen on the bottom and the clip does not come off #$%^&*( Did NOT happen, butt always feels close #$%^&* Overall, the sessions and day were/was not more than 6.5 outta 10.

SUN 26MAY2013 - wind was better than yesterday and yet i was not going out ? Everyone was asking if i was okay. I was NOT !! I was having some kind of chest pains. It was NOT like back in the 90's when i stretched my chest muscles. This was different. By end of day i was getting worried. They asked if i wanted to go to the HOSPITAL and i said YES. Man were they surprised ... Wife and bro-out-law went to Jolliette. The hospital gave me an EKG within 10 minutes and confirmed there was nothing wrong with my heart - could i please go back in the waiting room = CRAP. Within two(2) hours it felt like the heart pain subsided and just my stomach was hurting. Forced vomiting did NOT help. Another hour later - tried that again and then my bro-in-law gave me some TUMS. Another hour later and we split without seeing a doctor. Had to take two(2) days off work to recouperate.

FRI 31MAY2013 - supposed to rain or thunderstorm, butt it was over 30 degrees Celsius with a SW wind of over 12 knots !! Did NOT bring my stuff cuz i was still unsure of health and energy levels and the thunderstorms. Analysis of radar showed storms might be later. Was fed up too and so decided to work from home. That did not go too well either. Afterwards i decided to go to local river - for a quick sail and in case of weather change. I was there from about 16h00 until 17h00 and there were many water vehicles. As usual i was on the CAT with the 8.4 which is the ideal combo for here ... Was in shorts, butt put my booties.Gave the session an 8 outta 10. So, what was missing then ??
The wind was not perfect, butt not really a negative factor.
The cambers were not flipping and that did bother me...
The session was just missing something - not sure what.
As i was sailing i was wondering what actually does make me happy and i found no answer.
This must have been written on my face cuz when my wife chewed me out for attitude she asked - what makes me happy anyway. Seems nothing is not an appropriate answer :-(
Next time i will stay on the water until i find an answer to those tough questions.
After i got off the wind actually picked up. I thought it meant the storm was blowing in, butt it did not.
Oh well - i did get out. Helmut has been sick as well and cannot wait to get back on the water !!

And these adjustments on the CAT mast base were complete successes

SAT 01JUN2013 - winds supposed to be 30 to 50 kph with chance of thunderstorms later
radar looked ok and so i went to OKA early just in case
bought my annual pass - now $100
for la Crête still have to go through camping to get to parking
they call us "veli-planchistes" ??
when i got to parking there were only 3 cars and one fellow was resting in his
at the "beach" - what's left of it due to weather and high water - there were 2 dudes in wetsuits in their lounge chairs
there was NO wind
they started looking for the "BIG ROCK"
i swear it was the one just behind the trees
after chatting with them and some kiters AND getting eaten alive by mosquitos ..
i went for a stroll and enjoyed NATURE
saw the dudes start to go out and leaves move a BIT
rigged the TR-4 10-oh and suddenly it POPPED
the mast went through at the TOP of the sail
derigged quickly and tried again - NO GO
seems a known problem with TR-4 series
put that stuff away and wondered - do i stay or do i go ?
i promised the wife i would come back NOT miserable and i WAS miserable
so, i went on the water with the CAT and TR-6 8.4 - no vest and no harness
after i planed for about 20 seconds, i went back and got the vest and harness
it was already LATE in the day and so - left a message at home
went out and planed !!!
the harness lines were WAY OFF
however, i really like those Chinook race lines !!!
the board can fly and can handle some chop
the wind kicked and i had to get to shore
by now i was at the main beach $%^&*(
tightend the sail and made other adjustements
walked some and tacked some
then walked some more ...
as i walked, i could feel how the board vibrates as one moves
this feels like a waste of energy and explains why faster boards are RIGID
was gonna give the session a 6 outta 10 since stuff broke etc
however, some fun was had and i was out all day !!
give it a 7.5 outta 10 then ...

FRI 07JUNE2013 - kind of a yucky day - at work and outside - cooler, rainy and 10 to 12 knot winds from the East. Too close to call and so brought one sail - the TR-6 8.4 and two(2) boards - the BIC Techno Formula and the Fanatic Ultra CAT/the FUC board :-) It was a good call cuz winds were there, butt on the light side. Was alone at Vaudreuils. Fellow came and checked wind around 8 to 10 knots and asked about water depth. It WAS DEEP quickly. Uphauled and left. Managed to plane about 50 % of the time - especially when further out. Helmut dropped by - he was on his way to check St-Zotique. I took the ferry home which costs $10 , butt saves about 30 to 45 minutes ... All in all , i would rate this session 8.5 outta 10 !! That's damn good !!!. Had some issues tacking and seemed to prefer right hand forward over the inverse. Main thing was - NO equipment issues other than cambers not flipping and did not fall in at all.Kept the mast track in the centre and harness at about 65 cm mark.
I do NOT see how i can think of selling the CAT/FUC board when it is working fine.
It is NOT a thing of beauty nor speed. IT DOES THE JOB.
People say i can spend $3000 to replace it and be no more satisfied - so, why bother??
Note: I DID have to re-tighten the mast base and as such made another minor adjustment...

SUN 09JUNE2013 - winds were from the west at about 12 knots. Helmut was unavailable and i was on call and so, i went to the local river. Obviously with the Fanatic Ultra CAT (FUC) and the MS TR-6 8.4. Started out great with planing and away from the bridge, butt did not feel right. Sure enough winds started to swing NW and gusty. Fellow said," Il faut serrer les fesses et tu vas l'avoir." I was too stymied to say kiss my yass. At least a nice lady came over after and asked about where to get used centreboards !!! All in all i cannot give this session more than say 6 outta 10 :-(
The base needed some adjustment again ^&*() Added a tie wrap to try and ensure pin stays ON.
This seems to the best adjustment to keep the base together done so far ...

 Am getting nervous as to what to do if this board becomes unusable for whatever reason !!
James Douglass also seems to feel the SB Phantom 320 would be a step up from the FUC/Fanatic Ultra CAT.

FRI 14JUN2013 - wind was to be NW at about 20 kph. And so only brought the FUC/Fanatic Ultra CAT and the MauiSails TR-6 8.4. Left work early and when i arrived at OKA Georges was there, butt almost NO wind. So we spoke about free-race and race sails. He had happened upon chats and posts where joe windsurfer was involved :-) We re-rigged his Severene Sail 9-oh {NCX ?? - no cam in any case}. I showed him the MS diagram on my sail and how i applied that to mine. We adjusted his downhaul and after the session i will describe here , Georges said the sail was the best setting he ever had ... The wind picked up and off i went. Georges was chatting with someone else. By the time i got halfway out, the wind picked up and i was planing. When I tacked back i saw Georges was getting on the water... We were flying at one point and it did not feel like the Futura 133 with Severne 9-oh was faster than the FUC with the MS 8.4 race sail. Georges felt the FUC was faster under planing speeds and the Futura in planing speeds. In any case, we were planing fast, butt the wind changed and we ended up near the beach. Georges managed to get back, butt i was having cramps and getting tired. I ended up doing the walk of shame - just too run down after all that fun. The cambers flipped well when the wind was good and i had made no more adjustments since the last time - battens still a little loose. Would still rate this session with a 9 outta 10 and Helmut is jealous :-) Here is the OKA wind map of the day {we got on the water around 15h30} - i became an iwindsurf member today to check it out ...
SAT 15JUN2013 - yesterday i was spoiled. Today was supposed to be warm with winds out of the West 30 to 50 kph ie 7-oh weather. We went to the country so that my wife could visit with her sister and put some flower's on her father's grave {on his birthdate}. The wind was from the West and i had brought my Gaastra Flow 3x 7-oh to put on the BIC Dufour Wing. I flew across the lake a couple of times, but winds were so unsteady that i only hooked in for about 30 seconds on one single run. So, winds were gusty, changing direction, etc. This means I could not give this session more than a 6.5 outta 10. When i checked OKA winds of today , they were like yesterday afternoon ALL DAY LONG @#$%^&*( Helmut was in  Brockville and so he missed out too. Georges was up at his chalet too - hope he fared better than i did !!

MON 17JUN2013 - well, just had another 9 outta 10 at OKA !!! Wind was supposed to be about 20 kph out of the West. And so, I brought the FUC board {Fanatic Ultra CAT} and the MauiSails TR-6 8.4 ONLY. Got to leave work a little early, butt not as early as last Friday :-( Guess one does need to get some work done once in a while :-) There was nothing I could do to convince Helmut to get his stuff - Fanatic Hawk 135 and Sailworks Retro 8.5. When I arrived, there were plenty of people and sailboats on the water. It looked like i might be over !!! Oh well, I am here now ... And so, I rigged the 8.4 tight and set the FUC board up for upwind and manoeuvring - fin forward a bit and mast in mast track a bit more forward...
Beach started and planed immediately. There were sections of the lake that were not as good as others, but the combo ran GREAT. Saw Georges, but he seemed to have something wrong with him and he was getting off the water. I loosened the sail as the wind seemed to be dropping slightly. Another good run and then decided time to get off - i had promised the wife NOT to come too late.

A fellow arrived in a bimmer/BMW with an iSonic 127 wide and a Severne 8.6 Reflex III - which is also a cambered sail. He rigged the sail in an odd fashion and i told him so. He did NOT believe me, but i confirmed at home that Severne suggests the rigging just like MauiSails !!! He slid the mast in, put MINIMUM downhaul, attached the boom to the mast with difficulty and then put full outhaul !! After that he put some downhaul so that he could put the cambers. It looked awkward and inefficient. Hope he checks out my suggestion !!!

The fellow suggested a Curtis weed race with A box for my FUC board... Never found that fin, but i will inquire about True AMes 39 cm fins for A box aka American/US box.

He also mentioned that he knew Georges and felt that Georges talked too much and should not touch other people's equipment... Poor Georges - he is just another nice guy ...

Traffic on the 640 sucked and there  was a deadly accident on the other side - which did not help with the rubber necks. Hope it turned out all right !!!

btw NO winds announced for the rest of the week $%^&*()
and that was why i HAD to go today!!!
i wished i had brought the BTF/BIC Techno Formula @#$%^&*()
as Helmut says - bring all you can !!!

WED 19JUNE2013 - left work at regular time ... Winds were not great, not long on the water and WAY too many jetskis. Cannot give session more than a 7.5 outta 10... NO equipment issues for some time now.
FUC with TR6.

FRI  21JUNE2013 - left work a little early. Finished what i had ta do and went on the local river. As usual with the CAT and TR-6 8.4. Give the session an 8 outta 10. Would have liked a little more wind and more time. Other than that - all went well. NO jetskis or boats bothering me. Camera needs charging #$%^&*
Was ready to put it on back of boom with new strap ...

SUN 23JUNE2013 - we went to the "country"/chalet, butt Nonni forgot her passport and would not be there/here until tomorrow. Brought the FUC, MS-2 8-oh and Flow 3X 7-oh. Winds were light and so it was MS-2 8-oh . I had forgotten why i had loved the MS-2. It was much lighter than my current TR-6 8.4 and SO much easier to uphaul and flip cambers. NOW i really believe what i told curious Georges of OKA. He should try free-race before race. Also would suggest NO monofilm based on my previous misfortune. Even though wind was light and was short run with lotsa bugs, still giving the session a 7 outta 10. Becuz i got to get out even though nothing was planned !!!

MON 24JUNE2013 - St-Jean de Baptiste for the Québecers :-) Nonni not to arrive until later in the day. Went for my morning stroll on the water - with the kayak and the FUC. Unca Freddie said it was too early - to which i retorted  - it`s never too late. Later in the day, the winds were a little better, butt they are never great out of the west. Since it was a little better than yesterday, will give it a 7.5 outta 10. Had to get off cuz there was thunder in the distance. Nonni is gonna arrive with a bang :-) Even with the thunder hermit Richard is in the water with his clothes on, installing the last piece of the dock !!!

TUES 25JUNE2013 - today i felt like i was chasing the wind and not the wind chasing me !!
I left the country/chalet early becuz thunderstorms were threatening to ruin the afternoon. Picked up my BTF wide board, the AHD 160/79 and all my sails - 10-oh, 8-oh and 7-oh at the house. Went straight to OKA Parc and winds seemed okay on the way there  Butt when I arrived, there was NO wind!!

Cartier had shown more promise earlier on the wind map and i was on holiday, so, let's go for a road-trip. There was more wind at Cartier, but do i rig the 10-oh ?? Wind was NOT solid enuff and I still have that mast cap issue outstanding. Took the BTF and MS-2 8-oh for a spin. I should NOT even have bothered #$%^&* Gave the windsurf session a 4 outta 10 and the road-trip a 7.5 outta 10 cuz i stopped for a soft ice at my favourite stop in St-Jacques. Thank "god" for soft ice :-) Went back to the country and there was some wind, butt not enuff for me to even bother rigging. Once burnt , twice shy @#$%^&*

WED 26JUNE2013 - yes, i am on holiday... When i awoke around 5h00 the sky was as follows:

The weather forecast was NOT favourable in terms of rain and lack of wind. As i was working on the computer, i looked up and the leaves were rustling, butt there was fog... Went outside and the idea of windsurfing in a light breeze in the fog greatly appealed to me !!! And so, I went. I did NOT like the look of a batten on the top camber nor did i like the racket the sail made when flipping. Tightened the outhaul more than ever and went back out. The sail maintained its shape and i sailed about making almost NO sound. Lo and behold, a loon was fishing not ten(10) feet away from me !!! Ducks flew bye and i heard the low rumble of men chatting. This had to be one of the best sessions in my life. I was connecting with nature and nature was connecting with me. Give this session a resounding 9.5 outta 10. Now I understand this is NOT at all what one thinks of when one speaks of the extreme sport windsurfing. Extreme implies danger. So, you go windsurf in the fog :-)

I ran a video on the GoPro at the back of the boom with my new strap... It was 400 MB and with an upload speed of 0.39 Mb/sec = 0.04875 MB/sec @#$%^ you can forget about uploading that baby...

Okay, what about MicroSoft MovieMaker to reduce the movie size? Oh great - it does NOT accept MP4 by default = piece o' crap :-)

The batten is definitely busted on the top camber. This sail is almost finished and yet i still like it. The next sail i will use for longboard, winter, etc will be a RAF ie NO cambers and NO monofilm !!

