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Windsurfing in the Olympics

Well, it seems there is a great deal of discussion regarding windsurfing and the 2016 Olympics. So far, it is said the vote was 19-17 against. Then there is some discussion about the Spanish delegate , who was a "replacement", chosing the "wrong" answer ie he was mandated to choose windsurfing and chose kiting. They say at 18-18 , windsurfing would have won ....

RSX is the current form of Olympic windsurfing and requires major pumping in light winds. Some of the more traditional races allow NO pumping. In any case ....

Why not have more than one windsurf discipline ? RSX, Formula, DIV2, slalom and why not tricks on waves ? That could even be performed indoors like they did in France - with loud music :-)

I have NO personal opinion on the matter - never even having watched this on TV or live. Some of this difficulty is probably due to spectator factor. Kites can run closer to shore. Maybe they will have a trickster competition ? :-) Forget speed - who can go higher ??

Then again, just look at all the comedy there will be:


In the US of A the debate is heating up since three(3) representatives voted for kite. Check what Nevin Sayre is saying here:

It seems the Spanish delegate has admitted to having made an error in voting against windsurfing. There is a global petition about getting windsurfing back on the podium !! PLEASE SIGN IT

Here is what Niel Pryde have to say about the whole thing. And they have a vested interest in BOTH windsurfing AND kitesurfing !!

and the good news: WINDSURFING is BACK in the 2016 Olympics.
The decision was reversed later in the year. with another vote naturally.
Unfortunately for kiting - they were NOT admitted into the 2016 Olympics.

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