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Skate Windsurfing? aka Skate Sailing

I have seen and discussed on this blog windsurfing on ice and snow, spoon windsurfing and other variations of winter fun with sails. However, I did NOT mention nor have i seen this form of winter fun before. They call it Skate Sailing. As usual this comes from the Scandinavian sector of the planet - believe it is Sweden in this case. For now I just wish to share this video, butt i will go out and collect more info, images and videos. ENJOY :-)

According to wikipedia:
"Skate sailing is not a new sport. Drawings of skaters holding sails in Europe go back to the 18th century or perhaps 17th century."

Here is a good link how to skate sail and has other links like how to build one :-)

Sometimes I read about sail types like Hopatcong and I assume it is Scandinavian and perhaps it is. Apparently it is also a lake in New Jersey :-)

Here is another fellow with sail plans :
And another:

As I read about this sport, it seems to have existed for quite some time and originated in Sweden around 1900.

What gets stranger is, one starts to find information on stilted skates and also skate wings. Oddly enough we NEVER seem to have heard about these things here. One would have thought that Canada with ice and snow would have tried all kinds of winter activities. It seems skiing was enough ??

Here is a skate wing video: it's ONLY 13 secs, butt that was all i could find on this one...

Here is a piece of history. This woman was apparently the champ in NJ in 1924 !!!
Skate Sailing, River Styx Cove, circa 1925.

The previous two(2) photos are apparently from the Lake Hopatcong Museum ...

Even the military was doin' it ...

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