Did some more experiments with the FUC board. Seems I actually like the mast almost all the way back all the time. Will try it as such back home next time..
This board is becoming my most used board this year @#$%^& I call it the FUC board cuz it is a Fanatic Ultra CAT. Since it has TEST I written at the tail end, I figure is has balls too :-)

THURS 27JUNE2013 - again foggy in the morning ... Went out with the GoPro on the helmet. First session did NOT find any loons ... Just as i was coming off, i heard two(2) loons when yesterday i only saw one. Went back out, butt only got within about 30 feet to the loon and it looked like a dot on the film. Will post it here just the same - once i get on a faster network. Later in the day i actually planed twice. Since i broke the batten, I thought it better to remove it and have been using the sail just the same. Gave the earlier session a 7.5 outta 10, butt i guess i should give the day an 8 outta 10 !! The videos are looking like home videos - it is time to up it a notch ie faster sessions ... Can't wait :-)

FRI 28JUNE2013 - still in the country. Cold and rainy day. I went out on the water about four (4) times today - just to get outside. Too bad i forgot my wetsuit. Will know better next time... Cannot rate this day very highly. Was considering going to Vaudreuils for the nor-easters, butt it really was raining !!. Will give the day a 6 outta 10, which i consider high when looking at the conditions. I am starting to get really disappointed about not going out with the BTF and AHD $%^& and forget about the BEE and the 6.3 !! I am not ready for that now....

SAT 29JUNE2013 - yup, still here... Better day in terms of weather, butt not in terms of wind... Will give it a 6.5 outta 10 just because it was a little warmer and more pleasant on the water. However, i did not even bother to wear the harness ... That's how lite the winds were....For me it is better to be on the water than hang around the house full of people and strangers.. Do not mind it a bit at a time, but i need my breaks :-) Just my way of coping with it all - mother in law seems a little better ....

SUNDAY - moved son Nigel.

Monday ?? must have been to country with potato gun. And remember putzing about on the water WITH the fixed batten !! Think the commentary is under the batten fix post - will check ...Yes, now i remember - went back to country and set up the sail with repaired batten and camber. Sail went very well, butt winds were lite. Give it a 6.5 outta 10 - wait, was VERY excited about sail - 7 outta 10 !!

TUES 02 JULY 2013 - FUC at Ste-Rose. Film is here - about 6.5 outta 10. Broke the batten again %^&* Camera mounted on front of board ..Back at work :-(

THURS 04 JULY 2013 - FUC at Rosemere - winds lighter, but still about 6.5 outta 10 - sail without cam or batten. Put film here:

FRI 05JULY2013 - FUC at Rosemere - winds lite. Sail with batten replaced, butt no camber. Sail did well, butt winds were light. Still give it a 6.5 outta 10 - just cuz i got out !!!

SAT 06JUL2013 - winds were announced to be good in the afternoon. The family was away and so i went to OKA early. There were quite a few people - kiters and windsurfers, butt NO wind. I rigged the MS-2 with only the bottom camber on the FUC. It was good and i semi planed a bit. Jean-Francois tried his Gaastra 10-oh 2 cam sail on his AHD FF 160. By then even I was having trouble and he had no chance... So, even i got off the water at one point. Around 11h11 winds started picking up. Back on the FUC with the MS-2 and planing. So well, in fact, I went and rigged up the BTF. Put the 66 cm fin, butt hit too often - water has gone down a bit... When i did plane - it was GREAT !! All in all, I have to rate this day an 8 outta 10 !!! It might even have been rated higher, the big motor boats were coming too close and generating "dirty" water... Also, courses were being given for windsurfers and kiters making it a really buzy beach !!! Wished I had stayed a little later - charts show that the winds got better later - like one hour after I left :-(

Saw sailor with CAN-01 numbers on sail using an iSonic 150 - do not remember what sail he was using - believe it was a Severne.. I cannot seem to find the name associated with that sail number $%^&*(

When i got to the country, i was too tired to go back out :-)

SUN 07JUL2013 - went for a light cruise on the lake in the morning = mistake. Too hot and NO wind. That was like a 2 outta 10 $%^&*
The daughter called and asked if i was going to OKA. Her friends would like to meet her windsurfing father. To watch or to try ?? TRY obviously. Okay, but that changes what i bring. They were at the beach and one can NO longer get to the beach from the camping side !! I had to walk to the beach to pick up Joe and Steve... They walked back to the car with me while i mistreated the park dude :-) We drove to La Crete and i let them try the Hot Sails Maui 6.3 on the FUC and the BTF. Steve was about 230 pounds and kept trying to muscle his way through. Joe was about 150 pounds and managed to sail rather quickly and was already attempting tacks. We got rained on and i asked Joe what the girls might do in the rain - he did not even think about it :-) After the session Steve did not call the girls - now these are my kinda dudes - not so connected to today's technology !! I rigged the MS-2 with the one camber - think I will call it the MS-1 {hope Barry does not mind :-) } and sailed for about half an hour. Was so glad to be able to be out even in those light winds = 7 outta 10.
Jean-Francois asked me valid question: When do i use my 10-oh? I explained that my TR-4 has a wide luff which is very heavy when full of water. As such, I like to have winds where the sail is used consistently and less chance of dropping it - around 11 knots solid. JF also asked when i prefer cambers - in sails over 8-oh. He has a 10-oh with no cambers - i explained that that works for some people like Bruce Peterson of SailWorks. He wins races with SW Retro 10-ohs !!!

I am wondering if bigger fellows like Steve and myself need wide and high volume boards to start - like 90 cm wide and > 200 liter volume rather than 170. Something like a StarBoard Start M or L - somehow remember Roger of SB NOT recommending the START...Actually Roger's first choice was the SB Phantom 320 which has a volume of 260 !! and is a board i am looking at - still made in 2013 ?? Remi says yes, but i donut see it on the products page ...There is also the AHD ZEN which goes as large as 230 liters and 90 cm wide. Viper 85 ?? RRD Longrider??  I will NOT be purchasing another board in order to hlp heavyweight newbies :-)
One thing I forgot to try with Steve was from the other side of the board. We spoke about riding goofy when snowboarding, etc. Too bad we did not try that - it is possible he would be more comfortable from the other side - called goofy, left-handed or whatever .

TUES 09JUL2013- had to bring the wife to the country and so brought along my trunks and a boom that goes to 220 cm. Used the BIC Dufour and the NP Warp Speed 7-oh which has a luff of over 500 cm and has 4 cambers. I had loosened the battens for the cambers to work. I remember the sail being a power house, but that was a long time ago. It is nothing compared to the MS-1 8-oh in terms of power pull. Had fun rigging and going for a little sail - give it a 7 outta 10 :-) The Dufour can do a much tighter circle when tacking than the FUC CAT ...

WED 10JUL 2013 - winds were to be out of SE and swing to SW in the afternoon and go up to 30-50 kph. Helmut was all for it and even suggested Champlain. In the end he had a family obligation .. I left work early bringing my BTF and AHD 160 - with 8.x and 7-oh sails. When i got there a kiter was bitching about the wind dying after the storm... I decided to set up the 8.4 race sail on the BTF with the weed fin since the water was lower and wind was making us go parallel to the beach. I had fun, butt was over in wind strength quickly. Rigged the Gaastra Flow 3X 7-oh on the AHD 160 with the 40 cm fin. Practiced beach and water starts and FLEW. Got tired and left having NO idea of the time. It was after 18h00 - i had been there 3 hours !!! There were more kiters than windsurfers... Most windsurfers were wearing helmets - i was not and perhaps should have. Ryan has my GoPro and i would have liked to film today. Giving the windsurf day a 9 outta 10 !!!

FRI 12JUL2013 - left work early and went to the country since i have a few days off and the wifey is already there. Stomach hurt the last few days, but went on water up north. I will NOT count this as a session since it was not about that ie extremely light winds..Would have been rated badly... However, it was about testing the MS-1 on the BIC Dufour. The MS-1 definitely pulls much more than the NP Warp. Okay, it is one square meter larger, but it is the power pull I am talking about. Any slight puff and that sail pulls !!!

SAT 13JUL2013 - NO windsurfing for me and the inevitable happened $%^&* I broke the mast base of the FUC ^&*( NO expoxy or great glue here and so that repair will have to wait. It made me so discouraged i did NOT go out today. Missing my USB cable or there would already be a new post with pics. The boys on the other hand went out on the inflatable Mistral WindGlider and did SO well that I rigged the sail on the BIC Dufour Wing. Michael is ready to go off on his own and Nathaniel is doing GREAT for his first day. Would this work as well for a heavyweight like Steve - from last Sunday?? A theory i will have to test one day... Oh yeah , my daughter's ex came bye - begging for ?? That made for an interesting day!! The mast base was one thing , butt Keoni in the country was another #$%^&*() He taught me one thing - next time i will NOT be civil !!!!

SUN 14JUL2013 - went out with the BIC Dufour and MS-1. Will not count this session as i was barely out. The boys were out on their own - with the Dufour using the WindGlider sail and one in the rowboat. They did fine on their own - two(2) thirteen (13) year old lads - are they hooked yet ?? :-) Lucia commented yesterday how great they were doing !!!

MON 15JUL2013 - quick runs this morning with the Dufour and the MS-1. Well, broke base on FUC and now 2nd batten on MS-1 does not look too good. Took off the other camber and now i guess it is the MS-0. Sail still goes well and i loosened the outhaul for more power. Would give the session a 7 outta 10 and tried to film it. Of course was faster without camera than with and donut have the USB cable. to load camera here.
My twenty-two(22) year old son Jerry tried to lift the MS-0 and found it heavy. Obvious to me, butt had to try. Gave him the North Prisma 4-oh and off he went. He fell in once cuz i was giving him instructions. He needed to be towed back as he went mostly downwind, butt was GREAT !!!
The next day was a complete write off, did NOT go out at all and put stuff away to head back home and to work #$%^&*(

WED 16JUL2013 - Storm warning in effect and Helmut wants 2 know if i am back at work AND bringin my stuff. Of course i am bringin some stuff !! HOT with winds out of the WSW at over 20 kph guaranteed. I brought the AHD FF 160, MS-0 8-oh and Gaastra FLOW 3X. Since i started early and was working in a project, i managed to get out early. Winds seemed lite when we left and when we arrived. Helmut was saying winds were good at Cartier, butt was ready 2 go 2 OKA. It costs him seventeen (17) bucks and i have a season's pass that costs about $98. That means seven(7) visits and you are covered. By end of June I had visited OKA thirty(30) times !!! In any case .... the winds were light and so it was MS-0 8-oh on the 160. I had NO issue planing and planed about 80% of the time. My issue was the water was low , had to walk out far and kept hitting my 48 cm fin on the sand. There does seem to be a new nick on that fin. Beach starts and tacks all went great - i only fell in once cuz i could not unhook in time. I rated this session a 9 outta 10 cuz i had so much fun planing - with what i now consider an old board and beat up old sail. I had to stay further out / "au large" and Helmut seemed stuck in the corner bay. He said that was what he wanted, butt rated only 4 outta 10 :-( We got the lightening, thunder and showers. Gusts hit 35 knots and threw my MS-0 for a run :-) Everything was soaked. JF and his buddy were there and ready to go back out, butt winds dropped.
Helmut revised his rating to a 6 outta 10 :-) I am glad to hear that cuz it was definitely at least a 6 outta 10 :-) He was spending time on technique and stuck in the back bay. I have never been there and when i went to go, i had to around too many sandbars. So, i stayed at large/au large!!
btw the AHD was the correct board to use. Winds were definitely in the 8.x range. However, there were waves that made planing a little rough. A slightly narrower board would have been even better. Helmut's Hawk 135 should have been ideal !!!

winds were supposed to be 40-70 kph SW with possibility of thunderstorms
asked Helmut if he planned to go "oh yeah :-)"
personally i was NOT so sure about FRI, but SAT looked good
when i opened the garage door and thunder that sounded like a double barrel shot gun that scared  the crap outta me, I should have realized, that was the warning shot !!!
it was my last day working before one week off and was working on a project
stayed at work a little longer for a cut over meeting ^&*(
should have left at noon $%^&*()
left work about 14h20 - clouds to the north and not too bad to the west
when we arrived at OKA, there were downed hydro electric lines and we had to go to beach entrance
that was warning number 2
going down the hill to La Crête , one could see MANY whitecaps - LAST warning ??
asked a dude with whom i have chatted before if it was too much
he was upset cuz his smallest sail is a 5-oh and people are out on 4.x !!!!
and that was the last warning
after that it was like a bee hive with activity - people running all over the place
and none too sure about what to do next
storm started to come in and people started to come in off the water
there were about 8 kiters - 5 or 6 going and 2 struggling
there were only about 4 windsurfers with 2 or 3 going
went and got my wind meter
i measured 26.3 knots / 30.5 mph / 48.8 kph max at the beach
that means over 30 knots on the water!!! windsurfers can go faster than wind speed !!!
eventually there were only 2 or 3 windsurfers left on the water and one was jumping ...
at one point the wind was blowing water mist over the water - we NEVER saw that before !!!
Helmut and i went to our cars and he tried to call Jennie
i watched as a large tree started to lean, make a large CRACK and fall
a windsurfer with his back to it , just started to run away from sound !!!
luckily wind was to the side
Helmut and i moved our cars.
some guy was carrying a kit in - all on his head ...
a tiny chick came up and said that was some wind
the dude was carrying her rig - i asked stunned - you were on the water ??
she was a tiny little thing - "yeah , i was with a 3.7 and was over" !!!!! WOW
she said the other dude out there was with a 4-oh !!!
turns out that she is the instructor of voiloka
later i tried to go with my 7-oh, butt storm drove me off
with the BEE, it was really different
since i went on the water - the sailing was 2 outta 10, butt experience was an 8 outta 10 !!!
there were trees down everywhere and Hydro out too
i am writing this by candle light on the computer :-)
Hydro does not even let you check when power will come back %^&*(

SAT 20JUL2013
NO power @ home since yesterday's storm.
Environment Canada says Westerly winds @ 30-50 kph ALL day !!
After I dropped the daughter off @ work, i headed straight to OKA.
I was the first one on the water with the AHD 160 and MS-OH.
Two (2) kiters were getting lessons.
The wind was OK, butt NOT fully planing.
I was unable to text anyone cuz the cell phone is "fucked".
On the sail I lowered the boom 1 cm and opened the sail outhaul 2.5 cm for more power.
Beach starts were all good and i was starting to really plane.
Helmut texted me and I called him back.
Said he was comin' out after groceries.
I started "screamin"/FLYIN over the water and practised water starts with the 8-oh
I had not had breakfast due to power outage AND was too anxious to get on the water ...
Chia seeds gave some energy, butt was wearing out..
I was going to give the session a 9 outta 10, butt was tired - of walking to get to and from decent depth of water!
However, will leave it @ that score cuz ALL interactions with kiters were So positive.
One was leaving @ same time as me and we both exclaimed how GREAT it was today !!!
We both stopped due to lower energy levels and wanted to save some energy for the next outing
i.e. why push it until it hurts ??

