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Preparing for Spring 2013 and the new season

Yes, in preparation for spring, I do go over my equipment as i did in a previous post AND I review my technique or lack thereof. Every spring what i have also been doing is losing weight. People have MANY different methodologies for this. For me, it works best if it is simple and repetitive. A long time ago i discovered that sauerkraut has very few calories and i can eat it from the bottle. That became my snack a long time ago. It is not for the weak of belly, as fermented cabbage can have deadly side effects !!

The rest of the regime is quite simple:

1) reduce fat - NO french fries, bacon, mayonnaise, cheese, etc
2) reduce sugar - NO chocolates, ice cream, candy, etc
3) increase water intake - about 4 to 5 glasses per day
4) increase exercise - jogging and weight training for me {and  i HATE jogging }
5) keep a record of food, exercise and weight by day, meal, etc

{i do NOT drink alcohol and those empty calories never were an issue for me}

One meal i discovered that is nutritious, not expensive and not too many calories is Vietnamese Pho soup. I found a new restaurant within walking distance that has rare beef Pho soup for $10 with taxes and tip included !!! I have been having that about 2 to 3 times a week for lunch !!
At work they started the "Biggest Loser" idea where we are in "teams" of four(4). My group was the heaviest at over 700 pounds to start. One fellow eats nothing , but raw salad and has lost about forty (40) pounds. This is extreme and perhaps even dangerous. I was surprised at my weight loss over the last two(2) months and since the 40 pound "loser" lost 20 even before the contest , people are thinking I am going to "win". This is irrelevant to me since my true objective is to plane earlier with less windsurf equipment :-)

At work they talk about counting calories, wearing digital devices that count calorie loss, etc , etc. That's too complicated for me and sounds like work !! My methodology works for me and is simple !!!

Here is a graph of my progress over the last two(2) months:

The good news is the objective of 215 pounds has been passed. The bad news is, a weekend like Easter can skew things quite a bit !! Once i passed my objective i stopped jogging since it is the least favourite of my sport activities. I will do ANYTHING to replace that as an activity #$%^&*(

The windsurf season is around the corner now and i would already have been on the water if not for my cold and crappy weather. However, i can taste it and can barely wait any longer. The local maniacs have been out on Lake Champlain for a couple of weeks now !!!! Just sent in my Canadian passport renewal so that i can go check that place out !!! It is highly recommended with spots for people with all skills - since i am still an intermediate struggling with water starts and foot straps... There , we touched the technique part too :-)


  1. Wow, you did a great job at loosing weight! I thought you were heavier than I, but it's now the other way around. I'm exercising a lot these days but I have trouble cutting the food!

  2. Since I'm at it, I saw on your wish list that you are looking for long harness lines. I tried in Florida a Chinook adjustable race kit and loved it. I'm getting one for the large sail on the longboard. It's great when you need to deal with variable wind...


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