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Windsurfing on Land ??

It seems water windsurfing hit mainstream in California and then in the seventies it boomed in Germany. Not really sure where it is MOST popular now, although I have seen some clips with lots of activity in Japan. Also just read that windsurfing is still more popular in France and Germany than in the U.S. of A. In case you have NOT heard - Windsurfing Magazine is NOT publishing in 2012 !!!!

Ice windsurfing has some popularity in NE United States, but seems to be even bigger in the Scandinavian countries. There also does seem to be some snow windsurf activity, but not too much. Snow seems to be more kite and ski oriented - here in Montreal in any case...

What about windsurfing on land ?? Since the season between water and winter windsurfing seems longer than usual this year, I thought I would investigate ... In Holland and the UK the "whike" seems to have caught on {i am NOT sure how they pronounce it !!} The whike is like a specialized tricycle with a specialized sail {not a windsurf sail}. In the UK they seem to be allowed on bike paths AND roads !! Think they cost something like 3500 Euros in Holland $%^&*()

Also from the UK comes the turfdog, which simply looks like an altered "mountain skateboard". I tried to order one on-line just to check the price and it was around $700 !!

Locally Guy Trudeau Jr. shows you how to make a windskate using a skateboard. He uses one to practice his freestyling {not that this fellow needs any practice !!}.

You can check Guy out at and here is a clip of his tricks on land:

Since I am NOT a free-styler, I am guessing I would be better off with a "mountain skateboard" like a "turfdog". As I am always on a budget, it will be something I make from leftovers :-)

As long as I do NOT look like these clowns :-) {another video GONE} $%^&*(

Unca Freddy just informed me that the lake is frozen up north with a fine crust of snow on top and snowmobiles have passed by...

Forget the land thing - i'm goin' up north and ice windsurfing !!!

Update - was at 30noeuds today and they sell "land surfers" between $283 and $600 where the deluxe model actually has a brake. Employee/owner told me he has been selling many to dog owners !! They use them to "train" the dogs ie the dog pulls them !!

Why not go all out like this ??

and then there are always more - these are from the Auzzie w/s forum

In fall 2015 I started investigating how to get more time out (not necessarily TOW/ on water) since cold weather is NOT always the easiest nor the most comfortable of conditions ... And so, chatted with GTJ of Montreal who sells different versions around $200. 30noeuds sells MBS Mountainboards , but it is around $350...  Hardboot of Wasaga Beach uses a land skate. And I discovered there is a Hungarian company making 3 wheeled Deska boards ...


Hardboot land skate

Deska Board


  1. I've got a turfdog and it works better than I expected...

    It really feels like a windsurfer as you actually steer by leaning the sail fore and aft. It does get some speed wobbles though.

    I strongly recommend wearing rollerblade gear. Most land sailing has two speeds; 1) stuck not moving, and 2) way too fast.

  2. man - your video is on some really rough terrain !!
    as you write in your post - goes well on wet sand when the tide is out.
    how about asphalt/pavement ??


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