It looks like winds were even better in the afternoon - have sent e-mail to Helmut to ask about it...
He did go to his 7-oh and managed to catapault n ding the board #$%^&* He still managed to rate the day a resounding 8 out of 10 !!!


did another quiver analysis
have 6 boards and 8 sails (2 boards and 3 sails are at the country chalet)
typically EYE use 3 of those boards and 4 of those sails
anorther board and sail are for higher winds
and i do NOT have a 30 knot sail n board !!! NO 5.x nor 4.x in my quiver
actually i do have a North Sails ZETA 4.x for teaching - just NO board to go with it - for me

SUN 21JUL2013 - in the country at the chalet - on holidays. Went out in the morning and tested the FUC CAT mastbase fix. Normally would NOT rate this day very high. However, did get to go and the fix worked. As such I will give it a 7 outta 10.

MON 22JUL2013 - BEAUTIFUL DAY at the chalet !!! Went in the morning with the BIC Dufour and MS-oh. Later nephew Michael took the DUfour with the North Zeta 4.x He did GREAT. Even managed to return to starting point. HELL of an accomplishment... I went out on the FUC CAT with the MS_oh and joined Michael. Wind was okay at times and sharing the lake with the nephew was special. Give this day an 8 outta 10 !!
Seems we still have NO power at home#$%^&*( Food has all been thrown out !!!

TUES 23JUL2013 - more wind than yesterday at the chalet. Managed to break the bit on the FUC CAT /$%?&* Tried gluing it with crazee glue and used the Dufour the rest of the day. My expectations were high and felt like they were NOT met. Managed to get in the harness for one or two runs and that was it. Should still give the day an 8 outta 10 - even though it felt like a 7.5. Went home in the evening since i am anticipating good winds tomorrow at OKA Westerlies 20 to 40 kph...

WED 24JUL2013 - I had a bad night`s sleep and there is NO food in the house since we had NO power for MANY days /$%?& So, I went and got a Tim Horton coffee and made bacon n tomato sandwiches on onion buns - one for breakfast and another for later. Seemed cool out and so brought the wetsuit. Since it was supposed to be light winds 20 to 40 kph, I brought only light wind stuff - BTF, AHD FF, 10-oh and the two(2) 8.x sails. When I arrived at OKA it looked like GOOD wind and COLD. First thing I did was put on the 2 piece wetsuit and winter booties. I rigged the MS-oh with the AHD using the 48 cm fin. Since I only brought the HPL boom, I had issues with the harness lines "/$%?&* The problem was the lines were twisted and i could NOT hook in ...

With the stronger winds, I was able to zoom across the lake. It was NW winds and felt over 16 knots. As usual, there were parts of the lake where the wind dropped. In any case, i was glad to have brought that lighter and smaller sail. Practised beach and water starts. Think I saw George as I was leaving and sent Helmut info on the OKA scene ...Again, should still give the day an 8 outta 10 - even though it felt like a 7.5. Winds show OKA as 20 to 40 with averages hanging around 30 kph. Was there from about 9h30 until noon. Almost same thing as last Saturday. Charts showed stronger winds from 13h00 to 14h00 and died off quite a bit after 16h00 - Helmut confirmed that lack of wind later - that's when he arrived !!!

I saw a BIC Dufour Wing with a triangular sail, a Tiga with a triangular sail and another older board with a triangular sail. Are people bringing out older boards, buying older boards and is the thrill of the sport becoming popular again ??

So, I practised going fast, tacks, beach starts, water starts, etc. The question I ask myself is: once i have mastered more of these skills, what is next ?? Is the windsurfing about the fun on the water or the challenges it provides ?? In today's world, it is all about the thrill. The adrenaline RUSH. Now people are doing death defying things on a regular basis. Dudes are climbing tall structures and doing acrobatics from the tops, solo climbing at speeds unheard of, etc, etc. Now the windsurfing may not sound death defying and is NOT as dangerous as kiting. So, what is thrill in it for me ?? I prefer to do it in a solitary fashion - no comparisons and no races. Once i have developed more skills, will i become a "wind snob" ?? Much of this reflection comes from the fact that i left the chalet for this day and ended up going out for about two(2) hours. About three(3) hours of driving - was it worth it - should i have just stayed at the chalet ?? I thought it was to be a light wind day and 20-40 kph IS considered light wind. I guess I was hoping to take out the BTF and race sails as well - and that is where my discouragement lies ?? Maybe i am just bummed out, period .... Time for a drink? Too bad i donut drink any more :-(

THURS 25JUL2013 - in the a.m. we went to Chutes St-Jean de Matha called Parc des Chutes Monte à Peine et des Dalles. It cost $7.50 per ado and $4 for kids under 12. I found it expensive, butt was a lot of fun. The excitement of the day was two(2) dudes jumping off a rock and crossing the pond plus another fellow catching what looked like trout - one every 30 seconds !! In the p.m. the session was sad, butt tested the crazee glue connexion that held !!! After a little nap the little session was MUCH better and the connexion still held. As such, I will give it a 7 outta 10 ...

FRI 26JUL2013 - called about Wayler YPSI. Have been trying to see it for last week. It was in St-Come, 15 minutes away, and very similiar to the CAT:

374 375 -- length
66 68  -- width
210 235 -- volume

I called this morning and they asked to call this afternoon. When I called back - they said it was sold. NICE.

Believe it was a later WAYLER where the name was to be Young Person`s Sailing Instrument or something equally ridiculous.

Was really "pissed off", butt on the other hand, the CAT piece held all day in light winds and some semi-planing. So, not that bad a day. Will rate the day only a 6.5 outta 10 cuz my anticipation was high for winds and the YPSI @#$%^&*()_ It was supposed to be 20 kph NE at Vaudreuils, but that did not happen either. GOOD thing i did NOT go !!!

What was strange today was: winds came from NE, N and S today !!!

SAT 27JUL2013 - once again winds were from all over the place and intermittent. The nephew was out with the North Zeta on the BIC Dufour and did GREAT. As usual, I was on the FUC board with the MS-oh. I found the conditions frustrating and cannot give it more than a 6.5 outta 10. Back to town tomorrow to start work on Monday !!

SUN 28JUL2013 - was waiting for the wife and there seemed to be some wind and so, off i went with the FUC board and MS-oh. As usual, winds were intermittent and changed direction. The question arises, how do i rate such a session??

was there some planing? YES +1
did any equipment break ? NON +1
injuries ? NON +1
wind change direction ? YES, making it difficult to navigate -1
wind too intermittent or gusty ? YES -1

only found like two(2) negatives, but cannot rate this session as high as eight. If i rate the negatives as -2 and the positives as +1 , then i come up with 7 outta 10. This is an acceptable value...

Afterwards I had a slight pain in my inner right thigh. Do I take half a point off for that ?? :-)

TUES 30JUL2013 - somehow managed to leave work early with the blessing of my boss :-) I forgot my fins and so planned to pass by the house anyway. Well, it was a blessing  in disguise. The winds were bigger than announced and so, I picked up an extra fin and the AHD 160 as well. Winds were somewhat light for the first hour, butt picked up after that. Naturally the SD card on the camera was full after the first hour #$%^& I hurt my elbow when i climbed aboard, the clew at the end of the boom came loose and the mast foot slipped while sailing. Now that should be 3 negatives. So, why do i feel like it was a 9 outta 10 ?? Well, i got to leave work early, winds were bigger than expected, weather was better than expected and since i forgot the fins, i actually had the right stuff. And so, i still feel that rating is justified. I was on the water from about 3pm to 6pm :-)

Helmut went and played fussball and i believe Ronnie too.

JF was at OKA and mentioned that Guy and himself were renting in Cape Hatteras next June - would i be interested ...

Saw George with his new Severne Reflex IV 7.8 = brand new. It seems to go well on his Futura 131.

I will post the video just the same. Next time i will wear the camera , make sure there is lots of space on the SD and ONLY film when speeding #$R%^&*()_
Also, if i yell, you can hear it not too badly in the waterproof case...

FRI 02AUG2013 - well , made it thru the first week back. Aashish wanted another session on the water and so , we left work around 14h30 to head out to OKA. Winds were supposed to be 20 kph from the WEST and thus okay to learn. Well, as usual winds were better and no threat of that thunder storm. Just some dark clouds passing by. Put Ash on the BTF with the HSM 6.3 and showed him a few things. I set up the CAT with the MS-oh. I forgot my booties and my feet had issues on the board. Then winds were too strong. I had no issues and going fast - i was worried about potential problems and coming back. I could NOT tack with those winds. Need to do a fast tack and that does NOT work with the CAT. There was also too much wind and too many waves for Ash. I must admit he really kept at it !! Helmut seemed to think the CAT was more stable than the BTF. Perhaps in those waves ... Ideally there would be less wind for a learning session.
Felt like people were running far TOO CLOSE !!
For me personally , this was NOT a good windsurf day :-(
Without Ash, I would have brought the AHD and perhaps that is what i should have brought for myself - rather than the CAT $#%^&*( Since it was NOT a complete failure, i will give it a 5 outta 10. Winds were stronger than expected and did NOT have the right stuff, forgot booties and cut my feet, the mast track slid under certain circumstances - this has happened before, hard work bringing stuff in and out, had to bring guest back to work - too big a detour for helmut, stop for fruit for ash on the way back. I am starting to sound like a miserable old cuss. The sun was shining, we were in bathing suits, no one was really hurt, we left work early. Okay, a pass is reasonable :-)
Based on the charts winds were 16 knots gusting to 22. No wonder people were all out on 7.5s. That seems the ideal sail for that wind range. How did i manage to sail the CAT in such conditions before??

MON 05AUG2013 - Managed to leave work early - what again ? :-) Winds were supposed to be around 20 to 40 kph and go down early. Well they did just that. Helmut was out with his 8.5 and i with the AHD 160 and TR-6 8.4. I was worried mine was a TR-7 cuz i just read some negative things about low end power. Luckily mine is a TR-6. I enjoyed the sail and the board. Was a BTF with 10-oh day. I enjoyed myself just the same. Give it a 6.5 outta 10.

SAT 10AUG2013 - will let the video do the talking :-) give it a 7.5 outta 10. Am sure if i had used the MS-oh 8-oh, it might have been 8.5 :-( Need to foot strap, learn to turn and waterstart @#$%^&* Feel like a bloody amateur sometimes. Anyone can go straight planing #$%^&* The video looks like at least 8 outta 10 though :-)

THURS 14AUG2013 - winds were to be SW at 30 to 50 kph. Asked Rami H if he could go today or weekend. He replied today or Sunday. Jalal took the pager and OFF i was to OKA with Rami. As we were setting up someone snapped a photo of me from the woods and called out my name. It was JC Ramier, who was on holidays and camping... I had the bad luck of informing him about Michel Fondrouge's death. Michel "drowned" around Tuesday 31JUL 2013. His boat was found anchored, abandoned  and sitting there for about 24 hours with the rope ladder down. His body was found later ... His wife died last year of cancer and they are survived by three(3) "children" in the 20's :-( #$%^&*()_
I sent Rami out with the Fanatic BEE LTD 124 and the Hot Sails Maui  FIRE 6.3 and I took the AHD FF 160 with the Gaastra Flow 3X 7-oh. JC obviously stayed on the beach ... Helmut was already out with his Fanatic Hawk 135 and SW Retro 7-oh. I was planing and having a grande time. Rami had not been out in over ten (10) years and last time probably in Lebanon. I saw him trying to uphaul with the BEE and so switched boards with him. He felt bad cuz he saw I was having some trouble.I told him now we were on even keel. I got it going and shouted at him YOHOO...Helmut said he felt the wind was a bit light. I told him that i had loosened the outhaul a bit on mine and that helped me ...I moved the mast base up on the BEE and had a better time of it. We had our wetsuits on, but Rami only kept the bottom and lft top hanging. He said he got it planing, but i had no extra harness - all that stuff is in the country ...Rami is ready to go again. Now Mounir is getting ready to go again too. Even Jalal said he would try it ...
All in all I will rate this day 8 outta 10 !! Got to try stuff, the sun was out and i windsurfed a couple of hours while on call without worrying about the pager. Worse than that, I cannot even buy Jalal a coffee tomorrow #$%^&*(
Oh yeah ONE MORE THING - WHY IS EVERYONE CALLING ME MONSIEUR TODAY ??? Am i looking that old ?? Even the fellow that sold me the 34 cm Hawk fin called me that $%^&*() He seemed very happy to see me - specially since i was using that fin today !!!

SAT 17AUG2013 - we went to have supper with Nonni. Marisa and 10 friends were at the chalet and so w tried NOT to bother them. However, when i went to windsurf, they asked me to set something up for them. Steve used the Mistral WindGlider and did great - even better than with the BTF at OKA !!!. Winds were too lite for me and so Joe went out with the Dufour and the North Sails Zeta 3.7. He did one run and run outta gas. Phil pulled him back. They arranged it well and did it well. Even Marisa went on the Mistral !!!
Will NOT count this day for me :-)

TUES 20AUG2013 - was feeling down and so went windsurfing even though the winds were light. Things felt off a little bit and only had 2 good runs. Believe the mast base needed to move up a bit. Too far back at 70 cm from middle of foot straps... Give the session a 6 outta 10. AHD with MS TR-6 8.4 at OKA obviously.

WED 21AUG2013 - under almost identical conditions to yesterday i took out the FUC board with the TR-6 8.4 sail. FUC=Fanatic Ultra CAT in case u did knot no. This time i would rate the session an 8 outta 10. I forgot to put my life jacket on and when i went in to get it - i decided to stay parallel to the beach -- i easily went in the back bay where Helmut goes all the time ... There were more people in the parking lot and on the water than there were yesterday. It was a lot warmer too - almost 35 degrees Celsius. That's almost 95 degrees Fahrenheit !!! It was HOT. Winds stayed under 16 knots yesterday and today even though they were announcing 20 to 40 kph winds. And so Helmut stayed away. He is starting to understand my idea of BIG boards :-) I am starting to look for a REAL longboard now ... The repair with the crazee glue is still holding.

SAT 24AUG2013 - wife visited Nonni in the country and so i went on the water. BIC Dufour with the MS-oh 8-oh. Will NOT count this session - it was something to do ...

SUN 25AUG2013 - went to BDU to try Sailboarder's KONA. He wanted to try the CAT. The boards are similiar in length and both have VEE up front. The Kona goes flat around the middle for planing and obviously has the step tail. Both weighed about the same ... I set up the MS-oh 8-oh and Yan the KONA 9-oh. Yan set up the KONA with the mast track all the way up and i started with the CAT in the middle. For both of us the CAT went better in the lighter winds. In slightly more wind the KONA was faster. We both felt the CAT would fly with KONA 9-oh sail !!! Once planing the KONA will feel lighter. I would like to see them both with the same sail on the same day :-) Give the day a 7 outta 10. Winds dropped slightly and i got off early. There was another SW sailor and some sail-boat races. The motor boats generated bad waves %^&*()_ I was surprised about the sensitivity of the KONA - the protective covering breaks easily and Yan has busted the nose :-( Helmut dropped by to see the KONA up close ...

FRI 30AUG2013 - Helmut is getting pissed off and Georges impatient. NO WIND. Rami and I took a chance and went to OKA since winds around 20 kph from the SW were announced. Rami went on the AHD 160 with the HSM Fir 6.3 using a 34 cm fin and I went on the FUC long board with the TR-6 8.4. It was OKAY for a while, butt died. I felt 5 outta 10 was the call and i think Rami would mark it even lower ... Georges looked at the video i made about him and he did NOT like the chatter - sailing was okay, butt...and so , i left the video private ...

SUN 01SEPT2013 - Labour Day weekend - we were up at the chalet and it was a BEAUTIFUL summer end day. Warm, sunny and light breezes. Could not bring my stuff up and so was to use my emergency stuff - stuff that i keep there so i can always GO . I had to wait for my son to come up with the boom. Then i set up the BIC Dufour Wing with the NP Warp 7-oh cambered sail. It was NOT a great wind day, but i had fun sailing around my son Jerry with his five friends all on the water in various water vessels. I give this day an 8 outta 10. With better winds it woulda bin a 9 easy - even with the emergency stuff :-)

FRI 06SEPT2013 - managed to leave work early. Helmut left for OKA already and warned us about cops on the 13. There were many. With me were Mounir and Rami. This was Mounir's 2nd outing EVER and 3rd time with Rami, who windsurfed back home when he was young. So, Rami was using his standard rig - sorry mine - AHD FF 160 with HSM Fire 6.3 and 34 cm fin. Mounir was using the BTF with the North Zeta 3.7 and my smallest trimm fin - weed of 58 cm. I was on the FUC CAT with the MS-oh 8-oh. Everyone complained about winds too up n down, butt i had a riot. They chatted so much about catapaults n nose jobs that i had to go n bust the nose on the FUC'n CAT #$%^&*( Hit a rock at full blast hooked in and had a hard time disassociating myself from the sail after. The mast base fix loosened, butt did NOT break ... Mounir was eggstatic once he got going. He tried the sail on the CAT, butt he could not even get on. There were waves, intermittent medium winds and kiters coming WAY too close. He did VERY well. He says I will come out ANY time. He had also purchased a wetsuit at Canadian Tire and some shoes for $80. I would have rated the day 9 outta 10, but with the busted nose - 8 outta 10.

Before i forget... OKA left me with a nice gift upon my last visit - poison ivy $%^&*(

WED 12SEPT2013 - went on local river with BIC Dufour and MS-oh. Winds were lite out of the SW and there was NOT much activity on the river. Was a beautiful day and went for a quick session since we had a bank appointment. Wind was a bit lite, butt give session an 8 outta 10 just the same - too nice a day.

THURS 13SEPT2013 - left work early since it was an offsite session ... Met Aashish at RONA and we went to OKA. Wind was so lite that i did not even rig up. Aash went out on the BTF with the North Zeta 3.7. Wind was very lite, no waves and as such - purrfect for him and he did well.. CONGRATS... He tends to lean the sail forward and as such goes almost straight downwind. He was in a wetsuit in 23 degree weather and i was warm in my bathing suit :-) VERY nice day with herons, sundown, full moon ,etc !!! We donut get enuff of those daze !!!

weekend of 14 SEPT - had a GO LIVE at work
weekend of 21 SEPT - went to Mrs. Auga to pick up the Mistral Equipe

one day in here i went for a session on the Milles Isles River with the Dufour and the MS-oh 8-oh. It was not great, but will give it a 7 outta 10 ... Was that ALL the windsurfing i did in SEPT ??? was already marked -- 12sept2013 !!!

SUN 29SEPT2013 - finally took my Mistral Equipe out on her maiden voyage - for me that is ... Weather had potential for winds up to 20 kph, butt was NOT even close. The road to OKA had two(2) major traffic jams and just as many major accidents - it was apple pickin' season after all!! 
As usual, I used my MS-oh 8-oh. Winds were way too light - well under 10 knots ... The board glides well and i needed some time to adjust to a differently cluttered deck - as opposed to the CAT. Also was NOT used to the way the board bobbed when chop and swell came from the side. It did NOT take long and i was used to it and was doing light wind jibes and tacks with NO issues. The mast track slid once - will have to check that out. Bad traffic, light wind, mast track slid - cannot give the session more than a 7 outta 10 - even IF it was a beautiful day !!! I cannot wait to try the board in mid winds - around 10 to 12 knots - compared to today's 3 to 5 @#$%^&*(

Did I ONLY windsurf 4 times in SEPT plus one outing with Aashish ?? My wife says board repairs, shopping for windsurf stuff and going to Mrs. Auga to pick up Mistral count as windsurf time :-(     I in trouble :-(

WED 02OCT2013 - winds were to be 30 to 50 kph from the SW. Helmut got there before me and said he was wishing for a 7.5. I stopped at home and picked up my 7-oh, associated boom and the AHD. The Mistral and 8-oh were already loaded - for Tuesday , when i never went ... Winds were more from the WNW and perhaps just slightly less than anticipated. For me the 7-oh was a good call. Later I saw Yvan from auventfou and he had a Titan GS 8-oh. George of the OKA jungle was using a 7.8 and was going faster than he ever had in his life :-) He is faster than I , butt it is drole to hear him freak out each time. He is an enthusiastic windsurfer for sure ... I was beach starting,  tacking half way out and then coming back. Managed one ugly light wind jibe, but it went through in any case... A kiter asked me to find his board and that is when it all fell apart. I lost energy, think i cut myself with the board fins and using the downhaul rope to pull the kite board loosened the downhaul $%^&*( By the time i got to shore and corrected everything  i was tuckered %^&* Went back to shore and packed it in !!! I also noticed around then some damage on the nose of the AHD. Did it happen today or last time Rami used it ?? No difference - that just cinched my session. So, almost a 7.5 outta 10, butt with the nose, fatigue, etc - i cannot give the day more than 6 outta 10 !!! Surprise, surprise, Helmut rated the day a resounding 8 outta 10 !! WOW . Forgot to mention that i was the ONLY one in shorts. Also, was really packed in the parking lot. 
Here is a pic of the damage - nose is starting to look ugly :-( It is drying in the sun and will be Marine Texed soon ...

SUN 06OCT 2013 - winds were to be from the NE at 20 to 40 kph. Rain was to happen in the afternoon. Where and when to go ?? Decided to go to OKA at the main beach in the morning bringing both the Mistral Equipe longboard and the AHD. The AHD nose tip was just repaired from last time and was slightly tacky, butt should be okay. When I arrived there was one fellow windsurfing and another getting ready to kite. It was difficult to tell the force of the wind - stronger off shore than close to shore and more ENE than NE. Wanted to test the Mistral and so rigged the MS-oh 8-oh to go with the long board. The board goes upwind well with that fin - like Tinho Dornellas alluded.. The board planes very well and going downwind with the waves and current gave a very special feeling. I had difficulties tacking and actually had better luck gibing !! Tacking was somewhat better when i dropped the centre board. The issue was waves, current and wind all from the same direction - like what happens at Pointe-Claire. This board planing does NOT feel like a freight engine planing - like the Fanatic Ultra CAT does and i would say i like the Mistral better in such winds. I stayed closer to shore to stay out of the bigger winds and to test the long board - as Georges said. 
Met George, Pierre and Sebastien who all sail from the west end of the main beach. Pierre is a little lighter and sailed a 98 liter Fanatic FreeWave with a Ezzy Wave 6.5 !!! Sebastien went out with a WO/Wind Obsession 140 liters and a NP V8 8.5 that has two(2) cambers. Another fellow , big like me, was setting up a larger AHD with a MS Pursuit 8.5... Georges had his Futura 133 back and was rigging his Severne Reflex IV 7.8 with a Makani Weed Fin. He says this planes earlier than his special slalom fin - same one the Bjorn uses !! except G10 version. 
Watched Pierre and Sebastien take off before i went home. Pierre had NO issues with his 98 liter / 6.5 combo. He said for someone like myself - i could go down to 115 litres !!! Rated the session about 7.5 outta 10. Was not cold at all. Why not higher ?? Hard to have a perfect session when testing !!!

TUES 08OCT2013 - due to new schedule , i was able to get to OKA by 16h00.
Temp: 14 degrees C = about 60 degrees F - was out in farmer john pants only
Wind: WSW < 20 kph - around 12 knots - changed direction later on
Air: Sunny and Warm
People: 1 windsurfer on - Georges, one off and 1 kiter
Rating: 8.5 outta 10
Still testing the Mistral Equipe. And as usual - with the MS-oh 8-oh. Glides , sub-planes and planes SUPER well. Better luck tacking and did not gibe at all. Would prefer just a little more wind with this combo. Would it be better with a 9-oh? Not sure - Georges was NOT doing any better with his 9.2 Severne Reflex IV. He gave me a lesson in fins - his 48 cm weed is NOT doing as well as his 43. He finds it makes the board stick to the water ... ie NOT enuff lift. {still talkin about his Makani weed fins here - he feels the weed fins plane before slalom, but are not as fast after}

MON 14OCT2013 - Thanksgiving Monday and NO wind all weekend
Temp: 15 degrees C = about 61 degrees F
Wind: under 8 knots SW
Air: warm in 2 piece wetsuit
People: NONE
Rating: 9 outta 10
Took the Mistral Equipe with the original mast base and the MS-oh 8-oh. I wanted to see how difficult it was to tack with the mast base up the track AND I wanted to get it there ON the water. I had a difficult time doing that and so kicked the mast base while stepping on the switch. This twisted the lock on the mast base #$%^&* and the sail might have come off !! NO DANGER as it did not. This combo sailed well on a day like today. When the wind died, it got foggy and i was reminded of my water excursions in the country on the water in the fall. Fog came in and the wind slowly died down. Then it reminded me of Maine. It got SO quiet that every sound startled me. My mind went to a such a quiet and peaceful state, it was amazing and one of the reasons i gave such a high ranking for the short session !!
Forgot to mention the heron, ducks, and flocks of geese I scared with my board. The racket was amazing...

THURS 17OCT2013 - was supposed to be windy
Temp: 15 degrees C = about 61 degrees F
Wind: under 5 knots WNW
Air: warm towards cool
Rating 0 outta 10 - did NOT go
Helmut was at OKA and warned me that wind was not good. He should have told me the wind SUCKED !! Evan was there with his SB US147 using 58 cm True Ames weed fin and Severne Reflex II 9.7. He managed to have a couple of good runs, but was already there around 14h00 !! Evan also uses a 2 bolt mechanical mast base - this is handy with wide boards - i do the same. He did NOT have the Severne base. The sail calls for a 40 cm CE plus base for which Evan received a quote of $400 !! Evan set up his own simple pulley setup - it better NOT come apart on the water !!
Hellmut is realizing an 8.5 on a FreeFormula MAY not be enuff. You NEED that bigger sail - Evan stated it as well. 

FRI 18OCT2013 - managed to get out again
Temp: 14 degrees C = about 58 degrees F
Wind: under 15 knots WNW up and down
Air: warm towards cool
Rating: 8 outta 10
Board: AHD FF 160
Sail: MS-2 no cambers 8-oh
It probably would have been a good idea to use the Mistral Equipe. Helmut came off the water with his new 7.5 and said it was perfect at first and winds went down. The first run i planed a little and met Georges. He was there since 11h30 and said winds were great earlier - he could have used a 6-oh. He suggested going upwind until a puff came. Did this for about 3 runs and packed it in. It was going to get dark and the wind kicked. Georges continued. He had to de-rig practically in the dark. So, some planing was had at some good speeds. No gloves for me yet ...I was wearing the hood around my neck. It would have been warmer had it been sunny. No jibes nor water starts. Just tacks and beach starts and no falling in ...I went out after dropping the boyz off and so only arrived around 16h00...

SUN was a whoop ass day, butt i worked 15 hours straight Saturday and as such did NOT get out. Georges did 5 hours at OKA and Helmut was OVER with his 6-oh.

TUES 22OCT 2013 - since i worked SAT, i took Tuesday OFF to windsurf.
Temp: 11 degrees C
Wind: around 20 knots SW => WSW => W
Air: sunny and so, warm towards coool
Rating: 7 outta 10
Board: Fanatic BEE LTD 124
Sail: HSM Fire 6.3 with RDM
It rained in the morning and was supposed to stop around noon. When I took the day off, winds were to be SW 30 to 50 kph , which is 7-oh parallel to the La Crête beach at OKA. When they anounced 40 to 60 , I was not concerned since they were still calling for SW. Well, the rain did stop and the sun came out !!! Sailed with no gloves, but with the NP wetsuit, hood around the neck and with the helmet. When i arrived, there was one windsurfer, lighter than I, rigging a 5.4. With wind less than 20 knots, i rigged the 6.3. I stayed close to shore and felt like a newbie. Could beach start, get going and even hook in occasionally, butt then would drop in - in order to not go too deep. I MUST get water starts nailed !!! Did about an hour, an hour and a half. I stopped cuz the wind kicked - felt like more than 20 knots and windalert seemed to confirm that. When i left there were about four(4) kiters and as many windsurfers. When the wind dropped a little, i could have tried the AHD - water stayed fairly flat, butt my feet were a little cold ...

I measured the wind at the end and it was between 15 and 20 knots on shore. It looked bigger offshore. When i got home, i was exhausted :) Now i feeing really old :)

Just read that a fellow named Nick Cox sailed over 26 knots in 20 knot winds in Toronto with a Mistral Equipe and North Prisma 7.5 in 18 to 20 knot winds. I NEVER wouda thought to use the longboard today !! And especially not with the HSM Fire 6.3 ...

FRI 25OCT2013 - after work went on local river
Temp: 6 or 7 degrees C.
Wind: 18 at Dorval, but more like 10 to 12 locally
Air: cool - needed gloves and feet cold after
Rating: 7.5 outta 10 
Board: Mistral Equipe
Sail: MS-2 8-oh with NO cambers 
Why such a high rating in light winds on a local river ? I was on call, gets dark early, etc and yet i still went windsurfing... Put the US mast base on the board. Took longer to do this time than i anticipated and put the base in the middle of the track. The board glided and semi-planed in the gusts. People were honking and yelling at me since i went during rush hour. There was NO one else on the water and only one fellow fishing.  I actually managed to fall in :-( 
Went in once to warm hands and as stated - feet were cold after. Do i get new boots or have warm water in a bottle ?? Hope to go out Sunday as well :-)
I should have moved the mast base up in the track since i was going up wind most of the time. Should have done that when i was warming my hands ... I need to learn to make minor adjustments after starting out !!

SUN 27OCT2013 - on call and managed to go
Temp: 6 or 7 degrees C.
Wind: 12 at Dorval, but more like 18 to 20 locally
Air: cool - needed gloves and feet cold after
Rating: 7 outta 10
Board: AHD FF 160
Sail: MS-2 8-oh with NO cambers

Wind was supposed to be 20 to 40 kph from the West. It felt more like 30 to 50 from the NW. Let me check ... The sites seem to indicate it was WNW and under 18 knots - cannot seem to see gusts - my iwindsurf membership has expired :-( In any case there were times i was cruising, there were times i was screaming across the water and near the end, i was over. I thought i would have to swim it in and tried a water start - to no avail. When the wind dropped back, i uphauled , sailed in and practised my water starts. Until i jammed my ankle under the mast #$%^&*() Also, since i only made about 50 % of them, I did not dare go back out in the deep. Actually it was my foot that hurt later and not my ankle.

Put my NP wetsuit on at home. No idea how anyone gets this thing on without HELP $%^&*(Putting it on at home means i had NO way of avoiding peeing with it on %^&*( Kept my shoes and jacket on until i got to OKA.

My hands were NOT cold at all and my feet were helped by the warm water i brought, was was not enough. Looking at some XCEL drylock boots at windspirit. Even the 5 mm boots are supposed to be good and they have 7 mm as well... There were 4 kiters and no other windsurfers. I was the first one on the water !!!
I could have tried the 7-oh, but did not want to upset the wife ... by staying out too long !!

NOTE TO SELF: With the MS-oh, I would have liked the mast foot up about 3 cm - more near or past the middle line. However, since i was using the two(2) bolt mast base, that would have meant a trip back to the van. Perhaps i should carry an allen  wrench in my back pocket as well?? Georges  carries all kinds of stuff !!!
Also, I had some cramps and so, need to re-read my post on cramps. 
Perhaps due to the problems/contortions getting in and out of the wetsuit ??

WED 30OCT2013 - unplanned and managed to go
Riviere Milles Isles
Temp: 6 or 7 degrees C.
Wind: WNW 8 to 10 knots
Air: cool - needed gloves and feet cold after
Rating: 8 outta 10
Board: Mistral Equipe
Sail: MS-2 8-oh with NO cambers
Was completely unplanned , moved the mast track up with the US base and off i went. No falling in and the sun was warm. No honkers today - traffic too jammed :) Did some gliding, semi-planing and almost planing. Was asking myself why i seem to like the Equipe more than the CAT ?? Got off while there was still light and was practically a beautiful sundown ...
On Friday they are announcing 30 to 50 knot winds !!! You've gotta be REALLY good or REALLY stupid to go out !!! Hope no-one gets hurt ...

SUN 10NOV2013 - was supposed to go Thursday when there was wind !!
Temp: 6 or 7 degrees C.
Wind: none - was supposed to be 20 - 40 kph SW
Air: felt fine !!
Rating: 0 outta 10 - never went
Board: none
Sail: none
Thursday I had intentions of going since i was excused from work , from picking up the boyz and THERE WAS WIND. Ended up going to IKEA with the wife and picking up the boyz with the promise that i could go Sunday. Sunday was three(3) days away and i would have to be home by 2h15. WOW. Obviously none of that worked out. As I sat at the main beach - La Crête was locked out %$^&*( - and watched the water, the geese, the few boats , ect , I thought about GOD. 
Lately MANY shows i have been watching have been presently interesting alternatives and messages about GOD. There is season six(6) od DEXTER with Father Sam, a reformed and very likable ex-con. Also just saw "The Life of Pi". In the film. Piscine/Pi says , " Which story did you like better ?" Once the other person has chosen the more elaborate tale of survival in the Pacific, Pi says, " And that is how it is with God."

23NOV2013 - Saturday - with daylight savings, it is impossible to go in the week unless one takes the afternoon OFF !!! Yesterday it was looking pretty dark by 16h00 !!!
Site : Riviere Milles Isles
Temp: -2 degrees C.
Wind: WNW 10 to 12 knots
Air: cool - needed gloves and feet cold after
Rating: 8 outta 10
Board: Mistral Equipe
Sail: MS-2 8-oh with NO cambers
Looks like this was my last outing for 2013. Would have liked to go to OKA, butt La Crête is closed "since they do not plow snow there" A-holes $%^&*( I have gone there in December !!! Oh well, will go local. Winds were light and managed to go when there was some sun and so the minus two did NOT feel so bad. Fellow was fishing from my landing area. Other than that there was no-one. A couple stopped their car and rushed down to the landing to get a picture with a windsurfer in the background :-) The windsurfing was NOT great , butt just getting out in November is a JOY. Ice formed on the sail when i was oon the water and when i got off, i de-rigged quikly. Ice crackled as i rolled up the sail. It was very do-able and the feet were not too cold after i poured some hot water on them .. Time to bring stuff to the chalet for storage and repair the CAT with Ed. No rush bringing the sleds down since they go best on ice or ice with a little snow.

TUES 10DEC2013 -  brought the CAT to my buddy and colleague's place in Dorval (Ed's). The last repair attempt was lacking in that it dis NOT adhere to the surface. This was anticipated when Clode applied it. He said "It did not feel right." Since Ed had offered to complete the job if need be, the board is there. Am curious what people thought of me driving around at night with the FUC board and 6 inches of snow on the ground.

Am looking at making a sailboard for powder snow. The other versions bog down and just don't go.

Also notice that the winter sailing is not really recorded in the  journal - more in the posts. I will need to make a summary since i need to know when to start - when and where ...

JAN 2014 - i keep looking at summer equipment cuz i like to try stuff. Looking at WO 140 liter slalom board at windspirit - it is 1999 board !! Keep trying to buy 460 MS mast off e-bay. Have a PX 460 RDM that will work on a Ezzy Cheetah 7.x - as recommended by David Ezzy. Do need a new life jacket and perhaps better "winter booties". Next summer I want to concentrate on SPEED - this will force foot straps, jibes/gybs and water starts !!! After about six(6) seasons, my technique SHOULD be better !! Yes, my technique sucks, and my spelling bothers people, butt i am always having fun. Helmut who came back to shortboarding about same time as me, spends more time on technique than i do... After his trips to Martinique and Cape Hatteras , he told me that he felt during those trips he should have concentrated on the FUN more. Just go have FUN. Bruno of 2-rad told him the same thing...

FEB 2014 - The HSM SFUL seems to need a mast more suited to HSM - softer top. So, I am going to do the cheaper experiment. Purchased a 2008 NS Duke 6.9 which should go on the PowerEx RDM 460. It does go on with 33 cm extension !! The sail seems fine on this mast and the monofilm is used up. This is after all a $200 sail that I want to use to improve water starts this year. Now I am "saving" towards an HSM sail that will work on the longboard and in choppier conditions. Will require the mast too. Am steering towards an HSM SpeedFreak / SPF 8.5. Seems they rig on RDM also ?? Locally it seems only 30 noeuds has em. 

MON 28APR2014 The last outing on snow n ice was Sunday 06APRIL2014. Just three(3) weeks later and I managed to get out on the water. That has to be a RECORD !! Wind was from the ENE and about 20 to 40 kph. This was my first session and going on the local river alone. NOT ready to take the TR-6 8.4 out at Parc Charboneau. Probably not even the MS-2 8-oh if it was sailable (is that a word?) And so, took the Mistral Equipe and the North Sails Duke 6.9. This was the first outing with this sail and it managed to make the BIG board plane. It was GOOD practice and i did not stay out long. Issues - fore-arms sore, mast plate slipped and that was about it. Give the session at least 7.5 outta 10. Can't wait for the next REAL session - like at OKA. Was in 2 piece wetsuit with gloves, booties and neck warmer ...The sail was FINE !!
Other comments: water was quite high and there were some floaties ... Some gentlemen were happy to chat with the crazee old windsurfer :-)

FRI 02MAY2014 - over the winter I have been corresponding with Geoff Moore who is a BIG fan of the HSM sails - especially the DACRON and soft feeling . He strongly suggested I check out the HSM SpeedDemon 8.1 with Hot Rod 490 RDM at 30noeuds. I checked it out and this is what I wrote to Alain at 30noeuds afterwards: English version afterwards ...

j'aime toujours analyzer pourquoi j'ai regardé quelque choses et pourquoi je n'ai pas acheté

HotSailsMaui a des voiles super solide
casement "non descrutable"
j'ai besoin d'une voile comme cela dans le 8.x pour la planche à voile ET pour la neige
cette voile a trop de monofilm - que je savait
il y a un "poque" dans une des paneaux
la poche pour le vent (sans boom malheureusement) n'est pas assez profond
le mat est SUPEUR
MAIS je ne suis pas convaincue qu'un RDM en 490 fonctionnerait pour moi
comme j'ai dit - je n'a pas été sure

une journée c'est FORT possible que je vais avoir une HSM avec NP SDM en 8.x par exemple

English: I always like to analyze why i look at something in the first place and why I did not purchase it.
HotSailsMaui has super solid sails - practically indestructible.
I would like a sail like that in 8.x for windsurfing AND for ice n snow.
This sail had too much monofilm - which i knew.
However, it also had a "poque" in one of the panels.
The pocket for the wind (tested without the boom unfortunately)  did NOT seem deep enough
(that can be seen in the photo - wrinkles too)
The mast was SUPER
BUTT i am not convinced that a 490 RDM will work for me
As I said at your store - i was not sure ....

One day it is highly possible that i will have an HSM with a NP SDM mast in 8.x !!!

SAT 03MAY2014 - yucky kind of day that is supposed to have 20 kph SW winds - was less !!
no-one home and so, off i went to the local river with many sails in case the newly repaired MS-2 did not hold out
there was LOTS of activity on the river - fishermen, "sea-doos" and birds
went with the Mistral Equipe - obviously
2 piece wet suit, hoodie on neck, gloves , life jacket and never used harness
NEVER really planed, but enjoyed when the wind picked up and just being out
give it a 7 outta 10
the monofilm tapes did NOT seem to stick on the one side of the batten = REDO
CANNOT REDO - will put piece from one panel to another - LAST YEAR for the MS-2
it was raining and watched the video after - there was a SAUVETAGE boat too
went for about 35 minutes as per video
wind dropped when i left the water

MON 05MAY2014 - went to windspirit on the south shore of Montreal to check out this board:

1999 Wind Obsession
Program: Slalom
Volume: 140L
Length: 274 cm
Width: 68 cm
Fin Box: Tuttle
Fin: Curtis 48 cm
With a Dakine bag
$439 CDN

Sometimes I look for something between my AHD FF 160/79 and my Fanatic BEE 124/63. In terms of volume it was almost smack in the middle. For length it was also in-between 284 cm of the BEE and 268 of the AHD.

I was NOT really looking to spend money nor was I REALLY looking to add even more boards to my quiver. And so, I made an offer of $300 which was accepted. It took me a LONG time to get there for various reasons...

When I got there Benoit Gauthier informed me Benoit in the shop was just "cleaning up the board". That took longer than I expected because I had called ahead to say I was coming over. In any case ... it started with Benoit not being able to find the fin that was supposed to go with the board... I looked at the board and it had some minor boo boos that were repaired badly by the previous owner, but nothing serious. At that point I was still ready to try the board. An alternate fin was suggested that was less slalom and 52 cm long. Well, okay (wanted the 48 cm to go with an 8.x and 7-oh). Then the board bag could not be found ... I was starting to get a little discouraged. The fin did not fit into the slot well and i did not like the look of the repair on the screw hole (can actually be seen in the photo !!). Benoit from the shop found some bolts that worked. However, the fin did NOT fit flush - went inside at the back. Too much fiddling about to get the fin in , not flush and repair at the top. Now I was discouraged. Told them i would re-consider. I actually liked the board. It was light for a 140, thick sharp rails, boxy back, nice finish, etc. Benoit of the shop told me it was based on a Roberts after i told him it reminded me of the Roberts Slalom boards. Apparently WO used to make a flapper as well !! For this year I will stay with the BEE and the AHD !!!

In any case, I did purchase a new life jacket that fits 3XL and another 2 bolt mast plate ...

SUN 11MAY2014 - today is Mother's day. Yesterday was a great day to go also, butt I was still feeling under the weather and the wife had invited guests. It was finally hot and winds from the SW at 30 to 50 kph. People on quebecwind were saying they were out on 5.0 sails !! Oh well.

So, I told the wife I would go today. "Do you know what day it is." Mother's day is one thing, but the kids were coming over to cook brunch and after that we were to go to visit my sister and mother. So much for that...

As usual, my kids took longer - they are twen's and like to sleep in on weekends. This is very understandable. I suggested I go out on the local river early - while we wait. My wife was tired and playing on the iPad. Got the green light. gain it was warmer and winds 30 to 50 SW announced. Did not feel like that yet and so brought the MEQ, MS-2 8-oh and NS Duke 6.9. Almost forgot the RDM base...

When I got to Rosemere River, I realized I had forgotten the RDM mast too %$^&*( Do I go back ?? NON !! Rig the 8-oh tight and go. Turns out it was not so bad after all (more like 20 to 40 SW). Will rate it 8.5 outta 10. Here is the first video I ran on the MEQ:

SAT 17MAY2014 - a little cool - winds supposed to be 30 to 50 kph or less depending on forecast
felt more like 20 to 40 kph ...
going to OKA alone and bring MEQ, AHD, TR-6 8.4 and Gaastra FLOW 7-oh
on the way i had a gut feeling/premonition that this was NOT gonna be good
i always say i will heed my premonitions, butt i never do !!!
had to pay "parking: already - $10 per day and $60 per season
asked them why windsurfers have to pay that = cuz

when i got there - had to go through camp section due to water
i drove through 6 inches of water just the same and there were roulette campers anyway
there was one person with a tent who apparently arrived while it was raining !!!
the lake water was HIGH obviously and choppy
i measured under 10 knots at shore
okay -  MEQ longboard and TR-6 8.4 race sail with 4 cambers
it was difficult to get going cuz the wind was on shore and water was high - hard to get past the sections jutting out
had to go more than waist deep to get going
managed a bad water start - wind was light and off i went
managed a couple of tacks and some planing
during one of the tacks i dropped the sail'
the sail is heavy with water in luff, but worse than that the boom attachment slipped
should have made it work, but i swam it in
took about 5 minutes as per camera, butt felt much longer
after the adjustments to the boom i could not get water / beach started - too light
did the uphaul and ran out of territory due to jut outs
was cold and having cramps
actually, not cold, butt not warm
did the walk of shame and tried water starting once in a while
when i got off the sun started shining and i saw white caps
NOW it was more like 20 to 40 and temp going up, but less before
do i try the 7-oh since it is lighter , etc
this time i listened to the premonition and packed it in
normally i would give such a session a FAILURE
however, i did get out, was on call and actually planed - thus 6 outta 10
i reviewed the videos and this discussion and still feel 8.x was the call
however, my TR-6 is heavy and i prefer it in flatter waters...
that is why i am looking at acquiring another lighter 8.x
currently looking at an HSM SpeedFreak 8.5 with mast - NO cambers and marked as VERY light
it is a dacron sail that can be used for longboard AND slalom type speed sailing
i like it already
i do NOT mind having more than one sail around 7.x and more than one around 8.x
those are my most used range AND i use one of them in the winter as well
now i have a Gaastra FLOW 3x 7-oh with three(3) cambers and a NorthSails Duke 6.9 with NO cambers
also will have TR-6 8.4 with four(4) cambers and HSM SpeedFreak 8.5 with no cambers
the speedfreak would have been perfect for today - or take a smaller sail like the Duke !!
i prefer the biggest sail i can get away with
until my technique shows that is no longer required
then again it was less than about 12 knots today !!!

next time - use the carbon boom which is lighter and push more
no sympathy for the weak #$%^&*
i just gotta get better and spend more time making sure equipment is okay !!!

here is an image of the SpeedFreak 8.5 =NICE

SUN 25MAY2014 - wind was supposed to be SW 20 to 40 kph and hot - over 22 degrees
i read 33 degrees on the 640, but there is no way it was that hot
will check that out - actually hit about 26 degrees - in the sun that's hot 4 me
went to local river and winds were still very light around 12h30 and there was
WAY too much traffic at the boat launch - i would call it a traffic jam $%^&*
informed the wife that i was going to OKA Parc
had to go via beach entrance - that flooded ??
NO campers at La Crête and yet seemed to be NO water in the camp area
NO campers and NO wind
rigged the TR-6 8.4 with the MEQ and waited
when i thought there was a puff, i tried
NO GO $%^&*()
thought it was going to be a complete write-off #$%^&*()
started moving the stuff towards the van - it was now 14h00
i asked myself how the gods could give me such a lovely day and NO wind ??
just when i had all but given up, there was a stirring on the water !!!
i went out and had FUN - practically planing - give it 8.5 outta 10 !!
I reviewed the videos and feel i rated the session a it high
normally such a session would be no more than 7.0 or 7.5, but i will give it an 8 outta 10 since i did not get skunked
just the wetsuit farmer john pants and boots - NO jacket and NO gloves
wind was more NW and 20 to 30 kph
with 40 kph i would have been planing !!
once again i was alone at OKA !!!
will post at least some video :-)

SAT 31MAY2014

Oma was having a garage sale and so the wife and young 'un were off to the market - to help. I went to see Mr. Ed and picked up my old CAT which Ed was kind enough to put back in commission. i would have LOVED to test it that day, but Ed asked me to wait one day ...

After that I loaded up the van with the MEQ and TR-6 8.4. Winds were to be from the NE at about 20 kph. I feel like the biggest gust was about 12 knots and i practically planed at the far end of the main beach at OKA. It was very warm with NO ONE on the water when I started. The camera was placed under the boom with option UPD. 
Here is the video if you are interested (NO EDIT)

Later put the camera on the front of the board and forgot to change UPD back to UP. VLC allows you to view the film upside right, but converts as you watch, staccato and NOT permanent. Tried MPEG Streamlined software that everyone raves about. Was getting these huge files until i tried to change the size of the image - which happens to be great on my square screen. 
Here is the video if u r interested (NO EDIT)

The day was so beautiful I would rate it 8.5 outta 10. However, upon viewing the videos, i would say the windsurfing was NO more than 7.5. Thus using the law of averages, i will give the day an 8 outta 10 !! Still VERY good !!!

That video is NOT HD and bad size. I will try the MPEG Streamclip again using the same quality as it was and only flip it --> 8.12 Mbps bit rate, Viedo 1280x720  30 fps / 8 Mbps - not required and audi at 48 kHz , 128 kps AND run this on a more modern computer - more juice , etc. 10% finished in about 2.5 minutes !!
MUCH butter !! (NO EDIT)

MON 02JUNE2014

Had to test the repaired CAT on the local river ...
Wind was supposed to be 20 kph SW. Max again was about 11 knots.
Put the NS 6.9 just to be safe. Forgot how well the CAT turned. Was about a 7.5 outta 10 cuz of lack of wind - more than anything. In terms of the repair -- the grey area WAS slippery. Will need to try something. Also, had to clean out the keel/centreboard well and there was some grit inside the fin cavity. These are things i am learning about repair... The board went great and all parts held together. Should have been out with an 8.x, but sometimes i am less comfortable with the TR-6 on the CAT. It is somewhat flimsy centre track :-(

SAT 07JUN2014

Oka was supposed to have winds from the SW at up to 12 mph. I left for OKA early since had guests coming in the late p.m. Used the MEQ where i had moved the base up about one inch with the TR6 8.4. Winds were from the NW and lucky if they hit 10 knots. It was a long board day. When i started, a kiter tried and gave up. I was alone on the water for quite some time - maybe everyone was getting drunk at the F1 Formula races today ?? Just as i was about to leave Antoine from work showed up. He has an AHD FF 145 with a new MauiSails Scream 7.5. He was doing about like me since he is much lighter, but we definitely needed more wind to plane. I was semi-planing and my best ride was after a BIG boat passed and i rode down his wave :-) Give this session a 9 outta 10. Beautiful day and had the right stuff for the day. People are starting to exclaim about my board and sail :-) That MauiSails TR-6 8.4 race sail with four cambers is a special sail and the Mistral Equipe I LCS-XR is also a special board. I am very lucky !!!  Did not run the camera - was in shorts, but left the boots since the deck is a little slippery. Perhaps I should R-Dek that board first ?? Shortened my harness lines on the fly... Love those Chinook race lines . Love the adjustable outhaul. Love the HPL carbon boom. AM feeling lucky ... Maybe I should be marking this 9.5 or 10 outta 10 ?? Nah - just a little more wind and less BIG boats and it woulda bin !!

WED 11JUN2014

Left work a little early to try and go on the water. Wind was supposed to be SE 20 to 40 kph. My intention was to go to Parc Charboneau. When I got there the wind felt more like from the South or SW and between 12 and 16 knots.  Did not look like the ideal place to tackle these winds with either my 8.4 or 8-oh. And so went to the 117 boat ramp. There the wind felt more like straight on-shore and thus from the South. Later check on the weather showed South winds at 30 kph. Since I had NEVER tried South there, I felt a little uncomfortable. It was getting grey and less and less people - in case of issues ... If I had brought the NS Duke 6.9 , I may have attempted it. Just as I left, it started drizzling. That was kind of a sign because I was assuming warm air - NO wetsuit. It would NOT have been fun. I donut mind to try if there is plenty of time to adjust, try, etc... SKUNKED. Helmut did not dare go either - winds from "bad direction" and he felt they dropped off as well...

SAT 14JUN2014

Wind was supposed to be 20 to 40 kph SW starting early in the morning. I was hoping to get a session in before this afternoon's moving activities. That was nixed cuz my oldest son had to wire some money to Australia - taking my wife with him and leaving me with the youngest, who was still too young to be alone. Somehow managed to go at around 11h00 on the local river for about one to two hours. Wind was SW and looked solid and so, rigged my NS Duke 6.9 on the MEQ. Tried that for a while, but it was lacking. Guessing it was more like 20 kph SW. Tried the MS-2 8-oh which is now being held together by tape. That was better and yet ... Cannot give the session more than a 7 outta 10 since my expectations were HI. Helmut said that even @ OKA the best wind was around 15h00. Glad I did NOT go there at 11h00 then !!!

SUN 15JUN2014 Father's Day

 Went to the country as is our tradition on this day. That is the family gift to me. It was a family get together since the trip to Australia for my son is on Tuesday. Also celebrate other son's graduation from University and the daughter's birthday. Small family gathering of about twenty(20) people :-) Sometimes we are more than 40 !! Brought the CAT with three (3) sails and ended up using the taped MS-2 again. Winds seemed to be from the NW at about 12 knots max - semi-planing. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and I enjoyed this combo on the lake. Have to give it an 8 outta 10. Mike from Italy asked recently which board I preferred, MEQ or CAT ? Today I was really enjoying the CAT. Felt it was more buoyant and forgiving, ie less sensitive as to foot placement, railed upwind better and sailed better with the large centre board down than the MEQ does. Still NOT too happy about the mast base and the locking mechanism on the adjustable track.

TUE 17JUN2014

Today my son left to go to Sydney, Australia - potential stay of two(2) years!! My wife was bummed out and so, I took a personal day to spend some time with her. She says I took the day to go windsurfing, butt that was NOT true.  I have NEVER taken a personal/sick day to go windsurfing or other fun activity. We spent the morning arranging the stuff my son had dumped on us. Yes, we will be watching his flat screen TV rather than our 27 inch tube :-) Wind was supposed to be SW as high as 10 knots and I asked Mounir if he was interested - and he was. After lunch I brought the MEQ, BTF, 10-oh, 8.4 and 6.3. When I got to La Crete, there were some kiters cursing - NO wind. Suggested Mounir hold off. Went with the 10-oh on the MEQ in WNW winds that were 8 knots max - no-one else on the water - besides some slow sailboats. That portion of the session was an 8 outta 10 for me, butt i texted Mounir to hold off until further notice ... Then the wind DIED. I had to pump and slow wind jibe to get back. That part of the day was a 4 outta 10. Texted Mounir to forget about it !!! Then I fell asleep on the beach and the wind NEVER picked up. Thus the average of the two sessions was 6 outta 10 !!! This was the FIRST time i used the TR-6 since i did my retro-fit on the busted cap and it was a COMPLETE success. Also was the first time I used that sail with the MEQ and that was a success too -- did NOT even move the stationary mast base !!! Session was so bad that NO harness nor life jacket was used and NO filming !!

THUR 19JUN2014

My son has arrived in Sydney... Wind was supposed to be 20 kph NW. It was more !! Went to La Crete with 10-oh, 8.4 and 6.3 for Mounir. When I arrived Georgie was leaving. Yesterday he was on 8.x and today 9.2. Said it was GREAT. Some cool dudes were there today apparently and one used an adjustable downhaul! I rigged the 8.4 and flew while waiting for Mounir. He was coming from work and i was working from home. Mounir tried the smaller 30 cm trimm fin from Sailboarder on the BTF with the HSM Fire 6.3. Seems it was NOT a good combo for him and he would prefer smaller sail and perhaps bigger fin. I loved the MEQ with the TR-6 8.4 in semi-chop with NW winds gusting to about 16 or 17 knots. Windalert says average was about 12 knots. I give this session a resounding 9 outta 10. When we got off some young drunks greeted us onshore - they parked their seadoos and were hitting the good stuff. {AHD 160 would have been perfect today - if i don't use it - sell it?? }

SAT 21JUN2014

Went to States to pick up my newly acquired HSM SpeekFreak from Geoff of the HSM forum fame. Who better to introduce me to such a sail. Now, why would Geoff let this sail go? It is after all the first production HSM SpeekFreak 8.5. It is Sail No. ONE !! Geoff says the sail works great on his iSonic until he goes for the jibe.  Then all power dies because the wind is light, the board flies, but is built for speed and NOT glide.

Why am I interested in such a sail ?? I purchased a full race 4 camber TR-6 8.4 to replace my favourite free-race sail, MS-2 8-oh. However, this sail is heavy, especially if dropped and can be become quite a handful in chop - sail may get dropped and forget water - start = for me any way. I will keep the TR-6, but this sail will help with wilder conditions in the 16 to 20 knot range. Because it has such range, I will see how it does on the longboard(s). A light weight 8.x sail that has a big range on a longboard is like a dream come true !!

At first demo setup Geoff put my Chinook base at 20 cm, but ended up leaving about 5 cm of slack in the downhaul rope - in order to keep sail at what he feels is BEST. Outhaul called for 8 to 12 cm and we tried 10. After adjusting the downhaul, Geoff showed how outhaul can be set to practically nil. The sail when filled out WILL touch the boom. There is a mark to show how Geoff likes the boom height. Some items of importance are:
1) the batten at the cutout usually does NOT touch the mast, but when putting minimal outhaul, it comes close.
2) Geoff says the the most important indicator/measure is the 2nd batten from the top. How wrinkled is the luff pocket ? It goes from tight, but not touching mast (tighter leech) to very wrinkled (lots of downhaul for overpowered conditions.
3) difficult to see loose leech, but can be felt. Usually keep it in the top three(3) areas, but can loosen leech almost all the way to boom = way overpowered conditions.

Why did the two(2) drivers of HSM continue with this sail ? Apparently they were NOT convinced the sail should go into production !! A speedster took a 10-oh in varying conditions and managed to man handle it all the way to 30 knots !! They knew they had a winner. Off to production !!!

On my way home, I stopped at Ausable Point, to check it out and see if I could do a trial run. Ausable Point is just after the Chasm on exit 34 from the 87 - and then along 22/9. You could rig and launch along the road just in front of the park, butt ... That is NOT so nice, yet free and the park cost me 8 bucks. The beach area where they expect you to launch has little parking and is buzy. I went at the end of the swimming beach - after getting the okay from the life guard.

I rigged the sail in the grass and had to walk it to the water about 50 yards. Base was at 15 cm with FULL downhaul and my boom was at 180 + 32.5 = 212.5 cm.  This was fine for this outing ... I like the boom a little higher than what was indicated/marked on the sail, but then again i use longer lines than most. I looked up the specs on the HSM webpage and they ask for 512 cm luff and 212 cm at the boom. This translates to 22.5 cm on the base (490+22.5)and 32.5 on my boom (180+32.5).

The breaking waves pushed the board into my shins and burst a blood vessel - NO biggie. As discussed earlier with Geoff - kinda difficult to stop us cuckoos :-) The sail is LIGHT and PVC window bulges where my head carried the sail, but seems to go back quickly. The sail pulled FINE in 8 to 10 knot winds and i wished i had my AO/adjustable outhaul. Did I say the sail was light yet ?? :-) It is SO light that tacking is a "breeze" {pardon the pun} and issues with the tiny waves/chop on Lake Champlain are EASILY handled/forgotten.

Geoff calls the sail "slippery" and I would tend to call that "smooth". Says the sail is so light that a clew first sail can be held for quite some time !! Actually found what Geoff means by "slippery":
"For me, “slippery” means that the sail doesn’t seem to pull that hard in the schlogging mode, but if a gust or pumping gets it to a plane then it seems light but just pulls harder and harder when the gust fills in. Such sails pull impressively just on apparent wind." - from HSM forum - link is shown lower down
I still would like to call that "smooth" :-)

He bet me a loonie / Canadian dollar that this sail would quickly become my favourite sail :-) The first session was an 8 outta 10 , which is excellent for the first outing with a "new" sail in a "new" place !! Hope I do not like the sail too much cuz ... I have used my TR-4 10-oh on the Mistral Equipe AND on the Fanatic Ultra CAT and it goes well, BUT is a bit heavy when wind drops. The HSM SpeedFreak actually comes in that size as well - oh oh ...

Before I forget ...Geoff has been suggesting I try HSM sails for some time. My resistance was due to the fact that most discussion and setup is around RDM. I use RDM on my HSM Fire 6.3. However, I have read that other heavyweights like myself prefer SDM. Since I do NOT have the funds to do such experimentation, I prefer to go straight to SDM. This sail works with RDM and SDM and Geoff actually prefers SDM. He sold me a NP 490 mast to go with this sail. HSM, NP and some of the other masts discussed on the HSM forum are all what some call "soft top". This is at the other end of the spectrum of my current "hard top" MauiSails masts. The mast best matches this sail and thus MUST be used together. The point that I want to make about this mast is: this seems to be the smoothest finish and lightest mast I have EVER seen. I am NO expert and have NOT seen all there is out there. HOWEVER, i AM impressed. Enough so, that I will investigate the NP masts MORE !!! Will not go on my current sails, but now my quiver is already MauiSails and HotSailsMaui. Who knows what the future will bring ...

Will I go back to Ausable Point? NOT SURE ! I know there are "better" places at Champlain. Helmut swears by Sand Bar State Park. { The name kinda scares me :-) }  It's just north of Burlington on the Eastern side of Lake Champlain. Because it is on a point , it looks like MANY wind directions will work ...

There are NOT many pics nor videos of the sail on the web. I will attempt to correct that situation :-)
This fellow has a pic and a 7 second video called SpeedFreak1 -
For when I do a POST on this sail - here is a lengthy discussion/missive from Geoff on the HSM forum:
and earlier

will post some pics in preparation for my post on the sail:

This is how I prefer tack strap

A little bit of looseness in 4th panel
tiny wrinkle in luff at 2nd batten
Fully rigged
batten just touches mast

Notes to self:
Rigging: Geoff pulled mast straight up into luff and keep sail tight in order not to wrinkle the monofilm. I tried this twice and had difficulties. The downhaul was set before putting on the mast - as done in this series of pictures. Rigging hints were about the batten at the cutout - touching to out & the 2nd batten from the top's luff. The more wrinkles the looser the leech.
Derigging: Remove the boom as usual. Geoff attaches something to the top to hold sail in place as he pulls the mast out. Another fellow mentioned that batten placement during mast removal can help. Will try to find that now ...Found it - rod_r says " if you ease off the downhaul while making sure the battens slide under the mast, the sail seems to fold up the mast nicely in big loopy non creasing folds, then it's an easy matter of pulling the mast out."
Repairs: trying to order but they have only 2 inches left ??

MON 23JUN2014

 Took the day off since Tuesday is St-Jean Baptiste here in Quebec. We went to the country since Nonni was back from NY. Brought my stuff just in case, but there was NO wind in the forecast. Well, it was my lucky day cuz there seemed the be wind from the South at about 10 to 12 knots  - in the gust. I rigged the HSM SPF 8.5 just like discussed above 505/212.5 and had a blast on the FUC board, which stays in the country now. Would give the session a resounding 9 outta 10. Later the wind dropped when i thought it was more. I tried adjusting just the outhaul to less - to 210. I tried to use the sail as I would the TR-6 8.4. It felt like the sail have more power and more pull, but i felt the sail was not meant to be so bagged out and the batten definitely was hitting the mast.  Based on this test, I would assume the TR-6 8.4 may be a little better in such light wind condtions. Again time and TOW will tell ... btw this time i had better luck rigging the sail with putting the mast straight up the luff - i put the mast base on as soon as i could and shoved it up that way. My concern is - can the luff curve handle such pressure repeatedly. Are we trading one issue (monfilm creases) for another (busted luff sleeve). Lost my twelve feet of spare spectra line and have been using nylon to tie sail while unrigging. NOT ideal string. I used a combination of battens under mast and rope attached to head of sail and that seemed to work the best ...

WED 25JUN2014

Brought the wife and young one to the chalet/country. They were all doing analysis and preparation for some major renovations. Brought some stuff along "just in case" - old taped up MS-2 8-oh with no cambers, the MS 490/75 mast and the Hawaiian Pro-line boom/wishbone. The FUC board now has a permanent home there and is my go-to board there - VERY happy about that. The chefs said they could prepare dinner around my TOW/time on the water. I'm off... Winds hit about 10 knots max from the WSW. Just because I got to go on a work day after doing my chauffeur duties means i felt this session deserved an 8 outta 10 !!. This was on a recently repaired Fanatic CAT and busted up old MS-2 sail on a lake that takes 2 minutes to ski from one end to the other :-)

MON 30JUN2014

CANADA DAY has been moved to TODAY. Okay, let's go windsurfing !! Went to La Crête and Rami came later with his wife. Wind was supposed to be SW 20 to 40 kph. It was SW, but apparently hung around 10 to 12 mph MAX. Often LESS... I was on the MEQ with the TR-6 8.4 and semi-planing at large quite often. NOT near the beach though. Remi was out with the AHD FF 160 , 48 cm fin and NS Duke 6.9. When asked Rami said he was NOT planing , but when pressed he admitted that he had at least 2 good runs downwind. The problem was we had issues getting back - even me WITH the centre board !! Just the same , it was 9 outta 10 for me. What was interesting was, everyone said they were unable to plane - even fellow who uses Maui Sails and always wears a helmet - he was with a 10-oh and not planing. For me - longboard planing starts earlier and sometimes feels like semi-planing. Too bad i did not take a video. Since Rami came, I was loath to try the HSM SPF 8.5 with the HPL carbon boom - 8 cm too long . Rami needed the 180-230 cm boom for the NS Duke. Another boom will cost me $200. Forgot to put sunscreen and since i went sleeveless - got sunburnt shoulders :-(

WED 02JUL2014

Winds were supposed to be SW 20 to 40.  Wife was supposed to go shop for shoes and the young 'un and me stay back to hang and make supper. The kid weaseled his way into the car with my wife. Us men need to learn how these kids get what they want from women ... OK then , I am going on local river. Winds seemed VERY gusty and so put the NS Duke 6.9 on the MEQ. At times I thought I should have brought an 8.x, butt then the gusts would hit HARD. Managed to surprise me and dump me twice !! Wished I had more time and a better spot to experiment with setup - mast track position , etc. NO adjustment on the fly for me today ...Still give it an 8.5 outta 10. I am VERY disappointed with the local folks - they all complain about planing and lack of wind - that's for this day and Monday the 30th too. So far this year I have used ONLY this board and Helmut has been out once with his Hawk 135. Should I sell all my other stuff and get some more longboards ? NOT sure I would put the 6.3 on the MEQ though !!! Too much board to push ...

 SUN 06JUL2014

Drove to Stonington, Maine and went on the Isabella III to Devil Island. There was wind n waves. Took the anemometer aka wind-meter and measured 16 mph average, steady gusts at 20 to 21 mph AND peaks as high as 28 mph !!! Too much for a Mistral Equipe and any of the sails that I brought (8.5, 6.9 & 6.3). Good excuse !! Too much for my skills !!!

MON 07JUL2014

Got up early and the wind was much more "acceptable". I was on the water by 06h00 with the MEQ and HSM SPF 8.5 = Hot Sails Maui SpeedFreak 8.5. I rigged it 505/212.5 and that was fine for the 10 to 12 knot SW breeze. I managed to fall in once and did NOT tighten the boom properly at first. Give this session an 8 outta 10. Since Maine waters are cold, I had on the full 2 piece wetsuit that I had brought for the occasion.

After breakfast, I went out again, but since winds were 12 to 15 knots, I rigged the HSM SPF 8.5 507.5/212.5. I managed to fly and really enjoyed it. The mast base came loose at some point, but I was close to the neighbouring island, which they seem to call Spruce Island. Give this session an 8.5 outta 10. It just keeps getting better n better. I was writing this in the clubhouse and food is starting to appear on the table :-) GREAT start to a three(3) week holiday!! All the family is here except for my acting son, who is Australia with a work permit. Believe I was out with just the farmer john portion of the wet suit already...

After lunch I was tired and so took a small nap. The ladies' laughter @ IMPS awoke me and I took some chia seeds for energy. The winds were a little stronger and gustier and so I rigged the NS Duke 6.9. It was the correct call, but winds were so inconsistent, I did not stay out long. Jack asked me if all that effort  was worth the twenty (20) minutes on the water ?? :-) Winds felt like they went over 17 knots, but at times were less than 10 knots :-( Thus I cannot rate this session any higher than 7.5 outta 10 !! Fun just the same! Out three(3) times on the Atlantic on the same day - that's good just in itself !!

TUE 08JUL2014

Today everyone asked why I did not do the early morning "run" ? The equipment was in the bedroom since there was a 60% chance of rain and I did not want to awaken the others. We got a slight drizzle, but that was about it. After breakfast I rigged the HSM SPF 8.5 with 507.5/212.5 and the used the MEQ - obviously since this was the only board I brought on the car. My intention was to go as much upwind as I could - like a ride rather than a BAF. This was a mistake because the upwind section of the bay was "worse" (up n down) AND my thighs got tired. I would guess the winds were 10 to 16 knots and the sail handled it fine. Since it was a "tough" ride and I walked the sail n board from the cove @ the boathouse, I cannot give this session more than a 7.5. Once again, fun just the same .. AND I went out on the Pea Pod with Frank RIGHT after. It was a good thing I kept on my wetsuit too !!! :-) Mussel hunting in the afternoon with lobster for dinner !!! Life is GOOD...

WED 09JUL2014

It was quite windy today and I was mighty tired - to be expected after a day like yesterday ... As such, I took 2 naps in the day -> after breakfast AND after lunch. They were not long naps, butt they did the job. At 16h00 sharp it was wine tasting and and food snacking on the clubhouse deck.  I snacked and took some people pictures since I no longer drink alcohol - never really liked wine anyway. Would have loved some of that Dom Perignon Champagne though !! Everyone was still tasting and the wind had dropped and so ... Off I went. Obviously the MEQ with the HSM SPF 8.5 @ 507.5/212.5. When the tasters saw me on the water apparently Bill stopped mid-sentence and said," Holy Flock, is that Joe?" I gave them my customary "ERRRR" to ensure them it was I out with "Big Red". They said they just loved it !!!

As usual there were sections with more wind where I hooked in and loved it. To do an experiment, I tried 210 outhaul with the 507.5 luff to see if i could get a deeper pocket on the sail. I am NOT sure that did much :-( Perhaps go back to 505 luff instead ? Ideally sails have one downhaul setting and one adjusts only the outhaul - more experiments required. Since I was out in my shorts {first and only time} in Maine on the Atlantic and just loving being out, I rate it an 8 outta 10 - even with the SW winds in the 10 - 13 knot range :-)


Drove back home and there was NO wind to speak of when we left !! Hope they got out with the Pea Pod !!

SAT 12JUL2014

Was at the chalet and looked like there was some wind. Went with the FUC and HSM SPF 8.5. It was difficult to determine which direction the wind came from and fell in a wind shadow. Went out for a 2nd attempt and had a better run. To try and have more pull I tried 505/210. Felt a little better, but still feel pocket and tractor pull are missing. Will try old MS-2 8.0 on same day as SPF 8.5 to see which pulls better. The window does NOT tolerate carrying. It bulges to the point of scaring observers... This is how I carry my sails and find this inconvenient. I cannot rate this day better than 7 outta 10 and was somewhat disappointed. The TR-6 8.4 has NOT been replaced from what I felt this day. It should NOT be an issue when winds are 20 to 40 kph and choppy - which is what the sail was purchased for ...Guess winds were about 5 knots to 10 knots...W to SW

SUN 13JUL2014

Still at the chalet and raining most of the day. As usual that does NOT stop me from going on the water. Went out for a session in the morning and another after lunch. This time rigged the HSM SPF 8.5 with 510/212.5. Was trying to use inverse logic to create a deeper pocket AND wanted to see how sail looked and sailed with this setting. Obviously open leech does not mean sail will pull harder. In the afternoon the wind was better - from the South and hit about 22 kph max. Very close to planing for the FUC, but the mast base raised the boom height and as such could NOT hook in. Am giving the sessions an overall rating of 7.5 outta 10. Still not sure how I feel about the sail and anticipate - need MORE wind !!! Am thinking my anticipation and expectation may be set a bit high :-)

MON 14JUL2014

Still at the chalet and decided to go to OKA to test the HSM SPF on the AHD FF 160. Also brought the BTF with the 10-oh just in case... Winds were to be SW at 20 to 40 kph. Best wind was between noon and 15h00 with 12 knots and gusts as high as 16. Before that time I was having GREAT difficulty getting things going. Originally rigged it 507.5/212.5. Left the downhaul and loosened the outhaul to 210 about. Kept moving harness lines back n forth and mast base fore and aft. Ended up with mast base about 1 inch forward of the longer 1/2 mark and the harness lines at 22 inches or 56 cm. That seems like NOT enough !! Used to have about 70 cm on the other 8.x sails, but their boom length was more than 212.5 cm... Those boom lengths are 230 to 237. That's as much as 25 cm difference !! Am guessing it should be around 62 cm ... In any case once the wind picked up, on downwind runs, I planed with NO problem. The front was swimming until I moved the mast base to the position discussed earlier ... Overall I am giving the session a resounding 8.5 outta 10 - which is GREAT for a session that started out so badly. Once fellow was planing with a Severne race sail, but i observed that he was ONLY flying when the wind picked up. Not even sure how I would have done with the BTF and 10-oh. Ideally MEQ with the SPF ?? Difficult to say. Was on the water from about 11h00 to 14h00 = NOT BAD !! Since I usually consider 16 knots required to plane with an 8.x - was NOT too bad atall...

TUE 15JUL2014

Yes, we are still at the chalet. All the "boyz" are off buying material to build a dock for the motor boat. Sounds like a man thing :-) Men are always talking about their docks and their decks :-)

The winds were light from the ENE and off I went with the FUC n HSM SPF rigged at 507.5 and 212.5. With this downhaul, outhaul IS required. It was a VERY peaceful session and give it an 8 outta 10. Just nice to have such a nice quiet session - loons were not out though ... Supposed to thunder later and boyz may want some help with their decks :-)

WED 16JUL2014...

Yupp, still at the chalet :-) Was hoping to trip down to OKA again today. Winds were supposed to be WSW at 25 to 40 kph. Still building the dock, motor vehicle stuff to fix for the daughter and the wife did not feel well. Oh well, local lake ONLY...  Still testing the HSM SPF and have determined my favourite setting (so far) - 507.5/212.5 with a little outhaul. Winds were from the south < 20 kph and gusty. Tried the AHD on the lake too. NOT much action/up n down.
The Atlantic and OKA/Lake of Two Mountains have spoiled me.  I cannot rate the day more than 7 outta 10. Had little to do with the equipment - just NOT enough wind. Have I become a wind-snob?? I believe NOT cuz I did just recently write how much I enjoy a nice quiet session on the lake !!
One thing that happened was I skinned my left shin doing a beach start. I had put tape on the FUC board for grip and it was so rough , it sanded my leg to the meat- foto attached...

Put some bee propolis on it and ready to continue .. Ironically this makes the colour stay deep red.


Was supposed to be 20 - 40 kph SW. Luc Marinier's website says it was SW, butt felt more like NW and 10 to 15 knots as per Voiloka, who are now there 7 days a week !! They do windsurf and kite lessons, have a sailboat and are acquiring a catamaran !!
In any case, I drove down to OKA from the chalet VERY early and had bacon n eggs at home alone. My intention was to test the BTF with the TR-4 10-oh and the announced wind conditions and existing conditions were perfect. I was the FIRST ONE on the water with the kit and PLANED right away.
At one point it was one windsurfer (me) and about 7 kiters. One kiter I spoke with had a 21 m2 kite, which did NOT have the inflatable battens. He and I went out the furthest and planed the most. I left close to 14h30 when the wind was dropping. I give the session a resounding 9.5 outta 10.
Oh yeah ... I adjusted the harness lines back and later discovered they were at 70 cm. Believe this was my 8.x setting ?? Also, when I wanted to fly, I pulled with the back hand and pushed against the fin. Does this mean the harness lines should go back even more ?? next time :-)
Glad I got out cuz there is supposed to be NO wind in the next few daze $%^&*()_
btw the skinned shin did NOT get in the way and seems to be healing - I apply propolis whenever I think it needs another application ...
Some people ask why rated so high and others ask what would it take to make it 10/10 ?

Why rated so high?
1) it was a weekday and i was on the water over three(3) hours- on holidaze
2) when i was cold, just sailed with a cotton shirt on
3) even when large sail was dropped in the water - NO issue getting it out
4) was DEFINITELY planing about 80% of the time
5) there were NOT many people on the water & NOT many boats
6) practically crossed Lac Deux Montagnes on each run
7) NO equipment issues nor injuries
8) right equipment chosen first shot & was the set i wanted to test
9) 30 % chance of rain never came through

What was lacking to bring it to 10/10?
1) the wind had quite a range and i had to stop since it dropped too much
2) the water is a bit low and I used a 58 cm weed fin rather than the 66 cm slalom fin

FRI 18JUL2014

Was bored and went on the water with the FUC n SPF. What a mistake. The wind died completely and I was unable to pump my way in to shore. I am NOT sure this sail is a longboard sail. Since i do not have the appropriate mast here in the country, I will try the NP mast with the taped up MS-2 8-oh in similiar conditions...
This session did NOT count as an outing $%^&*()_

SAT 19JUL2014 

Today's session did NOT count as an outing either. I was testing the MS-2 with the FUC board in light winds at the chalet. Unfortunately I forgot my MS 490/75% mast at home due to the RUSH with the food in the heat. As such, i used the NP 490/100% that I purchased with and use with the HSM SPF. In zero wind NO sail works well. This may be obvious, but i was under the impression that i used to pump the sail to move forward. Musta been in a dream !! In any case, the mast gave too much leech, but still had more tractor pull than the HSM SPF 8.5. Put a little less downhaul in order to adjust the leech AND the sail CAN be sailed like that...  So, it looks like the TR-6 8.4 is the longboard sail unless it gets too choppy. Then what ?? Will do with the HSM SPF I guess ... Time will tell ...


tested MS-2 again - sail goes well , but first rig with full downhaul, full outhaul and then release some downhaul.

TUES 22JUL2014

Was supposed to have 20 to 40 kph SW winds and so, off to OKA I went. I must have anticipated the worst because I brought the MEQ. I went out with the BTF and 10-oh, but winds were only 8 to 10 knots = NO planing. Because I kept ending up so far downwind, when I walked back, I would get hope and try again - with the GoPro running. After a few hours of that I was ready to call it quits. Even the dude with the 21 m2 self-inflating kite was NOT doing as well as last time. Could have used the lost wind meter on this day ^&*(
The kite dude also gave me the idea of attaching the hat to the life jacket - it was SO hot, some protection was required.
Just when I was about to quit, Georges showed up. Up to this point I was ready to call the day a failure and a 4 outta 10 ^&*()
Georges saved the day !! We practices manoeuvres , wind picked up 10 to 12 knots and I actually planed - obviously GoPro had run out of batteries by then. I was really hoping to catch a video to put on the blog... Still can give whole day 7 outta 10 after the last session.
Georges was on his SB Futura 133 with a Severne NCX 6-oh. I asked him why he rigged so small. He had busted BOTH larger sails with his Severne red line 100% masts, It busted the sails on the inside and not the outside making it a difficult repair of about $150 each - that the sail repairman in St Marthe sur le Lac did NOT really want to do. Severne was refusing to honour any warranty and Georges is trying to take class action - in court.
On quebecwind Georges commented:
Georges: 2h de 6.0 sur 133 puis pas une seconde de planning. Puis la la la Joe Windsurfer passe a cote de moi pas mal beaucoup de fois tout le temps au planing avec sa 10.0 sur Free Formula

WED 23JUL2014

At the chalet and this day will need to count as an outing. In the morning not much happening and cruising with the MS-2 and FUC board. I was VERY disappointed in the mast and sail combo. I was using the MS 490/75% mast and did NOT find that it mounted any better than the NP 490/100% !! The MS-2 has a much loner boom length and that alone may explain its power in the lower wind ranges.
In the afternoon Guy asked if this is what I considered "gusty" = YES. Winds were up n down and quite strong at times. Rigged the HSM SPF 8.5 with my customary setting 507.5/212.5 and ripped in the gusts and adjusted in the lulls. Wind was from the north at over 16 knots in the gusts. I will rate it 7.5 outta 10 even though it was short lived and I was unable to hook in. Would have had to stop to make adjustment...

THURS - cannot be counted - just putsing about on the lake with FUC n MS-2

FRI 25JUL2014

Last day of the 2014 summer holidays... Out to OKA where SW winds of 20 to 40 were anticipated. On this day I wanted to get that elusive video of the BTF with the TR-4 10-oh.Well, here it is

Winds started out light and this was my third or 4th run out.

There was a young lady that passed me kiting that looked out of control. She stopped near the main beach and hovered - looked like she was trying to come back. The kite dropped in the water. I knew a rescue mission on my part would be quite difficult. I asked a fellow in his Starcraft houseboat if she looked like she was in trouble. He glanced over and shrugged his shoulders !! Later the fellow with the self inflating 23 m2 kite told me the fellow that did rescue her with his kite, said she was definitely in trouble - no harness and no life jacket. Wonder if something happened - the fellow in the boat would be liable ?? Just happy it ended well !! Apparently the rescuer lost his son by drowning @#$%^&*
In any case, I was going to give it a 9 outta 10, but with the video success - 9.5 outta 10 !!
When I left it was time to get smaller equipment - winds were picking up...  Apparently Georges arrived around that time ...
Looked at Marc Cyr's Hawk 115 LTD. Interestingly enough, it has NO cut-outs and has a very shiny, slippery finish on the bottom. Marc says later Hawks have cut-outs. Believe his is a 2012 - saw him bash his hand on it last year... He was going out with a 6.4 sail...
Another fellow had a Gecko 135 with 83 cm width. He says it is fast, gybes well and works well with an 8.x sail. Wonder how it compares with a Shark 135 ??
slowly getting better
TUES 05AUG2014

we are all suffering from wind withdrawal = NFW :-(  Wind was SW about 8 to 10 mph. It peaked at about 15 mph and then died /$%?&*() Could NOT get back to shore at Rosemere without swimming the MEQ and HSM SPF in :-( Coulda bin rated higher without that - now 8 outta 10 !!
Rather than 507.5/212.5 i rigged the SPF 507.5/210 due to light wind - handled it FINE- this sail is "slippery" in that it handles many conditions without any issues.
Would also have been a better session if i had NOT forgotten the keel/centre board !!...

almost gone - took 2.5 weeks even with bee propolis

TUES 12AUG2014

 We were all suffering from wind withdrawal. Wife was still at the chalet and so took AHD FF 160 with HSM SPF 8.5 and NS Duke 6.9. Wind was supposed to be 20 to 40 kph SE. Seemed to kick in the day and forum made me nervous. Starting to sound like solid 30 to 50 kph with big chop. When I got to Cartier people were coming off and it looked like 8.5 weather. Fellow had a Gecko 120 and was selling his Shark LTD at 2-rad for about $1100. He used the Gecko today with a 6.4 and 7.x. Met Sailboarder there and decided to go to Morgan. By the time i rigged, wind kicked and NO sailboarder. Went out and tried it. Nothing seemed to work and will rate this a 5 outta 10. A fail would imply issues and there were none. The issue was I should NOT have gone !! Lesson learned - NO MORE SE and NO MORE CARTIER NOR MORGAN !!


Again they were announcing 20 to 40 kph winds from the SW this time. Yahoo.. Couple of issues - when i got to OKA the winds looked like less, only had the AHD and the biggest sail was the HSM SPF 8.5. Also, I was on call and had two(2) calls before I even got on the water. I started going home, but Jalal told me all was under control. So, I went back, rigged again and went out. Water is lower again. The rain coming should help this. The wind was NOT strong enough for me, but one kite clown I helped once was whooping and trying to get everyone to look at him with his 16 m2 kite :-) Try what I could, I could NOT get planing nor felt like the setup was perfect and then the phone rang while on the water ... Sailed in until I could stand up and called Jalal back. So, what can I rate such a day ?? I will rate it as a failure. The best part was how peaceful I felt on the drive home. Giving it 4 outta 10 :-( Would have been 5 or 6 if not for the work interruptions ...

THURS 21AUG 2014

Went and checked at Parc Charboneau and winds looked good from the SE
Supposed to be about 10 mph or < 20 kph
Got the MEQ and HSM SPF 8.5
By the time I got there, the wind had dropped somewhat , but decided to go anyway
No f’n wind since some time NFW
Geoff says I should not complain since I have been out 30 times
Most of those were with the longboards though
Give this session an 8 outta 10 just because I got out
Sailing with the ducks and geese around was kinda cool

Next day I received my replacement anemometer - model GM8908 which I purchased for $20. Made in China, shipped from Hong Kong in a white envelope marked as phone casing/ gift. It is NOTHING like the Kestrel 2500 that i misplaced, lost or had stolen while in Maine. Kinda hard to think theft since it was a very close knit gang on Devil Island. At least if I lose this thingie - no biggie...

MON 25AUG2014

light wind {less than 20 kph} from the SW and so went for a quick run on the local river at Rosemere side. Obviously with MEQ, HSM SPF 85 in hot weather and okay conditions. I enjoyed it and as such will give it an 8 outta 10. These are high ratings for light winds cuz we have had nothing since about 13AUG. That's only 2 weeks, but it has been really quiet !! 

TUES 26AUG2014

it was supposed to be 20 to 40 kph SW originally with HOT around 30 degrees C
then they started calling 30 to 50 kph winds !!
was this gonna be the best day of the season and i planned already to leave work early ?
left work EVEN earlier cuz some prep work for a meeting was not complete
brought the MEQ and AHD with GA 7-oh, HSM SPF 8.5 and TR-6 8.4
they made us go in a detour around the monastery = PITA
when i got there there was still room in the parking lot, but not much
using my new $20 anemometer i measured only 9 knots
kiter says it is better further out and he is on 12 meter kite.
rigged the HSM SPF 8.5 wth the AHD using the 48 cm fin
Georges was back from les Isles de Madeleine and was asking me about 9.2 or 7.8
i suggested based on higher winds further out and the chop - 7.8
Georges managed to speak to Ben Severne regarding his mast issue and received 2
brand new 460 and 490 93 % Severne masts - redline ? top o the line in any case
they would not cover sail repair - no issue for Georges

winds were about 12 to 20 knots SW

somehow as usual i was going further downwind and Georges further up
later i caught up to him and we sailed together
there was wind, there was chop and there were 3 foot waves
NONE of that knocked me off - ONLY fell with my errors !!
give the session a 9 outta 10 and THAT is what I purchased that sail for
another 9 outta 10 for the sail !!
George saw me fly and mentioned one needs to be in the straps to control
big sails in such conditions :-) as usual , I was not and i was pushing that kit !
he also was telling me how to plane upwind - at that time i was going for speed :-)